All Marvel Movies – Ranked Best to Worst


Marvel the franchise is known for its superhero films, changing the face of superhero cinema forever when it entered with it's Iron man one in 2008. Since then there has been no turning back, marvel is a household name now and fan favorite. It has also played its charm on the box office. Here is list of best to worst Marvel Movies.


1.Black Panther

Directed by Ryan Coogler this path breaking movies not only has excellent graphics but also a great storyline. The story about the African superhero/king T'challa is captivating and its excellent cast consisting of multiple black and its fierce female characters make it worthy of the best rank. You find yourself in the world of Wakanda an isolated nation dealing with the issue of whether to open to rest of world or stay aloof on its own given its rich development finds an echo in lot of current nations who are griping with same issues. This movie has adequate connections to rest of marvel franchise yet is something different, something very relevant in the present world scenario.


2.Thor Ragnarok

While chris Hemsworth's Thor has done two solo movies and was in all Avengers movies this one takes the crown for it's hilarious storyline, different from other Thor movies which has dark plot and very few punches, perhaps marvel wanted to try something different and boy it worked out well. The brainchild of Taika Waititi he has put his heart and soul into the movie. The USP of this movie is Hemsworth's comic timing, krog's dry humor and Loki finally getting his much awaited redemption arc.


3.Avengers Endgame

The most awaited movies of all time perhaps, taken recently the box office by storm now is the highest grossing movie of all time in domestic theaters breaking Avatar's record. This movie in one word is fantastic. It will break your heart to see the black widow die (oops spoiler alert) when the whole fandom was expecting everyone but her. Robert Downey Jrs Iron Man too gives up his life to save the universe. Thanos make one despicable villain, like a real villain should be. The whole time travel plot though guess earlier by many fans played out really well. The final movie of phase three by marvel is definitely worth watching.


4.Captain America: The Winter Soldier

An absolute masterpiece, 2014 was really a good year for MCU in this espionage thriller you see amazing chemistry between Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow and Captain America, steve rogers both poles apart but together they make a great team. While the first Captain America movie established his character as a man of high moral and a patriot this movie carry it forward. The storyline of hydra infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D and the villain turning out to be long lost friend of our hero is one epic plot.


5.Avengers one

First marvel movie for many people and the first one where you see all the superheroes put together. Nick Fury's Avengers initiative plays out really well here and you find yourself in awe of each character. Loki makes an ever Charming villain and captures the screen whenever he is on it so much so you can't help but root for him. This movie also gave the marvel franchise its most iconic shot of all time. Joss Whedon has done great work on it and his understanding of character is impeccable.


6.Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2

This movie though free from much plot connections to any other marvel movie or even its own prequel, in true sense is a whole package. You find a whole family drama, you find a loose carefree plot. And there are multiple stories running all around tying up together to one important thing that is what in true essence is family, is it just blood or the choice we make. Chris Pratt's Peter Quill after finally meeting his birth father goes off with him so the team split into two, not until the later half you get to know who the true villain is which few might believe makes it weak but i believe is the strength of this movie.


  1. Iron Man

Marvel's first film released in 2008, tells you the story of weapons tycoon a little narcissistic Tony Stark and how he turned into iron man. This movie despite its flaws is iconic. While there have been superheroes in the past but none with such an electric charm as Robert Downey Jr's Iron man. This is also the movie which started the MCU, Without it marvel cinema today would have been something completely different. MCU gets a strong start with this absolute delight.


  1. Avengers Infinity War

The Russo's sure like to play with their fans, this movie called as the greatest crossover when the stories of Guardians finally intermingle with that of avengers and hence this masterpiece was created. The movie is jam packed with the greatest names from film industry and you see all of them together sharing one screen. While each character on its own gets very less screen time, the whole plot it gripping. Thanos is here to wipe out half the universe and it is in our heros hands to stop him.

While the ending may leave you in a state of shock and on a bill wait for the next one all in all this movie is true MCU movie.


  1. Doctor Strange

Like Iron Man this movie is about turn of a narcissistic, rich and sarcastic man into a superhero who goes well beyond earlier personality. When life takes a tragic turn in this case a life changing injury we see Doctor Stephen strange going on a quest in the far east to search for a cure, only he finds more than cure he trains himself to be a great time lord and a wizard. Having multiple tricks in his fanny this perhaps is the only superhero who annoys the villain into giving up by his popular dialogue and repeated scene 'Dormammu, i have come to bargain'. The CGI alone makes it a worthy watch.


