Best Love captions for Instagram

When it comes to expressing and showing off our loved ones on social media, we want it to be as perfect as our wedding day. That day is a mark when our close ones and acquaintances will get to know about our love interest and then praises will come flooding in. Pictures are even more perfect with the perfect captions associated with it. Without a perfect caption, your love will be expressed a little less.

Don’t panic, we’ve got you some of the best-handwritten captions right from the heart to you.

Scroll through our best collections and you will surely relate it with your loved one!


Best Love captions for Instagram


  • You’re my LOVE- Lifeline, Outstanding, Valuable, and Electrifying!


  • I went around the world but love made me realize that my home was you.


  • Throwback to the day when you went down the knees for me and I couldn’t keep adoring you.


  •  I saw you one day and since then, my heart hasn’t stopped those flowing love feelings for you.


  • You are the reason for my attendance in high school. This is how badly I want to see you.


  • We’ll go round the world together and all I’ll see is you.


  • I saw someone like you in my dreams, and after I met you, I believed in dreams coming true.


  • Let’s follow our love discipline- love daily, uniformly, and forever!


  • In love there is no space for conditions, it’s either unconditional or not love.


  • I saw the same burning passion in your eyes as I’ve seen in mine, at that instant, I knew you were the one.


  • Love is all about feeling secure in his arms and leaving all the insecurities to fade away.


  • They call you lucky because I’m dating you, little did they know I prayed for you too.


  • Love is a feeling packed with all the good and bad emotions, but we’ll make through it.


  • Love grows with time and with patience, consistency, dedication, and efforts!


  • A person can be blinded by love, but it is also the best feeling with all your other senses heightened to its peak.


  • Overlooking one’s flaw isn’t love, but helping one to come out of it and correcting it is!


  • Love makes you brave and courageous enough to face every hurdle in one’s life.


  • You don’t need words to express love. Love is a language that comes in many forms.


  • I am the person who falls for words over appearance. Love will find me in handwritten letters over photographs!


  • Love can’t be forced or restricted, it happens when it has to and nothing will stop it.


Cool Love captions


  • I agree to love you till the food made by you keeps coming from the kitchen.


  • Guys can’t express much of their emotions, but I’ve poured out my love today for you.


  • We’ll be doing all the hobbies of each other and the best one out of them will be loving.


  • You are an excerpt from a love tale that has come all the way in my life.


  • You are one of my favorite shortcuts to happiness and I’d always love to have you.


  • We are going to live the best moments of love together- just you and me forever.


  • If my heart is a kingdom then you’re my queen who can rule over me!


  • As soon as our eyes meet, the world disappears for me and you become my center.


  • These tiny and fragile threads of love have knotted our hearts. Let’s keep them forever.


  • I can be the straw that you kiss slowly and still not get enough of it.


  • You are my sun and all other planets are my emotions that keep revolving around you.


  • When we don’t talk, that day is the darkest one in my life.


  • Look at the power of your love. It made me fall on my knees for you.


  • You have been that drug in my life that I will never want to leave.


  • Surfing across the waves you came to me all tanned and wet. That’s when a beach lover found her mermaid.


  • I understood the worth of the word blessing when God made us meet.


  • It is not always about your perfections, you’re flaws are beautiful for me too!


  •  Catch and hold my heart as I give it to you. It has been broken many times but still trusts you.


  • I can wait for my whole life that means you’ll meet me at the end of it!


  • You kissed me when I had a cold and then we got sick together, that is how much perfect we are as couples!


Love captions for Instagram for him


  • He is the one who gives me happiness like eating a chocolate cake.


  • Those late-night talks with him were worth sacrificing my sleep for.


  • He is my morning’s breakfast, my afternoon cold sips, and my night’s warm cup of coffee.


  • I got the feeling of being calm in my chaotic world when my eyes met with his.


  • Age is something that’ll never matter in us, but, aging with you will matter for sure.


  • My intuitions told me that you were the one. I knew that it was right.


