30 Karl Marx Quotes – Politician, Philosopher and Social Theorist

Karl Heinrich Marx is one of the best German philosopher, social activist, politician, economist, and public figure. His works formed dialectic and historical materialism in philosophy, the theory of surplus value in economics, and the theory of class struggle in politics. Read the best Karl Marx quotes below.


  • The old state is a centralized state machine that entangles living civic society from all sides with its ubiquitous complex military, bureaucratic, religious, and judicial institutions like pythons.


  • Shame is a kind of anger, only turned inward.


  • When a slave turns into a master for one day, then on this day coarse instincts rule.


  • Circumstances, in the same way, create people, in which people create circumstances.


  • Human nature is designed so that a person can achieve his improvement only by working to improve his contemporaries, for their benefit.


  • As long as the theory convinces people, you can master the masses.


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  • Time is the scope for the development of abilities ...


  • Imagination is a great gift that has contributed so much to the development of humanity.


  • Experience exalts, as the happiest, the one who brought happiness to the greatest number of people.


  • The goal for which improper means are required is not the right goal.


  • Free time is a space for personal development.


  • Life is like the ocean. Only a strong-willed person can reach the other side.


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  • The essential form of the spirit is joy, light.


  • We must make the people be terrified of themselves in order to breathe courage into them.


  • The death of heroes is like a sunset.


  • Where there is no obligation, there is no right.



  • Instead of decorating yourself with a gorgeous coat, it is better to arm yourself with knowledge.


  • Upper decision decided by the economic background.


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  • One should be: lively and disciplined, innocent and not childish, brave and not reckless, stubborn and principled, passionate and impulsive, optimistic and not blind.


  • Talking about“ natural justice ”is nonsense.


  • Self-defeating, this is a poisonous snake that will always erode and linger on the soul. It sucks away the fresh blood of the soul and injects the poisonous juice of the world and despair.


  • The teacher himself must be brought up.


  • The world has never been able to fix or intimidate punishment.


  • The fact that human beings originate from the animal world determines that human beings can never get rid of animal nature.


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  • The more a person puts in God, the less he remains in himself.


  • What can be said about a person’s attitude to his work, the same can be said about a person’s attitude to a person.


  • Ignorance is demonic power, and we fear that it will cause many more tragedies.


  • Conscience is determined by human knowledge and overall lifestyle.


  • Regret the past, it is better to struggle in the future.


  • Religion is the sigh of an oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is - the spirit of soulless orders. Religion is the opium of the people.


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