120+ Broken Heart Messages For Boyfriend and Girlfriend

In life, we establish relationships as a way to express our connection with people. These connections, when are mutual, can create a foundation that serves as a backbone in our darkest times and as a hearty celebration in our good times. But sometimes, one fails to sustain these connections. The loss of a loved one, for any reason, is bound to hurt the same. This universal pain of losing someone is something we wish we could express. Thus, here are a few broken heart messages!


Broken Heart Messages


  • At times we cross the roads but you seem to look right through me. Maybe I was naive to think you cared, for you seem happy now. Does it matter to you that we ended or are you just too good at pretending?


  • The bitter truth about the broken ones is that the pieces of a shattered heart will hurt everyone around it. It will hurt the person who owns it and the person who tries to heal it.


  • Sometimes one just has to seek shelter from this world because sometimes it is better to not feel anything than to feel everything at once.


  • The hardest part of letting go is accepting the fact that it is over. Life goes on and although some people may not be with you till the end, they will forever be in your heart.


  • It’s funny how the ones we love end up hurting us the most. They gain our trust and reduce it to dust until no love remains, then they come back questioning our pain.


  • As time passes, so do you. Now you are just a memory that is slowly fading away. You no longer rest in my arms but live on as a tragic past, in my head.


  • I didn’t want to lose hope just like how I had lost you. But your silence had me questioning if I was mourning the loss of a person who was never even mine?


  • The worst feeling in life is when you slowly feel your hold getting weaker on someone but no matter how hard your grip is, they manage to slip away like a ghost, leaving you in the darkness.


  • Many days will go by and through time my heart may learn to beat again. One day, slowly the pain will fade away but the scars will remain.


  • Will I ever find the strength to gather those million pieces of a heart that was once whole? It feels like I can’t do this all alone. I need someone that will help me lift the load but for now, it looks like I am the only one on this dark road.


  • Finding the reasons for your long-lost existence is like trying to find a way to mend a crystal souvenir that has shattered into a thousand pieces, without getting a cut.


  • What remains in the aftermath, are bits of broken trust. They rain down like tears from a stormy sky, washing away all that was good and all that was love.


  • Every sad song will remind me of you. The dejected words of another will reflect my own pain. And for the others who listen to it, it will be just another song, but for me, it will be a reminder of how everything went wrong.


  • Your promises were like a mirage in a desert! So inviting and comforting from a distance only to get closer and to realise they were fragmented illusions constructed by you.


  • Will I ever be graced by your presence again? It hurts to know I might never find someone like you ever again. Something tells me, you were like the shooting star that appears ever so rarely and then disappears without a trace.


  • Fate brought us together. But maybe it also took you away. Our story has made me realize that you were nothing but a tragedy in disguise.


  • I wish to go far away from you. At one point, being next to you was my safest place. Right now, distance is the only way in which we can survive or we might just destroy each other in the name of love.


  • The tunes of our love have gone from the soothing notes of the nightingale to that of an injured bird, trapped in a hunter’s nest. No longer able to fly, it only cries about its fated end.


  • We are losing our light. There is the destruction that surrounds us, living in the ruins of our castle. I may have lost everything but I’m not ready to lose you too.


  • The howling wind swallows the sounds of anguish making sure my cries never reach. Meanwhile, you strut miles away from me returning my sorrows with a cold, silent answer.


  • Disregarded my trust as if it never cost a thing, you entered my life for a brief moment just to cause an upheaval. Neither did you protect me from the ruins nor did you heal the wounds caused by you.


  • The moment you left, felt like someone drove a knife into my heart and twisted it slowly forcing me to relive the worst minutes of reality again and again.


  • Like the season of autumn, the leaves of our love burnt to a crisp and tumbled on the path. Lighting up the road in a crimson hue of rage and not love.


  • From here on, the moon will be the only celestial being that understands the misery of my loss. For she knows what it’s like, to lose the sun and how it feels to weep alone at night.


  • My part in your story is over and you’ve decided to shred the pages. I wish I could do the same and burn your memories but no matter what I do I still can’t seem to let you go.


Broken Heart Messages For Him


  • Now you aren’t there to pull me out of my nightmares. Your arms won’t be there to help me float. For, now you are someone else’s reason to be calm, and someone else’s reason for the nightmares to go away.


