Does He Like Me? 31 Signs Help To Clear All Your Doubts

Does He Like Me?

It is torturous when a doubt preoccupies a person’s mind. One such common question a girl faces is “does he like me”?


Every moment is uneasy and filled with anxiety when you don’t know how a guy feels about you.

The doubt makes it hard for you to act naturally around him. Instead of pulling petals off the daisy and keeping the mind surrounded by a sea of questions, it is better to find solutions.

The best way out is to talk to him directly. But one may feel awkward, shy and uncomfortable. It might look creepy to him as all this could be your unwanted assumptions. Also, the situation becomes worse if he is your friend and the fear of being rejected stops you. Moreover, this could even ruin the friendship.

It becomes complicated by the fact that men are not good at expressing and it takes a lot of guts for a man to confess his feelings directly. But, reading them through their body language and action isn’t as hard as it might look.


Here are a few irrefutable signs that would help out clear all your doubts on "Does he like me"


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Your own intuitions

Intuitions are your gut feeling. It is a whisper from deep within. It is sudden insight, like you having a shiver down your spines as you pick up subtle signal deep within that he likes us. If you are very confident and have a strong feeling, your intuitions would surely guide you and help you decide. Many times, intuitions leave a mixed signal making it hard to decode them.


You are his priority

You are important to him no matter whatever happens. In such a busy life, he will make sure he gives you time. He will not consider you an afterthought. He may sacrifice his commitments to spend time with you. He would fight all odds that comes in your way. His prioritization of being with you and connecting with you is a good sign that he likes you.


He Notices a small detail

If he notices the small details in you, that’s a good sign of interest. Being Interested is the step to liking.

He might have an exceptional recall and might remember most of your details. He would compliment you if not by words, then through eyes no doubt.


You are special to him

A guy who is smitten would do anything to give you a special feeling. He would relish being around you. He would put the best efforts in making every moment spent together memorable.

He will give you special undivided attention and try his best to make your life easy. He might open a car door or offer a chair to sit and surprise you with loads of gifts. You could also notice his ‘I’ becoming ‘US’.


Love is in his eyes

The eye is the mirror of our hearts. Researchers suggest that men who stared at a woman for 8.2 seconds or more were far more likely to feel they had fallen for her. On the opposite side, if a man just looked at the woman for 4.5 seconds or less, he was likely to show no interest in her at all.

Research suggests that the person’s pupil get brightened and dilated when in liking. Eye contact is the best way to show interest. He would stare at you at times with such a level of intensity making your hearts aware of it. He would glance straight into your eyes when you cross each other. His contrasting gazes should be noticeable. The spark in his eyes would say everything.


He is possessive for you

No doubt a guy who is into you would feel possessive about you. His possession could also turn into uncontrolled jealousy.

He might feel jealous for example, when you speak to other guys around. He might have a feeling of insecurity of losing you. His talks and actions would reveal you his jealousy.


Curious about your day-to-day life

Men communicate their interests through focussed attention and listening. You can be sure he is interested in you if he ends up asking many questions about your life and shows curiosity in knowing more and more.

For instance, he might question up about the present, future, etc.


Your interests become his interests

You would see him developing an interest in the activities you perform. He would align his hobbies and interests with you. It would happen consciously or unconsciously as he adores you. You would soon start having shared interest. He would make you realize how similar you both are.


Your all-time problem solver

He would lend a helping hand and sort out all your problems no matter how small or big they are. He would not be afraid and reluctant to go an extra mile out of his ways to give a solution to it.


Shy to ask directly

If your guy is frank, he could directly inquire of your relationship status and try to get your contact number. He could make a comment saying “ Your guy must be lucky to have you” or any question of such kind. If he is the shy types cum decent fellow, he may give few hints. He would keep beating around the bush but would be nervous to ask directly.


Shows his best to you

He is a different guy in your vicinity. You would surely notice a change in his behavior and talks, he being conscious about his appearance and so on. You could see him fidgeting. He might be nervous and impatience.


