The Gen-Next Health Drink: Amazing Health Benefits of Almond Milk

almond milk

Every morning, I get up and crave for something healthy, refreshing and tasty. I have dozens of things in mind, but a glassful of almond milk has fascinatingly worked wonders for me. Ever tried it? If not, don’t miss this complete health potion. It is the next generation substitute for cow’s milk, a nutrient-fortified and a green flag for vegans.

Made by an extraction of milk, almond and water, it is believed to be low in calories and high in iron, vitamin A, D, B2, and B12. Although, many alternative options are available in nutritional drinks, yet almonds are known for its amazing properties of being a complete nutrition-giver.

Almond milk v/s Cow’s milk

cow milk vs almond milk

So, why look for other options if you have the age-old proven health basic, that is, cow’s milk? Well, to start with, almond milk is a 100% vegan drink, a spear-head to the rage on animal products. Plant based products are in favour and the nutrition that the almond milk provides is much more proportionate and balanced than cow’s milk. The fats and carbs are in lesser quantity than cow milk and vitamins are loaded. Although almonds are rich in calcium and proteins, almond milk does not contain enough of these nutrients as compared to cow’s milk. Almond milk is often enriched with calcium.

Let me give you a systematic list of benefits provided by almonds for all those in favour:

No need to worry about weight gain

weight gain

Almond milk is low in calories, as it only has about 40-50 calories whereas cow’s milk has about 150 calories. This means it will nearly add on to your weight. Almond milk is diluted enough with water which makes them less on fat content, about 1%, although home-made milk might have a little more calories. Even if you consume huge amounts of almond milk, it will not add on to your weight. So no need to worry about weight loss.

A popular alternative for vegans and lactose intolerants

almond milk

A plant-based and dairy-free, almond milk is a treat for vegans. Most vegans who don’t use animal products, including cow’s milk, can drink this beverage without any hassle. Also, Almond milk is a boon for people who are allergic to dairy products. Enriched almond milk is fortified with enough nutrition which can provide better health than dairy products.

Bone health is proper

bone health

Almond milk as such doesn’t contain enough calcium and proteins. Therefore, it is enhanced with calcium and protein which aide in making your bones healthy and make it equivalent to dairy milk. An enriched almond milk contains 40-50% of RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake) as compared to enriched cow’s milk which is 20-25%.

It is, therefore, a great substitute in calcium for vegans and lactose intolerant people. Apart from calcium, almond milk is a great source of Vitamin D which cuts down the risk of Arthritis and other bone diseases.

Sugar levels are controlled

sugar level

Unsweetened Almond milk has minimum levels of sugar, approx. 1.5% which cuts down any risk of diabetes. Most Almond milk that is produced in the market is loaded with sugar and artificial flavors, but you can always look out for the unsweetened ones. It is also a great calcium and protein alternative for people who are diabetic.

It is flavour-some and nutrition-some

flavour almond milk

Highly enriched in vitamins, proteins, calcium and low sodium and fat levels make it a complete healthful beverage. It has a sweet and nutty flavour, making it distinct from other kinds of milk and therefore, does not require any added flavours to drink. Many almond milk products do come in a variety of flavours but can be skipped as they are high in sugar levels too. I prefer regular unsweetened almond milk.

Boosts your eyes and hair health

hair and eye health for drinking almond milk

Vitamin E is a nutrient for hair and eye health and almond milk is a good source. Many eye related diseases and hair loss problems can be prevented with a regular intake of almond milk. Vision is improved and hair is softer, as almond milk is a great source of vitamins.

Heart diseases are at bay

heart disease

Anything that triggers heart disease is kept in control as almond milk has no cholesterol and saturated fatty acids. Unsweetened almond milk is a good source of polyunsaturated fatty acids which helps in lowering down inflammation of heart and blood pressure. Vitamin E, again, is a healthy source for boosting up heart health. Also, drink it to drive away bad cholesterol.

Can be made at home

almond milk

You can make Almond milk at home according to your preferences. Soaked almonds and water are ground together to get a smooth mixture and then finely strained to get a delightful cup of almond milk. The best part is you can make it the way you want and include the quantity of almonds as per your requirements. Remember to refrigerate it and drink it as fresh as possible. You can also relish it in your teas or make it into ice-creams. Isn’t that the best part?

Works wonders on the skin

benefits for skin - almond milk

Almond milk has proportions of flavonoids which enhances your skin health. Skin issues like acne can be tackled with a regular use of almond milk as it contains monounsaturated fatty acids that help in the prevention. So, your skin will glow and remain healthy always.

Aides in preventing memory loss

almond prevent memory loss

Once again, the hero, Vitamin E is a memory booster. Almond milk contains a great amount of Vitamin E which helps in improving cognitive health. It also makes you more alert and enhances mind activity.