Romantic Good Morning Messages For Boyfriend

Good Morning-Messages For Boyfriend

Starting our mornings with the right kind of energy & vibe is very much important. Most of us prefer to kick start our day with our favourite person so that the rest of the day goes well. Our partners hold such a significant place in our lives in most cases.

For those who stay together with their partners it is rather easy to greet each other first in the morning; but for those who stay away the only way to send their loved ones warmth in the morning is by sending them a message full of love early in the morning right after you get up, wishing them a very good morning.

A beautiful good morning message can work wonders. It can add flavour to your partner’s bland mornings. It can give him the right form of boost that he needs from his partner right in the morning for him to gear up for his day ahead. It can be a sign for him to realize that you missed him the night before and you would love to let him know that he means the world to you.

One single good morning message can even drive away from the bitterness that you might have had last night. Such is the power of a proper and beautiful good morning text. It is high time that you start showing your love to him every morning so that he knows and acknowledges the fact that your world revolves around him.

Dear ladies, it’s time for you to make your man feel special because he deserves all the appreciation that you’re capable of giving him. Let’s not make you miss a single chance to make his days a bit better. It’s your responsibility to set his morning tone right. No one can do it better than with the right string of words. Therefore, here we are; with a bunch of beautiful good morning messages for your special one which you can send your boyfriend and make him feel special every morning. We have made it super easy for you to add a special touch to your special one’s mornings.


Good Morning Messages For Your Boyfriend


  • As the sun wakes up and kisses the mountain tops, let me kiss you and brighten your day. Good Morning, Handsome!


  • The morning is so bright today that it reminded me of your bright smile. Good morning, Love!


  • This morning seems to be a bit happier because today I get to see you finally and my wait ends. Good Morning!


  • Good morning! I doubt if you slept fine because you were on my mind all night.


  • Very good morning to the most significant person in my life! I thank the Lord every morning for blessing me with you.


  • Good morning sweetheart! I just wanted to wish you luck for the rest of your day. May you have a great one.


  • You’re the reason I wake up every morning. Good Morning!


  • My love for you levels up with every new morning so this morning is very very special to me. Good morning!


  • Sending you a big hug and a bunch of kisses this morning as I wait for the day when I would be waking up beside you.


  • Good morning dearest! May your day be as sunny as the sky outside.


  •  Let my message be the first thing in the morning that you read. Good Morning Sweetheart!


  • It’s the morning hug that is coming your way right now. Rise and shine my Love!


  • It’s time to run errands while you run on my mind all day. Good Morning, beloved!


  • Good morning to the one who keeps on coming into my dreams and keeps me awake for the rest of the night.


  • I hope you smile broadly as you read this message because your smile matters to me as much as my morning coffee.


  • Good Morning! Just wanted to let you know that your face is the only thing I want to wake up to every morning. I hope you wish the same.


  • This morning I wanted to let you know that I can’t wait to listen to your voice so will you please call me right after receiving this text and let me wish you a very good morning.


  • I can’t stop thinking about you this morning. Good morning, Honey!


  • Good morning darling! May your day be filled with all the happiness in the world.


  • Wake up, sleepyhead. Let this day make you even better than you were yesterday. Good morning!


Cute Good Morning Messages For Boyfriend


  • I want my days to start with your sleepy voice and our warm cuddles. But we gotta wait for that day to come. Therefore until then let my messages keep you hydrated. I love you! Good Morning!


  • Coffee is a great way to start one’s day, but nothing works than your kisses for me. Come home soon handsome. I miss you. Good morning!


  • Good Morning to the light of my life. Have an amazing day!


  • The first thing I do every morning is greeting you because I want you to know that you’re the first thought on my mind every day. Good morning King!


  • As the first ray of sun in the morning, you’re the first and the purest person in my life. Good morning special one!


  • After being in love with you, I wake up grateful every morning for having you in my life. A very good morning to you!


  • May you get great opportunities today and make it big. I am so proud of you. Good morning!


  • Like the sun adds colors to everybody’s days, you do in mine. You’re my little ball of happiness. Good morning Love!


  • As soon as I open my eyes every morning, they start looking for you. They want me to be with you all the time. Good morning my Better Half!


  • I do wish that I could whisper in your ears every morning that how much I love you and then wake you up. But since I can’t, let my message tell you how much you mean to me. Good morning!


  • Waiting for the day when I will be able to make you breakfast every morning. As of now, I can only cook up good messages for you with loads of love. Good Morning dear!