  • At this moment your fingers are probably intertwined with his as you whisper the dreams of your future to him. While my palms are tear-stained and bruised by your permanent absence.


  • It hurts to see you smile. Not because I hate to see you happy but because he is the reason that you smile and you are no longer mine.


  • I not only miss your feather-like touch, your soft tresses, glazed black eyes, child-like laughter and surreal smile but also your ethereal presence.


  • You aren’t here anymore, to witness the state of destruction that you left behind. Now with you gone, I don’t even have enough strength to pick myself off the floor.


  • I called out to you so many times only for you to turn back and tell me how I mean nothing to you; only for you to turn back and run into his arms.


  • Every lonely night, my muffled cries get louder as the cold realization dawns upon me. You aren’t here to hear me cry over you or to see me so broken. Because right now, you are busy wiping off his tears.


  • Gave my heart away to you, with hopes of an impeccable future. But you sold my heart for a price so low that you now seek refuge in his arms.


  • When you left me, it wasn’t just you; it was my peace, my happiness, my desire, and my life. You took it all away with you and now you will give these things to him, while I fall empty.


  • It seems like all of my love for you was stolen and reduced to dust. He took away everything that I gave you and removed me from your life only so that he could replace me with him.


  • Yesterday I realized, my wardrobe was missing something. It was my black leather jacket, the one you always used to cling to, when you would feel cold. But since the last time I’ve seen you, it’s not just the jacket that has disappeared from my life, you too have gone with it.


  • I still remember your soft gaze, so welcoming and warm like the feeling one gets when they return home. But when I ran into you on the street that day, his arm was around your waist. And your gaze seemed tainted, it seemed cold and distant.


  • I thought I had all the possibilities mapped out. The possibility of you leaving me was non-existent. But now I think my calculations were wrong. When he was introduced in your life, our equation of love was proved wrong.


  • I panic even when in a state of comfort. Shaking, I wake up. It seems like when you left, you took every ounce of peace with you. Now there is no one to make sure I stay happy and safe.


  • I just hide my pain and smile, when you talk about him in front of me. But that’s what true friends do right? Even if you choose him over me, I will continue to love you and continue to choose you always.


  • Your voice sounded like a beat played at a funeral. Haunting, cold and a one that sent shivers down my spine. How do I brace myself for your loss? Your soul was so intertwined with mine that if you leave, I might carve a headstone for me too.


  • This soul-crushing noise of my broken heart was muffled by me. No matter what, I could not confront you how much you had hurt me. And it is because of my silence that you will never know my true love for you. But I will suffer quietly if it is you who needs to be happy.


  • I always called you my everything. I gave you my everything. For me, you were above everything. You were the beginning and the end of everything. Maybe I was the wrong person to say this because even after everything, you made me feel like nothing.


  • I lie through my teeth whenever I say I love you. Because we both know deep down that this isn’t the truth. But I still hold your hand, for the world to see and live on in this crafted illusion.


  • Your absence has me questioning my worth. I have to admit that you being in my life made it so much valuable. You gave my life meaning and you became my purpose. But due to my mistakes, my purpose now belongs to another man.


  • You may not know this but I want nothing more than to hold you close and forgive you for all your sins. I hate to see you like this, begging for my forgiveness. But every time I try to take you back, I am haunted by the same memory where your smile was reflecting his while you stood next to him.


  • Your name echoes in my hollow heart. It seems that even though you don’t reside in it anymore, the ghosts of your name and memory have made my heart their new home.


  • It’s been a while, but I still feel numb. Why am I holding onto you after you have left? You already made your choice; you chose him and you left. So why do I hesitate to move on? Holding onto a thread a hope of your return is now causing my fingers to bleed.


  • My aching body is falling to the floor. Suddenly everything feels so heavy and unbearable to me. It feels like the very strings of reality that used to hold me up, have been snapped. Making me incapable of moving on. Did you really have to leave?


  • No one hears my cries or sees me shaking from pain in the middle of the night. I don’t want anyone to see me like this. But I want you to know that I am weak without you. And this night feels colder without you by my side.


Broken Heart Messages For Friends


  • Sometimes I feel like all you did was pretend. When we were under the spotlight, you performed dances of joy, for the world to see. And I believed you were happy being friends with me. If only they had seen what happens behind the scenes, they would’ve known the truth about how you always try to get rid of me.


