150 Best Good Morning Love Messages – Cute Text Morning Messages

Mornings are beautiful and they become more beautiful when you know somebody loves you deeply. Think about it, if you send some sweet Good Morning texts to your significant other, he/ she will cherish it. It’s not every day that you wake up together. Don’t let this distance stop you from confessing your love. Here are some sweet, romantic texts for your love.


Good Morning Love Messages


  • When I wish you a good morning, it's actually for me. In your happiness, lies mine. I am selfish, my love, wake up, and shine bright.


  • Good Morning Sweetheart. May you have the best day, filled with every happiness you dream of.


  • Your personality, my love, is vibrant. You fill my life with positivity. I need your charm again, wake up, and come to me. Good Morning Love.


  • My mornings shine even brighter when you are around. Good Morning sweetheart, you are the love of my life.


  • The day I met you, I became a better version of myself. Every day, from my problems you set me free. Get up and cure me. Good Morning.


  • I feel I am lucky to have you in both my dreams and reality. You are the ultimate source of light in my life. Good Morning Love.


  • With the first ray of the sun in the sky, I want to let you know that I will love you till eternity. Good Morning Love.


  • I don’t miss you. You are there, in both my conscious and subconscious mind. Good Morning sweetheart.


  • I don’t want to reach the sky, what I want is a good time with you, be it on the ground. I love you. Good Morning baby.


  • Ever since I met you, I have seen improvements in my life. Good Morning Love.


  • You dressed my wounds like no one ever could. You made me alive like never before. Good Morning Love. ThankYou for being in my life.


  • I fall in love with you a bit more every day, I want our promise of forever to stay. Good Morning.


  • Good Morning Love, may this morning be as beautiful and warm as you are.


  • Nothing looks good when you are not around. Wake up my love, I want you now. Good Morning.


  • Your absence for even a short span hurts. Wake up and come to me. Good Morning Love.


  • You touched my soul and I realized the love you have is all I ever wanted. ThankYou for being in my life. Good Morning Love.


  • This morning I want to tell you how the presence of you delights me every day. Good morning Sweetheart, I love You.


  • This morning I want to thank you for this empowering love you shower on me. Good Morning Baby.


  • Everything looks greener when you are around. You are the answer to all my questions. Good Morning Baby, I Love You.


  • I wish you every morning, just because I can’t begin my day without you. Good Morning Lovely.


  • I wish I was there to fill your morning with love. I am sending you lots of love and hugs. Good Morning Love.


  • This morning I want you to know that I love the way you are and I don’t want you to change any of it. This is what makes you unique. Good Morning Sweetie.

Good Morning Love Messages

  • This morning I want to confess something. Since the day you came into my life, it has become far more beautiful. Good Morning Sweetheart.


  • Every day when I open my eyes, I pray to God that our love stays till eternity. Good Morning Love.


  • I want you to smile every day. Your smile brings me strength, sweetie. Good Morning.


  • I love you more than the moon loves its light. Every time you meet me, I shine. Good Morning Love.


  • I will always be by your side, all make all the wrongs turn into rights. Good Morning Sweetheart.


  • This union of ours is one that will last forever. I promise I will love you till the end. Good Morning Love.


  • Every time I look into your eyes, I see myself peacefully living. Good Morning Baby.


  •  Every day I preserve the best moments to share them with you. Good Morning Sweetie.


  •  I wish you a very Good Morning, Love. May you get everything you need from this day. I love you.


Cute Good Morning Love Messages


  • With the first drop of dew in the morning, I get the thought of you, I open my eyes to see you besides. You are the best start to a day I can ever have. Good Morning. 


  • I love your eyes more than anything. Every moment of every day, I feel like getting lost in them. Wake up love, open your eyes, so I can take my dive.


  • I wish we could share this beautiful morning. I would make you a bed tea, and wake you up with a kiss. Good Morning love, the sun’s up.


