8 Ways To Find True Happiness From Within Yourself

Happiness is all that we live a life for. At every point, we seek happiness. We desire a happy job, jovial friends, a happy romantic life, happy places to go on, and nothing more but happiness in bulk to led our life on. But wait, take a breath and reflect back on all the happy things you desire for and see can you actually find that happiness if you are not happy from within?

No, things can never bring happiness to you until and unless we are not happy from within. Happiness starts with you. Even our passionate things can’t make us happy if we have decided otherwise. If there is a millionaire who can buy everything he wishes for still there is a probability that he is not happy. For money cannot buy happiness, it can just buy things. The key to our happiness is “Happy We”.

There are some keys to be happy that all should follow up instead of searching it outside.

The first key is the realization that We Hold The Key To Our Happiness</h3 >

self realization


Happiness is a psychological thing. Happiness starts with you, not with your family, friends, money or job. No one is going to be an angel in your life bearing happiness for you. You are the in charge of your happiness and it is upon you to lock or unlock that door.

So always realize your worth and remember Only You Can Make You Happy.

Choose To Be Happy

choose to be happy


Happiness exists within you. If you have decided to be happy then no one can fail you in that. Do you remember the saying “Happy people don’t have the best of everything, they choose to make the best of everything”. So choose your own way and let the world be jealous of you.

Have A Positive Attitude

have a positive attitude


The world can give you so many bad days but it is only you that can go through this tough job and still find happiness. The right attitude is the key to every success so have a positive attitude and look what miracle comes your way.

Don’t Look For Your Happiness In Others

No one can be the pocket where you can go and take out your happiness to insert into you whenever you wanted. It is an inner quality that can be found only in you and by you. So don’t be dependent on others for your happiness because everyone will leave one day.

Exploit yourself and find the happiness you because it is not be found in others.

Appreciate Simple Things

Appreciate Simple Things


Smaller steps make the way for bigger ones. So enjoy little things in life because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things. Appreciate simple things that happen in your life and try to find out positive out of every small happening. It is this appreciation of your small doings that encourage you for the bigger success and would make you happy.

Always Live With An Aim

A purposeless man is always a devil to be with. To quote in Seneca’s words “When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind”. If you had an aim in life you would find your life meaningful. This purpose gives you a sense of gratification in life and you feel at one with yourself. The peace of mind comes with a purposeful life so does the happiness.

Be You And Love Yourself

Be You And Love Yourself


Original is always gold. We try to mold ourselves according to the world in the race of success but in that process, we lost our true soul sometimes. We become one that we have never wanted to be and end up getting frustrated at our loss.

So be you because, it is you who hold the key to your happiness. As long as you are true to yourself you will find happiness no matter what the condition is. Love yourself, and you will not regret this thing ever.

Seize The Moment: Carpe Diem

Live in the present moment


Live in the present moment. Happiness is in the present. We look for a happy future but, “A better tomorrow starts with today”. We can struggle to make our days better but happiness will still come from ourselves.

We can never be happy in future if we are not happy today. Today is the day you live in so seize the moment and make it whole.

Happiness is in present not in future.

There is a very beautiful quote. “People wait all their life for happiness” and it exists within them only. The irony in the quote is the truth of life. We strive for the thing that we carry with ourselves all the time. So don’t look for it in the outer world. Realize your worth, love yourself, and you will end up creating a realm of happiness around you.

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