120+ Best Anniversary Wishes, Messages With Images

Best Anniversary Wishes

Anniversaries are the special events of life, it’s the day when you celebrate and mark your happiness! The promises and vows are remembered and you go the extra mile of celebrations for those. However, it’s not just you that’s happy about this special day, there are your loved ones and close friends eager to wish you on this special day! Even we should make these days special for others. For the same, here are some best and worth-sharing anniversary wishes for such close and loved ones in your life!


Anniversary Wishes


  • Its been a year since we all visited your lovely wedding and the world witnessed a meeting of two souls as one. Happy anniversary!


  • On your anniversary, I want to say it’s really magical how two complete strangers merge together with the essence of love, I hope this love continues for many more years.


  • It was like the universe wanted you both to be together as a couple and we are glad we are witnessing this on your anniversary! Happy anniversary!


  • The way you were together since childhood, we all prayed you will be together for life and on your anniversary, we believe the wish was heard.


  • One needs to be blessed to marry their first love, so today, your anniversary proves that you were one of the most blessed people!


  • You have become an example of how married couples should live with complete understanding and love for each other. Happy anniversary!


  • When you both kissed each other at the wedding, there began a new era of perfect love! I wish this era will go on for many more years on your anniversary.

Anniversary Wishes images

  • The way you fought by holding each other to get married has really set a new example for love! Happy anniversary and let’s cherish this beautiful day!


  • Going against the society and getting married to your love is really difficult, but you have done it and now I wish you will have a happy life together from today and after this.


  • I wish you both a happy, healthy, and beautiful life ahead together just as you were a year ago at the wedding! Happy anniversary!


  • The way you look at each other in your eyes gives the vibes of pure love for each other! On your anniversary, I wish that it remains forever.


  • You’ve been married for so many years yet your love was never diminished for a single moment. I wish this will remain a very long journey ahead! Happy anniversary.


  • The journey of love is slow and sometimes difficult but you both have stood together against every problem beside each other! I hope that on your anniversary, this journey will have many more happy years to come! Happy anniversary.


  • The journey of pure love, trust, and respect for your partner has crossed the mark of marriage and now has reached the milestone of the anniversary! Heartiest Congratulations.


  • They say god is a guest at every marriage to witness the bonding of two souls and looking at you two on your anniversary, it feels as if he has never left your side.


  • People nowadays hesitate for an arranged marriage but after looking at both of you after these many years! I’m sure people will believe how love can stay strong in any form! Happy anniversary to such a lovely couple.


  • They say love marriages last for a short term but after looking at both of you together and still going strong even after these many years have really changed everyone's mind! 


  • From school love birds to celebrating an anniversary with two kids, you’ve set an example for all lovers out there. I wish you the best of luck with many more coming celebrations!


  • I can't imagine that your wedding actually happened a few years back and the way you look at each other hasn’t changed a bit! Happy anniversary!


  • Whenever we look at you both, we are struck with a feeling and vibes of love, affection, and belief towards each other! I couldn’t imagine your wedding anniversary anymore better than that!


Anniversary Wishes For Son


  • I have seen you grow old successful likewise I am happy to see your love grow for your beloved wife and I wish you both happy anniversary.


  • I’ve grown up to be a really proud father to see his son keep his wife and kids ever happy and cheerful for many years. Happy anniversary for this year son!


  • Your choices were real good since childhood and your choice for a loving life partner is perfect as ever! Happy anniversary son!


  • Even if we were against this marriage in earlier but now we are really happy for both of you and wish you many such years of togetherness on your anniversary!

Best Anniversary Wishes

  • Dad doesn't like to get proved wrong but this time you proved me wrong and I am very happy about the choice of your life partner! Happy anniversary son!


  • I have watched you grow with her and ever since then, I had an idea of you getting married to her. Today, I am very happy that it has happened and my dream came true. Heartiest wishes on your anniversary.


  • I wish you all the happiness in the world at the event of your wedding anniversary and I think you deserve it my dear son and daughter in law!


  • I am proud of my son as you continued to set a standard example of pure love in our family! Happy anniversary to you.


  • Parents become really happy when they see our children being successful in many steps of life, today I am so happy on your anniversary that you have made us proud by proving your eternal love for her.


  • On your anniversary, I ask you both to keep showing the world how perfect a couple can exist!


  • I was a bit nervous about how our family will turn out to be when it will extend but it turned out better than we were before! Happy anniversary to my dear son!


  • You have made a perfect choice for a life partner who takes care of us more than you do. We are proud of you both and keep loving each other for many coming years!


  • I was pretty confident that when our family will be bigger, we will be happier than earlier and you have proved me correct by your choice of your life partner! Happy anniversary Son!


