GoodBye Messages For Boyfriend – GoodBye Quotes For Him

GoodBye Messages For Boyfriend

Goodbye Messages: Sending a goodbye message to someone you love will not be easy but sometimes, all we need is a "Closure". Expressing through words is much easier, all you need is to type whatever you're feeling on the spot.

Bidding a farewell to the person who you thought will be with you forever, will indeed be strenuous.

"Saying goodbye to your loved ones is not easy" but that what it is, so here we are sparing no efforts to prepare a proper list of goodbye messages and quotes hoping that this helps you to get over it as soon as possible.

Whether your man is going abroad for higher studies, changing cities, changing jobs, breaking up, or for any sort of reason.


These Messages will help you in plopping all your feelings in a single text.?


Goodbye Messages For Boyfriend



  • I’ve always been enchanted by the endings of things. Movies endings and sunsets and the last paragraph of a book. I think of the way they remind me that losing something you love isn’t always sad and heartbreaking, but sometimes breathtaking and beautiful. Goodbye, and I will always pray for your betterment.


  • It feels like a part of you has just left me. You’re afraid of being alone because every bond has its own perks. The worst part is you want to stand by yourself, be yourself again but what restrains you from doing that are the memories. Goodbye to the person whom I thought is 'The One' for me.


  • I knew you were wrong for me, I knew you were toxic but amongst the 100 wrongs you did to me, I always held on to the 1 right thing. I have no strength left in me, you have broken me from within and that's what it took for me to realize that this is it Goodbye.


  • I don't want to feel this pain anymore, I don't want to feel like I am not good enough. I am taking my shot at happiness and I am taking it for myself. You might call me selfish but being selfless for so long did us no good. Maybe we are not destined to be together. Maybe we are better apart. I hope you find what you have been looking for in me. May you find somebody who is finally enough. Goodbye.

Goodbye Messages for boyfriend

  • Breakups are tough but what is tougher is the trauma that follows, I know it is difficult for me to say bye to you but I think that what is best for both of us. Goodbye


  • Saying goodbye to you doesn't imply that we will no longer be with each other nevertheless, it means that sometimes it's not the closeness that tells you the meaning of love but the distance.


  • You taught me how to love, you taught me how to care, I cannot imagine how my life would be without you. Sometimes, we need to let people go and see if life finds a way to bring them back in your life. This is me letting you go, with the hope of meeting you again someday. Goodbye as for now, ✨


  • "When you leave don't look back" or look into my heart, see me in the eye, tell me in the countenance that you don't love me anymore, tell me all the promises we made were a 'lie' or a lie to my face. Just go and don't look back!


  • You were my prince charming, and I, a damsel in distress. You said you'll save me and protect me from this evil world. But you never told me who would save me from you? You broke me from within, time and again. You pretended to be a gentleman when all this while you were a demon in disguise. GOODBYE


  • Where do all your promises go?
    You told me you will be there for me, forever what made you leave so soon! Valedictory


  • I loved you for who you were but you acted as you loved me and I'm glad that I am choosing myself over you!


  • Slowly and steadily, I have started accepting the fact that sometimes people aren't right for us, no matter how badly we wanted them to be. It doesn't mean that I m not lovable or broken. You weren't right for me That's okay! Goodbye


  • Thank you for letting me know that when you said you loved me, it was just a mere formality you did, every time I spoke about my insecurities, you just laughed in my face, if this is love then I don't want to plunge into the concept of "Love". Goodbye


  • Always trying to fill the void, the emptiness that’s left inside my heart when you go. The doors that close once, open every night with memories, and tears. It's the hardest part of goodbye and still, I have to say GOODBYE!


  • Sometimes, only distance can tell us 'The worth of togetherness'. The only thing I crave for is "Your smile" I hope this divergence will teach us the actual meaning of "love and togetherness". Goodbye till then⭐


  • I know you will miss me one day, and that will make you cry; how can heartbeat be separated from the heart? How can you find happiness without me? I hope one day you will come back for forever. Goodbye and Take Care.


