35 Best Emily Blunt Movies You Need To Watch

Emily Blunt Movies

For those who have watched “ The Devil Wears Prada”, would have definitely noticed this 36-year old British actress, Emily Blunt, she was tremendous! Her first commercially successful film(Devil Wears Prada) had a lot to say about her successful career ahead. She started her acting career with Judi Dench in a play, “The Royal Family” and later made her first on-screen appearance on the television film “Boudica”. She is married to John Krasinski, the actor, and filmmaker and has two daughters with him. The Golden Globe and BAFTA awardee have a sensational list of movies that showcases her fine talent, check it out.


  1. My Summer of Love


Director: Paweł Pawlikowski

Emily Blunt debuted with this film in a leading role. The story captures the essence of homosexuality when two women, of different classes and backgrounds, get together in a lesbian relationship. This bold drama film went on to receive a BAFTA award.


  1. The Devil Wears Prada


Director: David Frankel

Starring along with Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt plays the role of a co-assistant to a big fashion magazine editor(played by Meryl Streep) in this picture. Blunt earned herself favorable reviews for her acting performance. The film was the most expensively costumed in the history of Hollywood.


  1. Irresistible


Director: Ann Turner

In this mystery drama, Blunt is seen portraying the role of a psyche who disrupts a family's peace with her presence in their lives. She stars alongside Susan Sarandon and Sam Neil. This Australian film didn’t do great at the box office but Blunt's performance was outstanding.


  1. Wind chill


Director: Gregory Jacobs

A horror film starring Emily Blunt with Ashton Holmes about a road trip that they undertake not realizing of the ghostly misadventures that were about to happen. The film went under mixed reviews and most of the filming took place in the scenic beauties of British Columbia.


  1. The Jane Austen Book Club


Director: Robin Swicord

For all those of Jane Austen fandom, this movie is a melange of all Austen's fictions in one film. Blunt portrays the character of Bridie, a married French teacher in her 20’s. The film goes about the central characters who join the Jane Austen Book Club, see themselves experiencing the events of all Jane Austen's six books in their lives, one way or the other. The film was loved by the audience and was called, a celebration of Austen’s novels.


  1. Dan in Real Life


Director: Peter Hedges

Blunt plays a tiny role as Dr. Ruthie in this Steve Carell starrer Comedy-drama. Blunt plays Steve Carell's date at the beginning of the film who was once his childhood crush. The audience and critics gave an average rating to the film.


  1. Charlie Wilson’s war


An American Biographical drama based on U.S Congressman, Charlie Wilson and CIA operative Gust Avrakotos, whose attempts led to Operation Cyclone that supported Afghan Mujahideen during the Afghan-Soviet War. Blunt plays the role of Jane Liddle, a small appearance throughout the film. The film primarily stars Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. The film received five nominations at the Golden Globe awards and one at the Academy but didn’t win.


  1. The Great Buck Howard


Director: Sean McGinly

John Malkovich plays the titular character, Buck Howard in this movie which is inspired by mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin. Also starring Colin Hanks and Emily Blunt, the film was loved by all with an outstanding comedy by Malkovich and charming by Blunt. Blunt plays the role of a reluctant publicist and also a romantic interest of Hanks.


  1. Sunshine Cleaning


Director: Christine Jeff’s

This Comedy-drama has Amy Adams and Emily Blunt as central characters where Blunt is seen playing sister to Amy Adams who together starts a crime scene cleaning business which forwards them to a new turn of life. The film was loved for it subtle comedy and emotional take on life. 


  1. The Young Victoria


Director: Jean-Marc Vallee

The film follows the early life and reign of Queen Victoria and her marriage to Prince Albert. The film was although criticized for little inaccuracies but Emily’s portrayal as Queen Victoria was highly praised for its authenticity and relevance.


  1. Curiosity


Director: Toby Spanton

Blunt starrer short film of 10 mins revolving around a couple's cat and mouse chase after they witness a murder because the killer finds out about them. Blunt is seen opposite Tom Riley in this film.


  1. The Wolf Man


Director: Joe Johnson

A horror film theming around werewolf terror. Emily Blunt plays the role of Gwen Conliffe, the love interest of the Protagonist, Lawrence Talbot/The wolfman played by Benicio Del Toro. The film, although was a box office disaster but was awarded for Best Makeup artist at the Academy Awards.


