Good Afternoon Wishes, Messages, Quotes and Greetings

Good Afternoon Wishes

Think about a normal day in your life- waking up, wishing someone ‘good morning and a great day’ and wishing them ‘good night’ before going to sleep, that’s how you tend to function, no? But have you ever thought of sending them messages, texts, or giving them a call in the middle of the day, wishing them ‘good afternoon’, asking how they’re dealing with the stress in their jobs or day-to-day lives? Truth be told, one might falter while speaking to another person in the middle of the day- you might think you’re getting in the middle of their work, or you might distract them, or some other negative connotation attached; but more often they’ll end up with a sense of inner peace and joy, filled with relief after they read your message. It doesn’t matter how much you wish them in the morning or at night, that’s when you’re at leisure as well, what matters is the display of concern out of the blues, at the most unexpected times.

Afternoon or noon is generally considered to last from 12 pm-6 pm. These makeup times when you might be busy working (at your job), or you might be at school or you’ve just been dismissed, or you might just be at home doing your chores; but they make up for the most unexpected moments to send or receive messages, for you’ll end up taking time out of your busy lives to give importance to someone else.

Here’s a compilation of a few good afternoon messages that could come to your rescue.


Good Afternoon Messages


  • Hoping that you have an amazing day and a wonderful afternoon ahead.


  • Sending you lots of hugs packed in the afternoon breeze. Have a good day, and know that you’re loved!


  • Your ideas are brighter than the sun. Never doubt yourself! Good afternoon.


  • You’ve been working really hard and I hope that pays off really well. You deserve all the joy.


  • I know how hard you’ve been working, trying to crack this case and I wish you lots of success for the same. Have a great afternoon!


  • Mornings will provide you with a fresh new beginning, but afternoons are to remind you to relax and refresh yourself to work even better. Have a great one!


  • Reminder: Eat your food and take a water break and don’t forget to work hard. Good afternoon!


  • May the Lord shine the blessed rays upon your hard work and make them count. Have a great afternoon ahead!


  • Take some time off this afternoon and remind yourself of the bountiful blessings in hand.


  • May you succeed in all that you dream and aspire for! Have a very good afternoon.


  • Go to your happy place and think of good and calming things. I hope this tip was helpful to lessen your anxiety for the noon.


  • May the power push away all the anguish and agony you have within. Have a cheerful afternoon ahead.


  • Let troubles not get the upper hand. It’s you who’ll determine your future. Have a good one!


  • Happy afternoon to the perfectly charming soul that you are!


  • I pray you to achieve all that you desire and work hard towards your aspirations! Good afternoon.


Good Afternoon Messages for Him


  • Hey handsome! Just here to remind you that I love you no matter what. Have a good afternoon!


  • Just checking in to see if you’re doing fine. All good?


  • Thank you for always encouraging me to follow my dreams, but don’t forget yourself in the way. Follow yours too!


  • Hey babe! Let’s go out for lunch today? It’ll take some mind off of your work.


  • Hey Mr. Handsome! Just here to tell you that your amazing wife will be home after work real soon, and then we’ll go out for a romantic dinner. Have a good day at work.


  • I’ll always be right by your side to support and lift your morale. Keep going you can do it!


  • You can always count on me for sending the best lunch over to you. Hoping this meal will win over your stomach and your work will win the day at the office!


  • Good afternoon honey! I hope you’re having a great day at work, and if that’s not the case, you can always give me a call.


  • I know I can’t be there with you in person, but I hope seeing this message makes your day a little better. I love you, see you soon!


  • I have a surprise for you at home. Hope you work hard and I see you soon. Have a great day ahead.


  • Good afternoon, to the best thing that ever happened to me.


  • A wonderful night awaits you. Have a great afternoon and be sure to come home as soon as you can.


  • He is loved, he is treasured, he is valued, today and every single day in the future. That ‘he’ is ‘you’, have a great afternoon ahead.


  • You are the star that shines bright the whole day at work with glistening positivity and radiates all night with a warm, loving spirit. Happy afternoon to you!


  • Take a second off to understand that you’ve been on my mind the whole day. I miss you, have a great day ahead.


Good afternoon message for her


  • Hey beautiful. Just wanted to remind you that you’re one of the most hardworking people I’ve ever come across. Keep your head high and have a great day!


  • Let no one mistreat you, you’re worth so much more. Have a great day ahead.


  • You risked your present for me to follow my dreams, and now I want you to follow yours. Soar to the greatest heights, my queen!


  • I believe in you to the farthest extents. Good afternoon, love! Hey gorgeous, don’t forget to eat right while racking your brains out. Stay safe and have a good day.


  • You gambled your life, for us to have a better future. I will cherish and love you forever.


  • You are my sun during the darkness. You manage to light up my entire existence. I love you, babe!


  • I hope you have the most positive and productive day at work today!


  • I will keep cheering you on from the sidelines, be aware of your spirit, and remember to rock on! Seize the day, darling!


  • Keep in mind that you can call me whenever you feel stressed at work, okay? Don’t hesitate; I’m always up to listen to you. Have a great day ahead, dear.


  • Hey sweetie, have a great stress free day ahead, I’ll take care of everything back home!


  • I found an affectionate life partner and diligent company partner in you. What else could I have asked for! Have a great afternoon and we’ll meet up for dinner tonight.


  • Looking at your pictures back at home, I can never imagine how you manage your job so unbelievably well. I am so proud of you, dear wifey! See you soon.


  • Just as the evening will soon come in to soothe the hot afternoon, I hope to see you soon and hug all your worries and troubles away. Till then, have a good afternoon!


  • Wherever you are, with or without me- it doesn’t matter- just spend the afternoon in the best way possible. All I want is you to be happy!


