8 Common Effect Happen In Your Body When You Smoke Weed For The First Time

smoking weed marijuana

Most of us think smoking weed takes us into a psychedelic state while some of us negate it as a harmful drug. Cannabis might not be legal as yet but this soon to-be-legal drug is a one time try. Ever asked the pot users what is it like to smoke it up for the first time?

Although every smoker has a different story to tell, the causal effect of smoking pot is quite judgemental. Surprisingly, smoking it for the first time might not give enough of a hit and contrastingly it might be one of a kind experience for some. Forgetting it right you must know the “art of smoke up” as I creatively term it.

Some cigarette smokers might get the trick for the first time but even they suck on their firsts. So, what happens when you smoke marijuana for the very first time? A couple of common effects can be determined by the following

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Nothing at all

smoking cannabis

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Chances are, that you might not feel anything, reason being, it hasn’t hit you right and your brain blinks, “try again try again”. Or most of the time after your smoke session you hardly know that you are entering into the psychedelic zone and you think as everything to be normal and the way they are because you are unaware as to what will happen.

Eternal bliss

marijuana effect

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Cannabis is called as “happy drug”. It can make you all happy and ecstatic if it has hit you right, and that smile on your face which is stuck there as if someone has clipped it on both sides of your cheeks, won’t go away that easily. Marijuana contains cannabinoids(explains the term cannabis) which releases dopamine, the happy hormone in your brain and gives you a gala time. So, “if you are happy and you know it”, It’s the drug talking.

Vomiting and Nausea

smoking weed side effects

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An overdose of a drug can make you nauseated. You might not have realised how much are you taking it or it might be the reason why you did not like it for the first time. But, vomiting is quite a common symptom.

Drying Up

dry mouth thirst after taking weed

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Smoking weed will give you a feeling of parchedness and you will feel thirsty again and again. It will feel as if a huge ball of cotton is stuffed inside your mouth and you will crave water.

Bingeing Sensation

hungry after smoking weeds

Smoking up makes you hungry. You will binge on food like never before. A tendency of snacking on and on gets to you after you weed on. Whether its a slice of bread or a spicy pickle, all seems yummy and the same.

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Energy Boost

dance after smoking weed

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A sudden onset of energy gets to you after taking marijuana. It seems maddening when you suddenly start working too much(physically) and dancing your heart out in those rock shows but that’s the work of weed, it makes you high on stamina levels. Caution: it’s just the mental feeling of energising, it won't boost your health in any way.

Paranoid as never before

smoking weed effects

Everything in the world around seems suspicious. Life is over-exaggerated and you become sensitive towards everything around. Suddenly, you don’t know what is going around. The mental, emotional and physical state gets on the same level. Sometimes, an extreme situation might lead you to temporary schizophrenia.

Short-lived memory


A good thing that you will forget all that happened last night after you did it, Blink!! It is quite a common symptom for when you get drunk or get high on a drug. Contrastingly, you do not want to forget your first time ever, would you? In fact, even when you are high you won’t remember what you are doing and end up thanking your friend or kissing your pet dog just again and again.

These side effects are common among first-time pot users and it should be well understood that these cognitive effects are temporary and will be withdrawn once you sober up. Many researches of drug use have shown that people with high IQ have shown a similar level of intelligence after they sobered up. With its medicinal importance and other medical properties, marijuana is a good drug for limited use and any kind of overuse and abuse is fatal in any way.



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