  • I was the one who took all the pains for the love and you were the one who has swapped our love, what pleasure you got by breaking my heart What happened that you remember nothing about us?
    You left nothing for me, but to say goodbye.


  • What happened to your promise, what happened to your vow, what happened to your intention? The day I will forget you will be the last day of my life, but you left no option for me other than letting you go.


  • As you leave, just remember you're taking my box which includes my happiness, my calmness, my heart, my mind, my soul and everything,  because I gave you whatever I possessed, take that box so that it helps you gather the strength that you will be needing in the hard times.GOODBYE


  • This is for 'all breakups and patch-ups" you did, you broke my heart into pieces, to use me whenever you needed, to throw me aside whenever you wanted. I was standing with you like a pillar in all those times but when I  needed you, you walked away like anything
    So here I am walking away from your toxicity. Goodbye


Emotional Goodbye Messages For Boyfriend


  • You can’t keep dancing with the devil and wonder why you’re still in hell.
    The closure is a joke. The only apology you need it for yourself. The apology to traumatize yourself for them, the apology to prioritize them, the apology to still love them. Ending everything in order to deploy and prioritize myself. Goodbye


  • The two substantial aspects of relationships are 'Respect and Love', how many times I have told you to treat me the way I deserved but unfortunate yet so fortunate that it is not 'you' who can make my life easy by just being in it. I hope someone will walk into my life and give me all that I deserve. Sendoff


  • I don't know how I will move on from this if I ever will, and how I will push myself to love someone that it is not you. I need you to know this °lc, I need you to really see the depth of my words and feel this with me. Always & forever, Goodbye!


  • How can I put in words something that I have never felt before? I'm dead, yet very much alive. Feeling Humiliated, yet glorified. Hurt, but happy. You have allowed. me to see the power of true love & life, from A to Z and from nothing to all. I'm so sorry for all the pain I have caused you and for using your vulnerabilities against you. It kills me to admit that our love for each other may not be the best for us, or at least not now. After you, there is nothing, before you an illusion. Valedictory


  • You're going away taking my heart and soul. My heart aches to tell you how much I love you and I don't want you to leave but I think this is not a dreamland where dreams can turn into reality. With a heavy heart, I say goodbye.


  • I recall the time we have spent concurrently, you should know that no distance can separate us from the hearts, you can stay miles away from me but I can feel you each day, each hour, each minute and each second. I can feel you from the core of my heart ❤️


  • Now that closure is necessary, goodbye to all the memories and us. As I don’t want to be the one who tucks forcefully to bed, but the one reason you would not be able to sleep at twilight. Goodbye


  • I still remember the day when you said, 'you will never leave me' when you said that ours is forever when you said you will go above and beyond for me. Where did all these promises go?


  • All that I have, I have given to you without thinking and understanding I have given my heart and love; you didn't trust my love, you have killed my feelings I hope the stranger you have become, will come back to me


  • I had all my first's with you. You were my first relationship, my first kiss and my first promise of forever. I held on to you all this while despite everything that was wrong with us because I was scared of finding somebody new. But maybe, it's right what they say. Although the firsts are always special, being somebody's last is the real deal.


  • When you really love someone, you develop a sixth sense for them, you can feel everything like when they're in distress or happy and I think I'm totally in love you! I hope my love for you, will persuade you to come back to me for forever and beyond, goodbye till then?


  • "Culminating all your fallacies"
    I was living a real-life dream which I knew would never become an actuality, your hugs gave me warmth, your voice touched my heart, your eyes had a spark in it, your smile made my heart skip a heartbeat. And then I woke up and my beautiful dream ended.



  • The throbbing of your heartbeat is the reason for my survival; Thankyou for being my survival kit. My wish for you is that may all your dreams come true and I know one day you will come back to me ? Goodbye so that our paths can meet again with no chance of departure.


  • I will enlist my heart that you will be no longer be with me, but who will convince my soul, who will tell my eyes that don't search for you, or my smile that only comes when you're around or to my arms that only craves for your hugs.

