Best Friend Poems | Short and Long Poem About Friendship

Best Friend Poems

Throughout the course of our lives, we meet a thousand people. But a handful of them manage to care for us and actually stick around. We call them friends and they probably are the best part of this whole blissful journey. Speaking of best friends specifically, these are the clan of people that are either our alter egos or just the north pole to us, south poles. These funny, clingy, caring and irritating group of people makes our lives even more worth it. It’ll never be enough to thank them. And yet to start, you can dedicate them a poem. From funny, sarcastic ones, to cute metaphorical ones, we have a range for you. Got drifted from your best friend because of distance? Don’t worry we got you covered. Send one of these to those extra special ones and watch them smile at their screens. They deserve this love.


Forever best friends poems


My soulmate


It’s been a while since I knew myself,

I knew myself better because of you.

You held my hand and made me draw the realms

And helped me grow when I had no clue;

You my friend seem to know all the spells

Wherewith I certify, you’re my soulmate, that’s true.



The weirdest love of mine


I remember the time when I first saw you—

You were bold in your hidden embers,

Cold for most of the summers,

A mystery untold for most of the researchers

And the weirdest love that made my life so much better.

You leap over delays and messed up scenes

You read horror and fantasies I don’t prefer even in my dreams,

But over all this, you blow away my sadness just in a blink

Though weird, you’re my love because of many things!


best friend poems short


The sunrise to me


I’m a late night owl that avoids the bright sun,

A witty walker that abides by procrastination

You somehow still manage to bring me light

You my best friend, somehow become my sunrise.

You take away my darkness

And fill me with happiness

I can’t thank you enough

For taking away my emptiness.

You sit by even in my loneliness

You’re the reason why I want to recombine my broken pieces.



You and I


You and I are like the tributaries of a river,

We look alike, flow different

And yet together, complete each other.

You add to my strength

And together we strengthen our growth.

You’re my best friend in the truest form

And together we shine in the brightest form.



To my strength, my backbone


I’ve fallen apart a million times

But each time you stood to add to my binding

You sparked motivation

Performed a perfection,

You my mate, are my strength

You helped in depression

Stayed beyond aggression

You my mate, are my backbone, my boon.



Growing up with you


Everyday, as it passes, I see you grow

And with you do I.

You’re one of a kind

Forever on my mind,

In my pain, my joy

You stay by my side

As crazier as it gets,

We sail through the nights.


new poems best friend


Friends forever


May we always stick together

To watch all the sunsets—

May it forever be our pleasure

To see each other smile.

A soulmate by choice,

A person so nice

I hope, dear best friend,

We grow together in life

We stay forever in each other’s lives.



On in a million


In this pool of humans

Somehow I got stuck with you,

And as the days pass

I realise how one of a kind are you

I might say I’m blessed

But I’d rather say that with added emphasis

For a one in a million

I need appreciation that’s true for real.


poems best friend


Hope by the shores


I sat by the lakes of impeccable distress

You came with the wind

And with the calmed smile sat beside

You narrated a story and in the end

You kept moving with me beyond my life.

We sailed to the other side

On the boat of hope.

I could survive the bright sight

Because I had you as hope!



Silver lining


They say every cloud has a silver lining

For me it was all rain and darkness

I kept looking for shelter

Till you walked my way

And proved them right.

You soaked my stress and filled me with life

You became my silver lining

And I found my best friend for life.


Long distance best friend poems



Star at a distance


I remember us hanging out every weekend

And now it’s just your voice and a zillion texts.

I wouldn’t say it’s a great compromise

And that I do miss your pretty smile

But still somehow you manage

To keep twinkling in my life.

That’s how I know you’re the star to my life

At distance, a little far

But the star of my life!



With your going


Our parting was unexpected

And the distance, completely hated.

With your going went our night outs

And our street food plans,

With your going went my gossip partner

And my perfect support for rants.

I miss you and our everything

But I wish you achieve anything and everything.

Dear best mate, I know when we unite it’ll feel like yesterday

But for now, with your going

My heart is in strain.


poems best friend forever


I miss you bud


I know we don’t talk like we used to before

I know you’ve new friends too

But here I am Missing the whole of you.

Your smile, your jokes

Your eyes in those glasses that bore.

I miss teasing you, I miss being with you,

Dear best friend, this distance

Is surely not the best for us.