  • I have gone through several sleepless nights so that I don’t miss your early shine. Good Morning Sweetheart.


  • My nights are always peaceful because I know my morning would begin from you. Good Morning Love.


  • I am in love with my phone, because you are the wallpaper. Good Morning sweetheart. I love you.


  • When early in the morning, a blow of fresh air touches your face, know that I am there to plant a kiss. Good Morning Love.


  • Mornings without you are incomplete, just like a heart without a heartbeat. Good morning love. I miss you.


  • I yearn for only two things in my life. One, seeing you before I close my eyes; second, see you first in the sunshine. Good morning love.


  • You are the light, I am the sky; for when we get together, we constitute mornings. Good Morning sweetheart.


  • I am a shadow and you, my love, are the sun. My existence is impossible without you.

Cute Good Morning Love Messages

  • If I am gold, you are my shine. I am invaluable without you. Rise and get me some shine. Good Morning Love.


  • Every time the clock ticks, I think about you. And you know time never stops, nor do my thoughts about you. Good Morning Love.


  • I have your name carved all over my body, every inch of me loves you deeply. Good Morning Sweetie.


  • Every atom of my heart has a picture of you. Every atom of me desires an atom of you. Good Morning Love.


  • With every passing day, I realize how with you, my life is so sterilized. Good Morning Sweetheart.


  • Forever we will stay together. This love we share is epic. Good Morning Love


  • I wonder how every now and then, you are the one occupying my mind’s rim. I love you, sleepyhead. Good Morning. 


  • You are a bliss from the angles of heaven. You are my everything. Good Morning Sweetheart.


  • Every morning when I open my eyes, I realize how addicted I am to you. Good Morning Love. Rise and shine.


  • Every time I meet you, I adore the fattening of my heartbeats. Good Morning, Sweetie.


  • When it comes to you, my heart speaks for itself. Good Morning Sweetie, I Love You.


  • My mornings are not bound to the sun, but to your thoughts. Good Morning Baby.


  • The first thing I think about right after I wake up in the morning is how much I Love You. Good Morning, Sweetie. I Love You.


  • If I am a wand, you are the magic inside me. Without you, there is no value for me. Good Morning Sweetheart.


  • If I had the chance to live multiple lives, I would find you and love you every time. Good Morning Love.


  • When you smile at me, it feels like the trees are dancing along and a violin plays. I love you, sweetheart. Good Morning.


  • This love that we share is made up of spice and sugar. Good Morning Baby.


  • When I am with you, I know I am at home. You bring me out of doom. Good Morning Sweetheart.


  • I can bear any pain for you, nothing exceeds my love for you. Good Morning Love.


  • I will get you everything you need, everything you ever dreamt of. Just be with me. Good Morning Love.


  •  I can’t explain how cute you are. You are my personal teddy bear. Good Morning Love.

Funny Good Morning Love Messages


  • I know you want to meet me and kiss me, but first, wake up and get out of your bed. Good Morning Love.


  • I know you will have the best day because I will be in it. Good Morning Sweetie.


  • You are like my morning tea, you refresh me. I want both of you with me. Good Morning Baby.


  • I don’t care what time it is, what I know is I want to pass it with you. Good Morning Love.


  • Good Morning Love. I know sleeping is an art and you are an artist, but you have to wake up.


  • This morning I want to tell you, how pathetically lovely you are. I love you, Sweetheart. Good Morning.

Funny Good Morning Love Messages

  • All night long, I kept hugging my pillow. Wake up and come to me, else I will stop loving you. Good Morning Love.


  • Rise and shine sleepyhead, the sun has come out. Good Morning.


  • Good Morning Love. Do have a good cup of coffee and increase your tolerance. I am on my way to you, you will need it.


  • Get up quickly, baby. I am hungry, and you cook the best. Good Morning Love.


  • This morning is very silent and I hate it. Come and destroy it for me. Good Morning Sweetheart.


