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Good Night My Love

After a stressful day, a goodnight wish to your special someone is an aid to render them a good sleep so they sojourn in their dreams. Telling them, what they mean to you and they are loved, you’re proud of them; their efforts are not ignored and negated- can bring bliss to them and perhaps a well sleep. Following this, there are some messages below to wish your loved one a special goodnight.


Good night my love


  • Silence seems awkward at nights, until your thoughts come to embrace me and I feel safe. Goodnight


  • It’s hard to keep the track of time during the day and all night. Even when I sleep, I see you. Sleep well love


  • A beautiful night like this is a waste unless it’s spent with a loved one. Goodnight love


  • Goodnight, I hope I never stop making efforts for us and I’m able to give you the love you deserve.


  • Goodnight love, yes I’m thinking about you and I may as well dream too.


  • Sleep well love, I believe there will come a day when I’ll lay beside you to not just wish you goodnight but to give you the warmest hugs and the love.


  • I hope you have a relaxing sleep. Goodnight my love.


  • Goodnight, sleep well and wake up smiling like the brightest star.

Good night my love

  • Goodnight love, I can’t help but think how blessed I’m to have you!


  • Goodnight, today before sleeping I want to take a minute to tell you – you’re the most affable and assiduous person I have ever come across. I’m happier with you.


  • Sleep well love, sun’s gone down and it will rise again tomorrow, just like you.


  • I hope your life remains as colored as it is now and the smile, you flatter me with never leaves your countenance. Sleep well love.


  • There’s not one moment when I don’t think about you- it’s like everything about you intrigues me. Goodnight love I am counting all moments with you.


  • An aeon back when people used to traverse through water or dessert, they used to believe on ‘Northern Star’ to usher them. So I believe on you. Goodnight love.


  • A lot of days has passed yet a lot still remain with you. Sleep well love.


  • With you the love and all the attributes I have are augmented and I’m falling more for you, every day. Goodnight.


  • If only you could read my visage, if only you and I could be together. However, we certainly will be. Sleep well love.


  • I might not show the admiration I have for you but the truth to which I’ll always succumb is that I am complete with you. Goodnight. I hope you wake up to this.


  • There is a perpetual paradigm; I am getting accustomed to; of getting closer and closer to you. Sleep well love.


  • I love you more than yesterday and a little less than tomorrow. Have a good sleep.


  • I can’t wait for the day when it won’t be just me looking at the stars. Sleep well till then.


  • I feel it’s essential to tell you and tonight it seems to be right. It’s not just the love that I feel with you but the essence of being whole and accepted. I hope you sleep well. Goodnight.


  • I can’t help but tell you how inundated I’m to have you in my life; you matter and you always will. Goodnight.


  • Nights are usually related to silence where the longing and pangs of separation from the past returns. I am grateful to have you by my side. Sleep well love. Goodnight.


  • If only you could see into my eyes and look how adorable you seem to me. Goodnight love. Wake up with the brightest smile.

Good night my love image


  • I intend to promise you tonight, I will always be honest to you; no matter how harsh the truth is and I will never stop making efforts for us. Goodnight love.


  • Whenever I have a bad day and at night it hurts to be nauseated. Your thoughts and the memories we have made cheer me up. Always. Goodnight love, I hope you sleep well.


  • At nights like these, I crave for the warmth we share and I hope we shall have it again. Sleep well love.


  • May your dreams be as tender and as sweet as you. Goodnight.


  • If I could be with you tonight, I would have read out a few lines of Wordsworth to you and I could have gone on with it until you had fallen asleep. I hope one day I will. Goodnight till then. Have a good sleep.


Good night my love quotes


  • I ponder at times what do you dream- is it something exuberant or something that pleases you; when you sleep your countenance seems as if you’re indulged in a pleasant dream. If it is so, I hope it stays this way. Goodnight love.


  • Even though we spend hours apart from each other when the night comes and your memories embrace me- I feel it’s all worth. Sleep well love.


