Birthday Captions Instagram – 2020 Best List

Birthday Captions -2020

Looking for some interesting birthday captions? We got a huge list of great captions that will make your wishes look better and heart touching. All you need to do is, look at this list and copy and paste it under your picture. 


Short Birthday Captions


  • Keep calm and celebrate my birthday.


  • Forget your age and live your life.


  • Wearing and eating my birthday cake.


  • I am happy you were born.


  • Started from the bottom now we 20.


  • Cheers and beers to my birthday.


  • Enjoy your day to the fullest, kid!


  • Happy adult-ish.


  • Bring bigger dreams to your new age.


  • Drama queen at 15.


  • I am as sweet as my sweet 16.


  • You are the youngest person of your age I know, happy birthday.


Funny Birthday Captions


  • You really don’t know how to act this age, you’ve been here for the first time. 


  • You are growing older, soon you will get some wrinkles so before that let’s party.


  • Have a tea-riffic birthday!


  • Cheers to your growing older!


  • May your facebook be filled with wishes from people you never talk to, happy birthday!


  • You are sassy since birth. Happy birthday.


  • Growing older is not your hobby, but here you are! Happy birthday to you.


  • You are just a whole year more incredible.


  • You are born to be this crazy, happy birthday!


  • Happy birthday to my crazy, annoying best friend.


  • My cake is as sweet as my friends.


  • Cheesing because it’s my 20.

Birthday Captions For Yourself


  • Hey, you got blessed today. Wish me a very happy birthday.


  • Life’s too short not to celebrate your every day so let’s celebrate my grand day.
  • A year older I’m but not wiser.


  • Growing older but still a child at heart. Happy birthday to me.


  • Cheers to my 21st.


  • Awesome since 20 years.


  • Today is my attention day, let’s celebrate.


  • Drop all the gifts at my doorsteps or take me out for lunch! Also, wish me a happy birthday.


  • Wish me happy birthday but I’m not gonna tell you my legal age.


  • Today I’m turning to an adult so let’s celebrate in an adult way!


  • Sat cheese to my birthday pictures.


  • Just want to spend this awesome day with my awesome friends.


15th Birthday Captions 


  • Kisses, hugs and 15 birthday wishes.


  • Just a year left to be sweet 16. Happy birthday buddy.


  • Old enough to know better but still young enough to get away with it.


  • Still enjoying my teenage, happy birthday to me.


  • Another year of my teens, cheers.


  • 15 and oh so fun.


  • I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 15.


  • Happy birthday to the person who makes my blood pressure rise since 15 years.


  • A big happy birthday to my weirdo, who’s another year older in his teenage.


  • Well at least I am not as old as I will be next year.


  • King of 15.


  • Queen of 15.


20th Birthday Captions


  • Finally, I survived being a teenager! Congratulations.


  • 20 looks good on you! Happy birthday.


  • Cheers to my adulthood!


  • Happy birthday to you! You are halfway to your 40.


  • Third decade of your life and still not wiser. Happy birthday!


  • 20 looks cool on you! Happy birthday.


  • You are awesome and now 20! Happy birthday.


  • Give me 20 gifts on my 20th birthday.


  • 20 looks pretty on you!


  • Bringing bigger dreams to 20.


  • Happy adult-ish to me!


  • Give me hugs and kisses for my 20th.


23rd Birthday Captions


  • I found my birthday crown saying that I’m 23 now.


  • Have a hearty 23rd birthday and may all your wishes come true as blowing your candle.


  • I’m 23 but not older just getting better!


  • Time to drink champagne and stand on tables to announce that today I’m 23.


  • Say hello to my 23.


  • 23 years ago, my mom gave birth to this wonderful child. Happy birthday to me!


  • I just wanted to thank you all for all the lovely wishes on my 323rd.


  • So, this is what 23 looks like..ugh, but still happy birthday to me!


  • You are the youngest 23 year old I know.


  • 23 looks good and pretty on you.


  • My age is 23 but my heart is ageless and I will continue to act like a kid.


  • The only thing I’m feeling is 23 beers.


Birthday captions for friends


  • Cake, party, and booze…woohoo! I mean happy birthday.


  • Another year, through thick and thin. Happy birthday buddy.


  • Oh, happy day. Your arrival on earth. HAPPY BORN DAY!


  • You look younger than ever, happy birthday buddy!


  • It’s okay to act crazy today because it’s your birthday today!


  • Today you sparkle but everyday you rule, happy birthday.


  • Let’s celebrate the anniversary of your escape from the womb!


  • One more step closer to adult underpants, happy birthday best friend!


  • Birthday comes every year but friends like you don’t so let’s celebrate this day, happy birthday!


  • Happy birthday to my crazy awesome friend!


  • May your day be beautiful as you are, happy birthday.


  • Cheers to laughing at our own jokes, love ya…happy birthday best friend!


Funny Birthday Captions For Yourself 


  • Happy birthday to the awesome me.


  • Blessed and happy to see another year.


  • I got some strong birthday vibes.


  • Thankful, grateful and blessed to grow this wiser every year, happy birthday to me!


  • One more year and still alive.


  • Today I can wear my birthday crown.


  • I think I’m too young to be this old by age but who cares, happy birthday to me.


  • This is to inform you that my inner child is still ageless, happy birthday to me.


  • Shoutout to the peeps you act crazy and keep me sane, birthday or no birthday!


  • Blessing your feeds so wish me a happy birthday today!


  • My birthday is classic like me.


  • There’s no place like a birthday party so let’s celebrate my birthday.


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