190+ Best Friend Tags Questions

We all have that one person in our life with whom we have the best memories of our life. These people may not be always our family members or relatives. Sometimes, we get a brother/sister from another mother. We call these people as a friend. Not only a friend but actually they are best friends. They are the ones whom we remember before going for shopping, outing, celebrating, etc. From our happiness to sorrows they are part of our life. Although, they are not blood relatives still they play an important role in our lives. That’s what we call, FAMILY IN FRIENDS.


How to play best friend tags?


Obviously it is not right to judge your best friend’s affection towards you. But yes we can irritate them by asking them some confusing questions. Best friend tags are fun to play. They may include some emotional questions, funny questions, silly questions, tricky questions, serious questions, and of course some irritating questions. This game makes your bond stronger. They tell you how much you both know about each other. This game lets you know if your friendship bond is a strong covalent bond or made of weak Vander wall force. The more you answer, the more you have a chance to win. Moreover, your winning probability is decided on the basis of your selection of questions. So here are we presenting you with a list of amazing best friend tag questions?


190 Best Friend Tag Questions

190 amazing Best friend tag questions are listed below. Just have a look and try them with your friends.


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Funny Best Friend Tags

  1. Your best friend's face cut resembles to which animal?
  2. Which trip you both are planning for years and still there is no chance for the plan to be successful?
  3. How many times did you lie to your parents giving an example of your best friend?
  4. What kind of movies does your best friend prefer?
  5. Your best friend’s laugh is similar to which animal’s voice?
  6. What will you both prefer, making TikTok videos or starting a new Instagram page together?
  7. How many times your best friend washes his/her hairs in a week?
  8. If your best friend was performing in a live concert, what will you throw on him/ her, tomatoes or eggs?
  9. Applying cake on the face or putting face into the cake, what will be better on your friend’s birthday?
  10. What will be the best challenge for your best friend, Maggi full of sugar or Kheer full of salt?
  11. What tattoo will you prefer for your best friend and on which body part?
  12. When did your best friend get his/her first pimple?
  13. How many times did you both try new clothes in the mall, took selfies, and came out without buying them?
  14. How many clothes are there in your best friend’s wardrobe?
  15. If your friend breaks up with his/her partner then, would you take advantage of the situation and start dating his/her partner?
  16. List the situations when you were jealous of your best friend?
  17. If you wanted to go to jail with your best friend then, which crime you both will commit together? If your best friend was sent to jail then, would you try to get his/her bail immediately or let him/her stay there for a few days?
  18. If your friend’s mom calls you to check if he/she is there with you (who is actually went on a date) then would you lie to save your friend or tell the truth?
  19. Did you ever lie before your friend’s parents just to enjoy when he/she gets scolded?
  20. How can you say that you own your best friend?
  21. Whose mom cooks better, you or your best friend’s?
  22. Who was the first one of you two to start smoking first?
  23. Did this ever happen that people laughed at your best friend and instead of stopping them, you too enjoyed laughing along with them?
  24. Was your best friend ever scolded because of you?
  25. If you were given a chance to put your friend in the zoo then, with which animal you will place him/her?
  26. Your best friend’s favorite web series?
  27. Which web series character’s role suits your best friend the best?
  28. Do you think there was any moment when you cheated your best friend?
  29. Handbag or Sling bag, what is better for your best friend?
  30. The one most disgusting thing that you both best did together in public places?
  31. Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate, what is better for your best friend?
