Birthday Prayers for Myself

Birthday Prayers for Myself

‘Happy Birthday’!

It’s always overwhelming to hear the greetings from everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s with exclaim or a little smile or with warm hugs or just a text. Our birthdays are the days we should never be sad on. Love and blessings come our way on our special day to make us recall how much we have grown as an entity in this universe and living the most of life, never forgetting who we are and how many years we have accomplished of existing.

 Albeit what if you’re not wished by anyone on your special day, what if someone forgets to wish you; I believe there’s nothing to be sad about. It’s not a requisite for everyone to wish you, wishes are blessings and I think the first blessing on your very special day must come from your own self.  So, wake up on your special day, catch glimpse of your adorable self in the mirror and say “Hi beautiful, Happy birthday”


Birthday prayers for myself


  • I exhibit much gratitude for waking up to this day – to my God and myself.


  • Like the waves of the ocean this year, I saw every high and low tide and I am happier to be under god’s grace and being the happiest today.


  • May my heart overwhelms with the love I shower on myself and may the happiness and calmness is brought to me by the almighty.


  • I resolute on my birthday to preach the conceit of ‘carpe diem’ (living life to the fullest) for every birthday I will have.


  • Thank you God for keeping me healthy, sound, safe, happy, and rendering me with immense joy on my birthday every year.


  • I am a year older today with all the endeavors and by god’s grace. Today on my special day, I bow down in front of him for the blessings he has given me and all which will come my way.


  • On my special day, I retrospect all the things I am in possession of, fortunately, and all those things I lost; for they brought me the most valuable lessons of life.


  • Today on my birthday, I promise myself to embrace myself and to love myself a little than yesterday however a little less than tomorrow.


  • Like the trees, I put my faith in my surroundings and the seed of life inside me which is a mark of growth and grace and would be an essential significance every year on my birthday. I promise to never forget this.


  • Life is a present, by the universe and I am a lot happier than my last birthday and I will be more on my next.


  • On my birthday I asked to be embraced by infinite self-love and the strength to break all the chains that behold me. I’ll be a little more of myself from this day forth.


  • I embark on a new journey today, where hate and negativity will leave my life and joy and zeal will come to me. I’m blessed.



  • God, all I wish and desire is to be looked on by you and to be guided by the universe. Bless me to be my better self.


  • I exhibit much of my gratitude today to the god who never left my side and kept the hope alive in me and the passion in my heart to have patience through thick and thin.


  • Today it feels different; the wind has a little aroma of the food I love, the sun is scintillating and I feel the warmth on my flesh. It seems like my special day has rejuvenated me and I’m blessed.


  • I thank all the crucibles that came my way and made me tougher than ever. Happy birthday to my stronger self.


  • Today on my birthday, I pray to god to alter my troubles and give me happiness and the blessings to preserve it.


  • On my best day, I wish myself all the prudence and fortunes. A very happy birthday to me.


  • May my soul smile and that is reflected in my countenance and I coruscate like a star. Happy birthday to me.


  • I’m blessed to witness my adventurous journey as a human being and I can foresee the rest that lies ahead. A very happy birthday to me and the life I am grateful to have.


Happy birthday prayers for myself


  • Happy Birthday to myself. I have completed one more year of my life and I have no regrets. It’s just happiness and gaiety that I exhibit and will always choose over sadness.


  • As long as, my body, heart, and mind synchronize with each other, the ballad called ‘Life’ is filled with blissful notes. A very happy birthday to me.


  •  I am beautiful in every way that a human who’s a child of the god can be. My existence is a success of which I’m the most persevered witness and I am ascertaining to witness more of what’s yet to come.


  • God give me the grace to be gregarious and stay an amiable person and bring jubilation not just to me but to everyone who comes my way.


  •  My zest lies in me and what I’m at the core. Happy birthday to me who bears the cognition of seeing life as a gift every day.


  • I’m the sunshine and every day of every year is a relentless exuberance, I vow to look and seek for the rest of my life. Happy birthday to myself.


  • Today I kneel to exhibit my indebtedness to the cosmic entity for reviving the elation of having a new pursuit towards life.


  • I sing like Louis Armstrong –‘ I see skies of blue and clouds of white, the bright blessed day, the dark sacred night and I think to myself. What a wonderful world!’ and pledge to see the beauty in everything. A very happy birthday to myself.