Emotional Goodbye messages for boyfriend

  • We are meant to be together but sometimes few things will never let that happen, you going miles away is one of them. I'm glad that you were part of my life knowing that we can not be together. Goodbye


  • Just by looking at your picture, my days are passing by. My love for you was not seasonal it was pure and eternal. You never understood this and never will be goodbye.


  • letting you go is the most formidable thing that ever happened to me But staying with you was worst, you never treated me like you loved me 'It was all a lie', a lie of staying forever, a lie of commitments 🙁



  • You have killed my feelings with an array of lies, you have insulted my commitments with all your promises, because of you my heart shrieks and my eyes cry. All I'm left with, your memories and tears. Goodbye


  • I think I have no words left to express what I feel, all I can say is for all the wrongs you did to me I was still standing with you/for you, holding your hand to take us to eternity. My heart aches to speak those 7 words aloud, Goodbye!


  • Solely, just the thought of you going away makes me so anxious, I don't know how my heart will deal with my eyes and tell my tears to not fall down the lane when you leave. Goodbye


Goodbye Messages For Him


  • Every time you will miss me, just remember there is a heart that still beats for you, the hand that will never leave you, eyes that only search for you, ears that only wants to listen to you, every facet of my body aches for your presence <3


  • All the distance we have is just for 'Now', ask me How I am, ask me how I will be, ask me how I am without you. Look into my heart <3 and you will get all answers to these questions.


  • Listen, come to me I'm waiting for you, telling my heart to stay calm while watching the rain droplets falling from the sky like my tears falling down my eyes.


  • I formed an entirely different world out of the things you said to me, you were the reason I woke up and got out of bed, just like the droplets of rain Condense from the clouds, dancing here and there, likewise, my heart dances like a nincompoop whenever I meet you.


  • The agony of you going away, the agony of you coming back the agony of your memories that comes and go. I hope you will come, this time with no thoughts of going away again.

GoodBye Messages For Boyfriend with images

  • I hope there will be some path that will come straight to my heart, follow your footsteps and see what they wanna tell you, I know you will come day to meet me and to tell me how much missed me 🙂


  • Now, When you're not with me it feels like my breath has taken away by someone just like the sleepless nights, now it up to my heart which is also indignant with my soul.


  • You letting me go, doesn't insinuate that I don't love you, I wish I could have told you how much I did, every time we met!


  • Thought We were on the same page I thought, we were together in this I thought, we loved each other equally I thought, we made us promises to have each other in our lowest I thought but what I didn't think of, you proved that right!
    Not wanted to say but saying it because this what I'm left with! Goodbye


  • Finally, misunderstanding and distance have created a bridge between both of us. Indeed it was an adorable relationship we had, but things don't do the way we think it will be.


  • We already at the thin end of the rope, Reminiscing all the memories we had "together" be it those small innocent moments of you asking me how was the day? There are a plethora of memories that just make me leak ocean from my eyes right now.


  • Whom to blame for our separation? To that love, we had, to that distance we created, or maybe we were not destined enough to be together.


  • It was neither your mistake nor mine, we both had our own justifications of Why not persisting the "relationship we had" I think we both ended this not because we had to but we wanted too.


  • You saying me 'You loved me' was just another lie you told me like the hundred of others.


  • Every time you did something or other I gave you a chance, I was standing with you like a pillar of strength but what about me? Where were you, when I was lost? Where were you, when I needed a hand to hold? Where were you, when I needed you?


  • How easy it was for you to move on? How easy, it was to close all the doors of your heart for the person who has resided there once, every cell in my body aches for your presence but I think the closed doors should be now "Closed Forever"


  • LOVE is just a four-letter word that has an in-depth connotation which is indeed difficult to understand but I think a breakup is a much easier word, that you understood way too quickly. 🙂


  • I know you have hurt me again and again in the best possible ways you could ever do.  Despite the fact, every time when my heart comes close to your heart, it automatically chooses you over and over again. <3 goodbye


  • "Forever is a lie" and you proved it.