  • I’d like to tell you about your anniversary that, looking at both of you makes me remember the perfect love story I used to tell you in childhood!


  • Maybe your wedding and the anniversary moments have taught me about love in whole new different and beautiful ways than I’d ever known.


  • After these many years of your marriage, I look back and feel proud that our upbringing of you into a gentleman has really turned out to be good. Happy anniversary on this beautiful day!


  • As you have become successful in life and in your career, on your anniversary I wish you to be more successful in your marriage as well! 


  • We look at people and think that nowadays the relationships have withered badly but as I look at you both completing many years of life together, I realize my thoughts have been contradicted.


  • I never knew my son will get me an equally loving daughter in law who’s more daughter-like. What more can I ask you on your anniversary? Stay together and happily forever.


  • Never knew that my littler toddler will one day grow up so much that he’ll be cutting anniversary cake with the love of his life. Wishing you a happy anniversary.


Anniversary Wishes For Friend


  • This wedding anniversary the secret that I am going to reveal to your wife that she’s the luckiest girl to be loved by you. Keep growing strong forever.


  • Happy anniversary to both of you. Stay the forever-in-love couple by taking her to a fancy restaurant, having champagne & late night walks together.


  • You made me be the best man at your wedding. To repay that, all your coming anniversaries I will join forces to recreate your wedding day in the best way possible and relish those memories together!


  • I knew she was the one for you when she denied all your hefty presents and asked your time and company instead. Keep this woman and enjoy many such anniversaries coming for you!


  • If they ever decide to remake any romantic movie, I’m sure both of you will be a perfect choice. Such is the love sparkling in your eyes for each other. Happy anniversary!


  • If you, me, and your wife were the only people alive and one had to be sacrificed, I will be the one because I know no one can love you like her. Lots of good wishes on your anniversary.


  • I know the man you were and the man you have become. Thanks to the girl you love who changed you for the better. Happy anniversary best friend!


  • Sorry to inform you that your wife stole away my best friend from me but I’m proud of her for selecting the best person as her husband. I am so happy to wish you both a happy wedding anniversary.


  • Every phase of your relationship was the best but the one today on your anniversary celebration has won my heart. Cheers on completing a year of togetherness!


  • Looking at your journey of the wedding, it has been clearly evident that true love exists and you two were the perfect example set for the coming generation of your kids! Happy anniversary!

Best Anniversary Wishing messages

  • Happy anniversary to your silly fights, late-night ice creams, and morning jogs that never happen. I hope both of you add a lot more things to the list before the next anniversary.


  • You took away my drinking partner but you gave me back the man whose only aim is to make all your dreams come true. Happy anniversary to both of you!


  • Remember the 365 days of constant love, support, trust, emotions, and a promise to be there in hard times to reach the day of anniversary today. What an awesome adventure of your lives!


  • It just struck me that true love makes you inseparable and every couple into this phase leaves their flaws far away only to understand each other better. I’m glad to tell you about your anniversary that this is the best thing that could happen to you both!

Anniversary Wishes For Husband


  • I feel complete in your arms and the way they give me a feeling of being protected hasn't changed even after these many anniversaries of our lives!


  • Remember the first time you smiled and the way you looked at me gave me chills and trust me these feelings have persisted even after so many years after the wedding. Be the same and happy anniversary.


  • The way you promised me that you would walk any miles to keep me happy at the time of marriage has really worked wonders as after these many years, I’m still happy to have you! Merriest anniversary wishes love!


  • I feel as if God fulfilled my every wish by giving you to me as a wonderful life partner and she deserves special wishes and surprises on this anniversary.

Cute Anniversary Wishes

  • From the day proposed to me to the day of striving to be the best husband, you kept me like a queen. On this anniversary I’m ever grateful to you for everything you did for me. 


  • That ring on my finger is a love agreement in between us that you’ll keep spoiling me every anniversary and I’ll keep loving you forever. 


  • They say that a guy’s love might change after marriage but thank you for showing others that they were wrong and being always a loving husband to me. Happy anniversary.


  • Love always grows stronger. If there would have been a day of fights in between us, remember I’d cook your favorite meal that very evening to make things right. Let’s keep doing this and wish each other a happy anniversary like today till we get old.


  • From providing me napkins when I’m sick and convincing me when I’m mad at you to holding me in your arms till I sleep, you’ve made everyday just as special as our anniversary today.


  • Sometimes he’s a king and other times, he a clown. However he is, this anniversary, I want to tell my husband I’ve never loved anyone this way.


  • On our anniversary, my husband should know that it’s also the love that grew along with our age and wrinkles.


  • Thanks to the dear husband that I’m living a life that is exactly how I dreamt it to be. Happy anniversary to this masterpiece.


