Good Morning Poems For Her/Girlfriend

Good Morning Poems For Her/Girlfriend

She has just woken up. The first thing you say will light her the whole day. Don’t shy away from exhibiting your feelings for her. She would be reluctant to wake up, but she will give in as soon as you embrace her. So here are some poems to treat your paramour with all the love she deserves. 


Good morning poems for girlfriend


  • At night I often take you in arms,
    When you are asleep,
    I canoodle, you smile half-asleep,
    It is time to wake up
    Good morning love, wake up the smile.


Good morning poems for girlfriend


  • Every day  enkindles,
    My feelings for you
    Like they are endless
    And it is everything I have wished for
    Good morning.


  • The sun arose, its rays
    shone across your sleeping skin,
    And I swear you have never looked so exquisite.
    Now it is time to wake the sun of my life.
    Good morning


poems for girlfriend


  • Your zest
    Brings forth in me a new desire to live,
    To see the world
    Like it is bliss
    Your attributes, your tenderness,
    Discern me things I felt I missed.
    Good morning


  • If I could
    I would run miles to come and see you,
    To place your head on my chest and tell you
    How much I missed you.
    Good morning


morning poems for girlfriend


  • Ever since I met you, Mornings have given me a reason
    To look forward,
    As soon as I am awake, your visage appears in front of me
    As if you never left me.
    Good morning


  • Have you ever seen
    The dew,
    Do you notice how a droplet
    Rests on it?
    You are the dew.
    Good morning


  • Every day is a blessing with you
    To make countless memories
    To forget worries,
    To relive again
    And love unconditionally
    Good morning


  • Every morning is like a new beginning
    With you
    Leaving all things behind but not the memories
    Let me remind.
    You are someone who means a lot to me
    I hope you never leave and stand by me.
    Good morning


  • I hope this morning
    Rejoices you
    Fills you with exuberance
    And this day turns out to be conducive for you
    Good morning


  • I wrote this
    I want you to read it.
    So you feel ecstatic
    For all the good vibes this morning brings you.
    Good morning


  • I do not want you to focus
    On shattered glass shards,
    They are colorless.
    Look up for the rainbows
    Albeit it is an illusion
    But it is beautiful
    |Before it fades.
    Good morning


  • Wake up
    For today will be a memorable day.
    I will bring flowers over for you
    We will go to a nice place
    I will hold your hand and
    We will walk through the driveway
    I will let you see the moon at night and this is how we’ll
    End today.
    Good morning


  • I wish the love
    I send through this, reaches and engulfs your every bit
    I know I am miles away
    But I never left
    I am always here


  • Every moment feels implicit with you
    Every hour goes in a pace
    I never imagine possible.
    I am more of myself than you,
    As if it is a grace.
    Good morning


  • Mornings are here
    And then there will be nights
    However me
    I wil go nowhere
    I will stay here, waiting for you.
    Good morning


  • Your smile enchants me
    Your laugh soothes me
    Your gaudiness
    Flaunting yourself when you walk
    There is nothing that is not special about you,
    And I am a happy man who is spending his life with you.
    Good morning


  • Grasses have turned in their brightest colors,
    Sun is shining like a coruscating conceit in sky
    Birds have cheered the ambiance,
    Add the sparkle of yours by waking up to this.
    Good morning


  • The dawn has not withered yet,
    I am up to remind
    You, how much I love you
    The first rays
    Of sun will tenderly air kiss and
    You will know it was me.
    Good morning


  • Forget the pain of yesterday
    Begin the day with a pray
    Even if the muscles feel sore
    Come on its morning, the day awaits you.
    Good morning


Romantic good morning poems for girlfriend


  • The toast is ready
    With a tea
    Especially for you honey,
    So get up and smile
    The sun is up and glaring
    Good morning
  • Wake up and see the colors today
    Aesthetics of nature have been at bay
    Waiting for you to rise,
    It is not a ruse
    Wake up and set your mood today.
    Good morning


  • The light has been presumptuous,
    Betraying your curtains,
    To have a look of you.
    Wake up and witness bliss.
    Good morning


  • You once walked through the streets while it rained,
    Holding your umbrella and cussing the mud,
    All in vain.
    I was the first one to offer aid,
    Nervously you vamoosed,
    Since that day, you have been all over my thoughts,
    All over my brain.
    Good morning


  • You mean to me what moon is to stars.
    The glow of one does not outshine the others
    instead, it burgeons it.
    with you, the moment, time and entire world.
    It stops to exist.
    Good morning


  • Horizon is a place
    where they say sky and land meet.
    It’s mystifying.
    I wonder what does it look?
    And then I see you.
    Good morning


  • How do I love you?
    A question, leads to reflexivity.
    I have thousand ways to pull off each every day,
    I’ll try each of them
    As soon as we are together,
    Not distanced and away.
    Good morning


  • I know some days are somber
    With dreary ambience
    Suggesting trepidations and pondering.
    However, always remember,
    I’m always here, to look for you.
    Good morning


  • At times I flounder
    I falter
    My fears are uncalled.
    But you are here
    Always here
    And this can not be much better
    Good morning, beautiful


  • Has anyone told you,
    How pretty you look
    Talking slyly,
    Walking in those mini slippers you own.
    That you shine brightly
    When you laugh.
    You’re beautiful
    In every way, I see you.
    Good morning.