  • I hope you have discerned this albeit I still intend to tell you, with each passing hour, minute, second- I am certain what we have is more than a mere infatuation. I hope you sleep well and you smile as you come across this text. Goodnight.


  • Sometimes when I go through a hard time and world stops making sense. I think of how you smile, your laugh, your intermittent lame puns- and it lights me up. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Goodnight and sleep well.


  • Prior saying hello to my bed and laying there like a sloth, I want to remind you; you’re the most beautiful person inside out and I’m happy to have you by my side. Goodnight.


  • I apologize for not being able to hold you at nights when you are low. When you’re having a nightmare. When you just need someone to be there with you. In the entire world if I can, I’ll be there for you. Goodnight love, sleep well 


  • There hasn’t been a day when I have not thanked the universe that we met. Sleep well tonight.


  • Often your absence torments me, at night per se. However, I have made my peace that the distance we have now is for the best and one day I will lay and wake up beside you. Goodnight love.


  • You’re like a light in my life – here with me to guide me away from darkness. I’m falling for you and it drives me crazy how amusing it is. Goodnight and sleep well.


  • Sometimes when I’m perturbed sleeping at nights, I remember the little anecdotes of ours. It always makes me cheerful and fills me with love for you. Goodnight, I want you to sleep well tonight.

Good night my love quotes

  • When you blow a dandelion its worries disperse into nothingness, I hope whatever vexes you may disperse tomorrow, fortunately. Goodnight love, I’m always here for you.


  • Victor Hugo once said- ‘Go to sleep in peace. God is awake’ and so I want you to forget your worries, piques, and sleep well tonight. Goodnight.


  • I hope you have the most vibrant dreams tonight. Though not as vibrant as the life we’ll have together.


  • I wish you could glance into my mind and see the little world I have created with you. Hoping one day we’ll turn it into reality. Goodnight love.


  • Intriguing, how the first thought on my mind is you and the last too. Have a goodnight babe.


  • I wish I could deny that soul charmers don’t exist. You are proof that they do. Goodnight love.


  • You’re sleeping now and I’m thinking of you- You’re prepossessing and endearing. Where were you all this time! Anyways I want you to wake up genial. Sleep well bub.


  • When we fight and you don’t talk to me, I feel hollow and empty and I do not wish to live without you. All and all I’m blessed to have you. Goodnight, sleep well.


  • I hope with my goodnight text, the hugs and infinite love reaches to you. Goodnight love.


  • Today when you slid your little hand into mine while crossing the road. I was the happiest and I smiled the goofiest smile. Thank you for making my day great. Goodnight.


  • I miss your mirth and your little cute glances and stares – you always denied you never looked at me while I worked. These little things you do, I notice them all, makes me fall for you more and more. Sleep well babe and wake up feeling filled with positivity.


  • Thinking of you is like indulging myself into a reverie and trust me I love doing that. Goodnight, sleep well.


  • I may not speak too much about us but I adore you and I cherish you in my own ways. My apologies for being so shy I promise I’ll overcome them. Till then goodnight, sleep well.


  • Let’s meet in our dreams if we can. Goodnight love, sleep well.


  • I can’t sleep until I tell you, how much I miss you. Goodnight love.


  • Tonight I wish I could have kept you in my arms. Goodnight love, even though we are apart we still are together.


  • Yesterday, when you were having your sub and the fillings fell off, I saw you boisterously laughing. It was a treat to watch you so happy. Goodnight love, keep laughing and smiling like this.


  • I know today was not good for you but I promise tomorrow will be better, please do not let the positive die in you. Goodnight, sleep well love.


  • It doesn’t matter how much distance is between us now, I am living for the day when our hands will mingle and our fingers intertwined and I will be able to see the most beautiful person in my life. Goodnight love.


  • You know the place where the sky and land meet, that’s precisely where I meet you in my dreams.


Goodnight messages my love


  • May you dream of lovely things and wake to find them real’ – as JJ Heller puts it righteously, Goodnight.


  • Tonight seems an impeccable moment to tell you; you’re a blessing sent in this world. Never fear to be your whole self. Goodnight, sleep well.


