Friendship Conversation: Questions and Topics For Deeper Friendship

Every movie on friends has the same plotline: Friends who are like Siamese twins break apart due to some conflict, conflict resolves somehow and they are back to square one. Add elements of self-discovery and nostalgia, and voila, you can officially spend two hours on it. Communication may seem like a duh aspect for most people, yet many today haven’t quite mastered the art of exchanging emotions through words. For some, prolonged silences and communication through actions still remain a mystery.

Conversing effectively can bridge many gaps in relationships. People may be physically distant or sometimes are not on the same page mentally, which prevents them from having real conversations. By real conversations, I do not mean heartfelt text messages we exchange. These conceal the reactions that we naturally might give to some things, our words are filtered and our body language and tone remains unknown. Talking to friends whom we can place our trust upon helps put our thoughts together and sometimes helps us find novel solutions to our problems. When people can rant about their daily struggles, share their expectations, fears and doubts, their relationship turns more concrete.

So for my fellow beginners at “Building Relationships 101”, I prepared a compendium of questions and situations that test your bond.


1. How easy it is for you to make friends?


2. Would you ever help your friend with money issues, if so, what would be your reason behind it?


3. Do you have any preferences when it comes to making friends?


4. What kind of behaviour do you absolutely dislike in your friends?


5. How does the strength of your friend circle affect you?


6. Would you prefer to have many friends or just one friend?


7. Do you believe in the concept of “best friend forever”?


8. Does having multiple friends benefit you?


9. How should one deal with friendships that dilute with distance?


10. How should introverts go about making friends?



11. Why do people tend to connect more with friends than parents?


12. Do you think making friends is necessary at all?


13. Are two friends from the opposite sex better at understanding each other than friends having the same sex?


14. Do you feel best friends, who later get married, make better couples?


15. Does the time duration of friendship affect the strength of the relationship?


16. Are age-old friends always compatible than newly made friends?


17. Is compatibility an important factor while choosing your friends?


18. What are certain things you need to share in common with your friend?


19. Why do people seek approval from friends?


20. Do you ever ask your friends for their opinions, what topics do you discuss?



21. Does being with your friends affect your social identity?


22. Does being with your friends affect your social participation?


23. How has social media affected our friendships?


24. Do you feel internet friends share the same warmth as real life friends


25. Do you feel meeting friends frequently helps build a stronger bond


26. What would you do if you find out your friend has got arrested?


27. How would you deal with a situation where your friend is depressed/ suicidal?


28. What do you prefer, friendship or a romantic relationship?


29. Can you build the same level of comfort with a long lost friend with whom you’ve recently regained contact?


30. How will you react if your best friend finds another best friend?





31. How close are you with your best friend’s parents?


32. What do you think are causes that could make friends turn enemies?


33. How comfortable are you with the idea of living with your best friend?


34. Can you be best friends with somebody who practices a different culture?


35. How do you think friends change you for the better?


36. Do you think it is okay to change some habits about yourself in front of your friend?


37. What does it feel like to have no friends?


38. How do you identify fake friends in life?


39. Who is your closest friend ever and why?


40. How you are going to manage if your best friend is your business partner?



41. Do you have a crush on your friend’s partner?


42. What is your take on the “friends with benefits” trend?


43. Who is the one friend of yours you wouldn’t ever like your mom to know about?


44. What is the craziest thing you have done with your friend?


45. How frequently does your friend appear on your Instagram page?


46. How long have you and your best friend been friends?


47. Do you have any secrets you might want to hide from your friend?


48. Would you ever date your friend’s ex?


49. How would you react if your friend is from the LGBTQI community?


50. How would you react if your friend dates your ex?


51. Do you believe in the logic that a boy and a girl can never be best friends?



52. Where do you generally hang out with your friends?


53. What do you generally talk about with your friend


54. What do you guys do together when you hang out?


55. What movie would you watch with your friends?


56. Can you communicate through actions/gestures with your friend?


57. Do you believe in showing love for your friend by wearing matching tattoos, or other accessories?


58. If you could say one thing before going mute to your friend, what would it be?


59. Do you feel the public display of affection is necessary for friendship?


60. What is the biggest sacrifice you have made for your friend?


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