  • I hope life surprises you today with the happiest news possible as you start your day. Make the most out of today babe. Love you! Good Morning!


  • Sending you the warmest hugs and kisses this morning like the sun’s rays shining bright outside. May your day be filled with the colors of the sky. Good morning!


  • Do you see the sky pink this morning? I do because love makes your world go pink. My love for you is increasing every day and I can’t stop thinking about you this morning. Good morning to you!


  • May my kisses punched with positivity make your morning better today. Have a great day Handsome!


  • Rise & shine young man. The morning sky awaits the sight of your lit-up face and so does my eyes.


  • Good morning to the most hardworking man possible. I can’t tell you how proud you make me feel. Keep doing well! I have got your back.


  • As the dawn light breaks through your window, let me steal a kiss from you and kick start our days. A very good morning to you babe!


  • The legends have it that the person you talk to first in the morning is the one who is bound to frequent your thoughts throughout the day. See you in my daydreams babe! Good morning!


Funny Good Morning Messages For him


  • I really wish that my alarm clock would have sounded like you. Then I would never ever switch it off and go back to sleep again. I could have had the sweetest mornings then. Miss you! Good morning!


  • I don’t need an alarm clock as long as you’re beside me because your snoring keeps me awake all night. Good morning my steam engine!


  • Hey, are you a cock? Because it is your call that I wanna wake up to every morning. Good morning!


  • Waking up early is such an adversary for you that the pandas must be jealous of your extreme sleeping skills. May you read my good morning text in the morning itself. Good morning love!


  • Good morning handsome! Wake up & thank the lord because you have me in your life. Jokes apart, have a great day thanking the Lord for sending me to wish you luck every morning.


  • Let me kiss you and tell you how much I love you this morning. But I would love it if you would please freshen up before doing the same to me. Good morning love!


  • Gonna stay in bed all day long today so that I can see my prince charming as I wish to see him in my dreams. Good morning babe!


  • I wish that you read my good morning message in your dreams, wake up at the noon and reply to me by tonight. Good morning my busy bee!


  • Were you a footballer in your earlier life? Because you kicked me out of bed yesterday. Great shot player! Good morning athlete!


  •  Wake up early today so that you can catch your mid-day nap early. Lol. Good morning sleepyhead!


  • Your inspiration must be the owl because you are certainly like one. Good morning honey! Love you!


  • Good morning to someone who lights up my life like the sun does the moon’s. I love you my lifeline!


  • Good Morning to the brightest star of my life. You’re better than so many others. I am so proud of you baby.


  • You’re the best gift from God to me. I wake up every morning with only one wish that may you stay in my life forever. Good morning honey!


  • As they say, ‘but coffee first’ – it’s rather intriguing. Still, I find it better to start my day with a kiss on my forehead from you. Good Morning Babe! Wake up, I am waiting for my kiss.


  • I love it every day that you reply with a ‘good afternoon’ to all my ‘good morning’ messages. Every little bit about you is so beautiful. Good morning!


  • Waking up to your sleepy face every morning and falling for you even harder have become the drill for me. The best drill so far. Good morning!


  • You were the man of my dreams but the best part is that you are also the reality. Someone I can hug and rely on for the rest of my life. I love it. Good morning babe!


  • If I was a mobile, then you would be my charger. You keep me going, baby. Good morning love!


  • Like the morning cereal is incomplete without the milk in it; my life without you is so meaningless. Good morning better half!


Good Morning Messages For Him


  • Good Morning to the most handsome and wittiest man I have ever known. I love you!


  • Good morning! May your day be as handsome as your face.


  • Basically, I hate texting first but in your case, I enjoy wishing you first in the morning. I guess some changes are so much worth it. Good morning to my world!


  • I don’t think I need to remind you every morning that how much you mean to me. Still, if you tend to forget, then you can always come up to me and I would be more than happy to make you feel loved. Good morning munchkin!


  • Good Morning to the most desired man of the year! Just kidding, you’re only and only ‘My Man’!


  • Sadly, I can’t be with you all day. So, why not carry a bit of my love with you all day? Sending you loads of warm hugs and kisses this morning to keep you going. Morning sweetheart!


  • I want you to see my text right after you open your eyes so that I am on your mind all throughout the rest of the day. Good morning handsome! Miss me.


  • May this morning bring to you very good news so that your day is made. Wishing you loads of luck today Dearest!


  • My eyes open with the hope of looking at your face every morning and when my mind reminds me that we don’t stay together; my hands immediately go back to my mobile so that I can wish you a very good morning. Have a great one Love! A very good morning to you!