  1. Wild Target


Director: Jonathan Lynn

Blunt stars alongside Bill Nighy in this black comedy. A hitman wishes to retire but soon sees a fold of events when he meets a beautiful thief, played by Blunt. The movie didn’t fall in Blunt’s good performances and received an average response.


  1. Gulliver’s Travels


Director: Robb Letterman

Very loosely based on the 18th Century novel of the same name by Jonathan Swift, this is a comedy adventure film starring Jack Black in the main lead. The film is set in the modern days, where a writer is washed down to the Island of Lilliput. Blunt plays Princess Mary in the film. The film fell mostly on unfavorable reviews but was a great treat for kids to watch. 


  1. Gnomeo and Juliet


Director: Kelly Asbury

A 3D computer-animated comedy fantasy film which is a Gnome adaptation to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Emily Blunt lends voice as Gnome Juliet in the film alongside James McAvoy, who lends his voice for Gnomeo. The film was a huge success at the Box office and received quite a number of nominations at the Golden Globe, Critics Choice and Annie Awards.


  1. The Adjustment Bureau


Director: George Nolfi

This science-fiction romantic thriller is an adaption of a short story called “ Adjustment Team”. The story goes about a Congressman who discovers that events and success of his life depend upon a technologically advanced intelligence bureau which he tries to manipulate after he falls in love with a dancer, played by Blunt. The film was a success and was loved by the audience and critics especially praising the chemistry between Emily Blunt and Matt Damon, the leading roles.


  1. Salmon fishing in the Yemen


Director: Lasse H

A fisheries expert played by Ewan McGregor is employed to realize a Sheikh's dream to bring salmon fishing in Yemen, an impossible task to possible. Blunt plays the role of a financial advisor to the Sheikh. The film was a highly successful one, especially praising Blunt for her acting.


  1. Your Sister’s sister


Director: Lynn Shelton

This rom-com was highly appreciated for the acting performances of Emily Blunt, Rosaries DeWitt and Mark Duplass. The story is about two sisters and a man solacing in a remote family cabin where they learn about each other’s development and interesting events. The film was loved by the audience calling it an engaging film.


  1. The Muppets


Director: James Bobin

Blunt gives a cameo performance in this Amy Adams and Chris Cooper starrer musical comedy film, basically, spoofing her previous role in The Devil Wears Prada as an assistant to a Fashion designer. The film won an Academy Award for Best Original Song, also earning BAFTA and Critics Choice Awards nominations.


  1. The five-year Engagement


Director: Nicholas Stoller

A fun romantic comedy about a couple who gets stressed out after their engagement keeps on getting repeatedly extended. Emily Blunt stars together with Jason Segel. The film crossed its budget in the sales and was appreciated by the audience and critics.


  1. Arthur Newman


Director: Dante Ariola

Emily Blunt stars with Colin Firth in this comedy-drama. The story revolves around a Golfer who, after failing in his career fakes his death and takes a new name and life. He is joined by a troubled young woman, played by Blunt, who wishes to escape her past. The film went on the mixed response but the performances by both leads were applauded.


  1. Looper


Director: Rian Johnson

This science fiction action film has Emily Blunt star opposite Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis as major characters. The film is about “ Loopers” a group of contract killers who are hired by a criminal syndicate of the future to terminate criminals who are sent to the past. It was called to be a smart and tricky sci-fi movie and favorably deviating from the paradoxes of time-travel films.


  1. The Wind Rises


Director: Hayao Miyazaki

The Wind Rises is a Japanese anime historical drama is a fictional biopic on Jiro Horikoshi, the designer of A5M fighter aircraft and its successor, that was used during World War ll. Blunt gave her voice in the English dubbed American release of the movie. It won numerous awards in the Academy's and Golden Globe awards.


  1. Edge of Tomorrow


Director: Doug Liman

Blunt's Another Science fiction action thriller theming around the time-loop and alien genre. Blunt stars together with Tom Cruise in this story where a. Major (Cruise) is hired in an operation against the aliens who are slowly taking over the World. Without any combat experience he dies in the fight but every time he dies, is sent in a time loop that sends him back to the time preceding the battle. In an attempt to get some combat experience he is trained by a Sergeant (Blunt) to defeat the extra-terrestrial. The film was a major hit and was appreciated for its unique storyline, a rather different take on the Alien movies. Blunt was praised for her character of being a female trainer to the male protagonist rather than the normal trend of supporting by the male character.