  32. Chocolate or Wafer, what is better for your best friend?
  33. Pizza or Pani Puri, what is better for your best friend?
  34. Batman or Superman, what is better for your best friend?
  35. Books or Comics, what is better for your best friend?
  36. Did you ever think of dating your best friend?
  37. You and your best friend are the most hilarious examination hall experience?
  38. Would you ever like to get your best friend caught by the traffic police?
  39. How would you save your best friend from traffic police when he/she is caught without a license?
  40. Which one of you both has the habit of saving screenshots more?
  41. Do you both share screenshots with each other before replying to anyone?
  42. Do you call him/her your best friend because you use their phone’s gallery to save your photos?
  43. Is you were asked then will you choose him/her to be your best friend in the next birth also?
  44. How many things did you steal from your best friend’s wardrobe without letting him/her know that?
  45. If you were given chance then what will you do, help your best friend is getting married to his/her partner or make him/her come out of the relationship?
  46. Did your best friend ever do sexting?
  47. Love or arranged marriages, what will you choose for your best friend?
  48. Will your best friend change after his/her marriage?
  49. Mental asylum or Jail, what would you choose for your best friend?
  50.  Which moments of you with your best friend, you will remember throughout your life?
  51. What combination of food only you both can try together which any other person cannot easily?
  52. Out of you both whose home is the best place to spend a day together?
  53. Which dish do you usually demand from your best friend’s mom?
  54. If you were asked to argue with your best friend right now, then what topic you select to argue?
  55. Your friend’s biggest phobia?
  56. Marvel or DC, what is your best friend’s choice?
  57. Mountains or Beach, what is your best friend’s choice?
  58. Snow or Dessert, what is your best friend’s choice?
  59. Amusement Park or Historic Monument, what is your best friend’s choice?
  60. Yipee Or Maggi, what is your best friend’s choice?
  61. Frooti or Fanta, what is your best friend’s choice?
  62. Puppy or German shepherd, what is your best friend’s choice?
  63. Handmade or Readymade, what is your best friend’s choice?
  64. Restaurant or Dhaba, what is your best friend’s choice?
  65. Online or Offline, what is your best friend’s choice?
  66. When did your best friend cast his/her first vote?
  67. Meaning of your Best friend’s name?
  68. If you were made to give your best friend award for being the dirtiest person then what reason you will choose?
  69. What is your best friend best in sending, emojis or memes?
  70. What is your best friend’s favorite social media site?
  71. What was the longest period for which you both did not talk?
  72. What is the most irritating thing about your best friend?
  73. Which cartoon character does your best friend resemble?
  74. Your best friend is best at which game, Pubg or COC?
  75. If you were allowed to push your best friend, then which place you will choose to do so?
  76. Make the list of activities to do; your best friend is dumb at?
  77. Which was the silliest topic at which you both argued?
  78. What was the first time when you both fought?
  79. Have you ever counted the number of fights between you and your best friend?
  80. Number of relationships your best friend had till date?
  81. How much dirty is your best friend in your sense?
  82. To what level you both can act weirdly in the public place?
  83. Which craziest moment of you both together?
  84. Did you ever think like this is the last day and from now our friendship is not going to stay the same?
  85. The easiest way to make your friend cry?
  86. To whom is your best friend most affectionate?
  87. The day when your best friend cried but you laughed?
  88. Who will be your best friend’s first choice in trouble, his/her partner or you?
  89. If your best friend decides to run away from his/her family in order to get married, are you going to support him/her?
  90. Who will get married first, you or your best friend?


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Tricky Best Friend Tag Questions