  • It’s morning again, wake up, let's cry together. Good Morning Love


  • Good Morning sweetheart, wake up else I will eat your breakfast too.


  • You are the one person, I would love to get trapped in an elevator with. Good Morning Love.


  • You call me your barbie doll, wake up, else in no time, I will be Anabelle. Good Morning, Baby.


Good Morning Love Messages For Boyfriend


  • I wake up every morning just to hear your voice, see your face, and spend time with you. Wake up love, let's make it happen.


  • I hate the days when I don’t see you. I hate the mornings that are spent without you. Good Morning Darling. I miss you a lot.


  • I love the silent mornings, where I simply lay in your arms, and embrace the peace. I crave for mornings like these. Good Morning Love.


  • My eyes shine brighter than before, my life smiles more than before. You have covered me in the rays of your positivity. Good Morning Baby.


  • You are both the light and the shade to me. You keep switching according to my needs. I am lucky to have you. Good Morning.


  • Mornings without you are nothing but dark and incomplete. Good Morning Love, I Love you.


  • You are my prince charming. You are the reason I shine. Good Morning Baby.


  • Wake Up Handsome, I need your love and strength to pass through the challenges. Good Morning.


  • When I was a child, I heard stories of strong and charming princes, I used to think if they really exist. Now that I am with you, I know I have one. Good Morning Handsome.


  • The way you love and protect me, makes me feel I am the luckiest girl. Good Morning Love.


  • I wish I could stay with you all day long. We will make it happen one day. Rise and shine Baby.


  • Without you, my life is nothing but a blank paper. Come to me, let us write a story. Good Morning Sweetie.


  • The scent of your presence works wonders for me. Good morning Love, I want you to be with me.


  • Even if the Earth stops revolving, I would find a way to be with you till eternity. Good Morning Love.


  • I wake up every morning to hear you speak. For your voice, ensembles the broken pieces of me. Good Morning Handsome.


  • I love the forehead kisses you give, wake up Baby, I want them again.


  • Your touch my love purifies my soul. Wake up, I want it more.


  • The way you love me makes me feel, you are a fictitious character straight out of a fairy tale. Good Morning Love.


  • I can’t explain the pleasure I feel when I wake up with my head on your chest. You are the best pillow, one can ever have. Good Morning Sweetheart.


  • You make me warm in the cold biting winter and cool in the scorching heat. You comfort me, Baby. Good Morning.


  • Your love wipes away my tears, it caresses me with its simplicity and leaves me with a smile. Good Morning Sweetheart, you are mine.


  • No matter how hard it becomes to continue walking with you, I will do it, for my heart belongs to you. Good Morning Love.


  • The only thing that worries me is the thought of you not around. Good Morning Baby, don’t ever leave me.


  • To the man, who cares about me more than anything, I am lucky to have you. Good Morning Love, have a great day.


  • I dream about the day when we will be in each other’s arms forever. Good Morning Sweetie.


  • You give me wings, I feel as if I am living the life of my dreams. Good Morning Baby.


  • Your aura brings to me all the positivity. Good Morning Love.


  • Your love has done wonders for me. From all my sufferings, it has set me free. Good Morning Baby.


  • Your eyes are the most captivating reflectors in the world. Good Morning Love. 


  • I want to tell you something this morning. Our relationship is the best combination of love, fights, and cuddles. I love the idea of us together. Good Morning Baby.


  • I love it when you protect me. You are the strongest man I have ever seen. Good Morning Handsome.


  • The way you love is all a girl could ever dream of you. Good Morning Baby.


  •   You do everything even before I expect something. You are a perfect boyfriend Baby. Good Morning.


  • This morning I want to remind you how you are the toughest and at the same time the sweetest man in the world. I love you. Good Morning Handsome.


  • You make me wonder, how can any man be so flawless. Good Morning, Handsome.