  1. Into the Woods


Director: Rob Marshall

The film is adapted to screen from a Broadway musical of the same name. Inspired by the Grimms brothers fairy tales, the film is about a childless couple who sets out to lift the curse on them, adventuring with the characters from the fairy tale book “Cinderella”, “Rapunzel”, “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Emily Blunt plays the character of Baker's wife, the childless mother who is cursed by the witch. The film has an ensemble cast of Meryl Streep, James Corden, Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick and more. The film was a success and received nominations in various categories at the Academy and Golden Globe awards. 


  1. Sicario


Director: Denis Villeneuve

Brilliantly playing the role of an FBI agent who is tasked to bring down a Mexican drug lord, Blunt stars in this American Crime thriller with awesome acting performance and focus. The film won several Academy and BAFTA nominations. The film was an outstanding success.


  1. The Huntsman: Winter War


Director: Cedric Nicholas Troyan

A prequel and sequel, both of Snow White and the Huntsman. Most of the characters were from the previous film with some new additions including Blunt’s character as Queen Freya, the evil stepmother's sister. An ensemble cast of Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt and more. The film didn't do great at the box office, many calling it an unnecessary sequel.


  1. The Girl on the Train


Director: Tate Taylor

Emily Blunt plays the role of an alcoholic divorcee who gets involved in a missing person investigation in this Mystery thriller. She was loved for her acting and also received a nomination for Best Actress in a leading role at the BAFTA awards, even though the film didn’t work best at the box office.


  1. Animal Crackers


Director: Tony Bancroft and Scott Christian Sava

A box of mysterious animal-shaped crackers turns humans into the animals that they eat. A circus runs with its support and there is only human-shaped cracker to turn them back, that’s the story. Blunt plays the wife of the Circus owner who together with her family tries to save the circus from their evil uncle's eye. This is a 3D computer-animated comedy fantasy film that wasn’t great in its earnings but an adorable one to watch.


  1. My Little Pony: The movie

Based on the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, this is an animated musical fantasy film with Blunt voice casting as  Tempest Shadow, the antagonist, Storm King's second-in-command who didn’t get friendship and wishes to repair her horn. Her performance was considered a big influence to animate the character. The film although performed well at the box office but was a little disappointment in its story.


  1. A quiet place


Director: John Krasinski

Emily Blunt stars together with husband John Krasinski in this Post-apocalyptic horror film. A family tries to save themselves from blind extraterrestrials who have a drastic sense of hearing, in the Post-apocalyptic World. Much appraised for its acting, direction, and atmosphere, the film was a box office superhit and was nominated for numerous awards.


  1. Sherlock Gnomes


Director: John Stevenson

Sherlock Gnomes is a sequel to Gnomeo and Juliet(2011), voice casting Emily Blunt and James McAvoy as Gnomeo and Juliet once again with the addition of Johnny Depp as Sherlock Gnomes. Gnomeo and Juliet with their fellow Gnomes have moved to London and are disappearing one by one, gearing up is Sherlock Gnomes, on the rescue. Although the film did fairly well on the silver screen but failed to gather favorable responses from the audience even nominating it in Golden Raspberry Awards.


  1. Mary Poppins returns


Director: Rob Marshall

The return of Mary Poppins 25 years later who was nanny to Michael and Jane Banks, comes after a family tragedy. Blunt plays Mary Poppins in this version and earned herself high praise for her acting and portrayal. A box office success which was also nominated for many Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Academy Awards.


  1. A Quiet Place: Part ll

Set to release in 2020 as a sequel to the 2018 film of the same name with the similar cast and Emily Blunt in a pivotal role.


  1. Jungle Cruise

Blunt stars together with Dwayne Johnson in this Adventure film set to release in 2020. A team of three, a riverboat captain, a scientist, and her brother set out to look for the “ Tree of Life” in the jungle outrunning another rival team and the wild animals. Blunt plays the role of a Scientist in the film.