300 Conversation Starters : Get The Most Amazing List To Talk With Anyone

Are you going to a party tonight? Or a get together this weekend? A wedding this month? A date for the first time?

Are you an introvert? Shy When it comes to interacting with people at a social gathering? Okay, so well we can try an interesting activity with ourselves to just test us how we interact and talk to people.

We are bombarding you with 200+ conversation starters questions which will help you to a greater degree to become frank with people and know them better. If you are a shy person then it will definitely help you to know people better and if you’re not a shy person then it will help you have a vision of other person’s mentality and perspective at a deeper level.


Good Conversation Starters

Good Conversation Starters

1. Will you raise the spirit of others or sustain your own?

2. What defines ‘values' according to you?

3. Do you have any definition of ‘best'?

4. What makes you laugh out loud?

5. What makes you cry at loud?

6. Who’s your favorite author and why?

7. What fictional character you like and aspire to be like him/her and why?

8. What makes you empower?

9. What makes you hold yourself tight with faith in difficult phases of life?

10. What’s that worst-ever funny advice you have given to someone intentionally?

11. Among the three categories of activities, you would prefer the most? (Primary, secondary, and tertiary)

12. Which social networking platform fascinates you more?

13.  What’s that 'punchline' you would like to say to everyone?

14. What makes you feel tired?

15. What qualities of yours make you think that you will be a good partner in the future?

16. Which season you like the most and why?

17. What that one sentence you think that you should never say at a joyful gathering?


Interesting Conversation Starters

Interesting Conversation Starters

1. Would you ever undertake the laborious voyage with the joy a child feels?

2. Would you go/allow your wife to go for a ramp walk in her pregnancy state?

3. Would you ever do the opposite ritual of some festival just to break blindly followed norms/traditions?

4. Do you have any fear of your elder's reaction to any of your activities?

5. Do you like to pray daily?

6. Which culture of the world interests you more?

7. Which country in the world you would like to go and visit?

8. Which historic monument you like the most and why?

9. You like to go to a hilly area or a dessert one?

10. Which medical treatment do you believe the most?

11. Tell me the name of that one teacher of yours you are willing to know about his/her history?

12. Which name interests you more?

13. By what means would you like to prove yourself and your talent?

14. Do you miss the old you?

15. Do you miss the way someone acted when you first met?

16. What’s the reason for you to listen to slow music?


Random Conversation Starters

Random Conversation Starters

1. What was the last show you watch?

2. What’s the last book you read?

3. What comes to your mind when I say the word 'Sky'?

4. Which company slippers you find more comfortable for you?

5. What kind of hair do you like?

6. What’s the last music you heard?

7. Who’s the last person you met with?

8. Who was the first one to propose you/ accept your proposal/someone you proposed to?

9. Who’s the rudest teacher you had in your school?

10. What are your plans for this weekend?

11. Have you ever made food for the family?

12. Do you like the flower in a vase or in a garden instead?

13. Do you believe in God?

14. What you would have done if you were a butterfly?

15. What shade of lipstick do you like?

16. Do you like short nails or big grown-up nails?

17. What’s that one thing which is waste for others but useful to you?

18. To what extent you want people to be proud of you?

19. What kind of energy would you like to exhale from you?


Conversation Starters For Texting

Conversation Starters For Texting

1. What annoys you the most?

2. Who’s the one person in your life with whom you can share and express everything you feel like?

3. What was my first impression upon you?

4. What do you feel about me as a person?

5. What do you like the most about me?

6. What are your views on 'humanity'?

7. What are your hobbies?

8. What’s that skill you would like to pursue or learn but you know that you’re too bad at the same?

9. What’s the first thing you would like to change about your physical appearance?

10. If someone is dying in front you and you know that the person is a murderer. Would you save his life or let him die?

11. What defines a friend according to you?

12. What kind of replies do you like to give people?

13. You like to talk more on texts or on-call?

14. Do you still aim for the same you had in your childhood? If yes, why? If No, why?

15. You are like yourself to be trendy or a classic one?

16. What is your hobby-horse?