  • The way you loved me all these years is a treasure to me I’d like to preserve.


  • You are my enchanting mountain and I’m your hiker.


  • Day 1 or day 1000, it is going to be you and only you!


  • For you to understand my love for you, try counting the stars! When you fail, then you’ll know my love for you is beyond any measurements.


  • You are the delightful pastries on my bad days- yes, you make in instantly good.


  • We are on a journey of love and the terrain is rough, but I’ll hold you whatsoever.


  • To the person who loves you, you’re her sky and her soil.


  • Paint me in the colors of your love and then you’ll see I am prettier than ever!


  • Why are you blamed for stealing my heart when I was willing to give it to you always?


  • Our love is a cheer to those night camps and wild drives that should never end.


  • My happiness was dwelling in your silence and yours was in my chirpiness.


  • Getting drunks on the shots of love with you is my dream forever.


  • The way you lead me in exploring the new depths of love is simply mesmerizing to me!


  • You’re the shining cloud in my darkness filled heart.


Love captions for Instagram selfies


  • Love is not about asking, it is when you’re will to give equally.


  • People ask me if I’m in love, I reply with a yes. I’m in love with myself.


  • Love is about being busy with each other and for each other. If not, then maybe it is not like love.


  • We start loving everything when we actually start loving ourselves.


  • Look around and embrace the changes. If you stop complaining, then love will embrace you too.


  • Love is a simple word yet people complicate relationships due to overly expectations.


  • We fall in love only when we are being loved. 


  • Every song that is on my playlist is a souvenir or out memories.


  • The love language may be different, but my love for you will remain the same.


  • All the makeup seems useless when a person can see your real self and still loves you.


  • Life is nothing but different emotions flowing through you and are bonded with love.


  • It is not always about saying I love you, it is also about the small actions to justify the words.


  • The biggest gift you can give to yourself is the ability to love and accept yourself as you are.


  • When you stop holding grudges against the world, then you can open those gates of love.


  • Looks don’t matter, it’s your decency, wisdom, and your respect towards me.


  • The relationships that we share with the world, are all shallow until the self-bond is strong.


  • Let’s try to maintain a good attitude so that the right ones are given the love they deserve.


  • I am the morning dewdrop and you are the leaf. We meet secretly hidden amid the mist.


  • I would like to have my infatuations, lust, love, and forever- all with you!


  • I want our relationship to be like a fork and knife, where one is incomplete without the other.


Love captions for Instagram pictures


  • Stand by me always, and keep proving how strong we can be together against the world.


  • The home that I’d like to live in lies inside you. Your heart is the only place I want to live in.


  • Real couples prove that love is about mutual efforts and not just the game of sweet words.


  • The sun and the moon are witnesses of the way our hearts began the journey as strangers to life partners.


  • When we are together and mad in love, the days feel like minutes, and when not, days feel like years.


  • Somedays, when nobody seems to be mine, you are the one to whom I belong.


  • I have loved you all my life and that is why I am enjoying my life the most.


  • Yes, there might be many people who are better out there, but, I have got my eyes on you forever.


  • The flowers of my heart sway in the direction of your winds of love.


  • I never have hidden any of my passwords with you, because love exists only when there is trust.


  • Not all days will be the same in our lives, but my love for you is eternal and the same.


  • When people in love start taking efforts, only then they are a match made in heaven.


  • I glow differently when I am thinking of you. That’s maybe love.


  • If we ever have a fight, let us talk and sort it out for the sake of our love.


  • Those wet whispers still give me shivers throughout my skin. 


  • You can call me anytime, be it for love or care, I’ll always be there.


  • Never ever doubt of my abilities, my love can bring the world together for you. 


  • Some things are forbidden in love okay? They are jealousy, insecurity, and lack of trust.


  • Life does put us into a lot of tests, but our love will surpass it all baby.


  • We can bring out the best in us only when love connects us with that one right person.


Funny love captions for Instagram


  • Considering the humor of yours that I’m falling for, you were raised by a group of jokers!


