Beautiful Love Messages For Him or Her

Let’s get very honest right from the beginning, how many of you have been in love? I have been, for sure. It doesn’t matter whether you are in love with your partner as love doesn’t always have to be about romance. You can love your parents, your siblings, your friends (yes, a girl and a guy can be friends. They can love each other out of respect and understanding), your pets, the saplings that you’ve recently planted in your garden, your books, your passion, and most importantly, YOURSELF. Love is very subjective, so I plead you never to judge and be condescending about it. For me, sometimes, just seeing my parents getting me my favourite chocolate is love. Other times, when my boyfriend, calls me out of the blue, just to express himself, about his very personal mental health issues and shows how much he trusts me, is love. Or when my dog will jump and lick my face to cheer me up after a tough day, love. The thing is, love is never a fixed emotion for a fixed person. It’s an array, or a series of emotions that finally add up.

We still haven’t found our love message that completely encompasses what we exactly want, what we need! If that’s the case, look no further, you’re at the correct stop. Here are a few beautiful, not-so-clichéd love messages; trying to inspire you.  I know how difficult it can get to write something in particular for your loved one, something that is brief but dripping with passion and feelings. But it’s never impossible! I have read so so so many love quotes from different authors and poets. Also, heard so many love songs, but we always gravitate towards a select few, or maybe still haven’t.


Most Beautiful Love Messages


  • To me,
    I had almost lost my faith in love when I saw you standing in the mirror. Literally like a shadow, you have been with me through every thick and thin, all highs and lows, and I hereby promise to never underestimate or discourage you for what someone else says.
    -With love, me.


  • How beautifully has natured carved your wonderful face, the one that lightens up my every day my love!


  • It’s time to get some sleep now, but I’m not sad, for I know I’ll see you in my dreams too.


  • Words that you speak, sound so much sweeter than music to me.


  • I wish I had met you earlier in life. But now that I have, I promise never to let you go.


  • You’re all that I ever wanted, and all that I’ll ever need. For you I am I promise, even after I bleed.


  • Your insecurities are what I love, your abilities are what I cherish. And until death do us part, we will forever flourish.


  • I like to see you get all mad and red because I love to calm you down after that.


  • You are the only annoying person in this whole wide world who could never ever annoy me.


  • No matter where we go, my gaze is always fixated on you.


  • I want us to grow together, fulfill all our dreams and ambitions together.


  • I have finally been able to find my home in you.


  • No matter where I go, or who I become, I will always be you little girl/boy.


  • I tried to pen down something beautiful, and you want to know what it is? I’ve got your name here!


  • You’re not just my soul mate, because we took time to build this relationship together and fought for it- sometimes with each other. But the love never changed. I love you!


  • And for that one split second, when I saw you the happiest in a party that evening, my heart literally melted into puddles.


  • Our journey is the movie I’d never stop or fast forward. Just let it go on and on and on.


  • Three words I got for you- YOU’RE MINE, FOREVER.


  • Sunshine and moonshine are on one side. And the light and shine you’ve got, it’s a different ballgame altogether.


  • Just a few days into finding you, and I knew that love found me.


  • I count on a lot of things. But our love still remains on top!


  • They say 'love' is a four-letter word. Then how come for me, it's three? It's YOU.


  • It's safe to say that our love is an updated version of Murphy's law- Anything that can go right will go right.


  • Being with you brings out a feeling that I can never explain in words. You're my love, you are my home.


  • Being with you, even gravity feels different. You have no clue, how head over heels I am in love with you.


  • Ideally, I might not have been a dutiful daughter, but someday, I will make you a proud father/mother.


  • You don't know how much we two have loved you since the day you were born. But seeing you walk down that stage with such passion and strength makes us proud parents and we love you even more.


  • You have proven every single person wrong who said that children don't care about their parents in their old age. We can't be grateful enough, for how much love and support you've shown us.


  • You took care of me during the first phase of my life, and now that I have grown, I will take care of you for the rest of your life.


  • You have always seen me through my adversities and my happiness, you are the only people who have never turned their backs on me.


Touching Love Messages


  • You drive me insane. Insanely in love with you!


  • We both have our good days and bad ones. Just knowing that I have you throughout, gives me so much more courage than I could ever have.


  • I never believed in love until I recalled those countless moments when you knew how to differentiate when I was hungry or cranky or poopy, just by the sheer noise of me, crying.


  • Wishing for a single chocolate bar and seeing the fridge filled with chocolate the next day, dear father, you knew what silent love was.


  • Being bullied in school, complaining to you and then watching the big bully beg for forgiveness the next day. Though, I never understood the connection then, but now I know that was love.


  • You have always been on the back of my head, but seeing your handsome/beautiful face in front, makes me love you even more.


  • Other lovers wish to die in each other’s arms, but I want us to LIVE in each other’s embrace.


  • I loved you then, I love you now, and I’ll love you forever.


  • Our bond is like no other. Honestly, it’s even better than James Bond.


  • Your love simplifies all my complications. Also, your love helps me fight my inhibitions.


  • You turn my flipside into my fun side.


  • Now I know what Bebe Rehxa was talking about- if it’s meant to be it will be.


  • My dog loves you more than she ever loved me. Now I know how special and right you are for me.


  • You’re even more perfect than I ever expected my soul mate to be like.


  • That killer smile of yours brings me down on my knees and melts me into a puddle.


  • We’ve come a long way, and there’s still a great journey ahead of us. But all that matters, in the end, is the love, respect and patience we’ve learnt which we have for each other throughout.


  • We’ve created an entirely different language between the two of us, that’s how deep our relationship is.


  • You’re all that I ever wanted, and you’re all that I’ll ever need.


  • You’re weird and funny, I’m smart and funny, it’s like we just fit together.


  • We can tell each other’s state of mind with the differences in punctuations, and we’ve been together for a couple of months. Time never defines perfect bonds. And it seems like we’re a step ahead.


  • You give me peace, you give me calm, you give me love and I could never ask for anything more.


  • We’re two people who have completely different personalities, but still have made it work for so long.


  • Neither of us shies away from putting in efforts in our relationship. That’s how we’ve made it so far and will make it even further.


  • My priorities might change occasionally, but you manage to come on top every single time.


  • We were stupid kids who fell in love, and will grow to be stupid adults who’ll still be in love.


  • I was floating in this sea of purposelessness when you rescued me to your shore of love.


  • You ordered cheese popcorn for me at the movies, even though you were on a keto diet. If this isn’t a sign of love, then I don't know what is.


  • Love with you is all about little fun quirks in the midst of a well thought out relationship.


  • We find similarities in each other's differences.


Beautiful Love Messages For Her


  • I’ll love you with or without makeup, because I fell in love with your personality first, and that is still the same.


  • If only we had more time I’d memorize your face in a heartbeat- those crinkles by your eyes, cute little dimples you try to make when you smile. Also the broad, oh-so-genuine smile, and all those quirks of yours.


  • I’m never leaving you, baby, NEVER.


  • You are my rose, you are my lily, and you are the most beautiful flower in the garden we’ve built together.


  • Stop, wait a minute. Oh, I just wanted to look at you one more time.


  • