29 Dog Movies Of All Time

Dog movies

Cuddling your furry-half on a tiresome day is the best thing ever. Dogs are buddies for life. History knows that and so does our generation and the generations after. Dogs are so faithful that they have even conquered the silver screens along with humans. The rabbits couldn’t do that and nor could the cats. Every dog movies is a treat to watch. These fun and playful canine beasts are just exemplary on screens.

Check out these few off beat dog movies, a must watch to re-energize an exhaustive day with no one but your bow-wow buddy. BTW, every dog has its day.

1. Marley and me ( 2008 )

best dog movies marley-and-meDirected - David Frankel
Release date - December 25, 2008
Running time - 115 minutes

Cuteness unmatched! An emotional and sensitive drama about Marley, the yellow Labrador retriever, and his owners. Teaching the family on life through his years from a puppy till eventually, his death. A must watch with teary eyes and laughter.

2. Turner and Hooch ( 1989 )

Dog movies Turner and Hooch

Directed - Roger Spottiswoode
Release date - July 28, 1989
Running time - 99 minutes

From the 1980s, a spine-chilling story about a detective and his adopted dog, this film is a classic. The relationship between the owner and the dog which eventually gets closer and closer is extraordinarily portrayed here. Hooch, the pet dog distressed over his previous owner’s death helps Tom Hanks (detective and new owner) to catch the murderer. A smart tale!

3. Cats and Dogs ( 2001 )

Directed - Lawrence Guterman
Release date - July 4, 2001
Running time - 88 minutes

I just love this one! Another detective tale, but this time it’s the dog squad. All the furry pets get together on a mission to save humans from a” kitty plot”. Adorable dogs plus the extraordinary gadgets equal to “Save the planet”. Showcasing the hot and spicy relationship between cats and dogs is too good. Don’t miss out the ninja cats, hilariously awesome!

4. 101 Dalmatians ( 1996 )best dog movies 101-Dalmatians-Kids

Directed - Stephen Herek
Release date - November 27, 1996
Running time - 103 minutes

Dogs, dogs everywhere. Tale about 101 Dalmatian dogs who counter strike their villain, Cruella, who wants to make a coat out of those black and white puppies. Excellent animation and much more excelling tale. Another masterpiece of Walt Disney productions.



5. Eight Below ( 2006 )

best dog movies - Eight Below

Directed - Frank Marshall
Release date - February 17, 2006
Running time - 120 minutes

Heart touching tale of sled dogs who are left behind by the expediters due to a heavy snowstorm, only to return back to find the dogs still awaiting them. This tale will touch every nerve of you and get you emotional for days.

6. Beverly Hills Chihuahua ( 2008 )

best dog movies -beverly-hills-chihuahua-movie

Directed - Raja Gosnell
Release date - October 3, 2008 (USA)
Running time - 91 minutes

This one is like a dog chick-flick with an exciting tale of a Chihuahua lost in Mexico City. The owner takes her richly pampered pet dog, a Chihuahua, to Mexico City where it gets dog-napped. The fun and excitement of how the dog returns back to the owner and emotional clings of her newly made friend, a German shepherd are just overwhelming.

7. Lassie ( 2005 )

dog movies - Lassie movie

Directed - Charles Sturridge
Release date - December 16, 2005
Running time - 100 minutes

A dog adventure tale, it’s a story of a boy, who moves to the countryside from a rich town, befriending a stray collie, Lassie. The unbreakable bond shown is as beautiful as is the movie plot. Centering on father-son relationship and friendliness of the owner-pet duo is just beautiful. You might want to cuddle up tight to your dog after watching this.

8. Best in Show ( 2000 )Dog movies - best in show

Directed - Christopher Guest
Release date - September 29, 2000
Running time - 90 minutes

A perfect picture for showing off the dogs. 5 owners gear up as they prepare for showcasing their dogs in best of the fashion for a Dog show. Comedy, fun and eccentric film of true competitiveness.

9. Hachi: A dog’s tale ( 2009 )

Hachi A dog’s tale

Directed - Lasse Hallström
Release date - June 8, 2009
Running time - 93 minutes

A hearty tale of a pet dog, Hachi, who develops such a bond with his master (Richard Gere) that he does not want to let go off, even after his master’s death. The scene where Hachi returns to the station again and again waiting on his master to come is overwhelmingly touching. This story is going to make to cuddle up until your dog-buddy real tight.


10. A dog’s purpose ( 2017 )

dog movies -Hachi A dog’s tale

Directed - January 27, 2017
Release date - June 8, 2009
Running time - 99 minutes

Teaching on life’s lesson: not to hold onto the past, this film is about a dog who reincarnates to 4 different owners only to return back to the first one. Realizing on what his life’s purpose is, the dog tells his tale through his experiences and wants to appraise the viewers that life is about having fun, being kind and spend it with someone you truly love.