  • You knew I was broken, you knew my soul was shattered, you knew my heart was broken despite knowing all of this, you choose to break it, even more, I thought you are the one who will collect all my broken chunks and will make my heart smile, you did the opposite. 🙂


Romantic Goodbye Messages For Boyfriend


  • To all those nights that we spent with each other hugging tightly, to those morning hugs, to those cute cuddles, to all those meaningless feuds goodbye has a silent meaning which says Come back soon love✨


  • I wish I could have hugged you last time we met, I wish I could have told how much I love you, My only wish is that may all your wishes come true So that you can come back, giving me a tight hug till then goodbye sweetie <3


  • Sunrise and sunsets are the most beautiful things in the entire world but for me, the most beautiful thing is "Your Smile". I miss those laughs we had all day and night.


  • From nightfalls hugs to morning cuddles, I wish you have stayed a little longer with me<3


  • You will always have a special place in my heart, we have grown up concurrently you have taught me all the good things in life. I hope someday our hearts and paths will meet, again. To be together till epoch till then I say goodbye 🙂


  • You have touched my heart, you have kissed my soul, it felt like that world isn't a world anymore, it was more peace when I looked at you but now not looking at you gives me more peace than anything <3
    From cute blushes to my sleepless nights crying:


  • You writing and erasing my name on your hand, to me loving and hiding my love for you, you love me and I love you and the only thing we both never understood was how to tell and express this, which created a fuss between us.


  • All my evenings I spent lying in your arms, you don't even remember that? What happened to all those remembrances?


  • One day, we will be all covered with just love I will write my name on your hands for forever, then you can leave all your worries behind, downing your eyes, putting your head on my shoulders and then we will be sharing every hardship we faced when we're not together. <3


  • I think I love you so much that even words, cannot tell you that. The only thing I had was "My heart" and you took that too. The only thing I expected in return was loyalty and I didn't get that too.


  • I think I love you so much that even words, cannot tell you that. The only thing I had was "My heart" and you took that too. The only thing I expected in return was loyalty and I didn't get that too.


  • Nights that we spent together, the weather we created out with love, the shore of the river that held each of us together are the witnesses of 'our love' and now you say you don't me anymore?


  • Your arms in my arms, those stares that made me blush which taught the Real meaning of vitality and with that strength you gave me, I'm saying goodbye.


  • While your eyes were fixed on the stars and mine on you, you asked me to count the number of stars in the sky, and that was how much you loved me, I wish I knew that once the sun rises, along with losing sight of the stars, you'll lose sight of my love.


  • The cluster of stars gave an eye to us, the entire world resides in your love, you said to me, just the as high the sky is our love is forever.


  • When you're here, it felt like paradise to me, where did you go by writing my name on the sand of time, as the wind trickles I'm trickling by 🙂


  • We are in paradise as you said, the sun, the moon, the stars are here: but I can't see you anymore, or maybe then it's not the paradise anymore?


  • The day is yet to arrive, the day when the sky will meet the land when the sky will bow down, there will only love everywhere, and when there will be just you and me 'Forever', the day is yet to arrive and our journey will be completed.


  • This moment will also pass by, this pain will also reside in me for forever, words that you spoke to be will be now unspoken 'You and me' Will be incomplete.


  • I wish I was yours and you were all mine, then all are pains could be kept aside, the truth turned into lies, promises were kept aside. All the punishments will now tell you what you have done when memories would be the only place we would both reside.


Heartbroken Goodbye Messages For Him



  • "Our untold love story" Like Winds touches my face you've touched my soul, you gave two coins of love one you kept with yourself, one you gave it to me, the barren land will again have flowers in it just like our love will rejuvenate.?


  • Time has come to say you bye, where we need to depart and go by on our own alleys, with taking a vow, we'll get back to each other I don't know "how".


  • The rain came and went by, still, you didn't come I think my heart has chosen you for forever, no one can ever reside it In there ever. I'm asking you to tell me how to not remember you?


  • We never used to say "bye" to each other, you said, it gives a feeling of me not being with you anymore, and see where destiny has put us that the only thing we are left with is to say GOODBYE.