  • Let’s divide the tasks for the day- I make the mess and you clean it.


  • I can still admit that I love you if you accept that I’m always correct. Deal?


  • People say love is beyond emotions, but you can at least express it right? Emotionless romantic.


  • Either you tell me our anniversary date or you can simply sleep in the living room. I’ll still love you.


  • Love is all about growing together, but what if we fall in love with each other at the age of eighty?


  • When he says that he loves me, but then also tags several others in that post!


  • People say love makes you blind. Was I this blind to fall for someone so idiotic like you?


  • When we are in love with each other, you better treat me like an award and take care of me.


  • You can be in love with my dance but don’t make an argument make me bring out the kung-fu panda.


  • People who look at us and are surprised to see us still together need to know that I was always right and you were always left, maybe!


  • It’s not about right or wrong. If you love me, you must always let me win the arguments.


  • Buy me ice cream every day and then clean my nose when I sneeze. If it is too much for you, my list isn’t over yet.


  • If we are dating, you must act like a gossipmonger at most of the times and a lover after that.


  • Somedays, we might not talk. So don’t forcefully come talking to me unless you want to be punched in the face.


  • I’ll be sleeping on the right side of the bed else get ready to sleep in the living, my love.


  • I started talking to you for fun, little did I knew I’ll love you. But still, it was for fun.


  • I’ll be calling it love only when you let me kick while sleeping and still will adore me.


  • Don’t dare to look at the pictures in the museum when the most beautiful thing is right next to you.


  • I have the right to check your phone my love, but don’t think the same ever.


Love captions for Instagram for her


  • It’s when your sparkling eyes met mine, I knew I found the love of my life.


  • Your curvy smile in my hard times gives me a feeling that everything will be right one day.


  • From my eyes, you’ll always be beautiful my love.


  • Your chirpy talks are melodies to my ears no matter when I hear it.


  • She is the wildfire in the forest, her love will stop at nothing and that is what I love about her.


  • She plays multiple roles in my life. An all-rounder love is what you need my friends!


  • I look at that smile and then I realize I can fight forever my life to keep that.


  • I tend to forget dates very quickly, but thanks to her, I’ll never forget the date I met her.


  • Love doesn’t mean expensive dates, it is all about finding a comfortable place to cuddle and talk.


  • She knows I love her and I love the way she pretends to not know it. 


  • She’ll not ask for fancy stuff, I know she needs love and care likes never before.


  • I wonder how did I get so lucky to have you as my life partner, I love you for making me lucky.


  • She made the best out of me come out, and now I’ll give her the best love she deserves.


  • Make some noise for the girl who made my life worth living!


  • I’ll make pancakes for you on the days you aren’t yourself because I love you.


  • She was weird, her answers were rude, but I knew she loved me when she cried for me.


  • My love says she is fragile and I’m her savior for life. I’ll be there for her.


  • Meeting her was fate, being her boyfriend was love but keeping her forever will be my priority.


  • You need to know my chirpy bird that I’m always going to love you in spite of everything that bothers you.


  • She asked me to dance and from that moment, my heart’s been dancing for her.


Love captions Quotes


  • We are in a battle of who loves whom more, stay tuned to know the updates!


  • All the journey of my love ceases into your arms and I feel complete.


  • If it was not for love, I would have never enjoyed rains as much as now.


  • I love the echos because I get to hear nature shouting your name to me.


  • I and my life now are prisoners of your love and we want to remain trapped.


  • It’s okay how we look in love if we are comfortable with each other.


  • Thanks for the love you’ve given me and for being the reason behind my smile.


  • Love is all about pouring. It can be anger, sadness, care, trust, gifts, and many other things.


  • I’m waiting for that one hug after those long-distance days of not seeing each other.


  • Come to the terms my love, I am going to care for you till my last breath.


  • It took me months to confess my love for you and you turned my world of happiness alive in just seconds.