Adjusts for your happiness

Though adjusting is a tough job, he would happily do it. He would improve himself and wouldn’t repeat any mistakes with you. He would also stop doing things you hate and would sacrifice his happiness for your well being.


Follows you in social media

You could find him following you on social media, he might stalk your pictures, tag you, like or comment. He is keen on finding everything about you.


You are in his imagination

Have you noticed him getting shocked by your sudden presence? Might be his facial expression or so changes. Maybe he is thinking of you? Can’t be sure though.

He might suggest you something unnaturally. Like, he might suggest you wear a white dress telling that it might suit you. He then must surely be imagining you.


Your company is what he wants

He always wishes to be with you and builds up the rapport. He might make plans with you and find reasons to talk to you and be around you. He would seek for personal time - a way of kindling love.


Unconsciously mimics

Imitating is regarded as the sincerest act of flattery. To imitate someone is to pay the person a genuine compliment. 'Mirroring' or subconsciously copying your body language, gestures, speech patterns, or attitude, is a sign that the person admires and respects you. He is receiving the energy you're giving off.

For instance, he may imitate the same hand gestures/leg pattern as you or have the same energy level as yours.


He listens out and understands

He gives out his ear to all your long and tiresome stories. He listens out, understands and focusses all attention to you.



Takes your stand

He is the one who supports you in the crowd. He takes your stand and protects you from being humiliated.


Connects with you emotionally

He feels comfortable in opening his heart out and shares personal emotional moments with you. He also reveals his quirky side.


His friends become your friends

He would introduce you to his family and friends. He would consider you as no else than his own family.


His posture says it all

A person’s feet point towards the source of their desire. His feet pointing towards you, his body leaning towards you and he facing you is a good sign that he is interested. He may blush with his ears going scarlet.


Finds you in the crowd

His skill of noticing every detail in you and his constant eye on you would make him find you in the crowd.


Ignores you

Fear of rejection might stop him from having an interaction with you. He may kind of ignore you as he might be scared of making a wrong impression. Ignoring, in fact, is a sign of liking.

Many guys ignore intentionally to grab the girl’s attention. They wish her to miss them and know their worth.


Behaves like a kid with you

His comfort with you would make him as innocent as a kid. He will show his real self to you. He would tease you and indulge in small fights. He would try to act funny to make you laugh. Also, he would laugh even at your silliest joke.


Friends may behave weirdly

You would definitely be caught up if he had given even the slightest hint to his friends about he liking you. They may tease and smile awkwardly. Their behavior towards you may become weird.


Sorts every small conflict

He would take initiatives in sorting issues and fights between you. He would take your viewpoint as well into consideration. He would also make efforts in developing a good understanding between you two.


Your approval becomes a must

In every situation or any decision he makes publicly, he might be curious to know your reaction. He would consider your viewpoint and approval in making any conclusion.


Becomes your shield

He might risk his life becoming your protective shield. Many guys intentionally put themselves in the face of danger. They would showcase themselves as bold and fearless and try to grab your attention.

The guy who likes you, would fight through all kinds of storms for you and protect you beneath his umbrella. He would be your knight in shining armor.


Misses you in your absence

Your absence disturbs him. He might be curious to know your whereabouts. He might also be a little worried or insecure of you being well and everything thing around you being good. In case your friend mentions about him asking about you, you can be sure he was missing you.


Sees your brighter side

If a guy likes you, he will move heavens and earth to bring a big, fat smile down your cheeks. He becomes your support helping you walk through the tough road at tough times. He makes you understand your worth when you are low thus boosting your confidence level.


Goodbye is difficult

Saying GoodBye is the hardest thing to him if he likes you as he deep down wishes to spend the maximum of his time with you. He would try to prolong the time with you. Even a few minutes would do him good.

His face would show all the pain. He might also show little excitement in planning the next meet with you.


Say bye to all your doubts and get rid of the unwanted emotional roller coaster. Analyze and listen to your hearts taking decisive action about it.


Enjoy, Smile, Love, Cherish!