Birthday Wishes To Boss | Happy Birthday Messages To Boss

Birthday Wishes To Boss

No matter how special birthday's are and how cliché the wishes can be, when it comes to our bosses all of us are terrified as to what to write! We all want to stand out and be visible to them. We all have different experiences when it comes to them, isn't it? Some good, some bad but what we cannot deny is, they play a huge role in each of our lives. The only difference between them and our teachers is that our parents used to pay the teachers and here, our bosses provide us with monthly salaries. The teaching part is done by them both, and that also quite seriously and constantly. On their birthdays, they deserve a special wish don't they? Don't worry we have got you covered.


Birthday Wishes To Boss

1. Happy Birthday Sir/Ma'am, thank you for being a mentor and a friend all in one! Have an amazing time 🥰


2. Everyone has a boss, but we have the most incredible one! Have a great day, Happy Birthday 💓


3. Thank you for guiding us and being our torch in a dark tunnel, we would be nowhere without you! Have a great birthday ❣


4. Happy birthday dear sir/ma'am, thank you for never ever making any of us feel inferior. You are a great person, inside out. 🌈


5. May God shower you with the best always because you deserve nothing less than that. Happy birthday 🥳


6. Thanks for making our life so much simpler, you are a true gem!! Happy birthday Sir/Ma'am💗


7. Happy birthday to the person who can turn the most difficult times into a life lesson. You're a great boss ❣


8. You might not laugh a lot with us, but whenever you do we know we have made you proud! Happy Birthday 🥰


9. Happy birthday to someone I will forever look up to! You're my inspiration and I love to work for you!! ❤❤


10. I hope your birthday is about all things you admire!! Have the best one, much like your own self 💓


11. Happy birthday to the one and only!! You are indeed goals for all of us. Have a lovely day, today ❣


12. Thank you for everything you do for us, each and every day! Without you, we'd still be trying to understand the basics. Happy birthday 🥰


13. To the most genuine person who never backs out from giving honest feedbacks have a truly wonderful birthday 🥳


14. You've been there for us, every step of the way. It's hard to find a boss as kind as you, it is next to impossible!! Happy birthday sir/ma'am🔥


15. Happy birthday Sir/Ma'am may god bless you with the best of health and lots of wealth! Have a great time 💕


16. Have the happiest birthday with warm hugs and lots of love from your loved one's, you deserve it!!


17. Happy Birthday Sir/Ma'am, you're one of a kind! Have a day as unpredictable as yourself. With lots of love and respect🥰


18. What to wish for someone who makes our wishes come true on a daily basis?? I hope eternal happiness would do❤😋 Happy Birthday Sir/Ma'am 😇


19. Happy birthday Sir/Ma'am, take a pledge to take good care of yourself! Here's to many more fun days at work. 😇💕


20. Thank you for always looking after us, away from home you're the only person we can blindly trust for the right advice. Happy birthday ❣


21. Your hard shell has nothing on the soft person you are from the inside!! Happy birthday to the most kind-hearted person🌈


22. Someday, I hope to make you proud by being another version of you! Happy birthday 💕


23. Happy Birthday Sir, we are extremely fortunate to have had the pleasure to work for you ❤😇


24. After all the hard work you do, you deserve a relaxing birthday! I hope you enjoy ❣


25. Congratulations on sustaining the title of the Best boss ever, happy birthday 💗


26. If the pillars of a company are as strong as yourself, it is bound to stand tall. Happy birthday 💜


27. Happy birthday boss it has been a dream working for you, cannot wait to get our next project together 💓🎂


28. You are a wonderful boss but a more amazing person, happy birthday 🥰


29. If anyone deserves a rest day to just sit back and breathe, it's you! Take it and enjoy happy birthday 💞


30. My life wouldn't have flourished if it wasn't for you! Thank you for everything, happy birthday ❣



Happy Birthday Wishes To Boss

1. Having one father/mother is amazing, having found a father/mother in you, has been equally wonderful. Happy birthday sir 🥰


2. Birthday's come and go, you shall always remain the same special person to us all. Have a fun day 💓


3. Sir, thank you for making even work hours fun! No one can do it like you do. Happy birthday ❣


4. We have an ongoing competition at the office when it comes to being liked by you, because of your totally adorable personality! Stay the same exuberant person that you are, happy birthday 🥳


5. Happy birthday to the person who adds the 'Happy' in our day to day life! God bless you always❤


6. When you make a wish, remember to ask something for yourself! Your family and us have you to take care of the wrongs in our lives!! Have an amazing day 💞


7. It's funny how despite all the people available, you were the first friend I made. Thank you for everything, happy birthday 🥰


8. Along with being the best boss, you are also the best teacher to us all! Happy birthday Sir/ma'am 💕


9. Happy birthday to the most fun boss in the history of bosses! Thanks for bringing the office to life, have a great day.


