Birthday Wishes For Sister in Law

Birthday Wishes For Sister in Law

By definition, “sister-in-law”, refers to the sister of one’s spouse. Family relations tend to get tricky more often than you can imagine. However, with your in-laws, you need to have that one support system, who’ll get you to warm up to the entire family, help you out in selecting outfits for family functions, shield you from all those “horrific” comments and assumptions, stand up to the bullies in the family and even to your own spouse when needed- and this support system could also be termed as, the ‘sister-in-law.’ You only get to know their worth when you have a person like this in your life- and if you already have her, cherish her and let her know how much you appreciate her! If you’ve come here, it’s obvious that you’re stuck up with how to wish your sister-in-law for her birthday. Needless to say, you’ve come to the right place. Whether she’s close to you, or really distant- both emotionally and/or physically- we’ve got you sorted with some really terrific, heartwarming, and fun birthday wishes.


Beautiful Birthday Wishes For Sister in Law


  • It is not always that I get to celebrate such a joyous occasion with one of my closest people, a very happy birthday to you.


  • I never understood the hype of having a sister or a brother as an in-law, but now that I have you, I can never let you out of might sight, EVER. Happy birthday special one!


  • May the Almighty continue to shine his magnificent light of wisdom and positivity on you, little one! Happy birthday!


  • I always wanted a friend; instead, I got a true sister in you, for which I cannot thank your parents enough. Happy birthday dear!


  • Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a delightful milestone birthday in your life. I wish you all the bliss and glory in the world.


  • You are one of the purest souls I could have ever come across. Your innocence and kindness would forever remain unmatched (at least in this family). Happy birthday!


  • You are a gorgeous albeit shy wallflower that makes me believe in the virtue of less is more. Happy birthday, and always keep blooming!


  • You’ve become my Horcrux- deep, deep down; you’ve got a piece of me, in you. Happy birthday!


  • We’ve had our fair share of rough patches, nonetheless our relationship continues getting stronger, day-by-day. Thanks for sticking around and I wish you a delightful birthday!


  • You’ve loved and accepted me for who I am, and for this, I shall remain grateful to you forevermore. Happy birthday, you!


Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister in Law


  • Before you came out of nowhere into my life, I knew what peace and happiness were. Such an irony, that I have to wish ‘Happy Birthday’ to the one person who drives me crazy!


  • Happy birthday my dearest sister-in-law! In about fifteen minutes, you’ll receive a package of goodies and gifts worth 10,000INR. I know it sounds like a lot of money, but please do me the honor of receiving it, as it is non-returnable and non-refundable. Oh, and by the way, its cash on delivery, hehe. Be ready!


  • I didn’t know I was going to live in a zoo after marriage. Happy birthday, you little monkey!


  • With the kind of relatives and neighbors we have, you’ve almost survived 25 years, and here’s to another year of celebration. You give me hope of surviving! Happy birthday!


  • Here’s to the girl, who helped me sneak out of all those mind-numbing, tedious family parties. Keep on saving my life for days to come, happy birthday!


  • We’re sisters from different misters, but that doesn’t give you the right to have night outs without informing others. Oh, have I said too much? Have a very happy birthday! (Wicked chuckles)


  • Needless to say that our bond is much more fascinating and tougher than James Bond himself! Happy birthday!


  • Let me present to you one of the most charming, and smartest people I’ve known my entire life- ME. Oh and happy birthday, dear sister-in-law.


  • I don’t mean to complicate this birthday wish, but your age seems to be inversely proportional to your maturity. Happy birthday, dear!


  • Around 7.8 billion people in this world and you have the honor of being my favorite little girl. Just kidding, you’re not! Happy birthday though.


  • Thank you for knocking some sense into that stupid brother of yours. Happy birthday, dear!


Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Sister in Law


  • I’ve been a single child ever since, but now that I have you; I’m literally being able to experience a sister on board full-time. From slumber parties to sharing makeup, to be with each other in our careers, to share the last bite of chocolate- you make me mad, you make me happy but more than anything, you make me feel like a different ME altogether. Here’s to your special day!