  • Diligent, charismatic, adorable, classy
    All these are too less
    For my girl
    Who is too sassy.
    Can never leave a girl
    Who is the most precious one.
    Good morning


  • Years ago when I sat under the bridge
    Stars consoled me
    Who foretold,
    Someone somewhere waits.
    It was you,
    It is you.
    Good morning


  • Collect your jest
    And say goodbye to rest,
    This day we must be happy
    And resent being crappy.
    Good morning


  • Wake up
    So I can caress you
    In my arms,
    While I tell you
    How beautiful you are.
    Good morning


  • When I go through a hard time
    I think of you
    And how it feels to be with you.
    Poignancy leaves and a feeling
    I call home, comes back.
    Good morning


  • The rustle of leaves
    The glimmering of stars
    The color of sky
    when it is dawn.
    No, it’s not same without you.
    Good morning


  • Dews after a chilly winter night
    Rests on the surface of leaves.
    Until the sun comes with its warmth
    Embracing every little thing.
    Wake up to this warmth
    Forget all your worries and burdens.
    Good morning


  • A thousand ways
    To reminisce you,
    A thousand times
    A day
    Good morning


  • Time is constant.
    Passes constantly,
    Never stopping
    Akin to your memories
    I find sojourn in
    Good morning


  • Wake up
    Smiling through your heart
    Then close your eyes,
    Look up to god
    And feel the blessing
    That rests on your visage.
    Today is bliss and so was yesterday.
    Good morning


Sweet good morning poems for girlfriend


  • May you listen
    The unheard voices
    That calls your name.
    Out in the dark,
    Ushering you towards light.
    Good morning, sweetie!


  • When we hold hand
    I know how eternity feels.
    When you smile at me
    I know what being lost is.
    You’re the constant star,
    Of all times.
    Good morning


  • The love we share
    Is an unbreakable vow.
    Just like the dawn and dusk have
    With morning and night.
    Good morning


  • You remind me of strength
    In hard time.
    Albeit I have flaws but you
    Consider me above all those.
    Thanks for doing everything for me,
    Although you say it’s never
    For you.


  • When its cold out
    And breeze blows.
    The strands of your hair flow with it
    Your tresses around your visage falls.
    And this mere sight
    Enamors me more.
    Good morning


  • At mornings when I woke up prior
    You sleep calmly,
    I whisper in your ear,
    The hour the minutes and seconds
    Pass as if you have always been near.
    Good morning


  • My silence is comfortable in your Warmth.
    My fingers as bare as your touch.
    My eyes rests on you,
    Whether its day or night.
    You are the light of my life.
    Good morning


  • I promise,
    To keep your hand always in mine.
    To see your silhouette in mine.
    To render and spoil with all the love you deserve.
    I promise
    Good morning


  • At times when I chaff you.
    Your countenance –
    Grimaces, grins,
    Often laughs.
    I see the hidden urge in you.
    As if you like it.
    And you know I love it.
    These little acts
    Bonded in which,
    You and me.
    Good morning


  •  Every morning before waking up,
    I dream of a misty fog.
    You touch my shoulders and caress my back,
    You engulf me in your arms.
    I lose myself in you.
    As if I have always belonged to you.
    Good morning


  •  I have called my life- Canvas.
    And you are the artist,
    Painting my emotions on it.
    You fill my life with colors.
    I forget, they existed
    Good morning


  •  Messy mornings with stale breaths,
    We wake up craving cuddles and are stressed.
    Yet we smile with the thought of us,
    For all we have is this day to live and stop being callous.
    Good morning


  •  The compassion we share,
    It is certainly more than a fling.
    The love we have,
    It keeps blooming.
    All my words come straight out of heart.
    Every day with you,
    Akin to new start.
    Good morning


  •  I am vulnerable at times.
    Yet with you I never felt,
    It’s a sign of weak.
    The hidden trust that lies inside of me,
    Inside my flesh.
    You bring it on surface.
    Withering me, to collect me,
    Strong and potent, all again.
    Good morning


  •  The discourse of what we began together,
    Is visible in your eyes.
    It’s all I see when I look at you.
    More powerful than ever.
    More lovable than ever.
    Good morning


  •  I open my lids.
    And darkness withers.
    An image of yours invoked.
    By the profound desire in me.
    Enkindling emotions, tired of waiting to see you,
    With every sigh.
    I have waited too long to say,
    I love you.
    Good morning


  •  The essence of light
    Is the most noticeable
    When darkness goes away after thunder.
    This essence of light persists within you.
    It binds a bond between me and you.
    Good morning


  •  Forever love, always enduring.
    Never ending; a blessing.
    You and I are like a crystal,
    Shining brighter, together.
    Good morning


  •  Every day, is a beginning,
    To love you.
    To render you, with all the cheer and gaiety.
    In every way I always want to be with you.
    In my life- every day is a new day.
    To recount all the moments.
    Good morning