Dear best friend, you still are

The only one I trust.



Happy by your side


Happy were the days by your side

Now it’s just them running to find your one sight!

The wind was happy and so was me

It blew away and so did you.

The lovely friend you are

The wholesome soulmate you are

Made my life a happy one

By your side, I was the happy one.



The farther, the closer


We may be far but our heart’s aren’t.

We may be far but our lives aren’t.

We wake up checking on each other

We go to bed dropping off each other.

You my friend are closer now

Even though not by distance

You’re closer to me now.



Pure Delight


It’s such a pleasure and a joy

To have a friend like you.

You always care, you’re always there,

You say the right things, too!

You make me smile when I am low

You’re just a pure delight.

We talk a lot about everything;

You make my life so bright!

I hope that I am giving you

Some joy and happiness,

Because you mean so much to me,

More than I can express!

By Joanna Fuchs



My Joy, my home


My happiness knows no bounds

Since I met you.

My life knows no sorrow,

Since I met you.

Today you are far

Today my joy is at the distance of more than just hours,

I don’t meet you everyday anymore

I don’t laugh between classes anymore,

My home is far now,

My joy, my best friend, is far now.


long poems best friends


Light in the dark


It’s been a while since we sat for hours together

Since we shared our hearts

While laughing at the stars,

It seems like a forever since you brought the light in dark,

My friend, who I thought to be my treasure

No more sits by to add some pleasure.

I miss the spark and all that is gone

I miss you around and the love that is gone

It feels like a forever since my happiness is gone.



I saw you drift away


I noticed your pictures with faces I don’t recognise

I noticed my dry phone that keeps waiting for you to call

I have my reminders set, as we decided to FaceTime

But I don’t have a record of why I’m not getting your time?

I assume you’re busy, life might be rough

But then I see you posting stuff, that shows an extinct love.

I still sit by the window, hoping to see you again

I’m writing this to you, to tell you,

You’re still my best friend!



I know, I’m not there


I know, I’m not there with you,

I’m not there to lift you up

I end up falling apart too

But I know I don’t be there for you too.

We fell apart, the roads did this to us

We tried hard but life took us away from us.

I know I’m not there when you need me

I know I’m not there to comfort you,

But trust me love, I miss you too

You still are my best friend

And I hope to see you too.


best friend poems that make you cry


Funny best friend poems



Sick of you


Hey best friend! I’m here to remind you

How sick I am of you—

Of your forever messed up acts

Stupid jokes and extra idiotic thoughts

And over them all, annoying loud laugh.

I can’t stop complaining but at the same

I can’t imagine a day without calling your name!

You’re annoying and stupid

But also my heart’s music

I may be breathing exaggerated attitude

But trust me, I cannot live without you.



Thank you for being the kid


Being with you has made me act like a parent,

Your stupidity and dramatic nuisances

Demand me to act as parent even at this age.

I won’t deny, you’re brainless most of the days

But being with you, is my happy place.

I wonder what I’ll be without having to care of you

It’s irritating but fine, till you don’t ask me to change diapers too!

So well, my best friend,

Thank you for being the kid

Thank you for making me unwanted parent

And thank you for being the nonsense little squid!


true friendship poems


Pineapple to my pizza


You know I hate sweets

And worse is when they spoil sour treats;

I used to think of my life as a pizza

Some round troubles

Some cheesy base

But then I met you

And fell for your psychic taste.

Oh my poor heart! Somehow ended up with you

But now I hope it stays

So I could forever tease the best of you.

I don’t know if they prefer you

I don’t care if they like a pizza pineapple group

But to me you’re sweet

The only sweet I cannot hate

To me you are a treat

Even if it is a pineapple on a pizza base!



Ketchup in my popcorn


You seriously are the ketchup in my popcorn.

I have no idea why

But I know that even if I try,

I’ll never find a person like you.

Then I wonder what even is the need,

I fall back to realising

I’ll have no climax to feed

My life and future generations.

So my not so best, best friend

You know you’re useless but seriously needed.

You know you’re baseless but still wanted.

I hate ketchup in my popcorn

But I love it when I have you around!



If you think


If you think I should be grateful

Because you listen to all my rants

We’re probably equal,

Because I hear your worse stories and taunts.

If you think I should thank you

For sticking all around..

Stop being so selfish!