Good afternoon messages for a friend


  • It may seem tough now, with your work and studies- but never forget that you always have me, your friend, by your side. Good afternoon!


  • The afternoon sun is here to forever shine upon and charge our friendship. Good afternoon!


  • Similar to the sun above, I’m here to remind you that the powerful bond that we share, will never exhaust. Good afternoon.


  • Wherever you are, however you are, remember that you have the sun shining above you, fresh grass beneath you, and ‘me’ as a wonderful friend, beside you. Enjoy your afternoon.


  • Dear friend, take a breezy walk down the corridor or down a nearby park, and let go of your stress. Have a good afternoon!


  • You’ve made it through half the day you’ll make it through the other half too. Have a great afternoon!


  • May the odds (and evens) forever be in your favor! Good afternoon.


  • Never look down upon others and include yourself in this too. You’ll make it!


  • Let your hustle know no boundaries.


  • Sooner or later, you’ll get payback time for all your efforts. For now, keep up the spirit and have a great afternoon.


  • Hey dude! I’m just here to remind you that you are unique and skillful in your own special way. Don’t let a couple of silly coworkers ruin your day. Have a good one!


  • These are the times you’ll be tested to the brim. Make sure you go through them happily and skillfully, for you to have stories to tell in the future. Happy afternoon!


  • Afternoon is the golden hour for the best pictures; send me one of yours, please? I really need a good laugh!


  • You will have opportunities are thrown your way, both good and bad. Utilize the good ones, and learn from and let go of the bad ones. Good afternoon!


  • This time of the day, don’t forget to have a one-on-one conversation with yourself, about yourself. Value yourself and have a great day ahead!


Romantic good afternoon message


  • The sun succeeds to light up the entire horizon during the afternoon, but you my dear are so much more. You have been lighting up my entire life every single moment of every single day ever since you accepted me in your life. Have a good day ahead!


  • I never feel like letting you go away from me. But work comes first, go ahead and finish it off. And, you’re coming back to me right after that!


  • This is one of those days that really feel shitty without you. I hope you’re having a great day, because I sure am when I think of the fact that we’re going to meet up for a romantic dinner tonight.


  • Good afternoon, love! Being away from you for the entire day, the only fact that provides solace is, knowing that I’ll go back into your warm embrace by the end of the day.


  • I know you’re in the stress zone right now, and that’s why I’m outside your company gate. Let’s go out for some delicious lunch, and I’ll charge you up with a tight hug!


  • Good afternoon, my world! I miss you so much, see you tonight?


  • We’re literally in different towns right now but all I can think of is flying in and giving you a tight hug. I hope to see you soon, have a great day ahead!


  • I feel sad and blue. Give me a call whenever you can and I pray you’re having a good afternoon so far.


  • You’re the most beautiful/handsome face that I wake up and sleep next to, ahh, only if you didn’t have to go to work. Have a great day though, see you at dinner.


  • I’ve always waited for someone to come, hold my hand and accept me just the way I am, and you’ve done exactly that. I love you for this and so much more. Have a great afternoon ahead, dear!


  • In the garden of your mind, let all flowers seed in; but allow the positive ones to bloom and grow. Also, put the two of us really close to each other, because then, we’ll live and grow together. Have a good afternoon! 12. Good afternoon, love! For the days when you feel knocked down, remember how I charge you up with my hugs and kisses.


  • Every single day you’re away from me, in person; I feel connected to you by the soul. That’s why I call you my soul-mate, silly. Have a great day ahead!


  • Good afternoon, partner! I really wanted to let you know that- my romance is not mainly of the physical kind, I’d much rather involve you, soulfully. Don’t overthink much, okay?


  • I thank the universe every single day for how it has conspired to bring us closer. Good afternoon, dear!


Good afternoon message for love


  • Good afternoon, dear! I always pray and hope that you’re having fun living your dream.


  • Don’t get too stressed overwork, my love. Seeing you happy is all I want. Have a great day ahead!


  • Distance may separate us, but we have the same afternoon sun shining over our heads. Have a wonderful afternoon at work!


  • You’re doing the best you can, love. Don’t overwork or hurt yourself over this job. Have a good day ahead.


  • Your absence over the past few weeks for this job has surely made my heart grow fonder, and how! I hope you have a great day today, can’t wait to see you.


  • Good afternoon, dear! You’re the smartest person I know, and I hope you’re smart enough to take your medicines, food, and water on time!


  • Good afternoon, love. We might not get to watch a lot of sunrise or sunsets together, but you are the only sun I know in my life which always beams with positivity for me.


  • You radiate happiness, joy, and confidence wherever you go. Never second guess yourself. Good afternoon, smarty pants!


  • We need to take some time out of our schedule and go for a long vacation, right? I’ll do the planning, you have a great day at work, and we’ll make a scrumptious dinner tonight.


  • I’ll always love, support, and side by you; just do your best and things will surely fall into place. Have a great day, I love you!


  • Let the sun, shine on you, and the cool breeze flow with your hair; take it as a good luck charm that I’ve sent your way this afternoon!


  • The afternoon here feels dry, much like what my life’s garden feels without your affectionate and soulful showers of love. Have a great day ahead, sweetie!


  • I respect, adore, and love you every day in every way, forever. Have a great day ahead, my love.


  • I can deal no more with these tormented days of staying away from you. I love you and I’m coming to see you tonight. Have a great day, for now.


  • You are my muse, my love, my home. Good afternoon, darling.


I sincerely hope that these messages helped you open your mind to how to wish someone in the afternoon. Now, as for you, whatever time of the day you might read this, have a good day, afternoon, or night ahead.