17. Which section of the newspaper do you prefer to read first?


Conversation Starters With a Guy

Conversation Starters With a Guy

1. What’s that one thing about boys that annoys you?

2. What’s that one thing about boys that fill you up with pride?

3. What kind of movies do you like?

4. What kind of songs do you like?

5. Have you ever let someone special enter your life?

6. Have you ever hugged or kissed someone before?

7. What are your views on relationships?

8. What kind of a person do you crave for?

9. What kind of qualities do you need in a person who'll enter in your life forever?

10. What qualities of girls makes you respect them?

11. What qualities of the girls make you feel annoyed?

12. What childish thing you still enjoy?

13. If, you get a chance to know whether that thing exists in real or it’s just a humor/stereotype, what would that be?

14. Which song will you dedicate to yourself?

15. Will listen to heart-broken songs if you'll ever face break-up? If not this, how will you go through the phase?

16. Which is your favorite sports? Do you play this or just like to watch it?

17. Which is that series/ reality show/ short movies you think have motivated you or even made you to put a thought to it?

Deep Conversation Starters

Deep Conversation Starters

1. Have you ever undergone an ocean of change within your self?

2. Have you ever faced or fought an ugly and emotional battle within your self?

3. Would you like to analyze something from one standpoint or multiple standpoints?

4. What do you do when you feel disaffected?

5. What are your views about 'books'?

6. Which animal you think resembles you and why?

7. Which color you think resembles you and why?

8. Do you agree that one theory/saying/tradition can be put perfectly in every situation? If yes, why? If no, why?

9. What kind of life you're aspiring for and why? What’s the reason which makes insatiate with your present one?

10. Do you think there’s a need to impress others? If yes, why? If no, why?

11. What that one particular thing/activity/person that you will never choose and why?

12. If you would get a chance to instill one piece of advice to a newborn baby, what would it be?

13. Do you think, every day comes with a new experience with it? What's that experience or lesson you learned today?

14. What’s that one need or one want you would like to deliberately achieve in your life and day make yourself proud of that?

15. What do you miss most about your past even though you know that it was painful?

16. What makes you feel so excited about your future even though you know that haven’t even experience that?

17. What makes you feel worried about your future?


conversation starters with friends

conversation starters with friends

1. When did you felt that your heart glow with enthusiasm?

2. Would you like to create a paradise of your creations? With what would it be created?

3. Are you still in touch with your old friends? If No, why?

4. Have you ever spread humors in your college or ever did this in back your school days?

5. Which outfit do you think suits you best?

6. Have you ever tell a lie to your parents and went out to roam around/visit a place with friends instead?

7. What similarities do you think we have?

8. What dissimilarities you think we have and how we can handle them?

9. What qualities do you look for in a person?

10. What unites us according to you?

11. What according to you is that one core thing which makes any relation blissful, beautiful and trustworthy?

12. Which languages you have command at?

13. Which language/s you wish to have commanded that and what hi hinders you from that?

14. What kinds of books do you like to read?

15. Which is the best place you find for reading?

16. If, I give you two options which one will you choose, to say the truth or to attempt for a dare?

17. How are your relations with your parents and how is it different from your other family members/relatives?


Conversation Starters For Couples

Conversation Starters For Couples

1. What is the happiest moment you think we had together?

2. What’s the strangest date we had?

3. What makes you fall for me?

4. Tell one habit of mine which annoys you?

5. Tell that one special thing which distinct me from others.

6. What’s the unique quality in me?

7. How many kids do you like to have?

8. How would you like to plan our ideal date?

9. What are the priceless qualities you think you have?

10. What makes you love yourself?

11. Which personality attracts you the most?

12. What would your 80-year self say if she looks at the present you?

13. Have our children become too insensitive while we were busy with life?

14. What qualities/skills you think we should have to be good parents?

15. If we broke up someday, what do you think, will we become a vase which looks beautiful even if the cracks are visible or we won’t be even able to find the broken prices?

