Get Well Soon Wishes – Best Messages, Quotes And Greetings For Speedy Recovery

Get Well Soon Wishes and Messages

Recuperating from sickness and injuries tends to be the most heart-rending period in someone's life and when it's one of your loved ones, then it turns out to be a period of dismal for you too. 

It is said that one's cherishing words and wishes tend to heal even the deepest of the wounds and can help a person regain the strength, hope, and faith, which one might lose when he's all alone. 

Prayers and wishes often tend to help in the quick recoveries.

Being a part of someone's recovering journey turns out to be one of the best services one can provide someone with. Taking care of your loved one and wishing a quick recovery through a card, message or email will always give them a ray of hope and eventually, will be counted as an act of virtue one will never forget about. 

So, you have a pen in your hand and a greeting card to write on and you want to express your feelings and show your empathy towards someone's sickness? But what you're lacking is apt words for consolations? No worries, it's a human tendency to often not find the pertinent words in order to express his feelings. But..it would be really monotonous of you to just write a "get well soon", so what if we provide you with some good and vibrant wishes and messages for your loved one who's feeling under the weather? Sounds like a good idea, ain't it? 

So read ahead for some wishes which one can, unequivocally, send to their loved ones for their quick recoveries.


Get Well Soon Wishes


  • It's okay, if you feel sick,
    It's okay, if you're feeling down,
    Don't worry if your day is dark,
    Tomorrow's sun will light up your town.
    with love.


  • They say that words and wishes can heal even the most intense wounds. So here are my fruitful wishes for your quick recovery. May God bless you. 


  • You'll always have my unconditional love and assistance. Get well soon and remember that your this friend is always by your side.


  • Don't think of this sickness as a big bummer in your life. Stay positive and think positive. Sending you my wishes, full of wisdom and care. 


  • People say that we don't realize something's worth until it is gone and similarly, since we are no longer spending time together, I really miss those happy times and the fun we had then. Get well soon, buddy! 


  • Your sickness makes me think of you day in and day out. I'm wholeheartedly pinning my hopes on your quick recovery.


  • Sending you this bouquet, in the form of hope and this card, depicting my love for you. Hoping to see you real soon.


  • You being at the hospital made me realize how perfectly you handle my unstable soul. I've really started feeling lonely and can't afford to stay this way anymore. Get well soon, please?


  • It's really awful to see you in this ailing situation. May God help you in collecting vigor and positively, you'll be all good in the upcoming time.


  • Remember that, we trip down and we get up. The same way, don't lose hope, you'll start feeling better soon.


  • It's never too late to work towards your health and fitness, so take proper care of yourself and you'll be all good before you will say knife! 


  • Start feeling your awesome self yet again and for that, I'm always there to provide you with the love, care, and support you need. 


  • Congregate the strength for your recovery and fight your illness. We all are with you in this fight of yours. Hoping to see you on your feet soon.


  • Sending you all the positive vibes through my wishes. Get well soon, buddy!


  • We'll provide you with all the love, hugs, care, and attention you need for your recovery. Sending my best regards.


  • May you get new energy and get well at the earliest. Hoping to see you soon.


  • Never lose hope as your friends have always got your back. Sending a truckload of love, all the way to your heart. 


  • You've always been there in my ups and downs and now it's your turn to get paid back. Gather all the strength and get well soon.


  • I'm sure you'll be back to being yourself shortly. Take pills as prescribed to you and take proper care of yourself and I assure you good health in the coming days. 


  • It's really sad to hear about your sickness. Looking forward to your fast recovery so that we can have our best time together soon. Love you, friend! 


Get Well Soon Messages


  • Whenever you feel down, just look back on the fact that you and good health have always been adjacent to each other. Stay positive and get well super soon.


  • Wishing for your sound health so that you can undergo all the glee and joy that life has to offer.


  • God lays out the strength to us whenever we need it and unquestionably, he'll help you in your recovery. Wait for that time and take care.


  • Feel better, bosom friend! Sending my deepest love your way.


  • I've been supplying a heavy dose of prayers to God on behalf of you. I can assure you that you'll be alright in the approaching time.


  • Smile, stay positive, and sustain yourself. Get better soon!


  • You're really lucky to have such a great deal of well-wishers by your side. I'm glad to be one of them and would love to see you fit and fine soon.


  • My brain is full of thoughts about you and my heart is full of love for you. I really wish I could see you right away but since I can't, I want you to take proper care of yourself.


  • Wishing you a speedy recovery. Get back to your old tricks super soon.


  • Hoping to see you on your feet soon. Sending my warm wishes so that you can start feeling better shortly. 


