Good Morning Messages For Him

We all love starting our day on a good note. Especially, when we wake up to a sweet ‘Good Morning’ message, from our significant other. It puts an instant smile on our faces, knowing that they thought about us first thing in the morning.

While men like being strong and tough all the time, they too need a special push to get through the day sometimes. Boys love spoiling their partners and making them feel special from time to time. So, it’s only fair if we love and spoil them just as much. The little things always matter in a relationship, so here are 120 good morning messages to send him, to start his day on a sweet note. 

Good morning messages for him


  • Mornings are always sweeter when you grace the world with your smile.


  • You light up my life the way sun lights up the day.


  • Hope this morning brings you as much warmth as your hugs bring me.


  • Loving you is the easiest thing to do.


  • Waking up beside you every day is a blessing from God himself.


  • My soul is ecstatic now that its other half is awake.


  • You’re my first thought when I wake up.


  • Heaven can never be as beautiful as you look when you wake up.


  • Seeing you is what encourages me to wake up every morning.


  • The world becomes more beautiful when you wake up every morning.


  • Mornings aren’t my thing, unless I’m waking up next to you.


  • Waking up knowing that I’m yours is the best feeling ever.


  • The Sun shines brighter when you open your eyes every morning.


  • Go on smile. Don’t prevent the world from seeing its most beautiful sight.


  • I hope the day makes you smile as much as you make me. 


  • Nothing beats the feeling of waking up in your arms and the sight of your sleepy face.


  • No chocolate in the world tastes as sweet as your kisses.


  • Wake up my Prince and bless the world with the award of your presence.


  • You’re so handsome, that countries would fight over you.


  • God must have done some overtime, there’s no other way someone as perfect as you could have been created.

Long good morning messages for him


  • I see entire constellations in your eyes, even though you can’t. So open those eyes to the dazzling light of the morning sun. Those starry eyes have already spent too long being hidden.


  • Maybe someday I’ll be able to put in words, the depth of my feelings for you. Until then I can only hope, you understand them through my actions of love.


  • Every morning I wake up happy because I know that someone as great as you exist in this world. While the world has too many harsh things in it, you being in it balances in out.


  • Inspiration strikes my mind the moment you wake up, because you my love are the ultimate muse in my life.


  • If your arms could cage me forever, I’d spend my life being a happy captive. If your face is what I’d see every morning, I’d embrace even death with gratitude for giving me such life.


  • Let the morning sun guide you through your day. But, if the skies get cloudy, I’ll take over from there and be your light to show you the way, for the rest of the day.


  • I could sleep to the sight of you and wake to the sight of you every day. For this life in me is owned by you and only you indefinitely.


  • You’re my last prayer of the night and the first rays of sun in the morning. You’re the perfect piece of the puzzle that fits exactly with my flaws.


  • When you stepped onto the doorstep of my heart, I knew that you’d be a permanent resident there, forever till it stops.


  • Look how beautiful the world is at this moment. Now, look at your beautiful eyes, for they are the reason for the beauty of the morning’s light.


  • My heavy eyes fight to stay awake, the lonely skies will smile at this fairy tale. We’ll give the stars talk of our merry days that we spend together, grinning in a daze.


  • The day I woke up being yours, I knew my existence would no longer be my own. It would forever become a shared entity of your love.


  • I wake you up ever you up every morning in hopes of staring my own day with your sweet smile and magical eyes.


  • Home has never been the building I live in. For me home has always been the safety I feel when I wake up in your arms in the morning.


  • I don't know if God really did create us in his own image. But, I'm sure the Greek Gods really did take the responsibility of creating you in their own image.


  • You set my soul on fire, in a way I never thought was possible, you took the time to warm my heart, and waited for the heat to seep into my soul.


  • Being in love with you feels as light as walking on clouds. Sometimes I stumble along the edges and fear a rough fall, but the feeling of our love, makes me overcome every fear.


  • Meeting you made me realize that up until that moment I'd been a lost vagabond stumbling my way through life before I had the shelter of your arms.


  • A thousand problems may haunt my mind, but the quickest antidote for them is your hug. While it may not solve my problems, but it will always give me the power to solve them.


  • There may be enchantments and temptations all around me. But, none of them are strong enough to break the spell you have on me.


Inspirational good morning messages for him


  • You my love are the strongest warrior I know and I hope this day is full of victories for you.


  • I hope every struggle you face today, can be fought off with my love for you.


  • A fresh new day has begun for you to continue creating history.


  • As my soldier rises from his rest today, I know his strength will battle off any beast the day brings.


  • As you begin another day, I wish you all my love to get you through the day.


  • I wish this morning brings you every possible success.


  • As you open your sharp eyes, I know you’re strong enough to brave the long day ahead.


  • Wake up and snatch the victory that is waiting to come to you.


  • Every morning you wake up, you not only channel your strength for yourself but also pass it on to me.