10. You lift our spirits whenever we feel low, we can't thank you enough for that! Happy birthday 😘


11. Only and only you have the talent of making work seem fun! Happy birthday 💓


12. Thank you for all the efforts you put in, to make the workplace fun for us! Happy birthday❣


13. You are the foundation of our company, without you, we would all collapse! Happy Birthday 💞


14. Happy birthday boss! May this day leave a mark as wonderful as the one you have left in all of our lives 🥰


15. Happy Birthday boss!! Here's to many more years to achievements and rewards 😋💞


16. Thank you for being not only a great boss but an equally (or even more) loving friend. There's nothing I could not share with you, happy birthday 🥰


17. If I feel like the world's luckiest employee, it's all because of you!! Happy birthday 🥳


18. Happy Birthday Sir, Under your guidance, I'm guaranteed to flourish! 💕


19. Whenever anyone asks what I want my future self to be like, your face is the one that pops into my mind! Happy birthday Sir 🥰


20. If it wasn't for your motivation, I would have given up long back! Thank you for that and many many happy returns of the day 💓


21. I know its incredibly difficult but try to forget about all the work-related stuff for a day and just sit back and enjoy! Happy birthday💞


22. For all the hardships you go through every day, you deserve not one but two cakes. Happy birthday boss 💓


23. Thanks for teaching us the importance of being independent in all aspects of life, happy birthday💘


24. You have given us the strength to stay self-sufficient to have faith in our inner selves which is why we totally adore you! Happy birthday boss ❣


25. Along with being my inspiration you are the one and only source of motivation for me, please continue to be that! Happy birthday 🥰


26. The biggest compliment I can give you is that you make Monday’s much easier and less scary for us all! Happy birthday 💞


27. From the bottom of my heart, I pray to God to bless you with everything you have ever needed! Happy birthday ❣


28. You are a living library, a storehouse of knowledge! I can only wish for your wellness, wish you a very happy birthday 💕


29. One trait that you have always insisted upon is not giving up! Thanks for that, wish you a very happy birthday 💜


30. I wish more youngsters get the pleasure of working under you and learning from you! Happy birthday 💓



Funny Birthday Wishes To Boss


1 Happy Birthday Sir/Ma'am!! Your work family can wait to celebrate tomorrow and we promise to not mess anything up, meanwhile!😂 Have a good time with your loved ones❤


2. After spending every weekday with us fools, you deserve to have a relaxing weekend! Have a great birthday 💕


3. From being an office clown, to be as sharp as a cop! You excel at it all!! Happy birthday multitasker 🥰


4. Funnily enough, you seem to be the only boss in the world, who doesn't require anyone else to laugh at his/her jokes. You do it perfectly fine by yourself🤭🤗😶


5. Happy Birthday to the boss who makes us look more cool and fun! Where would we be without you?? Well, probably working (Ha-ha) 💕


6. Sir/Ma'am, I wish you many many happy returns of the day. Have a care-free day, everything is fine and under control!! 🥳


7. Take a pledge to act like the mean and selfish person a boss is supposed to be! Or at least try😂happy birthday to the most selfless and kind person ever 💘


8. Just like your birthday every year, we promise to be extremely punctual from tomorrow 😂 have an amazing day!!


9. For once, replace your files with smiles and have a great time!! Cheers to many more birthdays you are a lovely boss.


10. What about a percent raise for every wish I make for you?😂 just kidding!! Have a happy birthday Sir/Ma'am. You are the best.