  • I'm not good at writing well wishes but as in this case you really need some, I want you to know that my wishes and love was and will always be there for you.


  • You're a lot stronger than your illness. Defeat it and get back to your routine life soon.


  • I really miss you from the depth of my heart and really wish to see you Hale and healthy when we meet up next.
  • May God be kind enough to heal you quickly. Get better soon.


  • Hoping to see you stronger as each day passes by. Sending my love and wishes enroute to your heart. 


  • Don't stress yourself because of your illness as that can lead to dreadful consequences. Take it easy and I know you are soon going to be healthy again.


  • Growing stronger day by day? Getting back to being your normal self again? I really wish a "yes" to be an answer.


  • Hoping to see you healthy and happy soon. Almighty's blessings were with you and will always be. 


  • My heart wishes you all the best as you are giving a tough fight to your illness. Keep it up friend, and get well very soon.


  • You are a fighter and no doubt, will surely beat this sickness. Get better soon chum!


Get Well Soon Wishes For Friends


  • Without you, nothing's new! You're immensely being missed here. Get well soon.


  • I can't express in words how dull my life has been,
    'cause you've not been there,
    And you've not been seen.
    Get better soon.


  • Give a thought about your taste buds,
    And say goodbye to those toxic bugs.
    We're waiting for you to get well soon!


  • I miss the way we used to explore,
    I can no more handle this sickness of your,
    Collect your vigour,
    While I'm waiting at the door.
    Hoping to see you super soon.


  • Asking for one boon, may you get well soon.
    Sending you a truckload of love,
    I assure you,
    You will reach the heights and above!
    Come back speedily!


  • Without you, I've been all mute,
    Comeback fast, even if the doctor is cute!
    Waiting for you and sending you all my best wishes!


  • Little did I know that you were about to get sick, I would have hugged you a little tighter, the last time we met. I miss sticking to you 24/7.


  • I totally appreciate your strength and the way you're bearing your sickness. Keep it up, fight it, and get back to your normal life soon! 


  • Don't tell me you took "an apple a day keeps the doctor away but when a doctor is cute, forget the fruit" thing seriously and that's how you ended up here. Anyways, get well soon and have lots of apples.


  • I truly believe that you'll bounce back stronger and healthier. Get well soon. I love you, pal! 


  • It's really heart wrenching to see you on the bed. I hope you get all the strength needed, for your speediest recovery.


  • Dear best friend, you've been ill long enough, now get up straight away!


  • How are you even managing to eat so much hospital food? I pity your taste buds. Get well soon, chum!


  • We really miss your kindness, your lame jokes, and most importantly, you being healthy. Sending my warm regards for your timely recovery.


  • Now that you've been away from me for days, I've realized how blessed I was to see you every day. I really miss you. Please get well soon and return to your normal self.


  • It's really distressing to see you sick. Looking forward to your speedy recovery so that we can spend time together again! 


  • Don't feel defeated. Get your hopes high and start feeling better soon! 


  • Hoping to see you back at your routine life soon. Start feeling better and take the best care of yourself.


  • Hey there, you sick buddy! Praying for you to get out of this hospital soon and sending my best regards enrouting your address.


  • Hey bosom pal! It's really sad to know that you've been feeling low nowadays. Sending my warm wishes and love to make you happy yet again.


Funny Get Well Soon Wishes


  • I can't see any perk of being sick, so it's better if you get out of this hospital pretty soon.


  • I guess, you didn't take "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" phrase seriously and that's how you ended up here. I hope you'll recover soon.


  • They say, "laughter is the best medicine" and I find you too lucky to have met me. And now as your best friend, I'm here to help you to get out of this hospital soon. 


  • Please get well soon chum, I can't be nice to you anymore! And yeah, I do miss your clumsiness.


  • Being in a hospital is no pleasure. I hope they kick you out of here pretty soon!


  • Come back fast, dude! We miss you smiling like a buffoon all the time. 


  • Your doctor asked me to convince you for leaving this hospital as he too got sick of how lame you are. Tell me, when are you planning to come with me? 


  • See, you're the most amiable person around that even bacteria and viruses have fallen for your glamour. Better throw them away as soon as possible.


  • Being sick is no fun. Can you please hurry up and get off this bed already? I'm bored!


  • I'm really unhappy as your doctor didn't add "best friend's company" in your prescription. How can someone forget such a compulsory dose? Anyways, I'll provide it for free, because I love you! 


Punny Get Well Soon Wishes


  • My loaf will provide you the strength to fight your illness, get well soon!