  • A lot has changed since our marriage, jobs, tasks, traditions, routines, etc. But my husband was always the same and he never changed. Loving anniversary wishes to you.


  • Nothing is different even if it’s our anniversary. I still miss you a lot when you’re away from me even for a minute!


  • It is so hard for me to control my blush when you’re around me. Keep sticking close to me even when it’s a normal day or our anniversary.


  • Whenever I am busy at work, you remind me to take rest. Whenever I missed my lunch, you reminded me to have one. Today is our anniversary and it’s my turn to remind you that I love you so much!


  • I would like to take a moment from our anniversary celebration and would like to thank you for all the nights of being sober just to watch me go crazy when I was drunk.


  • I promise you on our anniversary that we’ll peacefully spend life with Netflix and chill, lot’s of talks, dinner dates, and small yet beautiful adventures forever.


  • I made a bucket list with you but never thought of anything that didn’t include you! This is how much you’re special to me. Special delightful wishes for my husband on our anniversary!


Anniversary Wishes For Wife


  • On our first anniversary, I knew that you and I were meant to be together and I’m going to prove this till the death parts us apart.


  • I was the kid playing in a nursery and you joined me in the journey of what people call as ‘together forever’. Happy anniversary my sweetheart!


  • I cannot imagine waking to a face other than you and on the day of our anniversary, I’ll promise that it’ll be you and always remain you.


  • I remember the salty cake you baked on our first anniversary. Time does fly by quickly as today you made my favorite three-tier chocolate cake.


  • I thought you were my greatest achievement until we had kids. Thank you for this wonderful toddlers as a gift on our anniversary!


  • From the day I met you I wanted to become selfish and make you mine and now even if it’s our anniversary, I still want to make you mine.


  • I asked you out not just because you were beautiful, but I trusted you in raising our kids together, and on every anniversary, you prove that I trusted the right person.


  • Beauty fades away they said, but in her wrinkles, I see the struggle and untold sacrifices she made that makes a glow even today! Happy anniversary to such a beautiful person.

Anniversary Wishes with images

  • “I love you” simply cannot express what I feel for you as my feelings are beyond those three words and that’s why let me express with celebrations on our anniversary.


  • She is the one who made two families into one big happy family and they’re here to mark and cherish our wedding anniversary!


  • From a friend to a fiance and finally, she has become a good wife, mother and now a grandmother. Thank you for completing many anniversaries with me.


  • Both of us are as perfect as the wedding album is. You were meant to be and these anniversary events are proof of it!


  • You are the one who had my kids, felt so much pain of life, and yet smiled strongly as you gave them to me. My wishes are absolutely nothing in front of a strong woman like you yet happy anniversary wife!


  • You’ve been the one whose wrinkles, eyebags, rough hands are the most attractive attributes to me and will remain forever! Happiest anniversary wishes to you. 


Anniversary Wishes For Sister


  • We both grew together and then she got married to some other guy. I am glad that she has such a loving husband and here’s wishing them a happy anniversary.


  • Who else could have taken care of her like would have done if it was not you? Happy anniversary to my sister and brother-in-law!


  • She started walking holding my hand and now she is chasing her dreams holding your hands. Complete many more such years like today that are coming for you both!


  • I am lucky to have you as a brother-in-law and she’s even luckier to have a husband like you and I want to tell you both that stay such a marvelous couple forever.


  • It was hard to digest when one day she told me she is in love with another guy. I am glad it is you, the perfect guy for my sister. Happy anniversary to you guys.


  • I am the one who has suffered and had to eat all her kitchen trials. You should thank me for the master chef she has turned out to be. Here’s to those years of my terrible food experiences on your anniversary!

Best Happy Anniversary Wishes

  • On my sister’s anniversary, I want to say that I have been through her many firsts but I may not be there till the end. However, I am glad and hope you will be there for all her lasts. 


  • In you, I see the brother that I never had and also a perfect partner to my sister. Here are the heartiest anniversary wishes to you both!


  • You both are not just my own people but also my safe places when I was falling apart. On your anniversary, I want to thank you and wish you the best future.


  • I never had to threaten you to keep my sister safe. With you around, she was always flying. Happy anniversary and thank you for keeping my sister safe.


  • I always wondered what love is until I saw you guys together and trust me I’m even happier than you both on your special day of the anniversary.


  • For me, she is still a little kid but for the world, she is a strong independent woman. Only you have looked at her as proud as I did. Thank you for this since all these years since your wedding.


  • Today on your 25th anniversary if I had the chance to turn back time I would still come back and choose this guy as my brother-in-law!


  • From reminding her to take care of you more than she had been taking care of me to actually completing these many years of you taking care of her more than I ever did, I want to thank you for being for my sister on your anniversary.


