Why Do We Dream During Sleep – Know The Types Of Dreams And Their Meanings

why do we dreams

Dreams are a daily part of our lives. For centuries people have tried to unravel the mysteries of dreams, but this mystery is still unanswered. Why do we dream?

Most of our dreams have no meaning. They are just a string of thoughts and images that are random, and we often forget. Such dreams are normal dreams. But have you ever had the dreams that gave you a vision of the future events, and it occurred?

Yes, there are some psychic dreams too, and most of us have had that at some point. Psychic dreams give us warning about some future events. They always try to say something or occur to fulfill your unconscious wishes that we could never do in real life. It is like a dream come true every day.

So, it is essential to understand every intuition that is linked to our dreams. Some are good, some are nightmares, but the psychic dreams have some meaning (foretelling). So let’s unravel some of them and find what mystery lies there.

Precognitive Dreams

You met a long lost friend of yours last night in your dream and the other day miraculously you run into that person into a mall, isn’t it curious? You must have been thinking what kind of a dream was that you had. So to be interpreted, that was a dream that gave you a premonition of the future event. Such dreams are called Precognitive dreams, and they provide a vision of the things, events, or persons, that is going to mingle in your life sooner or later. These dreams can give an image of both good and bad news. So, don’t always overlook your dreams as they can inhabit some deeper meaning and predictions too. You need to differentiate it from your ordinary dreams.

Telepathic Dreams

In common term, I would name it “soulmate’s dreams.” Yes, you are getting it right. The dreams in which you tap onto other persons’ consciousness and thoughts are called telepathic dreams. It is like communicating with one another, knowing each other’s secret thoughts, or getting an intuition of the sickness of your loved ones, in your dreams. These dreams do not always come nor do they happen to everyone. This high level of communication is only experienced between two souls deeply connected. A non-verbal language of images and thoughts most often combines, when one of the two is sleeping.

Clairvoyant Dreams

These are the dreams where you psychically connect with the real life things or objects. The things that happen in real life while you are dreaming them are mysterious to experience. Like you are dreaming of thunderous rain, or of an earthquake, or anything got lost, and as you wake up, you found that the same thing has happened in real. Isn’t it puzzling? Have you become a prophet or what? No, don’t give way to your anxieties as it’s not happening to you exclusively. Most of us have had such dreams. It’s evidence that we are one with the body of earth and its happenings.

Healing Dreams

The name itself suggests the power of these dreams. Such dreams give us an insightful knowledge of ourselves, our decisions, and our way of life. It’s not like after having such dreams you will be cured or healed physically. Healing dreams include much deeper healing. These dreams sometimes take us to the problems in our relationships, or unhappy jobs, or some decisions that disturb us in real life. These dreams sometimes end up suggesting a solution to the issues or sometimes rather are challenging to deal with if you are running from these problems in real. So, rather than feeling uncomfortable, look to the aspect of these dreams and try to let them work as your healing pills.

Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams are those dreams that take images and episodes from your real life stress, anxieties, and trauma. You are preparing for an international meeting since long, and a week or month before your day you start having nightmares that you are running for your flight, and you missed it Or a nervous you running continuously in a never-ending long corridor to your trip and getting nowhere, and so on. Such dreams are not only one time dreams; appearing and then getting lost forever. They are experienced repetitively and frequently until you go through that moment in real life and found relief. Such dreams often start with your adulthood, incurring so many dream themes like being chased and attacked, falling down, constantly stuck in a situation, or being late.

Lucid Dreams</h3 >

Lucid Dreams come with a different aura altogether than the others. In such dreams, while dreaming the dreamer remains constantly conscious within the dream. Unlike any other dreams where ones conscious shuts down, and unconscious performs, lucid dreams give you the ability to understand your dream and control it clearly. You can see yourself fighting with the demons like a superman, or flying high in the sky. Everything that you feel hears, tastes, and smells, in your dream, seem authentically real. Don’t worry; it’s not any paranormal activity happening to you. These dreams are entirely natural and safe to experience.

There are also some symbols and images whose appearance in our dreams can be interpreted and connected with the life in a certain way:

Water: Like the image of water can be interpreted in many ways. Calm water symbolizes the calmness within us and running water- the strings of confusing thoughts. It also symbolizes cleansing, transforming, and renewal of life.

Seeing birds for a long time in your dreams interpret peace and communication. So does the completion of a circle with a sense of complete and satisfaction in life.

Dreams are too confusing to be taken seriously in life. But once you start comprehending your dream world, and its connection with your activities, you start having a much deeper knowledge of yourself. You can gain mastery over yourself if you link up with your dreams and their impending meanings.

So have a good sleep and Happy Dreaming.