  • Mornings are always better when I start them in your arms. Good morning Love! I miss you.


  • Let the warmth in my virtual hugs and kisses fill your tender morning and wake you up in a very beautiful manner. Good morning Dearest! Love you.


  • Before the birds sing to you early in the morning, let me give you a tight hug and whisper ‘good morning’ in your ears prior to them. Good morning Sunshine!


  • Good morning my man! May you achieve great heights today. Have a lovely day baby.


  • This good morning message will let me be in your mind all day so that you come back home early this evening and I can have you by my side for real. Good Morning Honey!


  • I wish to be in a land where every dawn is as beautiful as you are. I wish you a very happy morning my Special One!


  • Good Morning baby! I woke up missing you today. Did you visit me in my dreams last night?


  • Such romantic the sky looks this morning; it reminds me of you. Good morning Darling! Miss me.


  • The weather calls for some cuddle time this morning. I so wish you were right here, with me. Good Morning!


  • Winter mornings become really difficult without you. There’s no one by me to keep me warm. Hope you have a great start to your day. Good morning!


  • Good Morning to my World. As the sun rays fall on your face leaking from your window blinds, my day starts. Love you!


  • Good Morning Cutie! I prayed to the lord this morning that may you get all the happiness in the world because you deserve them. Thank you for coming into my life!


  • Good morning my Lucky Charm! Sending you a bouquet this morning, wrapped with my kisses and hugs. Have fun sweetheart.


  • Dearest Significant Other, may this morning bring lots of freshness in your life just like You do in mine. Good Morning!


  • A very good morning to the most hardworking man I have ever known. You are doing so very well. You will achieve all your goals soon. Just keep working this hard and do not ever forget that I have got your back. I Love You!


  • Good morning to my favourite man! Sending you a bit of validation with bunches of kisses this morning. Come soon, your girl awaits you.


  • I needed a bit of boost up this morning, so I thought that maybe I should make you breakfast. It’s on the table, find it when you wake up & let me know if you liked it. Good morning love!


  • Hey handsome! By the time you wake up, probably it would be gone. Therefore, I leave you with some virtual kisses and hugs from me. Morning Babe!


  • Dear Love, please be off for work early so that I can see you sooner this evening. Just can’t wait to be in your arms. Good morning, miss me.


  • Hey Good looking, no cooking this morning because I have already made breakfast this morning. Find it on the table & do miss me as you have it. Good Morning!


  • Good Morning! I wish that this day adds more sparkle to your life as you add in my life.


  • Good morning, sleepyhead! You gotta stop dreaming about me, otherwise, I might die of these hiccups. I Miss You Too.


Sweet Good Morning Messages For him


  • Hey, charming one! I hope your day gets as charming as you yourself are. Good morning lovely!


  • Good morning to the one who has the brightest smile! May you wake up with one and I really hope that it lasts all day.


  • Good morning to the smarter one amongst the two of us! I wish you a very productive and hope that it doesn’t get much tiring at work. Love you!


  • I wish all your mornings be as great as the ones in which I get to wake up beside you. Good morning baby!


  • Good morning dearest! I hope you have a better day than the last one. Don’t stress, you are gonna be mighty fine at work. Love you! All the best!


  • Hey honey, good morning! I just wanted to take moment and thank you for being the wonderful partner that you are. I just couldn’t have made it this far without your support. Just stay! I love you so much!


  • Hey! I hope that all your hard work pays off real soon. Good Morning!


  • I am sure that this morning is going to bring to you new hopes and better and bigger opportunities. Good morning baby! Be hopeful today!


  • Love makes life seem easier. So, let me ease out your mood a bit this morning with loads of hugs and kisses. Good morning my teddy bear!


  • Hey handsome! Did you know that you look really hot right after you wake up every morning? I so wish you were here. Good morning Good looking one! XOXO


  • Good morning Honey! Begin your day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a little dash of hugs and kisses from me to the taste of your liking. Wishing you a rightly prepared morning. I Love You!


  • Wish to steal a kiss from you sometime later today in return of the ones which I am about to shower on you right now. Good morning dear! Get done with work on time and don’t forget to see me.


  • Remembering you since the morning because the coffee seems really bland without you. Miss you. Good Morning!


  • Good Morning my angry young man! Please do not start your day with a frown, it really doesn’t suit you. Here, take this big and warm hug and give me the sweet smile of yours. Love you!


  • Sending you a photo of my gloomy face this morning because there’s no fun in anything that I do without you. Not even sleeping. Good morning to my Happiness!