  1. Guardians Of the Galaxy vol I

This movie might seem a little offbeat at first but will turn out a lot offbeat by the end, though not your typical marvel film, it is a riot. Marvel never played safe and watching this movie will show you at least one thing that when MCU tried to sell Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon and a tree added by Parks and Recreation' lovable buffoon Chris Pratt and won. This movie is epically hilarious, it has a plotline of most unlikely characters coming together to save the whole galaxy. This movie also laid the foundation of infinity stones which make to play a huge part in later movie.


  1. Spiderman: Homecoming

There has been Spiderman in the past played by Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield so what does this new Marvel Spiderman has to contribute? It's a highly refreshing take on the same old superhero, now through the eyes of a high school student. Robert Downey Jr reprise his role as iron man again as the little absent mentor for Peter Parker. You see a more clumsy version of Spiderman rising over protecting the neighborhood to bigger threats that faces the world.


  1. Iron Man 3

Better than its prequel but not so good as the first Iron Man movie. The movie deals with after effects of avengers one on Tony stark. Robert Downey Jr as Iron man delivers a stellar performance, it's his film, the whole scene where multiple Iron Man suits fly out and pepper potts finally being the one to kill the main villain deserves a watch.


  1. Captain America: The First Avenger

First MCU movie according to the timeline, here we see Chris Evans bringing to life the role of captain America. Although not as brilliant as its sequel the movie is great in terms of casting and plot. The story set in 1940's in the second world war era about rise of a skinny guy into a guy that saves the world is in true sense heroic. The movie also has ample romance in terms of Hayley Atwell playing Steve Roger's love interest Peggy Carter.


  1. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the epitome for feminism. Set in the 90's it is the origin story of Marvel's first female superhero, captain marvel. The plot regarding her inability to remember her past life and unable to fully grasp her potential is engaging. You also get a better look at Nick Fury here who has buddy comedy like thing going on, we also finally get to know the reason how Fury lost his eye. The movie overall did not live up to the high expectations and rest on Brie Larson's shoulders who is perfect for the role.


  1. Thor

Another Hero origin story, this time we are taken into the Norse mythology where MCU tells us the story of god of thunder and his true awakening. After being exiled into earth chris Hemsworth's Thor turns out to be a more grounded character. Tom hiddleston did a fantastic job as Loki which perhaps is the best part about it. Overall, this movie is not terrible but not impressive either.


  1. Ant man and the wasp

Though slightly better than it's predecessor this movie failed to do any wonders on the box office or gained much popularity. Not a lot of people know that Wasp is the first female superhero in MCU to have her name in the movie title. The movie again focus on Paul Rudd playing the role of ant man and Evangeline Lilly playing the role of wasp here we see a family rescue story with plenty of heart and humor what it lacks is substance.


  1. Ant man

The film had a rough production particularly because director Edgar Wright had a different vision for it and was fired 3 months before production began and was replaced. It is lowkey, Paul Rudd is charismatic as Ant-Man, and for a change it's not about the fate of the universe. But the Quantum realm could have been better presented. Maybe the sequel would be better.


  1. Avengers age of ultron

After the huge success of first Avengers movie everyone was expecting the studio to get bigger and better but i think they really over did it here.

Natasha and Bruce's relationship is a breath of fresh air in the MCU, also has great supporting characters and new entrants into the universe.

However plot seems a little lost, Ultron is not as effective a villain as he could have been.


  1. Captain America: Civil War

For this movie I think Marvel Took a leaf out of DC's book and we see our favorite superheroes again, more like an avengers movie then captain America. Here we have two different sections of Avengers fighting against each other over their mutual differences. We are also introduced to two new characters Spiderman and Blank Panther which later get their own standalone movies. Whether you root for team Iron man or Team this movie will leave you a little disappointed.


  1. Iron Man 2

It gives you the first appearance of Scarlett Johansson's black widow as well as nick fury starting the Avengers initiative, thought well connected with the whole MCU, this movie due to lack of its good plot fails to live up to its prequel and sequel.


  1. Thor: the Dark world

This movie in one word is dark, the plot, the story, the lights everything. While Loki takes the character of anti hero here and is great in his part he too fails to save this doomed film. The whole love story of Jane and Thor lacks chemistry and flat. Apart from that the villain is neither charming nor strong enough. This movie is a huge let down after the first Thor


  1. The incredible Hulk

The movie as a whole feels disconnected to the whole MCU, it maybe perhaps because Edward Norton was replaced by Mark Ruffalo who did a great job playing Hulk in subsequent avengers movies or most of its storyline and characters has nothing to do with whole MCU, it is just the origin of how after getting affected by gamma radiations hulk is born. The movie failed to impress the audience and hence on the last spot.


Apart from these we have Spiderman Far from home coming soon followed by a stand alone Black Widow movie both of which are much awaited.