11. I wish you have a day full of love and hugs instead of files and coffee mugs💗 have great fun on your special day💜


12. Although I have no idea of how old you are due to your ever-enthusiastic personality, I wish you a very happy birthday 💓


13. Happy Birthday boss! I hope you know I don't just call you the best because you approve my leaves (ha-ha) but because you really deserve it ❤


14. Although your birthday is under quarantine 😋 I wish you enjoy your day to the fullest 💗


15. Happy birthday to the all-time entertaining and blissful boss from her/his equally wonderful employee🙈🥳



16. I would say that you deserve a long vacation but if you take it seriously, this place could probably end up in flames!! Happy birthday 💕


17. We promise to not cause you any trouble and work (or pretend to work) properly today, happy birthday 🥳🥰


18. I know I’m your favourite employee, don't worry I won't inform the others!! Or maybe I already have? Happy birthday ❤


19. Happy birthday boss!! Don't forget to treat us to cake 😋💞


20. You single headedly take care of this place, saving it from collapsing by us fools. Happy birthday 😇❣


21. After all that you've done for us, we don't mind letting go off a full day of work to celebrate 🤪 Happy birthday 💕


22. Let's laugh out worries out today, much like every single day! Happy birthday 💜


23. As you're growing old, just remember that age is just a number even if it is a huge one🤭 Happy birthday to the greatest Boss 😘


24. After all the important things you have taught us, today let us teach you how to party!! Happy birthday Boss 💘


25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS!! Traditionally you know how bosses are supposed to be boring and mean? You are just the opposite 💓


26. I hope God blesses you with a lot of prosperity so that you can increase our pay🤭 happy birthday boss 💕


27. Happy Birthday Sir! Even if I get offered a much better position and pay at another firm, I wouldn't leave you! Can I get a day off tomorrow now? Just kidding!! Have an amazing day Sir/Ma'am.


28. I can die in peace now that I have finally found one thing you are not great at. BEING BOSSY!! Happy birthday to the most kind-hearted person💞


29. My loyalty to you is to the extend that I would go to the moon and back for you. I’m not just saying this to get a raise, but can I? 😂💓 Happy Birthday boss 🎂🎂

30. I wish I could make your clones so that everyone gets to know what a fun boss looks like! Happy Birthday boss 💗


Best Birthday Wishes To Boss


1. Happy Birthday to the person I look up to in both, the simplest and the toughest of situations! Have an amazing day ❤


2. When people talk about their inconsiderate bosses, I feel extremely lucky to have gotten the chance to work under a person like you! Happy birthday, you are wonderful 😘


3. Happy birthday to the boss who is everything but bossy! Thank you for every thing you do for us, every single day ❣


4. What to wish for someone who already has everything? The exact quadruple of that!! Happy birthday Sir/Ma'am 😻😻


5. This birthday, take a day off and spend it with your loved ones instead of taking care of our mistakes which are bound to happen! Have a day full of happiness.😇


6. We know we are a tough bunch to handle, but you do it with sheer excellence! Happy birthday perfection 🥰


7. If I could be anyone in the world, I would want to be half as kind as you! Happy birthday sir/ma'am 💕


8. You are a motivational speaker without even realizing it. We could not have asked for a better boss, have a great birthday!!💞


9. Your birth is not only special to you but to us all, we'll celebrate it even though you are not physically present. Have a wonderful time 💚


10. Wishing the best for you is an understatement, I wish you have a mind-blowingly fantabulous birthday 🤪😘


11. No matter how much you scold us, we always know it's coming from a good place. Thanks for always putting us first, happy birthday 💞


12. Happy Birthday Sir!! Even though you are getting close to retiring I hope you know we are not ready to give up on you just yet! 💘


13. Its been a great journey filled with ups and downs with you! Happy birthday Sir/Ma'am, only up from here 🥳


14. If I get a choice, I'd love for you to mentor me for life!! You are that great. Happy birthday 💓


15. Happy birthday boss, thank you for the unconditional support you provide us with, every single day!! 💗


16. I wish you good health, blissful life and tons of happiness. Happy Birthday!


17. Despite all the lows, you've continued to be my one and only motivation! Happy birthday Boss 🎂🥳


18. Among all your other wonderful traits, the ones I admire the most are your leadership skills and awesome personality! Stay the same, I wish you a very happy birthday!💓💓


19. Always remember even if I work for anyone else in this lifetime, your memory could never be erased! Happy birthday ❣


20. Among the many things you have taught us, the most important thing was to know how to encourage others! Happy birthday 💜


21. If it wasn't for your undettering confidence in me, I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you and a very happy birthday to you! 💕