  • I wish tonight you inhibit the warmth, I have sent you through winds and sleep well embracing them. Goodnight.


  • Have you ever woken up at dawn to see the sun rising, it’s beautiful to look at and I’d be eager to witness it with you. I hope you rise tomorrow akin to sun. Goodnight.


  • When in a dark night you look up to the stars and the little glints shine across your face. Yes, I hope you feel so tonight while you sleep. Goodnight.


  • No matter how despairing the days are and how disdainful you feel. Promise to yourself that you’ll work the best for you anyhow; I want the best for you. Goodnight, wake up with stronger than earlier forge.


  • I want you to box all what reminds you of pain and focus on the positive and if you need anyone, I’m always here. Tonight. Sleep well. Goodnight.


  • You did your best and tomorrow you can begin again. I know how much hard you’ve been on yourself these days. Good times are coming, breathe, and keep chasing what you believe in. goodnight, sleep well.


  • I’m here to remind you that your efforts are counted, your hard work is not being overlooked and there will be a time, when you’ll be able to harvest your sown seeds. Goodnight, for now sleep well and worry less.


  • Consider this phenomenon, are you able to see stars during day. No. Darkness is needed, so the stars can dress them up in their shiny outfits, so we appreciate and adore them. Live the darkness too. I hope you’ll understand what this means. Goodnight.


  • Night is always darker before the dawn and life is the same, the hard times will pass, everything will get better and the sun will shine brighter than ever.” – Ernest Hemingway. Wait until the sun shines brighter on you. All in good time. Sleep well.


  • As I drift off to sleep, I want to wish you goodnight.


  • To be in the vicinity of your own self, at nights per se- is bliss where we can introspect ourselves. Goodnight, sleep well.


  • With the onset of winters, nights will be long and colder. I want you to take care of yourself. Goodnight, sleep tight.

Goodnight messages my love

  • Dread arises an eerie feeling within us. I want you to let go of them tonight and engulf sleep in your arms. Goodnight, sleep well.


  • Deception, never succumbs to it. It wrecks you and leaves you thinking you’re alone. However, you’re not alone and I’m always a call or text away no matter what. Sleep soundly inside the warm quilts.


  • I want to say tonight, yes! Seldom has it felt, like we’re losing the moments, we’re not living the way we desire. We get so caught up in planning the life; we forget to live it. Goodnight, tomorrow when you wake up, recall you have a life to live.


  • At nights, when sleep denies to come to you and you’re grief-stricken, remember what Avicii left us with – ‘One day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you’ll remember …these are the nights that never die’. Goodnight, sleep well.


  • A day is going to end and a day awaits you. Goodnight.


  • Positive thoughts are so powerful, if you focus your attention on them, they become your reality. Goodnight, sleep well.


  • I hope tonight your pillow forgives you for snuggling it so hard. Goodnight.


  • Some relationships are truly valuable. This one is. Goodnight, sleep well.


  • The good comes to those who have the vision to blend courtesy with assiduousness. Goodnight, I hope you sleep well.


  • What’s gone is gone, what’s coming is too much for now. However, what’s happening right now demands you. So be in it and live until it ends. Goodnight.


  • Thank you for all those times when I trusted you, counted on you and you were here with me. I’m grateful for a person like you. Goodnight.


  • We are all under the same sky. It’s alright if today didn’t go as you planned but tomorrow is waiting for you to shine. Goodnight


  • We have a continuum of memories, certainly each is different. Yet the values they hold are all alike. Goodnight


  • Tonight before sleeping, remember your purpose and pursuit behind it. You will be unfathomable. Goodnight


  • Everything holds an irreplaceable value. Nights are valued only when you contrive throughout the day. Work hard and it’ll pay off. Goodnight


  • To breathe every day, to feel the wind on your face, to walk through the streets, every minute thing that is otherwise disdained has a much larger value and role in shaping us. It’s a blessing to sleep and wake up daily. Goodnight, cherish it.


