19 Good Moral Stories For Both Children And Adult ( Inspirational Stories )

Moral Stories

Every story having moral value and a hidden message behind it. Moral stories guide you on how to live the best life. In this article, we have shared the best moral short stories which create a powerful impact on children and adult life.

Share the best stories with your friends and apply the moral in life.


An Intelligent Farmer


Once in a small village, a farmer lived in a small house with his ass. He loved his ass very much. He had only an ass, who helped him in his farming. One day someone had stolen his ass. The farmer was very confused what to do? He immediately made a plan and started threatening the town people and said, “You cowards and thieves! Do you think I am a fool? I know who has stolen my ass. Return my ass back otherwise I will do what my father had done.” On hearing the farmer’s words, the thieves who stole the farmer's ass was frightened and immediately came in front of the farmer and returned back his ass. After returning his ass the thief asked the farmer, “Please tell me what your father do when his ass was stolen?” the farmer answered. “You stupid, he brought another ass.” 


Moral: Handle a situation using your intelligence. 


The Jackal and the Drum

THE JACKAL AND THE DRUM - Best moral stories


There was once a jackal named Gomaya who was staying in a jungle. Once he set out in search of food and ended up at an abandoned battlefield whence he heard loud and strange sounds. Though scared, jackal decided to know the secret of these sounds.

Warily, the jackal marched in the direction of the sounds and found a drum there. It was this drum, which was sending the sounds whenever the branches of the tree above brushed against it.

Relieved, the jackal began playing the drum and thought that there could be food inside it. The jackal entered the drum by piercing its side. He was disappointed to find no food in it. Yet he consoled himself saying that he rid himself of the fear of sound.

Moral:- Don't be afraid of false things.


Why the Owls Become Enemies of the Crows


Long, long ago, all the birds of a jungle gathered to choose a new bird as their king. They were not happy with their king the Garuda, who they thought always enjoyed his time in heaven and never cared for the birds. So, they thought it was better to choose a new bird as their king. A heated discussion followed in the meeting and ultimately it was decided to make the owl the king of birds. The birds start- ed making preparation for the coronation of the newly elected king. 

Just then a crow flew in and raised an objection in the meeting. He said laughing, "What a bird you've chosen as your king. An ugly fellow. He also goes blind during the day. Moreover, owls are birds of prey. He might kill other birds for his meals rather than save them. Didn't peacocks and swans suit as your king?". 

The crow's arguments made the birds think over their decision again. It was decided to choose the king on some other occasion and hence the coronation ceremony was postponed. 

Meanwhile, the owl chosen as the king of birds, still waited for his coronation as king. He realized all of a sudden that there was absolute quiet around him. No one was talking, nothing was happening. Since it was day time, he couldn't see anything around him. He grew very impatient and a little suspicious also. At last, overcome by his curiosity and eagerness for his coronation as king, he enquired from one of his attendants, the reason behind the delay.

 "Sir:' his attendant said, "The coronation ceremony has been postponed. All the birds have decided to choose a new king. Now not even a single bird is here. They have all gone back to their respective places. 

The 'would be' king owl further lost his temper and said to the smiling crow who was still present there, "You've deprived me of the honor of becoming a king. So, from now on, we are sworn enemies of each other. Beware of us." 

The crow realized his folly, but it was too late now. 

Moral:- Think twice before you do or say anything.


The Absent-Minded Astrologer  

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Along time ago, there lived a man, who read the future through the stars. He was a learned man. He knew the planet and stars well and marked their position. He called himself an astrologer. At night, he would gaze at the sky and claimed to know the future and predict the coming events correctly. By studying the movements of the stars, he claimed to know what was to happen next. He was not a practical man. But the astrologer would forget many things. 

Once evening, the astrologer was walking along the road outside the village. He was returning home. It appeared to him that the end of the world was about to come. 

All of a sudden, the astrologer fell into the muddy water. He struggled to climb out. His cries were heard. The villagers ran up to help him. While they helped him out, one of them said. “You claim that you can read others future and yet your field to read your own future!” The astrologer felt ashamed. He knew that the villager was correct. 

Moral: One can’t be sure about future. 



A Poor Brahmin's Dream

A POOR BRAHMIN'S DREAM- moral stories

THE BIRD WITH TWO HEADS - short moral stories


Long ago, there lived a poor Brahmin in a village. He used to perform pooja in the nearby villages to earn his living. Once a rich farmer gave him a cow and told him to sell cow's milk in the market to earn part of his livelihood. But the cow was very weak. The Brahmin then begged for alms and fed the cow. Soon the cow be- came fat and healthy. 

Once a thief saw the fat cow of the Brahmin and decided to steal it. One night he headed towards the Brahmin's house. 

A giant also used to live somewhere near the village. He devoured human be- ings. The thief met this giant, while he was on his way to Brahmin's house to steal his cow. 

The thief asked “Who are you and where are you going?”. 

The giant replied, "I'm a giant. I eat humans. Today I'm going to devour the Brahmin. But who're you by the way?" 

"I'm a big thief. I steal whatever I like. Today, I've decided to steal the Brah- min's cow." 

"Come on then!" said the giant. "Let's go together to the Brahmin's house."

So, both of them reached the Brahmin's house together. The Brahmin was deep asleep at that time. The thief whipped out a big knife from his pocket and started walking to the place, where the cow was tethered. But the giant blocked his way. 

"Wait friend!" the giant said. "First let me eat this Brahmin." 

"No!" said the thief. "It's quite possible that while you go to eat the Brahmin, he wakes up and runs away. In that case, there might be quite a commotion here and as a result, neither you'll get your Brahmin nor will I get my cow." 

And thus, both of them started having a heated argument between themselves. The loud arguments woke up the Brahmin. He soon realized the whole situation.

He recited mantras and burned the giant with his spiritual powers. Then he started beating the thief with a long and thick stick. The thief began to cry and ran to save his life. 

Thus, the Brahmin was saved from both of them. 

Moral:- Quarreling on any issue always benefits the others 


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