  • My friends are my comrades and we walk shoulder to shoulder. Seems like these were my unrealistic ideals, for a comrade decided to not lend a hand when I needed it the most and left me bruised on the floor.


  • Friends aren’t supposed to make you feel like outsiders. They aren’t supposed to pretend that you are invisible or turn a deaf ear to your troubles. Friends like that aren’t who you can trust for they only are betrayers wearing a cloak of false friendship.


  • When I look at the others, it hurts even more. To know that I will never have the bonds shared by friends and I will be left all alone to pick up the broken pieces.


  • Forging a connection with someone who isn’t your family, is all that friendship is. But bringing you into my life has made me realize that calling a stranger your family, does not guarantee their love or their loyalty.


  • Nothing will heal the wounds caused by a friend. I can remove the knife from my back but I will still possess the scar left by a comrade who was once close.


  • Who would’ve thought, the friendship bonds that we once exchanged will one day snap into two? Who knew the broken band will also reflect the harsh reality of the state of our friendship.


  • Now I am only guilty of regret. I shouldn’t have labeled you with the title of friend. But your actions have dishonored the title and shamed the both of us.


  • There were times when I felt like the moon; not pretty but rather lonely. For, among all those stars, that I called ‘friends’ I felt like I didn’t belong in a crowd that suddenly seemed so different from me.


  • I really wanted to create a friendship that was everlasting. I tried so hard and changed every flaw, to match your taste. But I guess that’s where I went wrong. Friends don’t make you change only for them. They don’t pick apart your heart and put it in a way that looks good to them. They don’t break your heart for their entertainment.


  • Filling the gap created by the ones near you is tougher when you know you are digging a grave that signifies the end of certain friendships.


  • Running through a callous crowd, trying to find what I’d lost. But it was just a group of strangers who I only mistook as my friends.


  • Dreams of long trips, late-night sneak outs, roadside eateries, and sharing tales of dismay, seem so distant now. It seems like our bond has been left in the past while we march towards an empty future.


  • I remember how we used to reminisce about doing the impossible adventures that friends do in movies; how we would imagine ourselves as them. But I guess, finding friendships that last a lifetime are only found in movies, not in real life.


  • One of the many things I will miss is the telepathic connection we shared as friends. How physical distance wasn’t a hurdle for us to cross, to understand what the other felt no matter where he was.


  • Now, who will I sing aloud with during late-night drives? Or laugh about a funny story till our bellies hurt? Or sneak glances when we see something funny in our class? It will just be me, having special moments to share with nobody.


  • We all had our bucket lists. And we created them with the intention of striking off the wishes, together. But you all are gone and I am only left to fulfill my wishes all alone.


  • I wish I could have what they had. Those big groups of friends that you could always count on, someone to hang out with, someone to be with to panic a night before exams, or just someone who loves being in your company.


  • But maybe I am not lucky enough to have friends like that in my life.


  • No matter how much I deny it. I crave for belonging in a group. I want nothing more than to be surrounded by the ones who love and cherish every moment and just want you to be there with them through the ebbs and flows of life.


  • The scars left by your betrayal will stain not only our band but also all the future ones, where I will be hesitant to label anyone as a friend, for they will always remind me of you.


  • No amount of honesty or loyalty seems enough for you. Even after bringing my purest intentions and heart to you, you decided to discard me like an old toy, that you didn’t want to fix or that you couldn’t use.


  • There will always be errors and hurdles in any relationship. But what you forgot was, how true friends don’t leave each other in tough times. They get not only themselves but also their friend from a rut and never use themselves as an excuse.


  • Why would you ever compare me to someone else? Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes and you must be grateful for it all. But no matter how much I shaped myself to your taste you still decided to choose someone else over me.


  • I was fooling myself from the beginning. I shouldn’t have excused all your disloyal behaviour. Now the pay for the consequences of your actions, while you escape unharmed.


  • It is only when the world starts to crumble, you understand who really is your friend. While I chose to hold onto my friends, you chose to hold onto your ego and pride.


Broken Heart Messages For Her


  • You were my everything and maybe you still are. But there is no way you will know this. Not when you have another woman in your life, who you call your world.


  • I guess in the end it does not matter how much I loved you. You were blinded by her beauty and charm and my love for you became invisible to you.