  • I dream of you as my Prince, rescuing me from the negativity that comes my way. I love You, Baby. Good Morning.

Good Morning Love Messages For Girlfriend


  •  In the first ray of the sun, I see your face. My mornings start with you every day. Wake up sunshine, you have a beautiful day ahead. 


  • You are the light of my life, in this light of yours, I survive. Wake up Sunshine.


  • Your beauty is mystical. I wonder every night if you are just a dream. The moment I open my eyes, I realize you are with me. Good Morning Love.


  • You are both, my sun and my moon. You are the start as well as the end of my day. Good morning Beautiful. 


  • I keep a picture of you next to my bed, so the moment I open my eyes in the morning, I can get a glimpse of your beautiful face. Good Morning Sweetheart.


  • If I am morning, you are the sun. I am incomplete without you. Good Morning Sunshine, I love you.


  • Your smile has a beautiful shine. Your company brings me warmth. You are like the sun of my life. Wake up Sunshine. Good Morning.


  • You are so sweet. You are the sugar to my morning tea. Good Morning Sugar.


  • I count the stars during the night, to confess to you the extent of my love in the morning. My love for you is infinite. Good Morning Princess.


  •  No matter how far we are, I still feel you in my arms. I wish you a day full of happiness. Good Morning Sunshine.


  • Nothing shines brighter than your eyes, every other light is just a lie. Wake up princess, I am waiting for your lovely light.


  • The depth of your eyes, remind me of the oceans. Their shine reminds me of how beautiful the view is when the sun sheds its light over the ocean. Good Morning Sunshine.


  • Every morning I thank God for letting me meet you. You are now my life. Good Morning princess.


  • They say the sky's the limit. There is no limit when it comes to loving you. Good Morning Angel.


  • Everything looks brighter when you are around. You are that light everyone dreams of. Good Morning Sunshine.


  • If I am a cloud, you are the silver lining to me. Good Morning angel.


  • You are mystical. Every inch of you is magical. Good Morning angel.


  • There is nothing as beautiful as you are. With your beauty every morning, you shy away from the stars. Good Morning Love.


  • In the race to reach the sky, I reached you; and saw my life shining bright. Good Morning Sunshine.


  • This beautiful morning, I would like to remind you of the joy you have brought with you in my life. Good Morning Sunshine.


  • Your eyes captivate me, every time we make contact. Good Morning Beautiful.


  • It's because of you I survive. You give me hope, strength, and a reason to feel alive. Good Morning my Sunshine.


  • When I see you every morning, I think how lucky I am to have you in my life. Good Morning Sunshine.


  • You sparkle all the time. You are a fairy, changing my life to a beautiful rhyme. Good Morning Angel.


  • This morning I want to remind you that no matter how bad the weather gets, I will protect you from even the toughest of the winds. Good Morning Sweetheart.


  • I may travel all around the world, but still not find someone as beautiful as you are. Good Morning Beautiful.


  • People crave to watch the setting of the sun, I carve your smile more than anything else. Good Morning Sunshine.


  • I could cross even the deepest of the oceans if you are with me. Good Morning Angel.


  • I could walk on thousands of thorns, only to see you smile. Your smile is my cure. Good Morning Angel.


  • Your crystal clear eyes shine bright. This brightness lifts my zest up and makes me feel alive. Good Morning Princess.


  • When I see you, I forget every hardship. This is the magic of you. Good Morning Angel.


  • You leave me mesmerized just with the way you walk in style. Good Morning, Princess.


  • The way you flip your hair is amazing, and all I do is gaze at your beauty. Good Morning, Sweetie.


  • Since the day you came, from black and white to colorful, I saw my life getting changed. Thank You for everything. Good Morning Love.


  • With your hours pass like seconds, and even pain feels beautiful. Good Morning my Angel.


  •  I dream of you as a fairy, sprinkling upon me the sparkle of happiness. I love You, Sweetie. Good Morning.


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