  •  I had no caveats,
    My life altered itself.
    Then I met you.
    The epitome of jubilance.
    You walked into my life and,
    Coruscated it.
    Sprinting every speck of happiness.
    Good morning


Beautiful good morning poems for girlfriend


  • Beautiful flowers have brought,
    An invocation.
    It envisions an image of you.
    A little whisper, sent their message,
    For you.
    All saying the same thing.
    You look beautiful when you smile.
    Good morning


  • The eyes that hold the secret,
    For which I fall every day.
    Your thoughts are an escape,
    Where I plunge into them, profoundly.
    Your smoldering eyes and the little twinkle in them.
    With every second I lose myself in them.
    Good morning


  • Physical intimacy is ephemeral.
    The connection of soul is for eternity.
    Looking into your iris.
    The definition of love finds the words.
    In those words, and your countenance,
    I lose myself.


  • I know at times,
    I’m pedantic.
    My stubbornness vexes you.
    Yet I find the solace within you.
    For you are you,
    Intact and implicit in every way.
    Good morning


  • When you call my name,
    The adrenaline rushes through veins.
    Perhaps I need you more than I show,
    I spend my days thinking about you,
    Then and now.
    I hope you and I stay this way.
    All cheerful and gay.
    Good morning


  • You rendered a new perspective,
    With a pursuit to follow-To me.
    My life now has a person,
    To whom I belong.
    I never thought this is how this all would be.
    Good morning


  • Dawn wakes up and lets the sunrise,
    When it’s kissed by the night.
    Thinking of the trees and their shade.
    I solicit the gratification amidst them.
    A thought of you intrudes,
    Then I forget everything else.
    Relishing the warmth, a new note of memory entails.
    Good morning


  • The spirit of joy,
    Resonates you.
    I can’t concur more than I always do,
    How content I am to be with you.
    A foliage of surreal nature,
    Walks with you or is it my reverie?
    All I do is sigh deeply,
    While I keep looking-Keep looking at you
    Good morning


  • Life is but a hollow dream,
    An earnest and disguised truth.
    A minute you’re happy, the other- Spent in suffering.
    And then you stepped,
    Into it like a cool breeze,
    On a dry summer eve.
    And you stayed, for a long time you have stayed.
    And for a long time, you will.
    For I have lost myself within you.
    Good morning


  • My rooms and ambiance are filled with –Fragrance of your existence.
    My heart has been set on you,
    As my eyes and my soul.
    All of me look out for all of you.
    Good morning


  • I wish to see the things with you,
    Those, that are unspeakable.
    Our secrets, desires, musings.
    I want the unspeakable things spoken,
    Between me and you.
    I love you.
    Good morning


  • Last night I saw a dream,
    I had you with me.
    Sooner you began walking away.
    I was perplexed, for you started drifting away.
    In a matter of minutes all became a memory.
    A memory I want to set free.
    Never in my reality I want this to happen.
    Never in reality I want to lose you.
    For I have always loved you.
    Good morning


  • At late nights,
    When your fears resurface.
    When your blood rushes,
    Giving you the insinuations and trepidations,
    You’ve always dreaded.
    Remember sweetie! I’m always here.
    No matter what.
    Good morning


  • I remember,
    While watching movies, when you feel sleepy,
    You tilt your head and rest it on my shoulder.
    You never knew I have gazed at your face,
    While I tucked you tightly in my arms.
    You never knew I have been doing these little things.
    And I will always do.
    For I have been falling too deep,
    Into you.
    Good morning


  • If you’ll fall,
    I’ve got your behind.
    My thoughts are preoccupied with concerns for you.
    My day and night have resolved into one.
    Where most of the time, my attention is absorbed by your memories.
    I would travel miles just to see you smile and,
    The little shimmer lying in your eyes
    Good morning


  • Under the lamp post,
    When you held my hand in yours, tenderly.
    Asking me to spell out my fears.
    I trusted every word you said afterwards.
    You let me delve into you, emphatically.
    You let me be ‘myself’
    You let me savor the real self.
    Good morning


  • I wake up.
    I have made coffee.
    I bring it to you.
    I caress you gently with a little kiss.
    I pour all the love on you while snuggling.
    Your little round eyes lift the lid that covers them.
    Your lips move to murmur,
    You love me.
    Good morning


  • After rains the earthly smell,
    Fills me up with nostalgic yearnings.
    Where I go back to needing you.
    I know I can’t stand the distance between us.
    But if you want me to.
    I’ll prefer to wait.
    For I love you.
    Good morning


  • A gentle reminder,
    To the woman I love.
    I have seen your valor,
    Your courage, your strengths.
    There’s not a moment that goes by.
    When it doesn’t cross my mind.
    How much I’ve been in love with you.
    And how much you make me proud every day.
    Good morning


  • I never claim to anything.
    Yet knowing you,
    It’s been empirical vehemently.
    And to fall for you another in the list, ostensibly.
    You’re like a blessing,
    One that steps from heaven
    Into the world.
    Good morning