18 Things To Do That Makes You Happy

Do That Makes You Happy

Happiness is basically an emotion or state of mind where one is satisfied with the things they do or any decision that leads to any sort of achievement. The definition of happiness is different for different people. Some people thrive for materialistic things to be happy, for some, any kind of success brings happiness, for some happiness lies in making their family contented, etc. But one should always remember that your happiness should never depend on achieving or losing a goal, it should always be about the process and your determination to achieve it. If you are satisfied with the process then always be relaxed which ultimately makes you happy.

Always give priority to do things that makes you happy. Life is not that long to regret over your past decisions to make yourself feel bad about it, always be a learner to keep growing towards making fewer mistakes and be happy.

Everybody has different phases in their lives when their fortune is at it’s worst but always remember it’s your mindset and determination to even let that time go through happily instead of ruining yourself or moving into darkness. Always remember the worst problems are given to the toughest one and the one who faces them fiercely and with a smile is a true fighter. These are your trials and who said that trials are easy. Happiness leads you to a life where you can even help others to be full of positivity.

Everybody likes people who are happy and know how to deal with every problem happily. Always exercise and meditate as it helps you be at peace and calm which keeps you stress-free. Sacrificing happiness for success will always give you less success. Remember that happy people are more successful. Being happy makes you more generous towards other people.

Life is always about what we make it so if we all know that happiness breeds success and longevity, then why not be happy? Always find a reason to be happy because behind every bad day or phase there is a reason to laugh and there is a lot of scopes to make your life worth living with happiness. We are lucky to have been born so make the full use of making yourself happy in any way you can.


As a very write quote says “ It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”



18 Benefits of Doing Things That Makes You Happy


  1. Satisfaction


Being happy gives immense satisfaction. Compromising with your happiness for reasons that are not in your hands is totally impractical. Satisfaction gives you peace of mind which leads you towards growing yourself in person and to your goal as well which ultimately satisfies you.

If you are happy you will always be satisfied with doing even the little things well. Even the little beam of sunshine in the morning, the twinkling night stars and even a hug from any special person can make you happy if you are willing to remain cheerful.



  1. Productivity increases

Productivity increases - do what makes you happy

First of all, being productive means to do a task effectively or better than the rest. A single happy day can also turn into a productive one so why not make our whole life happy and productive. Contentment can turn your little input into a bigger outcome if you are interested in whatever you are doing.

With increased productivity, it becomes easier to turn your knowledge into actions that are appreciated by everyone. Thereby, making you grow happier each day. At last, being productive keeps you motivated, boosting morale and helping you strive towards success. I am sure this ought to make people happy in one or the other way.


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  1. Remedy to stress and anxiety

Remedy to stress and anxiety

What is the opposite of being happy? One should surely say being unhappy but if we look at the bigger picture it says the person who is not happy must be suffering from anxiety, stress or depressed with their life. Everyone has some incidences in their lives which leads them to a state of depression or stress but it should be your determination to be happy.

If you are happy it helps you forget your miseries and look at the better side of your life-giving you a ray of optimism to always be jovial.


  1. Socializing

Socializing-do what makes you happy

It is easier to make friends and impress larger number of people if you are cheerful. It is usually a normal human tendency to be attracted and talk to people who are happier than the ones who always remain tensed with a weird expression. As happiness is contagious it helps you associate with people and make them happy and we know it is so wonderful even if you can make a single person laugh in a whole day.

Socializing also helps you to be away from loneliness and it also important to interact with people since one should always learn how to talk to people. The feeling of being alone is terrifying so always be communicated with a few or a bunch of people who are good for you.


  1. Admiration for yourself and others

Admiration for yourself and others

When you are happy you become more appreciating for others. You start liking a person with their flaws as everybody has flaws but those flaws make you different from others. When you accept people with their flaws and forgive them for their mistakes, it shows your gratitude. You start admiring people, focussing on the good in them.


  1. Be positive and spread positivity

Be positive and spread positivity

Very few people are aware of the fact that our brain is monitored by our thoughts so if we are too stressed we ought to become dull and negative but if we are happy we do think positively which affects our mind to process things calmly which brings out better results.

Always try to negate negative thoughts from your mind, learn to control your mind instead of your mind controlling your mind. One’s you control your mind towards always thinking good thoughts, the results will surely be great giving you happiness. Do commit yourself to be happy.


