90 Good Dares To Play With Friends, Family, Couples or Anyone

Good Dares

Truth and dare is just a name to call it but all we want is to give some really funny and good dares to our friends. Dares are often the challenges given to a person who needs to be performed at that moment or maybe later on. The real fun of this game lies in your selection of dare for a friend. But whenever it comes to give dare we all spend half of our time in thinking about dares. So now here is time for you to enjoy the game rather than thinking about good dares while playing it. I have brought some really new dares to perform. They are the collection of my personal experience of this game with my school and college friends. Here is a list of some really funny, tricky, and amazing dares for all of you.


Some Good Dares

Good Dares To Play With Friends, Family, Couples

Following are some really good and interesting dares for you all. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask them (Let that person be ;))

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  1. Propose your professor.
  2. Go and touch your teacher’s feet meanwhile open his shoe’s laces.
  3. Write an essay on myself using your toes.
  4. Call your girlfriend and start a serious fight with her.
  5. Propose another guy in front of your boyfriend.
  6. Puncher all 4 tiers of your dad’s car at night and in the morning as he gets ready for office, tell him that you did it for fun.
  7. Mix 1 cup coffee with 1 cup of tea and drink it.
  8. Wash your hairs with ketchup.
  9. Make a call on any random unknown number and talk for at least 10 minutes.
  10. Tell your parents that you love a person of same-sex.
  11. Tell your mom that you are pregnant.
  12. Wear your friend’s undergarments.
  13. Make a video call to your boyfriend and during the call kiss your male best friend before him. (You may even take a screenshot of his reaction).
  14. Go and waste 20 minutes of principal.
  15. Give the definition of love in 20 lines.
  16. Drink 1 glass full bitter gourd juice.
  17. Lit a cigarette in the classroom.
  18. Put your mobile number on the college notice board.
  19. Tear your sister’s favorite dress.
  20. Break your brother’s watch.
  21. Spit in your food and eat it.
  22. Write that you are foolish along with your full name and roll no. In the college canteen and washroom.
  23. Tell 15 lies.
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  24. Run from traffic police.
  25. Move without helmet and driving license for the whole day in the city without being caught.
  26. Share your darkest secret with your partner so that he/she breaks up with you.
  27. Eat a mango with skin on.
  28. Go and do the makeup of your male best friend.
  29. Have spicy 10 tablespoon schezwan sauce without a drop of water.
  30. Entangle 10 earphones in 1 minute or kiss a random girl passionately.
  31. Propose a girl (No matter she accepts or rejects your proposal) then after 5 minutes propose another girl before her. Repeat this 5 times. (And I will be watching how many slaps you receive hahaha).
  32. Roam for 10 minutes in boys’ hostel with your female best friend’s skirt on.
  33. Orders a pizza from domino’s and when it is served to you, create a scene so as to get your money back.
  34. Look and the fan and say vulgar words for 15 minutes. (Remember the words should not repeat).
  35. Make fun of yourself.
  36. Act like a chicken.
  37. Act like a dog.
  38. Go and sit in between a group of people and when they ask you to leave, act as deaf before them and stay busy on a call. (I want to see how you are scolded by them afterward).
  39. Spit on your face.
  40. Entangle your shoelace with each other and walk in front of your crush.
  • Sit as if you are on a chair without a chair for 15 minutes.
  • Go and ask the physics teacher for a red pen and return it in broken condition after 2 minutes.
  • Do commentary for India vs Pakistan match for at least 20 minutes.
  • Steal 5 cosmetic items of your sister which she uses daily. (No need to return it for 5 days)
  • Pose like a cat and post this photograph of yours on social media.
  • Act like Charlie Chaplin and post this video of yours on social media.
  • Wear your clothes inside out and go to college.
  • Wear a shirt with buttons on the back and go to the pantaloon store for buying a shirt. (Let the people over there staring at you.)
  • Slap your ass of five random boys in a mall.
  • Dress like a girl and make a TikTok video after that put it in your WhatsApp status. (There should not be any privacy setting especially for your relatives)
  • Make your profile as a girl and go on a blind date with a boy.
  • Suddenly stand up in class when a serious lecture is going on and there is silence in class. When the professor asks you that's why were you standing, simply laugh and sit down. (I know what will happen next)
  • Go and approach someone, ask them for their phone politely pretending that you have an emergency and your phone switched off due to low battery, then call your own phone.
  • Lick your feet.
  • Suddenly stand up in a horror movie show and start crying loudly “Simon Go Back”.
  • Wrap a toilet paper around yourself (except your face) and post such a photograph of yours on social media.
  • Wear wet clothes.
  • Walk like a Kangaroo in the school ground during the interval.
  • Stare at a boy continuously till he reacts.
  • Wear a raincoat and roam in a crowded market.
  • Steal 2 onions, 1 tomato, 5 chilies, and 3 potatoes from the vegetable market.
  • Slap yourself 20 times.
  • Message your father that you love someone and put your chat with him on this topic as your WhatsApp status.
  • Text your mom that you got married this morning and post her reply as WhatsApp status.
  • Sing and dedicate a song to your girlfriend and put it in WhatsApp status (there should be no privacy setting for relatives and family).
  • Text your girlfriend or boyfriend and tell them that you are breaking up with him/her because your family doesn’t like him/her. Don’t forget to put the reply in your WhatsApp status.
  • Text your girlfriend or boyfriend and tell them that you are breaking up with him/her because you like someone else now. Don’t forget to put the reply in your WhatsApp status.
  • Suddenly play a song and start dancing in a crowded metro.
  • Stand in the middle of the road, stop the auto-rickshaw and when it stops, say “good morning” and leave.
  • Destroy the peace of two silent and serious places. (Maybe a bank, classroom, park, theatre, etc.)
  • Act like a donkey.
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  • Drink the mixture of Fanta and Pepsi.
  • Share your selfie on the college notice group (The college WhatsApp group which includes professors too).
  • Peel an orange’s skin, squeeze it and put its juice in the eyes of five random people.
  • Tell your mom that you are coming in two minutes.
  • Ask for your neighbors’ laptop saying that you need it urgently for an hour and do not return it for 2 days till he becomes angry with you.
  • Brush the teeth of your pet.
  • Do mimicry of your 10 classmates in front of them (Let’s see if they realize that you are making their fun in front of them).
  • Call and tell your dad that you lost 2 lakh while playing cards last night and ask him to send you money as soon as possible.
  • Lie down and roll in the whole college corridor.
  • Stand on the table, sing “Gangnam Style”, and dance for 3 minutes in the college canteen.
  • Burst crackers in your neighbor’s house.
  • Slap on your face 10 times with your feet.
  • Move to your house acting like you broke your legs and as your parents rush to take you to the doctor then outside the doctor’s clinic, start laughing and tell them that you were just kidding.
  • Suddenly move to your parents’ room at night, wake them up and tell them that your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s parents are willing to talk to them regarding your marriage with their child.
  • Dress up as a rapper, act like a rapper, and start singing Bhojpuri songs in public.
  • Fall on the ground 15 times in all 15 different styles.
  • Explain all the bases of sex talk to everyone sitting over here. (if you don’t know then search it on Google and then explain in your words)
  • Call your parents and tell them that you lost your high school and intermediate mark sheets.
  • Throw a love letter inside the girls’ hostel main gate and shout “I love you darling for your curly hairs”. (Let the girls think that for which curly hair girl it was. 😉
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