8 Reasons Why You Can’t Forget Your First Love

first love

As per a quote, “Your first love is always alive and stays in your heart, how much ever you try, it never goes away”. True to these words, everything about one’s first love is nothing short of beautiful. The feeling is extraordinary. Usually, on an average, a person falls in love for the first time in his or her teenage years. Though that’s not our concern, falling in love can happen again too but, first love?  Well, nothing can take its place. So, the real concern lies in forgetting your first love.

It’s next to impossible to let the memories of your first love slip away. They just remain, the skills of shared laughter and the innocent adolescent love continues to be at the back of your mind. Every time you come across something of the slightest of resemblance, it takes you back to the days of your first romance.

So what is it about this special in first love that keeps you glued to it. I have found out some practical answers to it, let us check it out.

Experiencing The Very First Time

Love, like in the movies had never happened to you before. The newness and exhilaration of the feeling makes you remember it, for all of your life. All the firsts attached, like the first rose, first kiss, first proposal, the cuddles, hugs and date nights, all add on to build the idea of ‘love’ for you. The adrenaline rush you may have felt during those times can rarely ever be forgotten, they might still give you chills.

Tricky Emotions Inside You

You experience many new emotions when you fall in love. Maybe you have never been jealous before, nor have you been so possessive over someone. These emotions are so strong due to their novelty and intensity that they stay with you for a long time. These kinds of feelings for someone, their causes, and sheer raw intensity might seem bizarre but continue to linger in your memory.

Dreams, Goals, And Passion

Love is passionate. People tend to make their first love as important as what their goals and careers are. Your dreams are about your partner and you devote songs to your love. This passion is not that easy to separate or distance yourself from. After all, this was your first goal of life, wink!

The Break-Up Is Wrenching!

Like the ‘first love”, the first break-up is also a memory you’re not likely to forget. Most of the times, breaking up with someone who has been relevant and important to you, is painful and heart-wrenching, and it is very difficult to let it go. Maybe it was for the first time you felt emotional pain which was fairly extreme. For days you tend to introspect and recollect your memories, going over all the ‘ifs and buts’ of what would’ve or could’ve happened.

You Think Love Is Perfect

Falling in love for the first time is the only time when you feel that love is all perfect and beautiful, with no negatives attached to it. This is the only time when you believe you have one responsibility which is towards your newfound love, at other times you might have considered paying bills an important responsibility too. Love is thought of as one straight road to walk on, no complications and no burdens. To an experienced heart, this feeling never comes back and you keep missing it.

The Nostalgia That Sets In

Remembering your good old days might take you back to your juvenile memories of first love. The whims and fancies of your past romances get ignited somewhere within you. Memories come flooding back, late night conversations and proclamations of love to each other make way back into your heart and mind. When something relatable to your past happens in the current scenario, you miss those moments more.

First Love Is Honest

When you first fall in love, it’s pure. You fall without any expectations of how it should be or any intentions or causes to fulfill. It is just pure play of a happy and an eager heart. First love can be analogous to infatuation as they both happen without any thought.

It Is A Part Of Your Life

Well, it is a simple reason, anything that is or has been a part of your life, continues to stay with you. And, something which has been serious and intense most likely creates a deep impression which stays in your mind for a very long period of time. Like any other significant incidence, the memory of your first love also leaves its footprints behind.