16. In what situations you think you won’t be able to support me?

17. To what degree you think that we'll be able to bound the gap of the generation with our kids?


Conversation Starters For Kids

Conversation Starters For Kids

1. In which standard do you study?

2. Who’s your best friend?

3. Which color do you like the most and why?

4. What’s your favorite outdoor game?

5. What’s your favorite indoor game?

6. Who’s your favorite teacher and why?

7. Which subject do you like the most?

8. What do you want to become in your future and why?

9. How many friends do you have?

10. Which song do you like the most?

11. Who’s your favorite singer?

12. Who’s your favorite actor?

13. Who’s your favorite actress?

14. Which activity do you like the most?

15. What do you like the most?

16. What do you hate the most?

17. Which animal do you find the most cutest one?

18. Which animal you’re scared of?

19. Do you like babies?

20. Which is your favorite rhyme or poem?


Conversation Starters Tinder

Conversation Starters Tinder

1. What are you by profession?

2. You like traveling or love sitting alone at home and doing nothing?

3. Do you like kids? If yes, what kind of kids?

4. Do you accept people as they’re or refer to make some changes which suit you?

5. Where do you live? What do you like the most about your place?

6. What do you like the most about the place where you work and what motivated you to pursue that?

7. What the most memorable memory you have of your childhood?

8. If you had to live the rest of your life without any one of your five senses, what would it be?

9. Which favorite food of yours you think you can eat for the rest of your life?

10. What you think you can do to stop your bad habits?

11. Will you punish a person who has broken his/her promise but they don’t have any ill intention behind that?

12. Do you have any definition of a good deed or bad deed?

13. What’s that core quality in you, you think will never change?

14. There are certain things which we hide from everyone about ourselves. Why would you don’t share that with anyone, even if the other is your understanding friend?

15. If you believe in 'best' friends, will you ever allow to have more than one in yourself?

16. To what extent you like to have comments?

17. What kind of a person you’re looking for on the tinder?

18. What made you use the tinder app? Are you thank it or still regretting using the platform?


Conversation Starters For Crush

Conversation Starters For Crush

1. Do you ever wonder whose mind you cross while they lay down at bed or waking up in the morning or sitting in the middle of the class?

2. Name a person who’s well acquainted with your failures, and how heavily you bore the disappointment?

3. What’s the favorite thing you do on the internet?

4. On what you think you spend lot of money but there’s no use of spending too?

5. Which accessories you think you're obsessed with?

6. Are you curious to ask as many questions as you can? If yes, why? If No, why?

7. Have you ever compliment to someone? To whom?

8. Have you ever judged somebody? For what? Why?

9. Have you ever proposed someone? If yes, to whom?

10. What’s that most beautiful scenic imagery you still have in your mind you once experienced and what makes you don’t forget that?

11. What kind of traveling you like the most?

12. Have you ever given a nickname to someone? To whom?

13. Do you have any nickname/pet name? Who gave you this?

14. Do you like pets? If yes, which is your favorite one? If no, why?

15. What makes you feel angry and happy/joyful at the same time?

16. Would you like to flow out your emotions at regular intervals and every time but still talking to people with a smile or not at regular intervals but once a time period and not talking to anyone?

17. What’s that one thing/incident/article you heard or read that sucks you for the longer period of time?


Conversation Starters For Teens

Conversation Starters For Teens

1. Would you like to remain in this age group or would go back to childhood?

2. What changes do you feel in your attitude at this moment of your life?

3. Do you emphasize more on looks?

4. What are you most anxious about your physical appearance now?

5. Do you like to spend time with your friends more or family?

6. How would you like to present yourself in social gatherings?

7. Do you like Dusk or Dawn?

8. What’s that one thing that makes you feel annoys about your parents?

9. What are the situations when you feel aggressive?

10. What do you like about your parents?

11. Is there anything which makes you feel annoyed about your friends?

12. What do you think about you, are you an introvert or an extrovert?

13. When do you feel alone?

14. In what situations do you feel you need your parents' support?

15. When do you feel you need your friends' support?

16. What would your perfect day consist of?

17. What’s the most embarrassing moment you've ever felt?


Great Conversation Starters

Great Conversation Starters

1. How long can you survive without seeing your phone?

2. What makes you feel mentally draining?

3. Which dress of yours do you like the most? Why?

4. What kind of environment do you like?

5. Do you think even the colors of clothes people choose to represent them? If yes, why? If no, why? What color dresses you have and why do you choose them?