Goodnight I love you messages


  • It’s quaintly impressive how I see the universe and its darkness, scintillating little stars as if the cosmos exists inside you. I never know I could fall so much for you. I love you. Goodnight and sleep well.


  • After a few hours, the world sees the sun and as the rays will reflect on my visage, I’ll think of as if you pecked me. Goodnight and sleep well.


  • Don’t you find waterfalls flawless? I find them impeccable, abode of strength, and bounty. We’re just like that. I think I am falling more every day. Goodnight and sleep well.


  • At nights like these, from the window at midnight, moonlight peeps in and cool breeze tussle with the curtains – the scent of the night sprints everywhere; while I lay awake in my bed reminiscing you, I befriend all these for they remind me of you. Goodnight, love you.


  • I once read somewhere- ‘the ocean goes far off but comes back to buss the shore. I feel even if I’ll leave, I’ll always find my way back to you. Goodnight honey, sleep well.


  • I used to find silences uncomfortable but with you even that’s conducive. No second with you is a loss as if every moment we spend, had spent counts. Goodnight, sleep well love.


  • I sleep peacefully at night, knowing that I have you by my side. Goodnight, sleep well love.


  • Ever since we got together, I know we sometimes indulge ourselves in fights and sometimes one of us is hurt heavily, but we still stand by each other and I have always admired this about us. I love you, goodnight.


  • You’re that one person, I’m grateful to have crossed paths with. Goodnight, sleep well love.


  • I have spent days imagining of being with you again and I know we’ll be. Goodnight, sleep well love.


  • I know eternal is a long time to be promised to someone but I promise the day we make it, I’ll vow to be with you for once and for all. Goodnight love, have a good sleep.


  • I believe in having a life with you, where we’ll build ourselves little by little every day and I will never leave your hand. Goodnight, we’ll wait till that day when we’ll let the world know about us. Goodnight, sleep well love.


  • I can’t tell you how long I waited for a person like you. I love you, goodnight.


  • I am grateful that above everything every day, we both choose us. Goodnight, we are growing together.


  • After months of being with you, I’ve grown so attached to you and so fond of you, the mere thought of losing you, fill me with tears. I love you, goodnight.


  • On my bad days or when I feel hopeless, I feel you whisper in my ear to bear strength; this too shall pass. Thank you for being with me. Goodnight, sleep well love.


  • I never thought I can find a home in a person, yet I did somehow. Goodnight, sleep well love.


  • Do you know what a blessing it is to lay down at nights and know, out there in the whole world exists one person who belongs to me and I to him/her? Goodnight, sleep well love.


  • You offered me your warmth, your love and you engulfed me, embraced all my fears. I’m grateful that you stood through all of it with me. Goodnight, sleep well love.


  • I imagine you and me, dancing on Ed Sheeran's – Thinking Out Loud; it’s the most genial way to end my day while thinking about you.


  • I switched off the lights, went to bed. However, I felt something was missing, so I got up and texted you to say- I love you. Goodnight, sleep well, and wake up smiling.


  • Every day I wake up, I get to work and I spend all day revisiting the memories I’ve made with you. It’s a blessing that I have you. Goodnight love.


  • Every other day, I have gone to various places but the home I find you the most comfort I crave for. Goodnight, sleep well hon.


  • If only I keep a count of how much I smile during the day, at your thoughts and the fact that we share so much love. Goodnight, sleep well.


  • God forbids if something ever happens to us. Goodnight love, sleep well.


  • Now it’s this way that dreams do not intrigue me anymore, this reality in which I have you does. Goodnight love.


  • Sometimes I imagine us, walking together, matching each other’s pace, holding hands and smiling. I can’t wait to meet you. Goodnight love, sleep well.


  • I know you ask me – why do you love me because you need reassurance. But how do I list the reasons when they’re infinite? Goodnight love, I hope you read this and smile the brightest.


  • The way you embody peace within yourself is probably the reason I have always loved you so much. Goodnight love, sleep well.


  • Time is a phenomenon that is constant, it never stops but when you look at me, when you come close- it stops. Perhaps just for me but certainly. Goodnight, sleep well.