  • I’m glad you could trust me to such an extent wherein I was the first one to know about your mental health conditions- your anxieties, stresses, past traumas- and the fact that I was able to help you cope and resolve them. Your trust and faith in me, makes me feel stronger than ever before. Happy birthday, dear!


  • You took care of my kids every single time I was busy or had a deadline. You never passed nasty comments or made excuses to get away from helping me. You’ve been so much like a sister to me that my kids’ feel that you’re their second mother, and that makes me so so happy! Cheers to the birthday of this wonderful lady!


  • Here’s to wishing you the best of today and whatever the future holds, from my heart to yours! Happy birthday, love!


  • You made me feel at home in a place I could never survive in. Thank you for sticking by and always protecting me like a big sister. Happy birthday!


  • You little one, you’re such a firecracker! You’re a tech expert, gym guru, beauty queen, a beacon of light and hope. Here’s to your very happy birthday, wherein I wish you stability, good health, and mental peace.


  • You’ve been my best friend, my unpaid therapist, listened to all my rants, silly jokes, and pointless stories; but mostly, you were the one person who never judged me. Thank you for letting me,be ME! Happy birthday, my soul sister!


  • Your sibling, my spouse has given me a lot many surprises and presents over the past few years, but you have been the best gift, best friend, best sister-in-law I could ever ask for. Happy birthday, lovely!


  • You’ve been there for me always, and I want you to know, I’m here. I’m your secret emerald box that’ll always store all your thoughts, feelings, mysteries without judging. Happy birthday, silly!


  • You’ll always have the password to my Netflix account, and you can always ask me for my credit card number, that’s how much I love you. Happy birthday, dear!


Birthday Wishes For Sister in Law Who Lives Far Away 


  • I know that distance makes every heart grow fonder, but did you have to go so far? The next time, we’re definitely going to celebrate and have a kickass party. Until then, happy birthday!


  • We’re miles apart, but close at heart right? Have a great birthday and you can drink my beers as well.


  • The first birthday after you officially became my sister in law, and we have to celebrate it on Skype! Right now, I want to be with you more than ever before. I miss you, birthday girl. Happy birthday, darling!


  • Your last birthday was so hip and happening. Distance is the worst! I’m hoping to make it next year to your place and we’ll party like crazy! Till then, enjoy it.


  • I’m sending you tons of virtual hugs, kisses, and good wishes for completing yet another year of awesomeness! Cheers girl!


  • I’m so sorry that I couldn’t be with you this year on your birthday, but I’m sending your birthday gift and attached to it, a t-shirt that smells like me, so you have a “literal” piece of me by your side. Happy birthday!


  • This year has been the hardest and longest since I last saw you in person. I’m miserable about not being able to eat the last piece of cake right out of your hands, owing to your obvious carelessness. Happy birthday, boo!


  • We’re not celebrating together, so I forbid you from having a party. We’ll make crazy scenes when we meet up. Happy birthday!


  • I’m writing you this birthday wish to ask the Almighty to showers you with blessings of glory, success, and serenity. Also because I knew that wishing you over a phone call or a video call would make me shed tears like crazy! May you fulfill all your aspirations and ambitions courageously! Happy birthday my lioness!


  • This year, I missed out on organizing the perfect midnight birthday bash for you. I promise to make it up to you the next time we see each other. Till then, I’m sending you heaps of positivity and good wishes, happy birthday.


Birthday Wishes For Reserved Sister in Law


  • It’ll definitely take time for us to gel well, but I assure you this, once we do, we’ll be like two peas in a pod. Happy birthday, dear sister-in-law!


  • We haven’t had the chance to speak much, but I remember seeing the way you enjoyed your last birthday with your friends. You’re one of the loveliest and liveliest women I’ve ever come across. Happy birthday, dear!


  • This birthday I want to enlighten you with a small piece of advice- never give up on your dreams, your passion, your goals- I’ve seen your potential and talent, you’re going to shine real bright super soon. Happy birthday!


