Smartphone Addiction: Know Prevention, Signs and Side-effect

Compare yourself to your parents from or before 1970 do you see a difference between there and your inclination towards the phone? My parents just met a "young parent couple" the other day. Upon being asked, "Why don't you have a lot of videos of photos of your child?" Mum answered, "Maybe because I couldn't get enough of looking at HER." Before Facebook Instagram and Snapchat stories, mama used to pass me stories that her mother had told her. Even today if you give someone $1000000 on one hand and a free internet connection and phone usage on the other, they'll choose the latter. Maybe we are so used to using a phone today that when we put it on the charge we:

  • Either end up using It That Way Or
  • We make faces because there's nothing else left to do.

Netflix and chill on the phone or on a laptop are more prevalent than actually going to a cinema hall to watch a movie. Your Spotify playlist is more listened to than your own self.  Cute puppy on the road, or a movie star, a tsunami or the polar lights, walking or talking, sleep like a log or go for a jog, your first instinct is always to take your phone out for a morning selfie or a late-night post. You might not recognize this pattern soon enough but once you do, CONGRATULATIONS you're now a certified phone addict. And believe me, no addiction is stronger than this.


Any partner would love it if you actually had a nice meal together instead of constantly taking 5000 different shots of your tiramisu. A mother would love to go out on a walk rather than pose for #Oldisgold.


Phone addiction is not just social, it's a clinical condition that for the least two different mental illnesses cognitive diseases. The radiation that comes out of it at all times might cause severe illnesses, like cancer. Your phone is actually one of the dirtiest things you could put on your face and might lead to certain skin diseases that are life-threatening. So yeah, next time don't take your phone along with you take a huge dump.

Constantly holding your phone in a single posture for typing can cause your hands to freeze that way that can lead to immense pain later. You tend to rely on your phone for every information rather than actually going to textual data. Missing a concert or a movie show gives major FOMO ( fear of missing out). Use your phone for a couple of weeks straight and you might find it difficult to even write on a sheet.


Your phone and its virtual world are very different from the actual world. Constant phone usage leads to car and road accidents. It leads to isolation. it makes you hide behind a garb of binaries and ASCII codes and monitors. it makes you feel stronger, strong enough to bully, strong enough to instigate people to take their own lies (The Blue whale game). Where, in reality, these very people are just a bunch of wussies who will scare away at a glance of yours.

By shopping on your phone, you might actually end up buying more than you need with all the discounts and sales.

Looking at greenfield (not many lefts. SAVE MOTHER EARTH!) is more helpful than looking at it through the 16-megapixel camera phone!


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How did I suddenly get into this puddle?


Any addiction, just like drug addiction takes a significant amount of time to happen. It doesn't happen by chance. You need to look for the signs right at the outset.


Signs and symptoms


  • Low battery= heart attack.
  • You lose track of time, scrolling.
  • Your life= social media.
  • Phone is generally in your hand, rather than your pocket.
  • Your phone becomes your better half. You sit (or shit, maybe), sleep, eat with it.
  • You feel lethargic but wouldn't care to move a finger, except if it is on your phone.

Effects and negative impacts:

Sorry to be rude, but phone addiction doesn't have any productive positive impact.

Let's get down with it.

  • Increased feeling of Isolation, depression, and loneliness.
  • Rage, fury, and anxiety bubbling up.
  • Increase in stress
  • May lead to attention deficit disorders.
  • Reduces concentration, creativity and memory power.
  • Disturbs sleep.
  • And the overload of information.


Medical Side-Effects


  • Psychological disorders of reduced concentration, anxiety.
  • Social isolation.
  • Cognitive or auditory illnesses.
  • The radiation might also cause cancer.




Prevention is 100 times better than cure.

Now there surely are different approaches, be it self help or in general, to prevent this addiction. Some are:


  • Avoid handing phones to your kids below the age of 15 or 16.

Nowadays kids aged 5, are better at candy crush than I am. Just saying… maybe that's another reason for them having high powered lenses too.


  • Phone app and settings

Turn off all your notification updates and ringer bells. Reduce or at least try to fix the time you spend on media. Even better. Delete the apps!


  • Change your phone.

Use a much simpler phone for your basic needs. And this drill would reduce your want for the addiction.


  • Want vs Need.

Know when you want it, that is, you can do without it anyway. And know when you need it, that is, it becomes a necessity to use it for something major. Use it only if you NEED IT.


  • Put it on airplane mode

If you feel you're in constant danger. Put it on airplane mode, while even on the ground.


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Withdrawal symptoms


Now it's obvious that you can't discontinue some addiction all at once. These are a few symptoms that one might face:

● Anger.
● Tension.
● Depression.
● Irritability.
● Restlessness.


Did you know?


  • Phubbing or phone snubbing is a real thing. It's a condition where you have the urge to constantly check your mobile phone.
  • Our phones are altering our brains. Not always in a good sense…
  • 90% of American adults are always on their phone.
  • Most people will constantly check their phones without reason.
  • 80% of 18 to 24-year-olds sleep with their phones right next to them.

There you go, folks. These are a few hacks, signs, prevention, facts about your mobile phone addiction. If you feel you're already suffering, or you're at the edge, try to recover as soon as possible. This will improve your emotional, mental and physical health. It'll make you value yourself more than a tech device.


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