  • We exchanged words under the moon, trading secrets through trust. But now the words have reduced and the cold silence is all that remains, instead of you.


  • After all that we shared, you chose to forget those moments while I cherished them. I wonder if you ever cared or were you just lying to yourself?


  • There were so many reasons for you to stay. But you still decided to disappear. That’s when I realized, I loved you for every reason but you left without any reason.


  • Our love was like a bright flower that used to bloom. And after my tears rained over it, it wilted and crumbled to the darkest hue.


  • Sometimes I wonder if your mind trails off to visit the old times. Just like me, who finds herself lost in past daydreams of you, praying for your return.


  • I hate to think that I was somebody you used. Somebody who was only an escape from all your boredom and how you will never see me how I saw you and how nothing I do will change that.


  • Only you can replace this emptiness that resides in me. My heart was your abode. Without you, my heart ceases to beat and I refuse to breathe.


  • Thanks to your treachery, everything stands shattered. Now with you gone, I have lost the power to love again. When you left, you took that power away.


  • Our hearts were connected. And that was the reason why we were one. Our lives were so engulfed in each other that even if one failed to stay, the other wouldn’t survive.


  • Maybe you failed to notice my importance. Even the tiniest mistake by me was never forgiven by you. While I excused all your flaws and shortcomings, you decided to use me as an excuse to end us.


  • I never would’ve guessed that I was just a bit in your life. You tossed me into your life, not because you wanted me but because you wanted to lure her in. and when you got the big fish, I was discarded like nothing.


  • The turquoise earrings that you gave are still something that I hold onto. Yes, the person who gave me those is no longer in my life, but his memory shines bright and bold just like these earrings.


  • Maybe this is wishful thinking; thinking about an intricate yet uncertain future, where you will be there by my side. Even though these hopes of mine are far from reality, just like how far you are from me, I still find myself staring at the horizon; waiting for you.


  • The smell of your cologne still hangs in the air and your words still ring in my ears. How you said that we didn’t have a future and how separating was the only solution. You slammed the door on your way out but it felt like at that moment, you shut me out of your life.


  • One of the many things that I’ll never understand is how you claim her to be yours. I also wonder if she knows those are the same words you used to whisper to me once. And how one day she is going to realize you have her in your trap and then you will destroy her happiness too.


  • The woods feel colder now. Without you, warm jacket, and comforting words, the trees seem more eerie and the wind howls a little louder. Walking without you through these twisted paths has made me realize how lonely I am without you.


  • I kept telling myself, this time would be different. I thought this time, I will forgive you for your otherwise unforgivable acts and you will realize my love for you through my forgiveness. I thought it would be the last time but after all this, you are the same as you always were.


  • When did I ever fall into your game? Where you, roll the dice even when it isn’t your turn. And I keep chasing behind you, calling out for you to wait and turn back. But you kick me down and feed me to the snakes while you climb the ladders and reach the finish line.


  • Unknowingly, your toxic vices entangled around my skin. Slowly your poison sunk into my skin and I became intoxicated by your love. I became too weak to realize that it didn’t love but a concoction that created an illusion of you. And I fell for this illusion thinking it was the real you until one day I looked at myself and saw how deep your poison had run into me and made me someone unrecognizable.


  • I wonder why the roads I take always have a dead end. You were the only direction I wanted to follow. But the roadblocks never seem to end. I only wanted your hand leading me to love.


  • Being with you felt like walking on a thin wire. I never knew when I would fall off whenever I tried to cross the path to get to you. There was always a risk to loving you but I stepped in fearlessly. But enough that wasn’t enough to make you hold onto me.


  • You will now make her feel special while I will cry in shame about us being apart. I wish I could see you shed even one tear, not because I want you to feel pain but because I want to know that you cared.


  • I am begging for your love. Because it doesn’t feel enough when I get it from others. How I wish, instead of her, it was me in your life, who would fill up the void in my incomplete heart.


Broken Heart Messages For Husband


  • Our ship set sail towards the horizon of eternal love, with hearts full of hopes and dreams. But one day we encountered stormy seas and our voyage met an unexpected fate, destroying everything in its path and taking you away.


  • How will I live on, without the person who makes my heartbeat, even when I don’t want it to? Where will I find my purpose if you have left me all alone?


  • Our dreams of the future now seem impossible. Our unison has been cursed by your absence. There will be no more ‘us’ forever but just you and me.


