15 Possible Ways To Enjoy The Life To The Fullest In Every Moment

Life, the word itself is so optimistic, an absolutely positive word full of hope. We all live in anticipation of enjoying life. A life so precious, the best gift we could ever get. So when you’re here (on Earth), you might as well enjoy it, right! Is there a single mantra for it? No, there are different ways for different people. 


Reading is a great hobby to pursue, the best part is that you don’t require anyone for it. You can pursue it in the solitude of your own company. Not only reading self-improvement books or books on how to make you rich but other fiction and non-fiction like autobiographies.

Loving Animals

Loving animals, there is a lot to learn from other species besides human beings. Animals teach us virtues such as love, compassion etc. The more the time you spend with them, the better person you become (strictly my opinion).

Do Valuable Work

Yes, you read that right. Did you know that work is an anti-depressant? So, just work, be it any job, just add value rather than just sitting around. It will definitely work wonders for you.


If done in a controlled manner, shopping can be exhilarating. Don’t believe me? Try it some time.

Play Games

Play cards, or any game for that matter. Whenever we are involved in playing a game, our mind is totally occupied by it, so no negative thinking, there is more joy.


Kids are great stress busters, they are so enthusiastic and so full of positive energy that it’s contagious.

Ride a bike

No one wants to exercise in the gym, face it. We all go there out of compulsion to look good. Remember when you were a kid and you rode a bike, you never thought of it as an exercise but pure enjoyment. Yes, go ahead, ride a bike!


Help in the kitchen

This is meant not only for girls, but for everyone. Helping with kitchen work is quite satisfying, the joy of creating something that we eat is pure pleasure, try it.


Watch stand up comedies

Doing this in person or even on Youtube is quite measurable. It actually makes you laugh. And believe me there are some guys, who actually make you shed tears of laughter.



People think painting is only for those who are good at it, surprise, painting is for everyone, it helps you express yourself, in a way you could never do with words.


Take a bath

I am not taking about a Jacuzzi here, but a normal shower. Not feeling good, go ahead and take a shower. There is no way you would feel low after a nice refreshing shower.


Take a nature walk

Go walk along trees, smell their fragrance, it’s intoxicating, believe me.


Help someone

Whenever we help someone, we are filled with positivity, a feeling of having done good permeates into our system. And don’t forget the blessings that we get in return.

Eat your favourite dish

I never saw anyone unhappy after eating a hot chocolate fudge. So go ahead, pleasure your taste buds( not very often, anything in moderation is good)



People pay therapists through the nose, to talk. Being heard or having someone take interest in your conversation is quite pleasurable. And, talking doesn’t imply the regular small talk, but some deep meaningful conversation with a person whose company you enjoy.