  • As I woke up to this day, I can’t help but remember to be grateful for breathing the elixir that keeps me alive. Happy birthday to myself.


  • My thankfulness on this day is credited to the god and my soul; I pledge to never fail them.


  • Akin to water my countenance reflects the joy on my special day with a smile wherein lies the faith of being convivial to my own self and love myself selflessly. Happy birthday to myself.


  • Today I will leave my bed and I will dress up in my most adorable self and then I’ll make a toast to myself on my special day; for it’s my birthday!


  • I’m a happy and prosperous person whose faith restores in him/her every day. Happy birthday to myself who never dwindle the beliefs and the veracity I am blessed to have.


  • Through every bad and good time, my god stayed with me and kept the fire in me burning for not abandoning the journey. On my birthday I kneel down to you to present my gratefulness.


  • Thank you god for planting in me efficacy to be potent and seek the purpose of my life. Happy birthday to myself.


  • On my birthday I want to recall the concept of ‘La via continue’ (life must continue). Whatever happens, will be the call of the universe.


  • May God, protect me from the negative entities in the world and let me walk to salvation. On my birthday I thank the almighty.


  • This year I transcended the former beliefs that led me to toxicity, I have shed my former self and on this birthday it seems like I’m reborn. A very happy birthday to my neo-self.


  • God give me the courage that I always have the vision to find my wealth in non-materialistic things. Another year of pure bliss. A very happy birthday to myself.


  • Today is my birthday and I feel the rising exuberance in me. Happy birthday to me and cheers to the constant joy.


Short birthday prayers for myself


  • A very happy birthday to the most joyous human being.


  • Although I have been too capricious this year, I promise to end it and become kind from today. Happy birthday to me.


  • Like rain, I’ll cry out all the sorrows and seize the elation that life offers to me. I promise to be a new self. A very happy birthday to me.


  • God renders the blessing on me that I never forget the virtues I have acquainted myself with.


  • A very happy birthday to me. I seek to contrive in every way to fulfill the destiny that’s been placed on my shoulders.


  • I invoke the soul inside my flesh to express my thankfulness for never letting the joy in me die.


  • Thank you, god for extending your mercies on me, more than I deserve.


  • I pray for everlasting joy and good health. A very happy birthday to me.


  • My fate is bringing me all that am in my possession and I promise to put the entire forge for fulfilling the path that’s predestined for me.


  • Happy birthday to me for being an amateur puissant, hitherto. This year I will acquire knowledge and will witness my growth.


  • I pray to be enlightened by god on my special birthday.


  • On my special birthday, I remember the German saying –‘Man muss an sich selbst glauben. Das ist das Geheimnis’ which rings its meaning in my ears; You believe in yourself, that’s the secret.


  • God give me the vision on my special day to see the completeness in everything I have and everyone I am friends with.


  • I trust the process and the path which I’ll seek confidently with optimism and I promise this to myself on my special day.


  • I want to believe in being virtuous, affable, and kind. On my special day, I pray to god to usher me on this trail.


  • On my special day I desire to be blessed with the ability to manifest. a very happy birthday to me.


  • I will not succumb to the failures and the obstacles and will always look for the light. A very happy birthday to me and my new resolution.


  • Happy birthday to me. From today I’ll leave the humdrum regime and notions of my life and I’ll hug my happy self.


  • Happy birthday to the most effervescent human, happy birthday to myself.


  • I have the confidence in me to keep my ebullient, dynamic, sparkling self alive for the rest of my coming birthdays. A very happy birthday to me.


Birthday prayers for myself on my birthday


  • Happy birthday to me, so what if nobody remembers, at least I do.


  • I have woken up to the most precious day of my life and I’m delighted that I can embrace my older self now.


  • Here comes the day when I’ll lose my older self and seize the opportunity to be a new one. A very happy birthday to me.


  • No matter how older I become, my birthday will and always be the day of lifting my spirits up. Happy birthday to me.


  • Can anyone believe my mom and dad decided to have bear with me all these years. Yes, it’s my birthday today.


  • For all these years I have been my true –self, fortunate me, cheers to another year of my journey.


  • Happy birthday to the kind, witty, affable self that I am and I’ll endure this self of mine for the coming years.


