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80 Graduation Wishes and Messages For Friend

Graduation is one of the most memorable and remarkable events in a person’s life. After all the hard work the students put throughout the early years, it finally resulted into a big achievement. The degree, the gown, and the hat make the students feel super proud and happy. At the same time, graduation marks the beginning of an altogether new, professional journey and they need your best wishes to take a step ahead. Send them your best wishes. Below are listed some graduation wishes that will make the new graduates happy and they will feel motivated. 


Graduation Wishes For Friend


  • Of all the achievements you ever had, this is the biggest and most important. Congratulations on your graduation.


  • Congratulations on your graduation. May you keep shining as bright as you are today. Good luck.


  • Graduation is one of those moments when you smile from your heart knowing that you have achieved something big. Congratulations.


  • You did it! You are a graduate now. Congratulations my dear friend.


  • Congratulations on your graduation and all the very best for your future.


  • It's a great day. It’s a day you need to celebrate. Congratulations and all the best for your life ahead.


  • Congratulations, you made it till here. May you succeed in your future ventures too. All the best.


  • This journey of yours has been full of ups and downs but at the end of the day, you stood strong and gave your best. Congratulations on your graduation, my friend.


  • You have bought this ticket for success with your own hard work. This is your day to celebrate, my friend. Congratulations on your graduation.


  •  Congratulations on your graduation. May you get a lot of opportunities and you make the best out of them. All the best.


  •  I am proud of you today! Well done. Congratulations.


  •  You have made us super proud, friend. Congratulations on this great success. All the best, grad.


  •  I am proud of you, my friend. May God continue to bless you with success. All the best.


  •  Congratulations, my friend. You have stepped into the next phase of life. May all your dreams come true.


  •  Congratulations on your graduation. You have made us all proud. All the best my dear friend.


  •  I always knew you had the potential to stand among the best. Congratulations, my friend. Happy Graduation.


  •  It is never an easy task to come this far. You faced all the challenges and defeated the fear inside you to reach this far. Congratulations, my friend. All the best for the journey ahead.


  •  Your student life has come to an end now. Throughout this journey I have seen you fall and then get up strong, that too, on your own. You deserve all the wishes today. Congratulations, my friend.


  •  Today, you are being rewarded for all the hard work, compromises, and challenges that you have done and faced throughout the journey. Congratulations! It’s a day to celebrate.


  •  You are a graduate now! I can’t tell you how proud I am to see you in this suite. Congratulations, mate. Enjoy your day.


  •  Happy Graduation, my friend. Once again you proved, how worthy you are. All the best for your future.


  •  I know how hard you have worked for this day. I am so happy and proud today. Congratulations, my friend. You are a graduate now.


  •  Congratulations on your graduation my dear friend. May you achieve everything you dream of. All the best.
  •  I never knew that a person as crazy as you are can reach this far with an amazing score! Congratulations, my dear friend. You have done it!


  •  I remember how we used to dream of wearing this graduation suit. Now, when the day has come, I am so elated and proud to see you wearing it. Congratulations, my dear friend.


  •  You are a graduate now! You are all matured and ready to throw challenges at life. Congratulations. All the best, my dear friend.


  •  I am so happy today! You are a graduate now. Many many congratulations to you. Let’s go and celebrate this big achievement of yours.


  •  Graduation is something that you should be proud of. It’s never easy to stand out of the crowd and you have done it by performing so well. Congratulations, buddy.


  •  You have done it, mate! You have proved your worth yet again. Congratulations! I am proud of you.


  •  You don’t know how proud I am to know that you have graduated. Congratulations on this achievement. All the best for your future.


Graduation Wishes and Messages For Friends 


  • I always knew this spark you carry and all the hard work that you put in would take you to great places. Congratulations, my dear friend.


  • Congratulations for crossing this benchmark successfully! Hope you achieve higher in the coming years too.


  • I knew you'd succeed, but your exemplary performance has made me even more proud. Congratulations on graduating successfully.


  • You won this career battle with your hard efforts! Really happy for your graduation success.


  • Woohoo, you're a free bird and you proved that no one can set barriers in your way to success! Happy successful Graduation! 


  • One more accomplishment added to your record, I always believed in your success. Best wishes for future endeavours!


  • I know you set your own benchmarks and I am waiting for another inspiring moment! Really delighted with your graduation success!


  • This graduation degree will always remind you of your countless hours of hardship to achieve this day! Best of luck for a post-graduation career.


  • This is a new step in your professional journey, and you've taken this step with flying colors of hard work and determination! Proud for your graduation!


  •  Congratulations on completing Graduation! Now, I am really excited and hopeful about your future plans! Your career path seems enlightening.


  • You're inspiring and with your graduation, you've started inspiring us even more! You're a perfect example of discipline and responsibility! Keep growing and shining.


  • You've made us believe that studies are not hard! Kudos on your new achievement! A lot more to achieve is still out there! 


  • Congratulations on your inspiring graduation results! You never give up and this is the only reason why you succeed always! 