  • It’s time for my soldier to brave another day and take on another adventure.


  • Wake up and challenge the day before it can challenge you.


  • Good Morning love, it's time to hold life’s steering again.


  • My love is strong enough to hold you up when you can’t hold yourself up.


  • Forget the woes of yesterday, it's time to work on new beginnings as the new day approaches.


  • Find strength in our love to get through the day and smile at danger’s face.


  • Don’t let the world win the race, where you were destined to be the winner.


  • Let the morning mark a fruitful day ahead.


  • Rise up King, it's time to rule again.


  • I look up to you and inspire myself to be as strong every day.


  • Another day comes with another step close to success.

Good morning message for him long distance


  • I’ll keep texting you Good Morning, till the day I can finally kiss you awake.


  • If I was there right now, I’d kiss your eyes awake.


  • I send my love in a text, until I can show it in person


  • I’ll wait as long as it takes, if it means waking up next to you for the rest of my life.


  • You may be so far away from me, but you’ll always be my first thought every morning.


  • Every morning I wake up, knowing it’s a step closer to when we finally meet.


  • Knowing that you’re mine is what helps me wake up every morning.


  • Mornings are so dull when I wake up without you by my side.


  • Every day we spend apart, only makes me more excited about our future together.


  • Waking up next to you is a dream to me, but dreams are always hard to achieve yet worth working for.


  • I wish I could see how adorable you look when you wake up in the morning.


  • I hope the birds sing you awake every morning till I can.


  • This love was never going to be easy, but it will always be worth every hurdle we pass.


  • You deserve to be woken up with gentle kisses every morning.


  • One morning we'll wake up and find ourselves in the future, tangled up in each other’s embrace.


  • I thank God every morning I wake up, for giving me someone as understanding as you, who takes every hurdle in his stride.


  • We may be apart physically, but that space in my heart will always hold you captive.


  • I remember those days when we used to wake up to each other’s smiles. It’s that memory that keeps me going until those days come back.


  • I hope the whole world conspires to make you smile today until I'm there to do the job myself.


  • Soulmates don't need to stay close in order to keep loving.


Heartfelt good morning messages for him


  • I thank my lucky stars, every morning I wake up being yours.


  • I’ll wake you up every day loving you like it’s my last day with you.


  • From going to sleep to waking up, everything is my life needs you to function.


  • My body wakes up with me but my soul wakes up with you.


  • I pray to God every night for permission to wake up as yours every morning.


  • All my birthday wishes are to keep waking up next to you every day.


  • The moment my eyes met yours, I knew I could wake up to them every morning.


  • I could never put in words, how much it means to me, to wake up with your love.


  • I’d be ready to stay in hell if it meant waking up next to you every day.


  • Holding you close is the best privilege that the world has ever allowed me.


  • Knowing your love has been a gift, being your other half has been a dream come true.


  • It's time to leave the world of dreams and come back to the world of us, I miss you too much.


  • I never believed in fairy tales, before you made me believe in 'happily every afters' with every morning I wake.


  • You may be asleep right now, but my heart is always awake for you.


  • Mornings bring a special kind of joy, knowing that I have your love every waking moment.


  • Some people spend their lifetimes, looking for the love that we wake up to, every morning.


  • Some nights I fall asleep, fearing that I'll lose you, but the mornings crush those thoughts away, when I wake up to your smiling eyes.


  • Today I wish you have a morning full of the amount of happiness that you bring to me every day.


  • Every morning we wake up together, is a blessing to me from God himself.


  • When I got you, I felt like I got God's highest praise.


Flirty good morning messages for him


  • Did you just wake up? Because the weather just got so much hotter.


  • Imagine waking up tangled in sheets and each other.


  • I’d motivate you with my kisses to wake up and brave the day.


  • Your morning voice is so sinful that Satan should put it on his list of sins.


  • I love your bedroom eyes when you wake up, they make me want to crawl back in bed again.


  • Alarm clocks are overrated, I’d rather kiss you awake.


  • I’d never want to get up from bed, if I woke up next to you.


  • I love how you look so perfect, even when you just roll out of bed in the morning.


  • Waking up in bed is not nearly as fun as waking up in your arms.


  • Every time the morning sun hits your face, I wish I could be an artist and paint it.


  • I envy the sun because it gets to kiss you first thing in the morning.


  • You look so breath-taking in the mornings with your tousled hair and dreamy eyes.


  • Wake up now, my daydreams of you aren’t enough.


  • I know that you’re awake. My soul could feel its other half wake up.


  • Nights are silent, because your smiles aren’t visible to cause chaos in the world.


  • Your embrace is the best place to wake up in.


  • The sooner you start the day, the sooner your lips can stop feeling lonely.


  • The thought of seeing you, helps me wake up every morning.


  • Chilly mornings would be welcome if I could wake up cuddled in your warmth.


  • The night sky needs stars, to substitute your twinkling eyes when you sleep.


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