We’ve been partner in all crimes without a sound.

If you think I’ll tell you,

You’re the best thing that happened to me

It probably isn’t happening

Because you I am the best in the world.

If you think I’ll tell you,

You are so precious to me

Then yes you certainly are true

Because you are a diamond to me!


best friends forever poems


With you


Did you know that your laugh is horrible?

But laughing with you is the best part of my life?

Did you know that you have dumb thoughts?

But thought of a forever with you is my favourite?

Did you know you are the worst comedian?

But a best friend like you is such a blessing?



You leave me no choice


I have no choice but to tolerate you

No choice but to bare you.

Your drama, your giggles

Your melodrama and your unbalanced dribbles.

I have to call you my best friend

Because even after all this I’m certain we won’t end.

We’ll take our journey beyond

And haunt the haters as spirits

We’ll laugh munching some popcorns

And watch the traitors as they diminish!



We fight


I know we fight

We fight so many times,

But then we reunite

And unite with all the good side,

It’s rough and tough

To stay away from you

It’s a double struggle to stay with you,

I know you’ll fight

With me over this being an issue

That’s alright and fine

Until we fight to get over it soon.



Today and tomorrow


I think of you as my best friend

For today you’re someone on whom I depend,

As a living being we’re together today

As ghosts tomorrow we’ll be together that way,

We’ll scare away the idiots,

Ride bikes in contemporary t shirts ,

Feed on pools of chocolate,

And together we’ll enjoy even without a champagne!



Can’t believe


I can’t believe we are still together,

After all those years,

And all those fights;

Somehow days passed

And we tolerated each other’s side.

I count our memories and I run out of numbers

I still feel the need, we have more to make!


Cute best friend poems


Sugary pie


Heyo best friend!

You’re my favourite part at the day’s end,

You’re sweet and lovely

Just like my preferred jelly;

You're funny and trustworthy

And you make my days easy!

You’re my sugary pie

I don’t mind getting diabetic for,

You’re my best friend,

I don’t mind dying for.





Like the sunflowers

That stay droopy without the sun,

I stay droopy without you.

You light up my days,

Brighten my ways

Strengthen my pace,

And like a Sunshine

Guide me to ace!



Blossom of my garden

I’ve met so many people

Everyone adds to my garden—

Together I have a bouquet

Of loveliness and kindness.

But you’re the best in all of them,

You’re my favourite in all of them

My dear best friend,

You’re the best blossom of my garden.


Poetry Best Friends Forever


Hot chocolate in winters


When the chilly winter breeze

Knocks the door

It’s hot chocolate with some fire

That soothes the frozen toes.

And just like the melted delight

You add to my life’s surprise,

You soothe my every side

And fill my darkness with so much light!



Ink to my story


My life is a story.

With climax and action,

With laughter and seduction—

I still didn’t about any of it

 Till I met you

And you added more life to it.

You became the ink

I used to script my victory

You became that link

That made me meet my destiny!

I love best friend!



Thank you dear bestie


I call you the best

 For many reasons.

One of them is how

I’m never out of reasons,

To thank you and to be with you.

Thank you for taking care of me,

Thank you for staying by the side of me

Thank you being there always,

Thank you for loving me in a million ways.



Don’t go away


I know I’m clingy and stubborn at times,

 I know I push you away a lot of times,

But I fear a day without you

I fear my life would be boring without you.

I know I be a pain

But I still want to say

Please don’t go away.

You’re my best friend, my joy

My truest friend and filling to my voids.

I cannot imagine the hours without you,

Don’t go away, because dear favourite person,

I need you.



Stay with me


Of all the things I ever wanted,

I never knew you were one too

But as the days pass

And I go through life

I see how you’ve been my strongest taboo.

Stay with me my best mate,

I don’t think I can do it without you,

Stay with me my soulmate

I surely do need you.



I’m happy


I’m happy you’re around

I’m happy I get to see you,

I’m happy you’re with me

I’m happy you are my friend indeed.

You’ve helped me

And lifted me,

Guided me

And built me.

I can’t thank you enough

But I’m happy I can thank you everyday.



funny best friend poems


Pearl of my life


A major piece of my life

Is where you play a role.

 A role of a person so strong

Someone who helps me never go wrong.

The whole my life

Sails at peace

Probably because of you,

For you act in the major piece!