  • No one can patch up the bruises on my heart. No amount of love can make me brave twice. I can no longer be revived, when the love was all taken away by a wife.


  • I remember how I used to bring you flowers from work. No matter which colour you always loved them with all your heart. But today I see the same flowers, all wilted and dry, laying in the corner, missing the person who once looked after them.


  • Every year we would intricately plan our surprises for each other. From valentines to anniversaries, it was always special because of you. From this moment. Those days will mean nothing but a reminder of the failure of our love.


  • You were the woman that I always dreamed of. Every torturing minute of my mundane days became bearable because of you. But because of your betrayal, my dreams of you have turned into evil nightmares that I struggle to escape.


  • Old photos in vintage picture frames, the scent of your perfume, the shy giggle; the many things I treasured about you have now become like traces of ghosts that haunt me about our past and your absence.


  • We took the vows in front of the crowd with new-found confidence. Maybe those vows meant nothing to you. Maybe you forgot the faith and courage we had in each other all those years ago and decided to not be brave anymore. Leaving me all alone in this cold.


  • Sometimes I feel like all those petty arguments have increased over the years and our love seems to have reduced. This sacred bond of ours is slowly getting tainted by the poison of our disputes and I feel like I can’t fight anymore, to keep you in my life.


  • When I look at other families, my heart is no more filled with joy. Instead of seeing a happy family that we could have been, I see our failure to overcome our challenges. I see everything that we could have… but we didn’t.


  • I would never know to explain your absence to our children. No matter how much I revised the answer, it breaks me every time they ask me about their mother, and I don’t have an answer that they will understand.


  • It’s such a shame, that after all these years of being together, our force has finally succumbed to the pressures of life. Now, we no longer can lift each other up and that’s when I knew the love between us was over.


  • Didn’t we used to look up at the stars and be grateful to them for they brought us together in this lifetime? It’s a pity, now we look at those same stars with contempt, blaming them for bringing us together in the first place.


  • I will miss everything about you; from those amazing dishes you used to make for us, the way you remember every little detail about me, how you always make sure my tie matches my shirt but most importantly how I used to find solace in you after a long day.


  • Even after all the mountains we climbed, the oceans we crossed, and the upheavals that we survived, why would you go and choose him over me? After every ounce of emotion that we’ve been through?


  • The seams of our love have slowly started to unwind. The cloth of our marriage is beginning to tear, revealing our shortcomings and my failure as a good husband.


  • Do you remember when we took our oaths while walking around the fire? And how, at that time those flames were like the passion of our love. But now, those flames are burning with raging anger and threatens to char all that we are.


  • I hang my head in shame for I am guilty of the crime of a failed marriage. And my life sentence includes living with this unbearable guilt while counting my numbered days in this solitary punishment.


  • Did I fall short in my role as a husband? Was there something in me that left you so unsatisfied that you decided to cheat and went off with another man, while leaving me in the dark?


  • I feel like you’ve left me in the desolate desert to fend for myself; we started this journey to find our oasis but somewhere along the way, you decided to vanish just like the drop of water that gets swallowed by the infinite sand.


  • Something tells me our marriage was a game for you. But what you failed to notice was that we were always a team. And so, when you felt like you didn’t like this game anymore, you simply chose to throw away the pawns and left the game, leaving your fellow player lonely.


  • You aren’t there anymore, but I still see parts of you in our daughter. She doesn’t know how beautiful you were but I know one day she will grow up to be just like her mother. If not more.


  • I catch myself humming to our favourite tune sometimes. It makes me feel really alone when I realize it’s just me, singing to myself, without having your melodious tune and sweet tone to make this moment special.


  • Somewhere deep in my heart, this faint voice echoes. It tells me how if I fail to keep you close, I will become less of a man. I would love to silence it, but it’s true; what is a husband without his wife?


Broken Heart Messages For Wife


  • It’s disheartening to know that you discarded the unconditional love of a person. A rare type of blessing, that can be found only once in your life, and that is your wife.


  • The ring around my finger will never be as precious as your love. Soon, I will take off the ring but that does not mean I am ready to lose you.


  • In your life, you have had so many women. But they were all your past mistakes before you met me. Even after all those lessons, you choose to leave me which is probably your gravest mistake.