  1. Mental and Physical Well Being

Mental and Physical Well Being

Happiness gives you peace of mind keeping you away from stressful thoughts mentally or emotionally, helps you remain away from depression, keeps your hormones level under control thus keeping you mentally fit.

Being happy is a precaution and even a cure to mostly all diseases. Studies do show that happy people are more healthy and contentment does help you forget your pain. It keeps you away from bodily diseases like hypertension, maintains your heart rate, boosts your immune system, etc.


  1. Life is too short to be sad

Life is too short to be sad

Make your life as happy as it can be, allow yourself to enjoy it to the fullest but by doing the right things, taking the right paths which do not let you regret, make others happy by helping them. Make those downtrodden people happy who are less lucky but they surely know the true meaning of life. I am sure that helping others would give you immense pleasure.


  1. Self-Confidence


Self-esteem can change you in person very effectively. It affects your daily life and whatever work you are associated with to a huge extent. Being happy and following your passion always helps you gain confidence in yourself. Your happiness leads you to positive thoughts which motivates you to make the right decisions leading you to trust yourself and gain confidence in yourself.


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  1. You start Acknowledging the Change and trusting yourself

You start Acknowledging the Change and trusting yourself

If one remains happy, they start accepting people as they are in and out, become forgiving and our acceptance towards them increases. We too become forgiving and one can never experience true happiness if they are not forgiving. One should remember that everyone has their own shortcomings and strengths. So, instead, we should be attracted to their strengths and help in filling their loopholes if needed.

It’s better to accept whatever changes occurring with happiness by trusting yourself that you can face them willingly with all your hearts rather good or bad.


  1. It’s worth it

It’s worth it

Is it not so that we are fortunate enough to get a life that God has provided us with so if hurdles are not there, we would not experience and learn from them to make our life worth living. So, being happy should never be an option but always try making it a compulsion to enjoy the fullest of it.

Your's worth also increases in your own life and others if you can handle your problems well and stand out victorious.

  1. Makes you Beautiful

Makes you Beautiful

We all hear that people who laugh are ageless in sense of beauty because they develop fewer wrinkles and outward signs of beauty are more in comparison to the ones who are always in stress. Being happy makes us exercise our face muscles making it beautiful. It is evident that Happy people are younger and cheerfulness can make their biological age look less. Happiness makes you beautiful inside out so always try to be contented.


  1. Strive to do your Best

Strive to do your Best

Happiness leads you towards growth in whatever goal you strive for as it keeps you encouraged and motivated in whatever field you work in. So, if you are happy, others do encourage your work and that encouragement motivates you to do better and win laurels in that respective work.


  1. Marriages turning into beautiful relationships

Marriages turning into beautiful relationships

Happy couples make their marriage turning into trustful and beautiful relationships. Chaotic and distrustful couples are formed due to a lack of happiness and the stress they face in life either due to financial and emotional stresses. People are so busy with their stress that they forget to be happy and giving time to their relationship to grow in an effective manner.


  1. Negation of negativity leading to decrease of suicidal thoughts

Negation of negativity leading to decrease of suicidal thoughts

When one is happy, the person is surrounded by positivity and neither of the negative and stressful thoughts can engulf your mind. So, you have your piece of mind working and thinking of positive actions. A person full of negativity and depression has suicidal thoughts. Even though we call such person weak but one needs to settle the psychology of such persons by making them visit a counselor because no problem in the world gets prioritized above your love for life.


  1. Deters you from addiction to alcohol, weeds, etc.

Deters you from addiction to alcohol, weeds, etc.

In today’s generation, every solution to any problem related to breakups or other family issues leads you to addiction towards such harmful drugs which starts controlling your mind and makes you aggressive and less oblivious to what is happening around them. They keep digging their own grave of addiction deeper day by day.

One needs to understand that they should know how to deal with emotions by keeping themselves happy in any way possible by sharing their emotions with friends and family rather than indulging in things which can ruin them.



  1. Better Customer Service Appeasement

Better Customer Service Appeasement

If the retailer is happy it helps them appease the customer easily. A happy person can satisfy the other person easily than the one in a frown mood thus leading to an increase in sales and better retailer customer relationships.

If we are happy we express ourselves happily and people around us get impressed easily.


  1. Improvement in Creativity at resolving difficulties and Decision Making

Improvement in Creativity at resolving difficulties and Decision Making

When we are happy we tend to take better and effective decisions in our life in comparison to when we are stressed. Because when we are happy we do not focus on the negative side of our lives.



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