30 Different Egg Styles Around The World

Egg Styles

Eggs are one food which can be blended, mixed, tossed or fashioned with any ingredient possible and tasting even better. They are not just comfort food but are fortified with abundant nutrition. A rich source of protein, vitamins, phospholipids and carotenoids, eggs are all packed with health sources. Recent researches even reveal the countless benefits of consuming eggs for healthy cardiovascular activities in your body.

Eggs rolls are cooked with great love all around the world. Right for simple and classic boiled egg to concoctions of the egg with numerous ingredients, herbs, and spices, the world has to offer a myriad of these flavors.


Here I get you a list of mouth-slurping super unique ways of egg preparations that the world relishes in a way or another.


1. North African: Shakshouka

North African Shakshouka

I just love the name. shakshouka is the egg delicacy from Tunisia and enjoyed even in middle eastern countries. Eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, peppers, onions and herbs, a classic healthy and light preparation.


2. Americano: Eggs Benedict

Americano: Eggs Benedict- egg styles

Layered with poached egg, bacon, ham and hollandaise sauce on an English muffin, a classic American breakfast. Americans just love to layer their foods!


3. Italy: Eggs a la Florentine


A French variation to Eggs Benedict. Poached eggs on a bed of simmered spinach on an English muffin smothered with Mornay sauce, the recipe of a classic Eggs Florentine.


4. Mexican: Huevos Divorciados

Mexican: Huevos Divorciados

Mexicans love their classic breakfast, huevas divorciados or Divorced eggs. Prepared with two fried eggs on a tortilla wrap, one with salsa Roja (Red sauce) and the other with Salsa Verde (green sauce) accompanied with beans and potatoes.


5. Italian: Devilled Eggs

Italian: Devilled Eggs

Don’t hesitate by the name, it's more royal than a devil. A smooth preparation of hard-boiled eggs, cut into half, yolks removed and mixed with mayonnaise and mustard and ultimately piped into the bowls of boiled eggs.


6. Scottish: Scotch eggs


Scotch egg is a perfect harmony of eggs and meat. A wholesome breakfast meal which is a melange of hard/soft boiled eggs enclosed in a thick layer of sausage meat and rolled in breadcrumbs, finally deep frying or baking to perfection.


7. Japanese: Tamagoyaki

Japanese: Tamagoyaki

Japanese work on their omelettes quite a lot. Layers and layers of spiced and herbed omelette rolled together into a log and then cut into rectangles. A thick egg preparation at its best.


8. Chinese: 100-year-old egg

Chinese: 100-year-old egg

Ever tried eggs, the Chinese way? This is one of a kind egg dish, wherein eggs are preserved with salt, ash, and clay for weeks and months till they are pickled nicely.


9.Indian: Egg curry

Egg curry: Indian

Hard-boiled eggs in a flavourful gravy of onions, tomatoes and Indian spices, enjoyed with Rotis and Naan. This egg style is just Heavenly.


10. Indian: Egg Bhurji

Indian: Egg Bhurji

Scrambled eggs are given its own variations all over the globe. Indians do it with a jumble of variety of vegetables, herbs, and spices.


11. Phillipino: Kwek Kwek

Phillipino: Kwek kwek

Very common street food in the Philippines, batter fried quail eggs.


12. Turkish: Menemem

Turkish: Menemem

Very traditional Turkish egg dish with peppers, onions, tomato oregano, ground pepper, garlic cooked with egg.


13. American: Egg salad

American: Egg salad

A quick and healthy tossed breakfast with hard-boiled eggs, onions, chives, and celery dressed in mayonnaise and mustard. American often sandwich them with breads.


14. Spanish: Tortilla Espanola

Tortilla Espanola: Spanish

More famously called Spanish Omelette. An omellete made of eggs, potatoes, chives or garlic. Sometimes even added are tomatoes, peppers, and onions.


15. Vietnamese: Egg coffee

Vietnamese: Egg coffee

A staple morning beverage which has replaced milk with egg. It’s breakfast on the go. Egg, sugar, and coffee topped with egg cream (made from heating and beating egg yolks)



16. The classic: Sunny side up


Eggs cooked one side with the other side left raw. Amazingly creamy and rawness makes it the best.


17. Onsen Tamago: Japanese



I would say, an awkward egg prep. The Japanese boil there eggs on the hot spring( Onsen) and call it Onsen Tamago.


18. Balut: Phillipines

Balut: Phillipines


Lots of work in this egg. Partially developed duck egg embryo, fertilized and steamed to make this common phillipino street food.


19. Cilbir: Turkish

Cilbir: Turkish

A protein-packed breakfast. Poached eggs served with garlic yogurt.


20. Arabic: Eggah

 Eggah: Arabic

Eggs are pocketed with vegetables, meat, and spices and fried.


21. Portugese: Eggs and brains


Brains (often of a pork) cooked with scrambled eggs. Eggs and brains does go well together.


22. Jewish: Eyerlekh

Eyerlekh: Jewish

Ready to hatch eggs, halaled still chickens and cooked in a soup. Thats some drama in there.


23. Latin: Huevos rancherosHuevos-rancheros-Latin-American

Eggs are poached in salsa laid on corn tortillas and topped with avocado slices, cheese, sour cream, etc.


24. Kedgeree: British


I would call it British and not English as it is a Colonised India inspired dish. A branch of indian khichdi which has rice, fish, eggs, meat, herbs and curry powder.


25. Japanese: Kuro tamago

Japanese: Kuro tamago

Another hot spring inspired egg prep. Eggs boiled in a sulphur-rich hot spring of Japan, the black boiled egg.


26. Iranian: Nargesi

Nargesi: Iranian

Half fried eggs on a bed of spinach made to perfection.


27. Chinese: Pickled eggs


Pickled eggs have become a favorite as Hors d’ouevres around the world. Hard boiled eggs preserved in vinegar or brine for months.


28. Chinese: Salted Duck egg


Duck eggs are preserved in the Brine solution. When cooked, the yolks are left with a creamy and nutty flavor.


29. French: Egg souffle


Simple and exotically french. Eggs, flour, and cheese mixed and baked to give a soft mouth-melting feel topped with cheese. Cheese on!


30. French: Eggs en cocotte


Eggs baked in small ramekins(ceramic bowls) over a water bath. Often made classically with butter and salt but several variations like adding breadcrumbs and cheese have been done.