75 Best Compliments – The List You Need


Compliments are expressions used to appreciate or motivate any person.  Defining a way to convey the importance of an individual etc.  Compliments are often light and leave a feeling of exhilaration and contentment. Greeting people with compliments is very impressive while trying to make conversations or make someone feel welcome. However, compliments are supposed to be authentic rather than making them up.  Compliments enable the release of the hormone 'oxytocin' making one feel absolutely or extremely happy. It is the best way to be generous or kind through words as words are mere ways to make countable differences.  Compliments are best carried out with a smile.


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Compliments at Work


  1. We welcome you onboard.
  2. We acknowledge and appreciate your support.
  3. It was a pleasure working with you.
  4. We hope to assist you further.
  5. You aim to excel which is extraordinary.
  6. We could not have made it possible without each individual help which plays its role towards major success.
  7. You excel when you try you will be exemplary when you give your best.
  8. Luck only works on chance but you are men of perseverance and that is what it takes.
  9. This is the best outcome even beyond our imagination.
  10. Your promotion was inevitable.
  11. I'm glad I have a team I can absolutely rely on.
  12. Your work is getting better every day.
  13. I don't think anyone could have handled it better.
  14. You don't leave any scope for improvement.
  15. With you people working onboard I am absolutely certain about the result.

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Compliments For Friends


  1. Your support is the only thing that keeps me going through thick and thin.
  2. I'm glad I got your back.
  3. No matter where I'm in the world I would always need your expert advice.
  4. Some friends become more like family.  friends like you.
  5. Sometimes your presence is the best motivation for me.
  6. Friends are the breakers of our everyday monotonous life.  It's easier surviving with them.
  7. I'm glad I can share all my favorite things with you.
  8. You are my human diary and the best part is I don't have to write in it.
  9. If it weren't for you a lot of things would have left me vulnerable and broke.
  10. You're a complimentary present from God along with my life.
  11. The best thing about you is that you are on board with almost all of my plans.
  12. I have no clue how would I work through things without your support.
  13. The only advice I agree with more than mine is yours.
  14. You know my mind even without me stating it.
  15. Most of the things would have been utterly impossible without your help.

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Compliments as Motivation


  1. My expectations have a limit but some of you amaze me beyond it.
  2. I don't want to put you under undue pressure and so we make every day about mild pressure.
  3. I can only direct but you are the makers the creators the masterminds. I just place things together.
  4. Reaching heights is exhilarating but if you are planning to stand up there for long you need a solid footing.
  5. You need to discard the dusty to reframe it into modern art.
  6. All of this trial and hard work is paid off but the thing that matters is the amount put into the process.
  7. A holiday is only fun after you have earned it.
  8. Everything and everyone is replaceable and you have to be exceptionally good if you are aiming otherwise.
  9. Life is a test but you are passing each one of it with flying colors.
  10. Compare your life to something exquisite and every achievement as an addition to it.
  11. Every failure counts just as every win does.
  12. It's better to keep going rather than giving up, losing your purpose is the worse.
  13. If you think you aren't capable enough you are simply underestimating your potential and my belief.
  14. You are strong enough to handle any hurdles.
  15. Your contribution is helping make all the difference.

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Compliments during parties or ceremonies


  1. It is a delightful party.
  2. The lunch is making my taste buds water.
  3. This is the liveliest I've been in a while.
  4. Get the booze coming and the dance going just as our host meant it to be.
  5. Thanks for having us.
  6. It is always good to have a get-together and reconnect.
  7. It's a lovely set up and we have a good company.
  8. I appreciate that you have always been there for me like family.
  9. I'd rather ask for my family over a billion dollars.
  10. The world is a small place you are my heaven and hell combined and I love it.
  11. We wish you have a promising future and you keep throwing such wonderful parties.
  12. Wasn't feeling very good this evening until I walked in that door.
  13. Everyone in the room seems to feel comfortable, all the credit goes to the wonderful hosts.
  14. Your idea to have a theme party amongst all other things is genius.
  15. Never imagined it is enjoyed so much on a weekday.


Compliment during Date


  1. You look exceptionally lightened tonight.
  2. I'm having the best evening in a while today.
  3. I enjoy your company.
  4. It's easy confiding and settling down comfortably with you.
  5. I'd love to take this further.
  6. Your liveliness makes me want to sink in.
  7. You're admirably mannerful.
  8. My dates have been beautiful but you're flawless.
  9. I'd take you to a candlelight dinner but you'd brighten up the room by your smile.
  10. If you and I were to happen we could make the world jealous.
  11. Your presence makes this evening even more delightful.
  12. I can hardly concentrate on anything else as long as you are sitting across from me.
  13. It's incredible how relaxed I feel sitting here even after a hectic day.
  14. Your dress compliments your beautiful smile.
  15. Any kind of effort doesn't seem enough when it comes to you.

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