  • Don't worry and stress yourself because of your sickness, you'll get back to your normal self in no time.


  • You'll be flying out of this time and situation anytime soon. Just wait for that day and stay healthy.


  • Hey there! I would like you to know that you're one in a melon, and no sickness can defeat you. You'll recover soon, my wishes are with you.


  • I can't bear to see you like this, I hope you'll feel better soon. Get well peer! 


  • I hope you get well and healthy cherry soon. We miss you, for real.


  • Lettuce hope you'll be well and good in the coming time. Hoping and sending wishes for your speedy recovery.


  • Hoping to see you on your feet soup-er soon. Loaf you chum, come back soon!


  • I hope my warm wishes would make you peel better. Stay healthy and always remember that we love you!


  • You carrot about your illness, just eat healthy and I know you'll be out of this bed soon!


Get Well Soon Wishes For Mother


  • You're the soul,
    Who makes my world whole,
    You're my sun, you're my moon,
    This is for the best mom,
    Please get well soon!


  • Our home doesn't feel like a home as you've been away for days. The only thing I'm asking God is your good health. Get well soon, Mumma! 


  • Writing this to let you know that you're the strongest woman in my life and I'm sure that you'll fight this pain and get back to normal, shortly. Hoping to see you soon mom, I love you! 


  • Mumma, thank you for all the love and care you've blessed us with. Now, it's our responsibility to give back the same love and care. Take rest and eat healthy and I assure you good health, before you know it.


  • I really miss the pleasure of having you at home. I love you, mom!  Remember, this child of yours is waiting for you at home. Get well soon! 


  • I get upset every time I think of you but I know that sooner or later, you'll be back to being healthy, and consequently, I'll be back to being happy again. Wishing for your speedy recovery, I love you! 


  • Sending best wishes to the best mom, you're always in my thoughts and prayers. Praying for you to get better soon so that we can continue having our family time again. Love you and above all, miss you! 


  • I've been praying to God day in and day out, for you to regain strength and health. Get well at the earliest, we can no longer afford to see you sick. 


  • You've always provided me with the best advice. So now, I've one for you- don't lose hopes and see this sickness as a wave which will get still with time. So, take care and wait for the right time, I know you will be all well in no time.


  • I'm really sorry as you have to go through a lot of pain, lately. Remember that I'll be always by your side as I love you more than my life. Get well soon, mom! I'm waiting! 


Get Well Soon Wishes For Father


  • May God provide you with zeal,
    and equip you with whatever you need to heal.
    Wishing to see you back on your feet soon. I love you!


  • Dear dad, without you, our home feels like a ship without a captain. We really want our captain to be back on the deck. Go easy and bounce back soon! 


  • Once a hero, always a hero!
    You've always been someone I look up to when things aren't going well but now, I want you to know that I am always there for you in these harsh days of your life. Look after yourself and get well soon.


  • Dad, while seeing you battle with this sickness, the only thing I can ask for is God's compassion for you. I'm praying day in and day out for your good health and want you to be strong like always. Sending you my love.


  • Although it makes me upset, whenever I see you sick, but, I take solace in the fact that God's healing power will, unquestionably, help you recover soon. Never give up hope. Sending my warm wishes. 


  • May good Lord bless you with good health. Your chair, newspaper, spectacles, books and everything else that you own (don't forget me) are waiting for you at home. Sending you my best regards for your speediest cure.


  • To my dearest dad, you're the strongest person in my life. Let the strains know that it's really a struggle to defeat a person like you. Wishing for your good health and sending you a truckload of love.


  • Dear Dad, we and our home are really incomplete without you being with us. We are waiting, eagerly, to see you back at home. Don't lose your faith in the almighty and regain your health, shortly.


  • We've always heard that difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage, so, don't lose hope and fight your illness as hard as you can. Remember Dad, we've always got your back. Sending lots of love and waiting for you to get back soon.


  • I miss your jokes and the laughter we've always shared. Take your time and take the best care of yourself and I assure you good health sooner than you think.


Get Well Soon Wishes For Brother


  • Dear brother, my days are worthless as you've not been around. Missing your weird soul and sending you my best regards for your quick recovery! 


  • I wish, your slothful soul gets better soon as I can't afford to do the extra chores your sickness is making me do. Get well soon, brotha! I miss you.


  • Aren't you done with hospital food already? A lot of decent meals are waiting for you back at home. Get well soon so that you can hog on all of them.


  • Your sickness made me realize how much I love you. I never thought it would be this boring without you here. Get well buddy, I'm eagerly waiting for you at home.