  1. When did you cry last because of your best friend?
  2. Remember at what age your best friend’s beard started to grow?
  3. Although my crush has changed a number of times, do you remember my first one?
  4. What size shirts do I wear?
  5. Till what age did your short and skinny friend, brought clothes from Kids collection?
  6. First time when I tried to cook?
  7. First dish that I cooked?
  8. My first dream about my future?
  9. Have you ever made a count of the number of times I changed my future plans?
  10. The very first time when I tried alcohol?
  11. When did I stop going to school with two plates?
  12. When did I found that wearing half pants is too childish and replaced it with Shorts and Bermuda?
  13. Very first time when I lied to my parents for going out with friends?
  14. Remember the first time we bunked class together?
  15. Which subject class we usually bunked together during school time?
  16. What is the weirdest combination that I eat, which others can’t even think of?
  17. What is the thing that I would like to cook with you?
  18. Our common favorite place to spend time?
  19. What is the only thing that can calm me down when I go mad?
  20. What are my expectations from my future life partner?
  21. Can you name the place where I would like to have my destination wedding?
  22. My favorite style of Maggi?
  23. What was it that my mom usually cooked for my lunch box in school?
  24. Did I cry when I got my legs waxed for the first time?
  25. My dream destination to travel with you?
  26. My dream destination to travel with my family?
  27. My dream destination to travel with my cousins?
  28. My dream destination to travel with my life partner?
  29. Do I like adventurous sports? If yes, then which one?
  30. After seeing the photo of a girl/boy, what comes in my mind first?
  31. Did any boy/girl ever come in my dreams?
  32. Am I willing to date anyone at this point in my life?
  33. Do I want to get married or focus on my career?
  34. What age I have decided for myself to get married?
  35. My first boyfriend/girlfriend?
  36. When did I get my first kiss?
  37. What kind of family do I prefer, joint or nuclear?
  38. Is there any place where you will not take your best friend because they may embarrass you there?
  39. One reason to fall in love with your best friend?
  40. What advice would you give to your friend’s fiancé?
  41. What kind of parent will be your best friend in the future?
  42. What quality of your best friend is admired by most of the people?
  43. Give reasons for “not” writing an essay on “My friend is the best buddy in the world?”
  44. Your best friend is which level of superstitious?
  45. The most tragic moment of your best friend’s life?
  46. Why are you both best friends?
  47. Who is a more annoying person of you both?
  48. Who is more naughty one and how?
  49. What kind of mother-in-law your best friend deserves?
  50. Last time when your friend was ill?
  51. Last time when your friend was admitted?
  52. How many times were you punished for your best friend’s mistake?
  53. List of the things your best friend hates eating?
  54. The thing you love to do but your friend hates?
  55. Which dairy item is your best friend allergic to?
  56. What is the one thing that connects you both even after big fights?
  57. Is there anything that your best friend was supposed to know, but you never let him/her know that?
  58. Were you ever responsible for your best friend’s breakup?
  59. What is going to be the condition of your best friend’s partner after marriage?
  60. What kind of partner is your best friend in his/her love life?
  61. How can you call your best friend as the best daughter/son?
  62. What is your best friend allergic to?
  63. How many times did I get rusticated in my school life?
  64. Which teacher hated me the most?
  65. What was the subject which I used to love once but now, I hate it the most?
  66. When was the first time when I got the chance to become a class leader?
  67. Which teacher used to be my crush?
  68. My all-time favorite teacher?
  69. In doing which actor’s mimicry I was best at?
  70. In doing which teacher’s mimicry I was best at?
  71. My best stage performance in school/college?
  72. My Lady sports star crush?
  73. Who is my favorite sportsperson?
  74. When did we meet?
  75. How many coaching centers we changed together?
  76. Where did we meet?
  77. Three things common between us?
  78. Where do I like to go out with you on weekends?
  79. My favorite place to go camping?
  80. Where would I like to for a trip with you?
  81. What will you do to make me stress-free after a hectic day?
  82. What to do I do whenever I feel low?
  83. Which was the most serious topic at which you both argued?
  84. Seeing what makes you best friend cry easily?
  85. Do you the exact calculation of the time passed since you both met?
  86. What is the average number of times you both meet?
  87. Did you ever cheat your best friend in any way?
  88. Who used to score better in college?
  89. Did you ever wish that your best friend scores less than you?
  90. Would you take advice of your best friend before dating someone?
  91. Does your best friend lets you know about every place he/she visits?
  92. Who is the gossip king/queen among you both?
  93. Who mostly spoils every plan?
  94. Who is the secret keeper?
  95. Who cannot digest any secret?
  96. Your best friend’s favorite person for whom you think he/she can die for?
  97. You and your friend’s common inspiration source for life?
  98. The quote that your best friend follows?
  99. Which will you like your best friend to wear for his/her prompt night?


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