Why Being Single is Important After Breaking Up

being single

We all have been single at some point in our lives. The loneliness bug might affect you even when you are surrounded by your favorite people.

Being single is a state in which someone is not involved in a serious relationship. But I feel that is only partly true because when you are single, you are in a very serious relationship with yourself.

I was in a very serious relationship before I broke up only to realize that I was never asking for too much, I was just asking the wrong person.  Probably you felt single because you were not with ‘your’ right person.

These tips will help you to really to get over him, once and for final. Read it, stop weeping and become a 'new' you.

Self-worth</h3 > self worth

The one issue I find with people who feel lonely is a lack of self-worth. The failed relationship had taught you how well you need to be loved and pampered. A break-up is usually a time of self-introspection and opens your eyes to the things you ignored before. Sometimes, to save a relationship from falling apart, we go to extremes to salvage it. We keep tolerating the worst of behaviors, putting our self-respect at stake and still hoping the relationship to work out. But, if you will not care about yourself darling, then nobody will. Don’t settle for things that you don’t deserve.

Constantly living in the past

living in the past

Life can be hard sometimes, but going back to the point where you left is not going to help you at all. You have to move forward to a new beginning. Be thankful for everything you have in your life, which keeps you going. Start your day with a smile. Think positive and see how many doors you are going to open for yourself in your life. Remember that if you want to do something even sky is not the limit.

A perfect match

perfect match

You can’t make a home out of a human being. You only attract the things you are open to. We set up in our minds a perfect image of a person we want as a partner. But, in a world full of uncertainties, how can we expect this to be certain? And when we find that our partner does not fill our expectations, we tend to feel empty. But we often forget that we are human beings and we all have flaws and regardless of them, we deserve to be loved. Coming to that realisation, we must not make the mistake of creating larger-than-life characters out of our loved ones.

Fear of being alone

fear of being alone

It’s pretty obvious that after spending such a long time with someone, they become an indispensable part of your life. So, when you have to let them go, you feel shattered. Don’t worry about how things are going to work out. Eventually, they will. You just need to spend some quality time by yourself all alone to understand yourself better and making things work out for yourself. You just have to be positive and open to all what is going to come in your life.

Not coming out of your comfort zone

comfort zone

 Neale Donald Walsch said- ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’. It’s never too late for a new start. Your past was just a very important lesson of your life, which was necessary for you to learn. The pain that you were going through in the past few days, months or years was only preparing you for more such people who are going to come into your life. But you did a great job. Believe me! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Once you step outside of your comfort zone, you will spontaneously be open to positive energy. Enjoy your life.

Feeling lonely

feeling lonely

Being single and being lonely are two very different things. People usually tend to consider them synonymous, but they are definitely not. When you are single, you don’t feel a need for someone to fulfill you. But when you are lonely, you just crave for someone who can complete you. This sense of craving for someone makes both these two things poles apart. Surround yourself with people who actually care for you and trust me, this is all what you need right now.

You are not in love, but with the idea of love</h3 > idea of love

 I think this is the best explanation for most of the people who think they are in love. Think once again before getting to the conclusion that you were in love with your ex. Maybe it was not loved, but an infatuation and probably it is the same reason why you broke up in the first place. People sometimes think they are in love when they are actually not. Love demands respect and trust and the reason why people break up is probably when the relationship begins to falter in those areas. So, if you didn’t get the share of respect and trust you deserved, then you are at the right place today. You are definitely going to find someone who will love to invest his time and love in you.

Maybe you have had no closure


Google defines closure as a trick to the ‘graceful exit’. Maybe you are obsessing over why it happened, which blocks your journey how much ever you want to move forward. A closure may take time, it will have its share of some good days and some gloomy days too. But once you get closure, there is no going back. You will finally understand that whatever happened was in your past and nothing to do with your present and future. You will no longer cry over your past, rather you will be happy and proud of yourself for moving on.

Not having a goal


Goals play a very important role in one’s life and when you are left with nothing in your life, your goals support you. When you concentrate to achieve something in your life, you will come up with many joys and sorrows of life, which will teach you the exact meaning of life. You will experience different feelings that will help you to divert your mind from everything that is happening in your personal life. It will help you to have a detached perspective of your problems. And though, you can’t completely forget your past, you can at least learn your lessons and move on. So, if you don’t have any goal yet, then go and find one.

Living in your own world of fantasy


 Some people say fantasy is an escape from the real world and it is living in a world that doesn’t exist. Everyone should have fantasies in their lives. But when you start building castles in the air, detached from reality, that is where the problem starts. In a fantasy world, what happens follows your desires, to a T. But, the harsh reality is life is a chain of unpredictable events. In fact, the things that you never expect to happen would come true in the most unexpected way, at the most unexpected time. This also stands true for love, but for that to come in your life, you will have to wait for it. And then one day, your reality will become your happily ever after. But for that lovely miracle to happen, you have to live your reality first.