  • I might have missed some flaws in you but my favorite couple was you and always you. Stay like this forever you two lovely couple.


  • That couple that has been goals for me are finally celebrating the anniversary of a joyous journey of their lives together. Congratulations!


  • My sister is the person I’ve always been protective of, and the way you assured me to protect her won not just her heart, but mine as well. Wishing my sister and you a happy anniversary.


  • You came suddenly but somewhere I knew that you were destined to meet my sister and spend many years of your lives immersed in the depths of love with many anniversary celebrations.


  •  My sister and her husband always fought as kids until they kissed on their wedding day and now walk down the stairs of their house as a beautiful couple on their every anniversary. Such an amazing transition!


Anniversary Wishes For Brother


  • On this day I saw you transform from a mischievous prick to a gentleman for this beautiful lady standing next to you. Happy anniversary dear brother.


  • Wishing you & thanking my sister-in-law as she tolerated you for another year, a happy wedding anniversary.


  • This anniversary I wish you & your wife all the stability, love, and a memorable holiday package gift from my side.


  • As much I am jealous of the romance & the spark between you two, I hope it grows with every passing anniversary and never ends.


  • Reciprocating the passion & trust in each other every single day since marriage is rare. I hope this anniversary will be the best one to date.


  • Whenever I doubt the concept of love, I look at you and my faith is restored, I always want to look up to you and I hope your every anniversary is celebrated in the best way possible.


  • This anniversary your love passed another testament of time and I hope you continue to do so. Wishing you heartiest wishes on your anniversary.

Happy Anniversary

  • Wishing you both a happy anniversary, remember that your relationship never had flaws and I’m glad you strive to make it perfect every passing day. 


  • Anniversaries are wonderful occasions to celebrate love, but I’ m proud that it is an everyday thing for you both.


  • I hope this anniversary reminds you of the first date you had and the reason you fell in love. 


  • You both not just a couple of goals to me but I cannot imagine any other couple better than you. Wishing this extraordinary couple happiest anniversary.


  • You both are perfectly complete and always put each other first in your life. I pray you to keep doing so on your anniversary.


  • Roses are red, violets are blue, and this anniversary gives a grand party too. Happy anniversary to you brother!


  • I was present the day you both tied the knot of marriage and on your anniversary today, I feel to tell you I haven’t seen a couple who respects each other as much as you do too.


  • May this anniversary the stars lit your doorway while love fills your hearts and you never go apart from each other. I’m grateful that I’m here witnessing your anniversary celebrations.


  • I have seen love grow old but in your case, I have only seen it grow young and it is as fresh as the day you first met. I hope both of you make it the best anniversary to date.


  • Brother, you’ve inspired me to be a great husband, and I hope that your all the anniversaries are as best as it can get.


  • Do you know? Wishing a happy anniversary to both of you has become a tradition in our house & we hope this tradition flourishes with even more grandeur.


  • Today is your anniversary and I want you to know that you have the partner that everyone wishes to have for. So always hold on to the gem of your life. 


Anniversary Wishes For Boyfriend


  • Dear boyfriend, this anniversary I want to tell you I’m waiting for the day I’ll propose to you by getting on my knees!


  • Our anniversary is a mark that we are a year old and we can go many more years getting older like this.


  • Can you believe that it’s already our anniversary? I’m still unable to believe that we are already dating.


  • Happy anniversary to my clown, king, helper, supporter, and ultimately my love forever.


  • I can’t believe that you’re the one with whom I want to spend my life and yet it’s already a year to our relationship.


  • When I look at both of you, I desire to have a future with you. Happiest anniversary to you dear boyfriend!


  • Many years come and go but there has to be something special about our relationship because each day I found it blossoming with ever-increasing love. Wishing you many more happiest years to come.


  • From days to months and no finally completing a year of loving memories together, look how far have we come! Happy anniversary boyfriend!


  • We might have been busy but you and your thoughts have never left my mind since the moment you entered! Loving wishes on the anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Wishes

  • I always wanted to wake up next to you one day and by celebrating our anniversary, I’m assured that we are one more step closer to that day.


  • Thank you for being there for me these 365 days and handling my tantrums, cravings, mood swings, and many more things. Keep doing so my love and wishing you a happy anniversary.


  • Love was all about looking at you and feeling the ground sweeping away off my feet. Keep giving me such chills for many more years, happy anniversary.


  • What a blessed day it is as we are marking our anniversary today! Happy anniversary my love.


  • Can you stop being romantic day by day, as I’ve fallen for you already and falling, even more, every day? Happy anniversary!


  • For a messed up girl like me, you’ve been the perfect detangler! To this perfect guy, I want to wish the happiest anniversary.


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