11. Isle of dogs ( 2018 )

Isle of dogs- best dog movies

Directed - Wes Anderson
Release date - February 15, 2018 (Berlinale)
Running time - 101 minutes

A Wes Anderson magic, an offbeat dog animation with emotions, ironic humor and ultimate sci-fi motion. Set in a town of Japan, it is a fun and exciting tale of a kid owner who sets out to find his pet dog in a trash island where all the dogs are thrown into, amidst the outbreak of canine flu. Loaded with dog action getting united to vanquish the evil plans of Mayor Kobayashi.


12. White Fang ( 1991 )

White Fang- dog movies

Directed - Randal Kleiser
Release date - January 18, 1991
Running time - 107 minutes

Jack’s father leaves a dying wish, that of a hunt for gold in the Yukon valley, which Jack sets out to fulfill. The film although has more to tell. White Fang is a story of Jack and his befriended wolfdog, on his way for the gold-hunt. Inspired by the Novel under the same name, it is an adventure tale showcasing the beautiful bond of Jack and the wolfdog, who is meant to follow orders but his master sees it the other way.


13. Dog days ( 2018 )

Dog-Days- dog movies

Directed - Ken Marino
Release date - August 8, 2018
Running time - 113 minutes

A light-hearted romantic story of 6 individuals and the connections with their dogs. You will find a handful of some very cute dog species in the movie but the troupe of pooches stood out and will warm up your heart. The 6 stories showcase the entwining lives of the individuals in the pretext of their friendship, careers, and romance.


14. Lady and the tramp ( 1955 )

Lady and the tramp - dog movies

Directed - Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske
Release date - June 22, 1955
Running time - 76 minutes

An adorable animation tale of a pet dog named, Lady, who befriends a stray dog, The Tramp. The adventure story revolves around the romantic connection of both dogs amidst the events happening around them. The sequence of spaghetti eating scene of the movie was the best-known scene from the film which gathered a lot of likes among the audience.


15. The Great Alone ( 2015 )

The Great Alone- dog movies

Directed - Greg Kohs
Release date - 25 April 2015
Running time - 1h 20min

A documentary film of the greatest sled dog racer of all times, Lance Mackey. The film expertly highlights the racer’s life journey of tackling homelessness, addiction and cancer and his epic comeback to the racing. Starring as himself in the movie, Mackey tells his emotional but inspiring story.

16. Red dog ( 2011 )red dog movie- dog movies

Directed - Kriv Stenders
Release date - 4 August 2011 (Australia)
Running time - 92 minutes

A heart-warming true story of the Red dog, who was famed to be a wanderer in the Western Australian region of Pilbara. Also sits a statue of his, marking his memory in the region. The film outlines the tale of his bond with his true master. The movie is an emotional swing and has been loaded with many awards.


17. My dog skip ( 2000 )

My dog skip film - dog movies

Directed - Jay Russell
Release date - March 3, 2000 (Wide release)
Running time - 95 minutes

The story of the pet dog, Skip who is there with his master from the boyhood days till his college. Being there for him, be it the ball game, or finding his love or tackling bullies at school, Skip is Willie’s best friend. The movie proves you that nothing can go wrong when your furry half is with you. Adventures of Willie and his dog Skip is a fun watch and a mind-freshener.


18. The adventures of Rin tin tin ( 1954-1959 )The adventures of Rin tin tin movie - dog movies

Directed - Robert G. Walker, William Beaudine


The dog, Rin tin tin, on his duty to the nation. Not a film but a Children’s Television programme of the 1950s, telling the story of an orphaned boy and his dog, Rin tin tin who is adopted by soldiers of the US cavalry post, adventuring around to aide with the law and order of the region. This black and white drama series was one of the most loved TV series.


19. Balto ( 1995 )

Balto film- dog movies

Directed - Simon Wells
Release date - December 22, 1995
Running time - 77 minutes

A fine animation adventure tale of Balto, a half wolf dog who is on a quest on saving children hit by an epidemic flu in the city of Nome. The film marks the exuberant story of Balto’s romance and frequent fight-offs with the town’s favorite sled dog, Steele. It is loosely based on the true story of the dog of the same name who helped in saving children’s lives from the disease.


20. The Intruder ( 2004 )

the intruder film - dog movies

Directed - Claire Denis
Release date - 2004
Running time - 130 minutes

A French emotional film about a man who, one sudden day, leaves his family, his home and beloved dogs behind to get a black market heart transplant to Korea. The drama develops to an emotional struggle when he returns back to reconnect with all of them.


