19 Simple Ways To Forgot Your Ex

Not every 'The One' turns out to be one. Relationships can become onerous after a certain point and the reasons are innumerable that range from petty misunderstandings to substantial trust issues. We fight, we beg, make multiple promises, try to change and sometimes lose our true identity in the process. And when there seems no way out, we decide to take the road to BREAK-UP!  It's not a facile task to forget someone who becomes prodigious part of you and your life.

So here are a few ways that might help ease the pain and help you re-discover yourself.
Let's go.

1. Self - Pamper

Self-Pamper- ways to forgot your ex

We often forget or ignore ourselves completely in the process of making our partner feel at the top of the world and we’re almost always thinking of ways pamper them. This is the time! Pamper yourself just like you'd want someone else to. Spend 'Quality' time with 'Yourself'. From snuggling in bed all day long and watching movies to going on dates with yourself, Do it all! Remind yourself how worthy you are and Fall in love with yourself..... Put yourself at #1 on your priority list and lend your ears to Positivism. 


2. Smile 

Smile- ways to forgot your ex

    'Your smile is the strongest weapon.'

Take a step towards your mental health and Wear your beautiful smile and walk like a boss! Show them and yourself that you're doing better without them and that they aren't worthy of your tears or time.

Smile, it makes you look Confident.
Smile, because it's free.
Smile, because life is Beautiful.
Smile, because it makes you happier.
Smile! And never stop...


3. Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate- ways to forgot your ex

Let your soul feel rejuvenated!

Connect! Make new friends, Meet new People, Explore!
Have a drink or Netflix and chill.
Stand in the rain and feel every drop that touches your face, look at the clouds and admire the blues, watch the stars shine, welcome the wind with open arms. Fall in love with nature.
Close your eyes and watch yourself smile, feel the bliss!


4. Discover Yourself

Discover Yourself- ways to forgot your ex

We often lose ourselves in the process of holding on to the wrong choices. Well, it’s the right time to find yourself and become your own best friend. Sit down and ask yourself "Who am I really?". The craze that drives you to know about other people, about their likes and dislikes, hold on to the same craze and make 'Discovering yourself', the best adventure of your life. 


5. Family

Family- ways to forgot your ex

Spending time with family is therapy. Irrespective of the complexity of the problem, they will always stand with you and be a constant support. Your morals and values begin here. They will guide you, correct your mistakes and even criticize sometimes, but they will also praise you for the smallest achievements and appreciate the slightest efforts made towards them. Arrange family dates, outings, movie nights or just a chat session, it will bring back a thousand memories, stories about your childhood, their childhood, million laughs and unconditional love in your eyes. 


6. Begin, again

Begin, again-ways to forgot your ex

Cry! Cry all you want. Spend a week in grief BUT after that, when you wipe away your tears, promise yourself to not shed a tear for the same reason hereafter and embrace a new beginning with open arms, clear mind and a beautiful smile. Stick to positive vibes, surround yourself with genuine people and focus on your mental growth.


7. Forget

Forget- ways to forgot your ex

Crying and dwelling over something that's over and is in the past will just waste your time. Accept what has happened, leave the negativity behind, learn from the mistakes made and 'try' to move on. Do not curse the mind and heart for replaying the same scenarios and going back again and again. It's okay to think about it but remind yourself that it's over, for the best and take enough time to get over all of it completely. 


8. Make Changes

Make Changes-ways to forgot your ex

Take out everything associated with him/her. From Birthday cards to first date bills to photographs; anything that reminds you of your ex. Put it all in the trash or burn it down and challenge yourself to come out stronger than ever. Most importantly, delete all conversations and re-decorate if necessary. It sure is difficult to accept a sudden change when someone becomes a habit but life doesn't stop and you have to change your lifestyle accordingly. 



9. Believe

Believe- ways to forgot your ex

I think we have all heard the phrase 'Whatever happens, happens for good' and I personally, am a strong believer of it. Believe that the relationship wasn't good enough for you and have faith, believe that there's someone out there who'd treat you the way you deserve to be and do not jump to absurd conclusions like no one is made for me or I do not deserve anyone! Just, look up! Smile! Have faith!