  • Happy birthday to the most wonderful being that of course has abound flaws but I love him/her.


  •  I’m pulchritudinous and utterly somber at the same. Happy birthday to me.


  • I promise on my birthday to my older self that I’ll be more elegant this year and will put an end to my negative traits.


  • I promise to myself today that I will hone my skills and alter my personality than my visage.


  • With all hopes, I am certain on this birthday that now I have grown much to stop being ditzy and start taking things at the earnest. A very happy birthday to me although just the last time to enjoy being stupid.


  • It’s my birthday today and I can’t wait to launch into this year with extreme ecstasy.


  • Happy birthday to my greatest alibi, who else that’s me, It’s my birthday.


  • Happy birthday to myself and goodbye to the younger self.


  • Happy birthday to me and I feel by waking up today I have stood victorious God knows in which competition.


  • Here comes one more birthday, I better be going for the bash. A very happy birthday to myself.


  • Happy birthday to me. Today is the day I was born and today I’ll make the most of this day.


  • God give me the appetite of the biggest animal of the world today; for it’s my birthday today.


  • I thank god on my birthday for sending me to this world else the world would have been oblivious to beauty. A very happy birthday to myself.


Inspirational birthday prayers for myself


  • Einstein once said ‘strive not to be a success but rather to be of value’ and I am in confidence to imbibe this today on my special day. A very happy birthday to me.


  • It’s difficult to grasp the cadence of life and sync yourself with it nonetheless it’s never impossible. Just keep breathing. A very happy birthday to myself.


  • Today I remember the famous saying by a renowned personality -‘the two most important days in your life are the days- you are born and the day you find out why’. I am persistent to find out the ‘why’. A very happy birthday to me and immense joy for completing a year finding out the ‘why’.


  • Montaigne said ‘he who fears, he will suffer, already suffers because he fears’. I solicit to the almighty to keep me away from all the despondence or lest give me the vigor to go through it.


  • I pray to win the battle of life with my perpetual efforts and infinite robustness. A very happy birthday to me and three pats on the back to wake up every day and believe in me.


  • God on my special birthday gives me the valor to smile and propagate equanimity; for the person who smiles rather than rages is always the stronger one.


  • I promise myself to bring into play- I don’t lose. Either I win, or I learn.


  • Having the sight to foresee the little that exists in present is all that brings the gratification. It’s the wealth I desire in abundance. A very happy birthday to my own self who speculates to have the purest form of happiness.


  • I want to put up with rain today as Dolly Parton says- ‘The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.


  • On my birthday, I promise myself to not be so busy in making a life that I forgot to live the one I was born with.


  • There will come days when you’ll forget to see the rainbow after the rains and you’ll complain of being miserable. I want you to remember that the seven colors exist in you.


  • I’ll do a favor to me on my birthday today; I’ll extricate the frivolousness from my life and welcome the enthusiasm.


  • I recognize the Shakespearean saying –‘Wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast’. I pray to God to grant me the patience for bringing a change in myself and the world.


  • Nelson Mandela said ‘I learned that courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid but he who conquers that fear.’ God on my birthday today may give me thew and firmness to conquer my fear.


  • Every day I sew a thread of hope and intertwine it with positivity. My struggles are acknowledged by me and I’m tougher and better than yesterday. I promise to appreciate every minute of my life I have spent and will spend breathing the air given by God and will always bestow my gratitude underneath his feet. Today on my birthday. May God bless me.


  • I have procured this life and I will not embrace death until I make every moment count. Another year to my continuous journey. Happy birthday to me.


  • I’ll adhere myself to the people who bring joy to me, to the things that make my heart whirl, and to the thoughts that fill me with colors and positivity. A very happy birthday to me.


  • Happy birthday to me, I was given this life not by coincidence but by fate and I place my confidence in myself today and promise to always choose myself and my growth every year.


  • Today on my birthday, I give my word that I’ll never again thwart myself and will be my constant support for everything I will do. A very happy birthday to the optimist I will be.


  • I remind myself, today on my birthday that life is a spectrum of colors, some dark some light some faded some bright. However, it’s always on me to seek which one. But I have found they all are equally alluring and I have a bit of all in me. A very happy birthday to the most vibrant being. Happy birthday to me.