22. You are a good boss and an even better leader which is why we follow you and will continue to! Happy birthday 💗


23. You've taught us that the only way to flourish is to get out of our comfort zones! That is one thing I shall always do, happy birthday❣


24. I hope along with many opportunities you get eternal happiness and love in the coming years. Happy birthday 🌈


25. You helped to shape me into this amazing person that I am today (ha-ha) lots of love and respect from my side, always! Happy birthday💕


26. Dear boss, Among the very many people I have worked under, you have mastered the art of truly standing out! Happy birthday 🥳


27. How I wish everyone could hear your words of wisdom! They would all feel motivated to do better, just like we do. Happy birthday to the always inspirational boss. ❣


28. I would like to believe that in a world full of bosses, there is only one of you! Happy birthday 💜


29. May this day bring you utmost pleasure happiness and the greatest of luck. Happy birthday 💕💕


30. You make us actually look forward to work days!! That’s your power💓 happy birthday boss❤


Quotes For Birthday Wishes To Boss


1. A father/mother, mentor, friend and then a crazy human being. Happy birthday to each one of your personalities!!🥳


2. Cakes, candles, balloons and confetti! I wish you all things pretty on this beautiful day, happy birthday 💓


3. This birthday, don't stress just dance sing and do all things therapeutic. Live a long happy life 🥰


4. A man/woman who takes care of all her/his employees like her/his own is a rare blessing. I thank god for showering it on us! Have a happy birthday ❣


5. She/he who is great at work, having fun and at life in general should be labelled as the best human being and not only the best boss.⚘ happy birthday🥳


6. When you blow the candles and make a wish, I'll be wishing for your wish to come true. Happy birthday 💕


7. You are the first ray of sun which wakes us up and fuels energy to go about the whole day. Happy birthday 😇❤


8. Those who have good friends are lucky, those who have an understanding family are luckier but those who have a considerate boss are the luckiest! Thank you for existing sir/ma'am. Happy birthday 💘


9. At first, you were this coconut with a hard shell around him/her that scared us all off with her/his toughness. But now, we are familiar with the softie you are from the inside! Have a birthday as sweet as that coconut 💗


10. From making us all laugh to making us understand our mistakes. You do it all!! Happy Birthday Sir/Ma'am 🥰


11. You scold us, mock us, understand us and most of all, love us like your own! You're the best and so you deserve to have a day equally astonishing 💞


12. To describe contentment is to narrate a moment we made you proud! Happy birthday Ma'am/Sir. 💕


13. People complain about strict bosses because the friendly one is already ours! Happy birthday sir/ma'am ❤


14. Happy Birthday to a person who has reversed the work culture for the better! Have a great day💜


15. I hope you have a day full of smiles and cake!! Happy birthday 🥰


16. You are not only an amazing person but an ardent leader and wonderful boss! Happy Birthday 🥳

17. We may not be with you today, but you will always be with us right in our hearts! Happy birthday 💕


18. It goes without saying that, without you, the company would suffer! Thanks for handling things with utmost dignity, happy birthday 💜


19. Happy Birthday Boss!! I hope this day gives you the amount of pleasure we feel to have you as our boss! 💓💓


20. We might not say this every day but we are grateful to you for everything that you have done for us! Thank you for blessing us with your presence, happy birthday ❤


21. Happy birthday Boss! You're the only great thing about our workplace!! Have an amazing time 💕


22. You might not look like a boss due to your young age, but you don't behave like one either!! And thank god for that, happy birthday 💓


23. One might know you are the boss until you guide and teach us in the incredible way that you do! Happy birthday Boss 💗


24. There is no denying to the fact that you are a legend of a boss! Thank you for everything, wish you a very happy birthday ❤


25. Even after all the things we have learnt from you, I wish to learn more by following you around! Happy Birthday Boss 🎂💓


26. Happy Birthday to everyone's go-to person! Thank you for existing 💞


27. When I hear people talking about their bosses if feel incredibly blessed to have a boss like you!! Happy birthday Sir/Ma'am ❤🎂


28. May you become twice as successful as you are now in the coming year because I kid you not, you truly deserve it 💕


29. The way of living gives an accurate insight into their personality, your life is truly king size! Happy birthday boss 🥰


30. We promise to work and only work while you should take a day off to enjoy your birthday with your friends and family! Happy birthday😇


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