  • Good morning dear ones! Stay in bed for a bit longer today. You had a very hectic week lately. Get some sleep and get back to me with your love when you wake up. Take rest, I love you!


  • Hey handsome! Hope your day goes as well as the sandwiches that I have made for you like your breakfast. Good morning! Don’t be late to work.


  • Good morning Sweetheart! I just wanted to tell you that I am so proud to have you as my partner. The kind of effort you put into our relationship is something that I could never fathom until you made it all possible. I am so blessed and lucky to have someone like you in my life.


  • This morning as I woke up & noticed the empty bed space beside me, I realized that how difficult it has become now to spend my life without you. You are my life. Good Morning Babe! Please don’t ever leave me.


  • Good morning Love! May this new day treat you well. Love you!


  • Hello Darling! Rise & Shine. It’s about time to show the world that how amazingly good you are at what you do. Wishing you the best for your day. Have a great one. Good Morning!


  • Good morning My Man! Let me make your day by cuddling you to death. Have a warm day sweetheart!


  • As the birds chirp to you a fresh melody early morning, I really wish I could see my man yawning and struggling to get off from his bed every morning beside me. It’s really difficult to stay away from you, babe. Good morning! Missing you a little more than the other days.


  • Good Morning Honey! May my luck & good wishes to travel with you the whole day so that you have a beautiful one.


  • The Sun is up in the sky and so is your baby girl to wish you good morning early before anybody else does. Good Morning Special One!


  • This message is to inform you that your partner has left you with bags of love and warmth to wake up to. Hoping that this cheers you up whenever you wake up. Good morning Love!


  • Good Morning Baby! Today I am going to try and make you some pancakes and after I am done failing miserably in doing the same; I am gonna come crawling back to you kissing you real hard so that you make me some of them instead. Love you!


  • Hey Handsome! I hope you had a great night and I wish that you have an even better day. Good luck! Hustle harder but come to see me soon. Good Morning!


  • Good Morning Dear! It’s your day, your moment. Make the most out of it. I am waiting to applaud you because you are simply the best. I Love You!


  • As my heart sings to you this morning, I know you get to hear it even from your bed. Such is the power of love. Good morning my favourite human! I am always with you, in your heart.


  • My days die & begin with you. Therefore, how can I begin my day by doing anything other than wishing you first? Good Morning better half!


  • Good morning Baby! Hope that your day gets better with each passing hour. Love you!


  • Wishing that this morning gives you an even better fairytale than your love has given me. Thanks for being in my life! Good morning!


  • Good Morning to my perennial muse! Waking up with your thoughts in my mind is certainly the best thing about being in love with you.


  • You are much more than just my partner. You are my Inspiration dear. Good morning!


  • Good morning Therapist! It’s time that you wake up and give your girl some morning kiss and hug therapy. Wake up, I am waiting.


  • Hey good boy! You make me such a happier person that it’s high time for me to make your mornings happy. Wishing you all the luck and good vibes. Good morning!


  • Good Morning Life Partner! Let’s start the day on a good note and together. It’s a new day, with my old love.


  • Love does make your world go pink but as of now, it’s only me who is turning all pink imagining your face early in the morning. You make me blush so bad. Good Morning!


  • If I miss someone the most every morning, it’s you. Missing you my handsome. Good morning!


Funny Good Morning Quotes For Him


  • You don’t need to hit the gym this morning because you have been running on my mind all night. Good Morning Babe!


  • If you think that the first thing I am going to do this morning is to kiss you, then you are wrong. Not before you take a shower yourself at least. Good morning & hurry up otherwise you will be missing out on the morning love.


  • Are you Pizza? Because I just wanna order you and come over right on my bed and enjoy you. Good Morning!


  • This morning I wish that you get to keep dreaming and hit the snooze button over and over again. Have a great morning Sleepyhead!


  • I really wish that your alarm clock doesn’t work this morning and you get a great sleep. Good Morning Love!


  • Good Morning Glutton! Wake up early so that you get to eat early the sumptuous breakfast awaits you.


  • Are you coffee? Because you are the first thing that I need in the morning. Good Morning!


  • Good Morning Handsome! Please do not keep adoring yourself at looking at the mirror and get late like every day. We all know that you are hot.


  • Good morning to the one who gives me sleepless nights and himself keeps snoring till the afternoon. You are really cute. Have a good day baby.


  • Good morning to the most annoying person in my life. Ironically, you are also the one I love you the most. Now the question is that who is a bigger idiot, you or me? Give it a thought, all day we shall build upon this tonight. Love you!