6. Everybody like the sunset, what’s your reason for liking the sunset and why?

7. Do you think we really fall for a person just because of the looks and the way they present themselves?

8. What’s that very thing which still makes you feel childish?

9. What’s that very thing which makes you feel mature?

10. What geometrical shape you like the most and why?

11. What makes you feel silly?

12. What makes you feel that you’re different from others or what others think about you?

13. Would you make yourself eligible enough to read the text in the original language or translation of the source language that will work for you?

14. What makes you think that you’re a creative person?

15. Do you have any morning rituals in your home? If yes, what’s that?

16. Do you have any night ritual at your home? If yes, what’s that?

17. What do you like the most about your daily routine?

18. What do you hate the most about your daily routine?


Conversation Starters With a Girl

Conversation Starters With a Girl

1. What stereotype about girls annoys you the most?

2. What’s the thing about the girls which makes you fill up with pride?

3. Have you ever tried to cross the boundaries of patriarchy?

4. What are the qualities of girls (in general) which irritate you the most?

5. What kind of dresses do you like?

6. What qualities do you aspire for?

7. What kind of a person do you like to enter in your life to fill it up with the ocean of love?

8. Being a girl have you ever faced any case of molestation and catcalling? If yes, how have you talked about that? Have you shared the incident with anybody someone close to you?

9. Have someone ever broke your heart?

10. What challenges you things females have to face every day?

11. What makes you think that makes life are far different from females?

12. What are your views on patriarchy?

13. What are your views on feminism?

14. What kind of movies do you like the most? Name some.

15. Do you oppose your elders when their ideology doesn’t match with yours or you obey whatever they say?

16. What are you most passionate about?

17. Do you like cooking? What motivated you to cook? What that one dish you like to cook and eat the most?


Funny Conversation Starters

Funny Conversation Starters

1. Which animal inspires you?

2. If you got a chance to walk like a weird animal, which one would you choose?

3. Who’s your favorite comedian?

4. Would you like to share any funny incident you came across?

5. Which incident from your life is scary for you but funny for others?

6. What are the unwritten rules you follow with your friends and family?

7. Apart from the quo, which kind of the secret society or personnel paradise you would like to have?

8. Do you like vulgar talks?

9. What’s the most embarrassing dress you ever worn?

10. What you look for when you enter someone else’s home?

11. Do you ever wonder what kind of talk do your teachers have their own respective houses? Who’s that one?

12. Which number is the luckiest for you?


Flirty Conversation Starters

Flirty Conversation Starters

1. What compliment would you like to give me right at this moment?

2. How much do you love me?

3. Which kiss means more than a kiss to you?

4. Talk about what’s the difference between being single and dating someone?

5. Have you ever done 'sexting' with someone? If not, with whom would you like to do that?

6. Which emoji makes you think about me?

7. Which is that Romantic movie you would like to watch with me specifically?

8. Are you flirty in nature?

9. Are you Romantic in nature?

10. What kind of a hug would you like to give me?

11. Do you get butterflies in your stomach when we talk something naughty?

12. Has this ever happens that you have watched a full-fledged Romantic movie and after that, you deliberately wanted to talk to me but you couldn’t and felt sad?

13. Have you ever blamed me for not getting a good sleep?

14. What did you felt about me after our last meeting?

15. How much time you think you can spend with me?

16. Would you like to call me in a room this coming weekend and talk all the rubbish and then realized that the day has soon passed away?

17. What kind of partners you think we will be?

Conversation Starters For Dating

Conversation Starters For Dating

1. What’s your dream date?

2. What’s your dream job?

3. What was my first impression upon you?

4. What are you most passionate about?

5. What are you most lenient about?

6. Do you like to write?

7. Which medium do you prefer to express yourself?

8. How our date proceed for the rest of the day?

9. Is this your first date?

10. What the uniqueness of the date you feel so special?

11. Which kind of dance you would like to have with me tonight?

12. Have you ever cuddled someone?

13.  What attract you the most whenever you go to a very new place?

14. What’s that one quality makes you feel disgusted about everyone?

15. Do you like to go to Salon frequently?

16. What are you addicted to?

17. What're the good and bad qualities you think you have and you should share it with me on this very first day?


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