  • I know you’re not much of a talker, and I don’t want to cause you any discomfort or anxiety for the same. Here I am, wishing you a very happy birthday with the brightest smile, reminding you, I’m always here if you need someone.


  • I hope that we could just have a small conversation anytime in the near future. Here’s to a hopeful and new year of revelations and friendship, happy birthday dear!


  • I know we’re not related by blood, but we’re humans after all and I’d love it if you gave me a chance to get to know you. In-laws or not, we’re family after all! Happy birthday, dear sister-in-law!


  • Happy birthday, dear! I wish you a lifetime of cheerfulness and optimism coupled with hard work, grit, and fortitude.


  • You look splendid, just the way you are. Never let anyone tell you otherwise! Not just happy, I wish you a marvelous birthday!


  • We have had quite a rocky start right off the bat. On this birthday of yours, I pray for your goodwill, bright conscience, and for us, to get to know each other better! Happy birthday!


  • Your confidence and independent spirit, is what gives me the courage to strive towards my goals in life! Never lose this essence of yours! Happy birthday, love!


“In Reference to” Birthday Wishes For Sister in Law


I know this “category” might sound peculiar at first, but hear me out! Under this category, are references to a few books, television/web series, movies; pop culture in general. So might I suggest; only if you and your sister-in-law both have the knowledge, should you go ahead with these birthday wishes.


  • I know we’ve had a bitter and cold start to our relationship, but here I am wishing you a terrific birthday with hopes to warm up our future, because no matter what “the cold never bothered me anyway.” (Movie- Frozen)


  • I promise to be your F.R.I.E.N.D. till the end, because “you’re there for me too.” Happy birthday, love! (Television series- F.R.I.E.N.D.S)


  • I hope that this birthday you’re able to “Accio” all that you deserve and “Lumos” all the days to come. (Movie- Harry Potter)


  • ‘I’m very easy to not like,’ but you’ve managed to love me for all that I have and make me your own. Happy birthday best sister ever! (Web series- Sex education)


  • ‘May the Force be with you,’ and even if it fails to, I’ll always stick around. (Movie- Star Wars)


  • ‘Just keep swimming’ through everything you find impossible, or worthless or difficult, and you’ll surely find a way to reach your destination. (Movie- Finding Nemo)


  • Just like Joey has Chandler, I’ve got you, my sole soul sister. (Television series- F.R.I.E.N.D.S)


  • No offense, but, my dear sister-in-law, ‘birthdays are so middle-class, nonetheless, happy birthday.’ (Movie- Downton Abbey)


  • This birthday, I’d urge you to never doubt or think less of yourself, and in any situation when you find yourself ‘backed against the wall,’ make sure to ‘break the goddamn thing down.’ (Television Series- Suits)


  • ‘You can count on me, like 1, 2, 3,’ but not just as an in-law or a friend- as a sister. Happy birthday, baby! (Music- Bruno Mars)


  • Cheers honey, it’s your birthday today. So, put your party face, ‘get it on, bang a gong.’ (Emily Dickinson)


  • ‘There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for,’ now you know why I fight with your brother over you. Happy birthday, love! (Book- The Two Towers, J.R.R. Tolkien)


Here, we’ve provided you with a handful of last-minute birthday wishes for your sister-in-law that would come in really handy and it looks like we’ve come to the end-card of this small journey. I’m certain that you’ve been able to select at least one wish that’d perfectly fit in for your lovely sister-in-law. Just a hack for those who’re still unable to find the perfect, impeccable birthday wish- try and make a reference to her favorite food, pop culture (that she’s aware of), her role model, her dream job, highlight what you admire in her the most, basically anything that you know she’d love to listen to, and don’t forget to pray for her lifetime of happiness. If nothing works, simply a phone call, video call or a personal ‘Happy Birthday, love’ would work just as well. Remember, at the end of the day your sister-in-law is lucky to have you, just as you are, to have her. Be sure to enjoy and be a merry fellow!