Fazlur Rahman Khan: Bangladeshi-American Structural Engineer – Biography

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The legendary was born on 3rd April 1929 in Bangladesh (Dhaka). His father was a mathematics teacher. 

Being a Bangladeshi native who then worked for architectural firms of many and the greatest one in high rise building, one of them includes Skidmore, Owings and of Merrill, which began in 1960. He completed his study from the University of Calcutta and Dhaka. After getting his graduation degree from Dhaka he won the Fulbright Prize for talent students from inside his colony that’s motivates and let him followed his further education from the United States in the university of Illinois.

Chicago is a very nice place and in today’s world, it’s known for its two most amazing buildings of the khan. 

This was amongst his projects of skyscraper namely John Hancock Centre and Sears Tower, being among the tallest in the world. The Sears Tower was the first as its structure system employs the Bundled tube, which consists of a bunch of narrow steel cylinders that were collaborated together to form a thick column. 

Gradually, his latter projects include strikingly original Hajj Terminal of the King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Fazlur Khan has won a legacy of excellence in different platforms as structural engineering and in architecture. His pragmatic vision of height gets more cleared in the 20th century and of skyscraper construction was enlarged which resulted in many works including Chicago’s 100 story John Hancock Center as well as 110 Story Wills tower, the second tallest building in the United States after the world trade centre.


The universal heritage


Khan became one of the most visionary architect and by the time his projects of skyscrapers still continue to be used in history. He was the first to use computer-aided design and moreover at the time of independence for Bangladesh, during the war it also provided humanitarian assistance.

He was born in a country of old fashion and heritage with no high-rise construction zone but as said, goals must be high and so he had worked his way to a position where he could easily rebuild and build the field of engineering and he built America’s proudest and glamorous landmarks.


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The sears tower acquires 2 million square feet of office space for its own headquarter and its own other workplaces. Inspire of knowing the limited efficiency in the sub place, Rahman believed that he can add more by adding secondary stiffeners along each face of the building. He to explain also had given the example by holding a bunch of straw in his fist tightly showing each straw was flimsy but when he club altogether they became strong. 


This break thought consisted, to make the building not with steel but with the external frame of the building . to do it with the help of a group of vertical pipes for the frame that gives vivid stability for it and also it saves the building from high winds and earthquake shocks.

The building with its head held high-  world trade centre was the tallest building in the world for two long years.  It seems after the construction of the sears tower in Chicago didn’t break it. With its height of 442 meters and 18 floors, it remains the tallest building in the world for fully stretched 24 years. 

In the year 2009, the Willis tower earlier known as world trade remained the tallest building in the United States.

Unfortunately, this legendary demised in the year 1982 in Jeddah (south Arabia) but his works and idea remained with us and so its tubular structure is still prevalent for building up a skyscraper. This includes all those that make sears tower behind in numbers in the list for the top buildings in the world. 

Some of it is the Petronas tower in Kula Lumpur, Taipei in Taipei and Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The legendary vision is used everywhere to make the country more beautiful.

Khan also designed a magnificent one shell square in New Orleans, BHP house in Melbourne, the US  bank center in Milwaukee and Onterie center are all among them.


Challenges ahead- the most challenging art that comes on the way was to make the building resisting the weight of itself. The design of skyscraper to be in such a way that it counters the lateral loads like disasters.  His ideas of perfectly dealt with these things help architectures in today’s challenging situations too. The first primary objective is to look for the requirement of stored to stack in a skyscraper in order to maximize the profit of earning. 


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According to an architect Cass Gilbert said, a skyscraper is a machine to make the land pay.


As khan did work along with his many colleagues from the University of Illinois, his vision was quite clear with the concepts of the skyscraper and how to make it a protective one. He was a pragmatic visionary who really did the revolution in the nationwide. His new pattern officered more than construction for economic purpose but also as it gives people an opportunity to work and live in sky.


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