10 Reasons Which Tell You That You’re An Empath


Empaths are the people around you who can absorb and feel your emotions; they can understand your physical symptoms deeply within themselves. They are often known as someone labeled ‘too sensitive’.

Despite feeling others emotions they create a shell around themselves so that no one can know their own feelings and emotions.

If you are an empath, you should consider yourself lucky for having possessed such gifts of feeling deeply. But, you have to be very careful at each and every step as well. Life as an empath can be very overwhelming and exhausting, but equally rewarding too.

Here are a few things about empaths, which if you relate to then, Welcome to the world of an empath!

You are Highly Sensitive

Empaths are natural givers. They are receptive and aware of the energies which others give out. They also tend to give everything they have to help others even when it could create problems for themselves. They don’t want to burden others with their load of feeling and emotions, which is why they hide their emotion from others.

You Can Totally Absorb Others Emotion

Empaths are highly accustomed to others moods, sometimes that can lead to an extreme dysphoria regarding what they themselves are individually feeling. They become happy when people around them are happy, and sad when others are sad. They are so connected to others that it feels like whatever happens to others, also happened with them.

You Spend too Much Time Alone

Mostly, empaths feel comfortable spending time alone or in small groups. They don’t like being overwhelmed by feeling too much of others emotions and energies in large crowds

You Feel More Intuitive than Other People Around You

Empaths experience the universe through their intuition or their 6th sense. They take important decisions of their life based on their gut feelings about them. They seem to be very connected to their inner being, and trust themselves to feel their way through dilemmas.

You Have A Deep Connection With Nature

If you are a person who always desires to spend more time with nature, you could be an empath. Empaths tend to feel and hoard many negative feelings inside them which they cannot share with the people of the world. They shed their burdens and apprehensions to nature and charge themselves up with positive feelings.

You Have The Ability to Detect Lies

As empaths are able to experience others emotions, they can also read into someone’s true intentions. Hence, they can detect lies and deceptions. It helps them to stay away from people who try and take advantage of them.

You Help Others Way Too Much

Empaths spend a lot of energy in helping others. They have a huge heart and they just can’t put their own needs first. They always feel a strong pull towards helping others, even if that puts them in a difficult position.

Manipulative People Always Try to Take Advantages of You

Manipulative people tend to easily find an empath. So, they try and get what they want, in terms of attention for their needs and demands. Narcissists and self-centered individuals tend to be unhealthier for empaths because they lack empathy and are only concerned about themselves. Narcissists makes make empaths believe that they are in a bad place in life, requiring time and effort, which is an empath with strong roots in making others feel well, they do. Only, to find that there is no return of the same sentiment.

It’s Hard for You to Find Love

Empaths are a walking mystery; their partners seem to think that they are hiding something from them because they may seem distant at times or aren’t completely forthcoming with their feelings. No one can put an empath in a cage. If you are an empath, there are chances of your love for others being too intense, which is why you might try to tone it down a bit, and that is interpreted as being distant.

You Get Stressed All The Time

As you feel every little feeling so strong it can be overwhelming for you. Moreover, empaths feel as though they have so much to do in a short period of time, so much so that they get stressed out by thinking and planning it out.