  • Graduation is not just about a hat and gown! It's a realization of the fact that You've grown up now and I am so proud of you.


  • Go and shine always with this glittering scroll! I know your future is secure because your beliefs are determined.


  •  Though education is not just about marks and degrees, your special graduation moment made me realize that nothing is impossible if you never give up!


  •  Congratulations on your graduation. You have proved all the people, who opposed you, wrong. I am proud of you.


  •  I knew it! I knew you'd make us proud one day. Congratulations dear. All the best.


  •  I can’t believe how fast time passed. You are a graduate, all grown up! Congratulations on this achievement.


  •  Today, you have proved that no matter how many challenges are thrown at you, if you are determined you can achieve anything. Congratulations my dear friend. I am proud of you.


  •  Your journey is an inspiration for all of us. You have set an example that hard work always pays off. Congratulations.


  •  Now that you have graduated, you are free to go out and live your life to the fullest. You can look for work or prepare for higher studies. All the best. Congratulations.


  •  This is just the beginning, you will achieve much more in the future. I believe in you. Celebrate this achievement and get ready to go ahead. Congratulations.


  •  Congratulations!!! You did it! You are a graduate now. You are ready to go out in the world and explore. All the best.


  •  Today will be the day you will think about 10 years from now, when you’ll be on the top. This day, my friend is worth celebrating. So, go and live this day to the fullest. Congratulations.


  •  Congratulations, my dear friend. Today, you have achieved yet another success. I am proud of you.


  •  You are now a graduate! Congratulations. All my good wishes are with you. All the best for your future endeavors.


  •  Record this date because this will be the one you will think about every time you achieve something big. This is the beginning. Congratulations and best of luck.


  •  Today you are not only receiving a degree but a ticket to explore this world. From here will start your actual growth. Congratulations.


  •  Happy Graduation, my dear friend. You have made us all proud and I know you will keep shining always. All the best.


Graduation Quotes For Friends


  • You were never dependent on anyone for achieving this milestone! This graduation victory is totally yours!


  • Struggles in the past, new benchmark at present, and success for the whole future are your Mantra, which I have also started to believe now. Congratulations.


  • Congratulations on successfully completing this graduation journey! 


  • This graduation gown will always inspire you to never give up on your dreams! Kudos to your successful efforts...


  • After a few years, you'll remember this beautiful convocation and these flying hats! At that time, you'll be enjoying the tastiest fruits of your hard work and dedication. 


  • Graduation will start a new chapter in your life with even more challenges, but I know you'll make opportunities out of those challenges!


  • New choices are going to hit your way, so be cheered up and ready to enjoy life! Congrats on your Graduation.


  • Super happy for your graduation! Now, you're actually going to implement the knowledge that you've learned so far. So, keep moving!


  • I am so happy today. It is great to see you in this gown and hat. I am very proud of you. All the best, my friend. You will reach the top one day.


  •  Congratulations on this achievement. May you keep achieving more and more. All the best.


  •  Congratulations on your other great achievement. This is just the beginning. You will have to work a lot more now. All the best.


  •  You are stepping into the professional world now! Open your arms to new experiences. Congratulations on your graduation.


  •  Today marks the beginning of your professional life. Get ready to learn, explore, and live more. All the best.


  •  You have made us all proud today. All the best for your life ahead. I know you will find your way to the top super soon.


  •  Congratulations on your graduation. Be proud of your own self. Do Celebrate this day, for this day has different magic. All the best, mate.


  •  Congratulations on your graduation. This day marks the end of your student life and the beginning of your professional journey. All the best.


  •  Congratulations, mate. You have added another feather to your cap. We are proud of you.


  •  You have earned this success with your constant efforts. This is day belongs to you. Make the most out of it. Congratulations.


  •  I always knew you would shine brighter than the stars. You truly are an inspiration, buddy. Congratulations on your graduation.


  •  Look at the rolled paper in your hand, look at the gown you are wearing, look at the hat you just threw into the sky; you will feel the world getting better. Congratulations.


  •  You have always been a brilliant student, a helping friend, and a responsible citizen; all your qualities and values have brought you here. Congratulations. I am proud of you.


  •  Congratulations on your graduation. May all your wishes come true. All the best.


  •  Now that you have graduated, I wish you to climb up the ladder of success in your professional life too. Congratulations.


  •  All the best, my dear friend. May you get the best opportunities and be a successful professional one day. Congratulations.


  •  Woohoo! You are a graduate now! Congratulations. I am waiting for a grand party. Meet soon.


  •  Now that you have graduated, go out and celebrate. This day is worth all the carefreeness, enjoyment, and celebration. Congratulations!


  •  You have made me proud, yet again. Congratulations on your graduation. Sending you the best wishes and a lot of love.


  •  Hey, Grad! I want you to know how proud I am of you. Congratulations on reaching this milestone.


  •  I am the happiest person today! Seeing my friend in this gown and hat, is making me super proud. Congratulations!


  •  It’s time to celebrate all the hard and smart work that led you here. Congratulations, buddy. You deserve all the good wishes today.


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