  • Those secrets, dirty jokes, gossip and late night talks can not be lived with anyone else other than you.


  • Love happens everyday with nature, flowers and changing seasons. But with you, it’s constant.


  • Love was not about sex and physical pleasure. With you, it was something more purer and sacred.


  • You took me that day when you passed the heart to me instead of a diamond in cards.


  • Days of love followed by the nights lead us today to the celebration of our anniversary.


  • I might not be able to tell you a number if you ask me how much I love you, just know that it’s infinite.


  • My love for you can make me that superhero you’ve always loved forever.


  • Yes I’ll be jealous of all the boys who want you. But I’m more happy that you’re mine.


  • Yesterday I paused my video game to answer her call and yet she asks me how much I love her!


Funny love captions


  • People say a partner is your better half, but all these days, I’ve been better than you.


  • You say you’ll die for me in love but when I asked you for sky-diving, suddenly you’re afraid of dying?


  • I was wondering who is cuter, my love or my pup. Then I realize you are a human pup.


  • We have an unspoken agreement of dividing the work and chores when we agree to love each other.


  • Always care about me and listen to me so I’ll know that you love me.


  • I hope you don’t get jealous of the followers I’ve got. Trust me, I love only you.


  • If you ask me to rank you in my life, then probably you’ll come after food.


  • Our love can’t last for longer if you don't learn to cook. You better learn it fast.


  • You better disinfect me with those love bites you give me every day.


  • My love for you depends on the number of treats you give me daily.


  • Your love is like a pencil that I need to sharpen frequently.


  • Thanks to my chef boyfriend, his love in the form of food is making me a lot curvy.


  • I asked God for the best life partner. Unfortunately, he gave me you!


  • You are going to regret the time when I said yes to you and now you have to pick up my shopping bags. What a fun thing!


  • I’m worried about my love and now I’m calling him for the hundredth time and he has to pay bills for it now.


  • Dinner is incomplete without you because I can’t cook. Please make the food, love!


  • We are such a weird couple as silence is a stress buster for you and gossip is for me.


  • Thanks to your OCD that I can keep making the mess and you keep on cleaning it for me.


  • Be like a moisturizer who spreads on the skin evenly so that I can distract you from my lips.


  • With you, love is like a flight that I’ve to catch but it keeps delaying. 


Cute love captions for Instagram


  • Many people ask me the secret to our long-lasting love. I replied that efforts and trust never reduced.


  • I can’t wait for the moment when our friends will tease us with each other’s names.


  • I can be the one to make your drink and also the one to give you lemonade after a hangover.


  • I’ve never been able to control my overflowing love since the day I met you.


  • Loving you feels like peace, silence, serenity- all at once. 


  • Babe, please for the sake of our love, have some mercy on me and stop looking so beautiful.


  • Calling you cute panda, teddy, bubbles is much loving to me than your real name. 


  • I can run miles away from you when I’m angry. But, if you just call once, I’m also going to be right next to you.


  • You’re the brightest star in my universe and since then, my life has never been dark.


  • Be the plug for my switch and let the currents of love keep flowing.


  • I want every corner of my home to be filled with your words, smile, and most importantly- your love.


  • I might take up a curse rather than letting you down! That is my love for you.


  • We’ve never missed a single moment to show love to each other and that’s how we are still standing strong today.


  • I’m the pen you’ll be my paper. I’m the heart you’ll be my heartbeat. We’ll never go apart.


  • I’m going to set you free from your toxic past and I’ll make sue our coming future is filled with love. 


  • It’s never too late to talk a little more, try a little more, and express our love a little more.


  • One coffee, two lips, and two sips. That is how I’ll make our love life brewing.


  • I’ll forgive you for all our fights but I’ll never forget you for any of the fights. That’s a promise.


  • Just the way the river meets the sea, I want you to blend in me so that no one can tell us apart.


  • I might now show you what exactly I feel but for you, my love will always be real and unfiltered.


So here were our best-listed captions of all time. What do you think of them? Let us know!


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