21. To build a fire ( 1969 )

To build a fire film- dog movies

Directed - David Cobham
Release date - 1969

Adapted from a short story by Jack London, this piece is about a man and his dog's struggle into the Alaskan wild where they set out to travel alone. The story revolves around the man fighting for his survival, in the weather which keeps dropping to negative. A depiction of life’s truth, when it comes to survival, wherein the man ensures that the dog follows his orders in order for the latter to survive. Glimpses in the movie where a man orders the dog to go ahead to check for thin ice proves it hence.


22. The incredible journey ( 1963 )The incredible journey film- dog movies

Directed - Fletcher Markle
Release date - 20 November 1963
Running time - 80 min.

The film about three pets who go on an adventurous journey back home after their master left them with a family friend to look after so that they could take up a vacation. Two dogs and a Siamese cat, are so much fun to watch and is a treat for the eyes. Facing the wild in the jungle, crossing the river and healing the wounds, you will witness some amazing bravery tales of them in the movie.


23. Greyfriars Bobby: The true story ( 1961 )

Greyfriars Bobby The true story film- dog movies

Directed - Don Chaffey
Release date - July 17, 1961
Running time - 91 minutes

The little terrier is adorable to watch in this heart touching tale where the dog is attached to a farm boy and visits his grave even after his death. Although, the climax is about the legal fight between two owners claiming for the little beauty, which, a group of children sway away by contribution.

24. Old Yeller ( 1957 )Old Yeller film- dog movies

Directed - Robert Stevenson
Release date - December 25, 1957
Running time - 83 minutes

Travis and Arliss work in their cornfield while their father is away on work. Saving their life from a bear, a yellow Labrador finds a place in their hearts. A tearjerker story about the dog and his time with his young masters, as he becomes a lovable part of the family.


25. Adventures of Milo and Otis ( 1986 )

Adventures of Milo and Otis film- dog movies

Directed - Masanori Hata
Release date - June 27, 1986 (Japan)
Running time - 92 minutes (Japan)

Originally a Japanese production narrated and recited in English. You are going to love this adorably cute duo of a kitten and a pug puppy. The story follows the playful friendship of the pets and the adventures that they take up when Milo, the kitten accidentally flows down the river in a box and Otis, the pug following him through the forest. You will love the end when they find mates of their own and the darn cute puppies and kittens of them.


26. A dog of Flanders ( 1960 )

A dog of Flanders film- dog movies

Directed - James B. Clark
Release date - 17 March 1960
Running time - 1h 36min

Inspired from a 1972 novel under the same name, with an alternate ending. A Flemish boy loses his parents at a very young age and is taken in by his grandfather where they struggle together with poverty. A daily job of selling milk doesn’t do much for them and after the grandfather's death, the boy is left alone with only to company him is his dog, Patrasche, a mastador. Patrasche helps his master in the daily business of selling milk and not very soon finds a painter who encourages boy’s hidden talent of an artist. Unlike the novel, where the boy and the dog dies in the end, the movie puts a smile on your face with a more happier and gala ending. The movie featured to be one of the best Children’s category film.


27. Life in a doghouse ( 2018 )

Life in a doghouse film- dog movies

Directed - Ron Davis
Release date - 12 September 2018
Running time - 1h 24m

Ron Danta and Danny Robertson, the duo dog-rescuer who run their dog mission as Danny and Ron rescue tell their inspiring tale through this documentary piece. After rescuing and adopting almost 10,000 dogs, they have sensational tales tied with each rescue which is their life’s motto. Get a glimpse of what they do in their doghouse and get inspired.


28. Hachiko Monogatari( 1987 )

Hachiko film- dog movies

Directed - Seijirō Kōyama
Release date - 1 August 1987
Running time - 107 minutes

The Japanese and the original version, later translated to Hachi: A dog’s life (mentioned above). The true inspiration for both the films is the real-life story of Hachiko (an Akita breed dog mostly found in Japan) born in 1923 who returned to the Shibuya station for 9 years and 9 months waiting for his master. Hachiko died in that very station in 1935.


29. A Dog's Journey ( 2019 )

A Dog's Journey 2019 film- dog movies

Upcoming Movie

Much awaited dog film sequel to “A dog’s  purpose”, all ready to smash the theatres in May 2019. A loyal dog goes on a journey to find his purpose of existence as he rendezvous with the humans that he comes across. This time it’s the humans who realise him his lessons.


This was my sensational list of Best dog movies that is just Not-to-miss, what’s yours!?