10. Fall in love, again

Fall in love, again- ways to forgot your ex

A mistake most of us make is, we shut all doors towards anything and everything associated with love and do not let anyone open those doors either. Do not fear to fall in love again, learn from the mistakes made and take a step back if you feel that the relationship is toxic. There is someone out there, only for you! And that love will be BEAUTIFUL! A love that will build your confidence and make you stronger and that will grow as you grow. Remember,
                           'It's right when they make you fall in love with yourself'


11. Do not communicate with your ex

Do not communicate with your ex- ways to forgot ex

You might think to talk to them, again and again, might sort things out or might ease the pain but in reality, it will only make you feel worse about yourself and will affect your mind. Continuous conversations might lead to them using harsh words or things that you don't deserve to hear due to which negativity might fill in. Hence, keep zero contacts with them, especially if you ended your relationship on a bad note. No matter how much you crave their voice or a conversation remind yourself why it all ended and that you must sustain your self-control. Read more from Laura www.SchoolofSquirt.com


12. Cut down on Social Media for a while

Cut down on Social Media for a while-ways to forgot your ex

Our generation lives 60% of their day on social media and somehow or the other you might come across something related to your ex that may ruin your mood entirely. To avoid such situations avoid using social media as much as possible until and unless you prepare yourself mentally and make yourself so strong that no matter what comes in front of you, you will not let that affect you. 


13. New Memories

New Memories-ways to forgot your ex

 Let go of all old memories and make new ones. Explore new places and avoid everything that reminds you of him. Find a new restaurant, a new park, a new spot and live these moments for & with yourself. Do everything in your power to avoid even the slightest thought of them. Getting habituated to a new routine will surely be a demanding task but will give you something new to embrace and cherish. Not saying that you should stop following your passion or stop doing everything you love but a break from all the maddening thoughts would be great.


14. Avoid harmful ways

Avoid harmful ways-ways to forgot your ex

Always remember that you are the most important person in your life and that people live to see you smile. Just because one person walked out of your life, it does not mean the end of the World. You might have a million thoughts that would provoke you to take a wrong step but no one is worthy enough to make you destroy yourself. Close your eyes and watch your family and friends smiling at you, it will give you immense strength.

Love Life :') 


15. See a Counselor 

See a Counselor -ways to forgot your ex

If you ever feel that things are going out of hand and your thoughts are maddening and the pain doesn't seem to ease, whatsoever, seek help. Go see a counselor or talk to a therapist. A lot of people think this would mean they are mentally unstable. NO! Talking to someone unknown can sometimes help a lot more than talking to someone known. The fear judgment reduces and it becomes easy to talk. Don't hesitate and seek help if necessary!


16. Read/Watch Constructive things

Read/Watch Constructive things

When upset, reading or watching things that relate to your mood can put you in a not so good spot. Reading books is a beautiful way to forget the real world. Make sure you read something worthwhile and encouraging. Watching comedy genre can be of great help in lightening up your mood and feeling good about yourself. So, choose your genre that would elate your heart.


17. Don't get into Rebounds

Don't get into Rebounds- ways to forgot your ex

 Most often, we mistake someone's support and care for love at such times as we crave utmost attention. This mistake is termed as rebound (most of the times). This type of relationship does not always turn out to be healthy and might put the other person in a bad spot at the end. So, always take your time and do not date unless you are ready for a solid commitment.


18. Give Time

Give time- ways to forgot your ex

Time heals everything

Do not expect miracles or magic to happen that would make you forget your ex. Give enough time to yourself and your wounds to heal. You will come out shining and better than ever. Take the right path and let time do wonders. Watch yourself succeed!


19. Appreciate being single

Appreciate being single- ways to forgot your ex

Being single has its own perks and even the happiest couple dream of it on some days. So, espouse the new life, enjoy the freedom and live life to the fullest! 


These were just a few ways that I think would work. Have faith. Your 'the one' is just around the corner!