  • I never questioned you or your actions. That is where I went wrong. I listened to all your lies that were disguised as the truth only to know you had so many other lovers that you called your own.


  • Maybe it was my fault. I shouldn’t have ignored all the warning signs. I knew your twisted intentions since the beginning but I was blinded by love. And now I pay the price for my ignorance.


  • Our house, that we built together and filled with our love, is slowly crumbling down. What once was our beloved home is now just an empty house, haunted by memories.


  • I look through the old albums and reminisce about the day we wed. Who would’ve guessed, that the one who would break my heart was there, standing right beside me, as my husband?


  • A wife’s love can never be retrieved once lost. Once you lose her, she will disappear into the currents of life, leaving you in the depths of despair.


  • There is a tight knot that I feel in my heart which threatens to hurt every time I take your name. Who knew one day your name will bring so much pain and cause my heart to break?


  • I still remember how I once told you that your kindness reminded me of my father and how you said that was the best compliment you ever received. Now when I look back, I only feel embarrassed to compare such a great man to someone like you.


  • I can already hear their voices. What they will mummer when they realize what happened between us. How the wife was a traitor in disguise and went behind her husband’s back for her own selfish reasons. I already feel ashamed to call myself your wife.


  • Digging my nails into my skin to distract myself from our memories. Maybe, just maybe if I hurt myself the regret of losing you won’t be so painful. But no matter how deep they go, my pain just overpowers them.


  • How does it feel being up there in front of everyone? When they all are bestowing well- wishes upon you for all that you have achieved? Do you not feel a shred of guilt, when you think back and realize it was my effort as a wife and my sacrifices that put you there? While you continue to take credit for everything.


  • Our hearts made a promise to be there for each other in sickness and in health. It looks like you fulfilled your promise halfway. For you were always there when I was happy and healthy but never there for me when I was miserable and living every minute with deteriorating health.


  • Take away all your pain and memories from my life. I will not allow you to leave me, while the burden of your loss and our blissful memories are left for me to carry. Without you I will not be strong enough to go on. Thus, if you really are leaving, then leave with everything that reminds me of you.


  • The flame of our love was protected by our hands. Our finger entangled, broke the force of the wind, and kept it alive. But now your hands have disappeared. It’s just me but my hands aren’t enough to protect it. Soon, a gust of wind flows, extinguishing our flame of love, turning light into dark.


  • My mind goes into overdrive, when I think about you. How could we let this marriage end? How did we ever stoop so low as to call it quits? Did our love not stand the test of time that it had to end so suddenly?


  • Today I remove the title of your surname from mine. From this moment, I will spend the rest of my days thinking about the past. How this devastation ever occurred and how the first crack ever appeared on this heart.


  • Your face suddenly doesn’t look so innocent to me. And your apologies don’t seem to have the same effect on me. Not after, every time I see the picture of her being too close to you and the way your lips curved into a smile whenever you talked to her.


  • This union of ours has been sacred for 20 years. Always there for each other whether night or day. But after you disappeared, I took a leap off the ground expecting you to be around. But it was only when I felt the bone-crushing pain, I realized I’d lost you now.


  • I guess I never counted you as my biggest blessing. Now, watch my eyes filled with salty tears as I see you letting go. Now I think about you all the time, like I never thought of you before. I really wish you would just come back home.


  • I close my eyes, hoping I am just having another nightmare. But we both know this isn’t true. The acts that you put up to fool everyone won’t work on me anymore. Time after time, my heart has grown too cold to forgive another one of your lies.


  • I wish I could hold my husband in my arms again and tell him that I still love him. I miss that warm embrace and the love that enveloped us. He used to look at me with those enchanting eyes reminding me that he was always mine. But now his eyes hold an empty look just like mine.


  • This is the last time I’ll be calling you my husband. You kept your share of secrets, that once let out, flooded our land of love. Who knew all the things that you withheld from me, would one day see the light of the sun and enter our lives, while we will have to pay our love for the consequences of your sins.


  • Sometimes forever isn’t always and the sun doesn’t shine all day. You were my forever and my eternal source of light and life was unimaginable without you. Suddenly something has changed about us and the thing that seemed so important to me yesterday, seems so insignificant for me today.



These were some of the broken heart messages to soothe your soul and bring it to comfort from the trauma. We wish you to grieve to this and move on in life with better hopes and rays of sunshine penetrating happiness on your skin!

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