90+ Cute Things To Say To a Girl Through Message, Call or In Person

cute things to say to a girl
Cute Things To Say To a Girl Through Message, Call or In Person

Every person is beautiful in themselves, and there is a common saying is "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". It is the observer who founds the beauty everywhere. Likewise, girls love the compliments, when a guy appreciates their beauty and notice their small details and compliment them, they feel contented. A girl feels special when a guy compliments them.

Apart from this, the way one expresses in front of a girl is what makes her know you better in person and how you appraise them. Do not butter up, be simple with your words.

When a guy notices and mentions the cute things about a girl, she likes to talk to him. Most of the girls love to listen about them from a guy. Whenever you are in conversation with a girl, try to be down to earth and talk about the girl. 

Here are some pickup lines you can use to tell cute things about the girl you always want to have a healthy conversation and express your feelings to you girl.


Cute things to say to a girl

Cute things to say to a girl

-The way you carry yourself is gorgeous.


-You are like a universe, which I want to explore more.


-Your smile suits your face.


-I love to spend time with you and want all my life.


-I love the way you understand me, no one ever did so.


-I will always there when you need me.


-You are the beam of light in a dark room.


-You deserve the best of all in the world, and I hope I can be the best for you.


-You are like a precious diamond which I never want to lose.


 -You look cute when you are angry.


-I never met a girl like you. You are unique, I like it.


 -I feel lucky when you are with me.


 -Whatever the situation will be, I will always stand by your side.


 -You are as important to me, as my life is to me.


 -If there is a real concept of heaven, I found it on this earth, in your arms.



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-I am always ready to face your mood swings my whole life.


 -Always stay like this, I love the way you are right now.


 -You are my treasure and I am blessed that I came at the same time, you came on the earth.


-The way you hold me gives me the strength to be your proud someone special.


 -Your smile is brighter than all the stars combined.


 -You are my driver of life, your support, keeps me going.


 -Your eyes have something which gives me peace and I'm drowning into it.


 -No one can replace you in my life.


-You light up my day with your stupid talks and behaviour, and I love it a lot.


 -In a crowd of hundreds of people, my eyes will always be searching and waiting for your glance.


 -I want to go on a world tour with you and eat a lot, I promise will protect you and we will have a lot of fun. Are you ready to go?


 -You are the 8th Wonder of the World for me.


-I am ready to take all your moods and will never let you feel down about choosing me.


 -You are the sweetness to the sweets.

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-You are my Angel.


 -I am ready to experience all the ups and downs in our path with you.


 -Something is meant to happen and meeting you is something special to happen to me.



Cute things to say to a girl over text

Cute things to say to a girl over text

-A text from you, can change a hectic day into a lovely day like you.


-Oops! I wanted to text to a beautiful lady, and it delivered to you.


-The person reading the text is someone I admire


-This is to inform the person reading the message that “A heart away from your beats for you every second.”


-All day I was thinking about you, so I thought to text you, hope I didn’t disturb you.


-Everyone asked me what happened to me?
I am acting weird!!
How I can express to them that I was thinking of you all the time...


Did I told you that you are as cute as pie...


-Your eyes are like deep sea and I want to dive into it.


The phone may blast, as it's in your hand...


-Knock! Knock !!
Can I talk to your parents?
I wanted to ask them the secret of your cuteness..


-Hey !!
Do you know where the brightest glow on this earth can be seen?
Its when you smile...


-When the souls meet, the bond becomes more special, and I want our bond to be as special as one’s life.


-I am happy that I got you, I can express anything to you, and I know you will understand.


-Till my last breath of life, I want to spend time with you only.


-When we fight, there can be hundreds of reasons to leave you but the one reason I always stay with you is ‘YOU’. I can search the whole world but will never get another one like you. You are antique.


-When I first saw you, I was attracted to your cute smile,
When I started talking to you, I felt peace,
When I started knowing you more, I promised myself, I will never let you go.


-We might not be perfect together, but I love imperfection.


-The way you put words together, no one can,
You are my poet and I want to be your poem.


-I have a complain,
Since you came into my life my concentration power gone weak, you took all my attention towards you.
But I like this babe..

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-You know, you are one of the cause of global warming.


-I don’t know how to express, but you have become my life, my strength, my weakness, my reason to live happy, you are my world to me.


-You are the path and I will walk on it forever my life.



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-Hey cutie,
I saw you today,
In my dreams…


-Every time my phone rings, I wish it's you.


-You have become so important to me, that now, I can’t even imagine my life without you.


-When I see your name in my phone ringing and a message from you, my face brightens up with a smile and my heart beats with an echo that “it’s her”.


-I lost my heart, Is it with you?


-The best days are when the morning starts with you and night ed with you.


-You have the key to go into my heart. I will never lose my key.


-The moment I hold your hand and look into your eyes, I gave myself to you.


-Meaning of happiness is Your Smile, Your care and You.


-Whatever my mood is, you know all the tricks to make me happy.




Sweet things to say to your crush

Sweet things to say to your crush

-Your beauty lies in your soul which I love a lot.


-The way you talk is music to my ears.


-You are my home.


-Every time I close my eyes, I can see you and me holding hands and walking side by a beach


-When I look into your eyes, I can see the whole life in front of me.


-I may have many girls, I interact with, but the best interaction is with you


-I will always stand by your side


-Your smile is the biggest strength of mine, keep smiling


-I feel special that you came to my life


-The time I spend with you is the best time


-Every colour looks beautiful when u wear them


-I can’t take my eyes off you


 -I don’t know what love means to you, but for me love means You.


 -Can I call you honey? As you are as sweet as honey


-You came to my life making it brighter than all the stars combined.


 -I Thank God for giving me the cutest gift of yours to me.


 -You mesmerize me fully.


 -I learnt the meaning of love after I met you.


 -I wish I could stop the time when you are with me


 -I am your honeybee; Will you be my beehive?


 -I am yours forever.

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 -When I am with you, I want the time to stop.


-The moment of meeting with you is always beautiful, and the beauty doubles every time.


-I may not be good at expressing my love for you, but for me “You are my world.”


-I know so many love stories, but I want to make ours ‘The best.’


 -You are the reason for me to live more.


-I love you not for what you are, but for what I am, when I am with you with you, #best


-The way soul is eternal, so is my love for you.


-I want to hug you till the time I smell like you.


-The best days are those which started with you and ended with you.


-I will never leave you, because now I belong to you.


-Do you know the map of your eyes?


-I am lost in your eyes, please help me to find a way to come back.


-Do you have some gravitational power?


-As I am falling for you.


-You are a thief; you stole my heart.


-I will always protect you, but will you be my queen of chess.