  • Unintentionally of me asserting that we can't be together, was not intentionally. We had come to the point where you and I were not "Us". I was lost in the relationship, hoping that letting you will help me find myself.


  • When things go wrong, as they did,  when the road I was trudging seems all uphill, all I want to smile but I  have to sigh because things have gone wrong and I'm still not relinquishing my feelings for you. 🙂


  • I still have my heart within me but I don't know when did he throb last time, you were present in all my prayers, I hope you would have chosen me over anybody else. 🙁


  • Give me some space in your heart, I wanna reside in there, I want to listen to your silence by staying your side forever, take all my happiness in return of all your sighs, saying goodbye is not what I want to do, I wanna be with you instead!


  • How to stop you from going away and how to stop my heart to not go after you, we can talk by not even talking then why didn't you understand my silence?


  • I thought you were the best I could ever, but sometimes we don't the best, we need someone who can go above and beyond, who can love me unconditionally, who can appreciate me and I really think that you are not the one for me.


  • 'Enough'
    We had enough of us, we had enough you telling me you loved me, we had enough of fighting, we had enough of doing enough. I think the only thing we should do now is to say 'Goodbye' to each other


  • Your love was just an illusion to me, a spiral of lie that I was getting into and would not never be able to come put, it's a downward spiral of fibs. I know, you will remember me for all the love and support I gave you and I will remember you all the wrongs you did to me.


  • In the entire cosmos, the sun and moon can never snub the sunlight and moonlight, same with us we both never kept put Egos aside in order to be with each other.


  • I think as much as we might think, as much as I want it to work this out, you never felt the same way, I loved an empty person but not anymore I think I deserve reciprocated love. Our relationship is never meant to be.


  • I want to sigh because I will never be able to see you again or maybe we will meet again when the time will allow us too.


  • Don't ask me about the final ending of our book "Love" and "Us", we already had many chapters drafted and it ends with the same. Now no more chapters or start, we at the end now.


  • I think I'm falling apart thinking about you, I thought I'm over you, I'm writing down this message to tell you that I don't want this anymore I know things take time, healing need time, but I will surely get over it.


  • Maybe with our ways apart, we can work better. Losing you would definitely feel like losing part of me but being with you now feels like a missing on my complete self.


  • So it's time to strengthen our hearts and bid our last good-bye to each other.


  • Goodbyes are always hard and it's not the good-byes that hurt but the memories that follow. The memories we have will remain in our hearts forever secured with utmost love but now this heart cannot fathom the hurt that comes along with those memories. And I think it's time we part ways and move our ways because my weak heart can't bear the distance we are about to have.


  • Although things went wrong and the road I was trudging on went uphill, I still had a  smile even when I was sighing on the inside because deep down I know, this journey is going to be worth it, it is all going to be worth it. Now it will be my journey, not 'Ours'


  • I know I will cry to see you go, I know my heart will ache to see you, hold somebody's else's hand that was mine once, I know my body will tremble when your arms will have a place for someone else but sometimes, acceptance is all we need, maybe I'm accepting the fact that you always wanted better, I hope you will get best now 🙂


  • The one who is actually is not 'The one', I lived my entire life with " Unrealistic Expectations" just like the endings of the movies; which always showed me that love stories will always have a proper finale. but I think we ended the same in every chapter we had.


  • I think you should go now, by staying and continuously saying not 'but so much' makes me anxious, you're making my world upside and down.


  • Haven't we just met, then why you evacuated so soon, I hope after leaving me you will remember all of it, and then you will pray to have me all again, and then I will not be here.


  • All the time you spent searching for me in the streets, isn't these are those streets where you left me all crying? Where I had no one to go to, where I had no vision to go where? Then the voice came from within, I picked myself and my broken pieces and walked away from you in order to search for me.


  • You left me.
    Left me without answers, with a heart that's broken beyond repair, with lips that are too sad to even smile, with hands that tremble every time somebody tries to hold them, with a belief that's so shaken that no words of promise can make me believe anything and with a body that rejects every little act of love because somewhere I know that everyone will leave me, just how
    You left me.