Best Attitude Status For WhatsApp and Facebook Profile

People love to share attitude status in their WhatsApp to enhance their profile. You will get the best Whatsapp attitude status. Read the best status and use in your WhatsApp DP.


- Not only clothes but thinking should be branded.

- Life becomes easier when you understand which hand to shake and which to hold.

- Changing status daily does not change life, one status is enough to change a life.

-The man who lives in the limit, he remains in the limit throughout his life.

-The mirror is very weak, but does not panic to show the truth.


-Often the love of appearances makes noise, true love is limited by gestures.

-Two things to do in Life - burn the enemy and convince your girlfriend.

-Should I write a sher for my mother… Mother has created a lion…

-Not so rich to buy everything… but not too poor to sell yourself.

-The paths never end, People just lose courage.


-No one becomes great without struggle until the stone gets hurt, Till then, even stone does not become a god.

-Trust not the one who makes the hand lines, but believe on hard work.

-You keep your jealousy, I'll keep my style.

- My purpose is not to stand in the crowd, but to become a one who stands the crowd.

-Gold jewelry and my attitude, people often find costly.


-Attitude is an addict, and I am the only one of my father's drug factory.

-Luck gives everyone a chance, but hard work surprises everyone.

-Don't consider me too useless, sir! I am an artist… decorate words with words.

-If you obey others, you will find me bad but if you meet yourself, you will keep smiling.

-I know how to answer but you are not capable.


-The secret is everywhere on us…. In the "heart" of those who like, and in the "mind" of those who hate.

-The funniest brains are the most successful brain.

-The world is gonna judge you no matter what you do, so live your life the way you want to..

-People leave to soon. feelings stay for too long.

-Dark past, broken heart, fake smile, and I still believe like everything is fine.

-My biggest problem "I notice everything"

-Someone is chatting to create memories, someone is trying to delete memories.

-The most dangerous person is the one who listens, think and observe.

-NOt every smile is real, not every tear is pure.

-Attitude is my signature pose, if someone is capturing my personality.


-A Day Without You Is Like a Year Without Rain.

-A person who is rude in behaviour is the one who cares the most.

-When you have Strength then only when enemies become, otherwise Who asks weak people.

-Mother taught to put things in the right place, And the father taught to keep people in their line.

-The "game" of life is too late, but will definitely win.


-My Habit is different from the world, I make fewer friends in life, but I make excellent ones.

-I do not listen to anyone, no matter how special it is… I have not learned to stay subdued, no matter how big a person is.

-Whenever the mood is good, the whole world takes it off.

-If someone ignores you by looking at you, do not feel bad because people often look at the expensive thing outside of their status.

-Bow down for love and respect but don't ask for love and respect.


-Have to fight to change life but easy to understand.

-Throughout life, a person keeps on thinking what four people will say and those four people in the end just say "Ram Naam Satya Hai"

-Necessity breaks the pride of human…, if there was no compulsion, every man would be God.

-Meaning in the heart and love the tongue, many people do the same business in the world.

-My attitude is my sign .. do you have any problem ????


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