  • My world went upside down when I heard of your sickness. Hoping for your speediest recovery so that we can get back to hanging out together. I love you! 


  • I miss our fights over the remote and the last piece of a pizza. I miss our 'sibling love talk' and above all, I miss your 'good-for-nothing' soul. Just kidding. Miss you brother, get well soon! 


  • Our room doesn't feel the same without your laughter and giggles. Praying for your quick recovery so that our room can get its life soon! 


  • Wishing for you to get bold, healthy, and cheerful super soon! My love and warm wishes have already been dispatched, proceeding to your address.


  • There's no way you can escape from the chores you need to do at home. Have the speediest recovery and get back home! 


  • You're annoying, you're slothful and you're terrible but despite all, I love you the most! Come back, stupid! Home is really lifeless without you.


Get Well Soon Wishes For Sister


  • It's always good to see you grinning like a Cheshire cat. Look after yourself and get well in the blink of an eye. See you soon, sister! 


  • Build up your strength and spirits as soon as possible as our home turned out to be spiritless in your absence. Get well sister! Awaiting your good health! 


  • May the shining sun bring positive thoughts for you, with each coming day. Wishing you a speedy yet beautiful recovery! Love you, pretty girl! 


  • Little did I realize that you were about to get sick, I wouldn't have let you do the chores. Take rest sister, I'm always here for you! 


  • Dear sister, I really miss you smiling, like a buffoon, all the time. Always keep that grin on your face and keep shining. Get well, girl! 


  • Dear sis, don't be disheartened by your health. You'll be better in the blink of an eye and will be back to like as it was.


  • Hey, angel face! This would be the last time I'll be calling you Beautiful but trust me, you are. Don't let that shine and charm go away and take the best care of yourself. Wishing for your quick recovery. I love you! 


  • Hey sis, my life is full of boredom without you. I miss everything about you and can't bear to see you like this anymore. Please, get well soon! 


  • Sending positive and healing thoughts all the way to you for your swift recuperation. I'm eagerly waiting for you at home, feel better soon! 


  • Medicines will heal your body and my love would do that for your soul. Wishing you a speedy recovery, my dearest sister. Get well soon! 


Get Well Soon Wishes For Boyfriend


  • Thinking of you all the time and sending you all my love so that you can recover in half the time.


  • I really miss our daily dose of love. Get well soon so that we can continue with that again. 


  • I hope you know that because of you being sick, we are losing our precious time, so it would be better if you get up fast. Get well, love!


  • I'll ask your doctor to add the daily dose of my hugs in your prescription, I'm pretty sure this will help you get back to normal in half the time.


  • Hey dumb, I hope you're doing well. Since I can't be there to supply the daily dose of hugs, I'm sending you these flowers and a card to make you feel my presence beside you. 


  • I hope my love makes you feel better, just the way your smile makes my day.


  • I really miss you stupid- your smile, your hugs, and kisses and everything else about you. Hoping to see you here soon, sending all my love, love you!


  • It was really sad to know that you're feeling unwell. Here is to wishing you a speedy recovery! Get well soon. 


  • Sending you cheers and wishing you brighter days ahead, love. You're really being missed. Hoping to hug you soon.


  • I'm sending you some virtual hugs for your speediest recovery. Take care and I'll continue to supply my love your way. Hoping to see you soon.


Get Well Soon Wishes For Girlfriend


  • It's high time now, I really can't afford to see you like this anymore. Sending all my love your way for your quick recovery.


  • Your bugs can't prevent me from supplying you hugs. I really miss your dumb jokes and the daily dose of love. Sending my best regards, so that you can get well in no time! 


  • Can you please get well soon? I really can't wait to hug you tight without fear of breaking you. Love you!!


  • I can't wait anymore to see you on your feet soon. I miss you more than you can imagine. Get well soon.


  • I really miss your smile and miss giving piggy rides to you. Hoping to see you all well, so that we can keep up with our fun. I'm sending you my speedy recovery wishes.


  • Your doctor should know that all you need as medicine is to spend time with me. I'll forever be next to you, to supply all the love you need.


  • It's really boring without you. I promise, we'll be spending more of time together, once you take a step out of this hospital. 


  • You would be really glad to know that I've already planned our dates after you get out of the hospital. So in this case, you need to do me a favour and start feeling well. Sending my best wishes.


  • I can't believe that you are sick, please get well soon. Also, don't let your smile go upside down. 


  • I'll be not smiling till the time I get the news that you've started feeling better and I know that you can't see me frowning, so eventually, things would be better only if you plan on recovering as soon as possible!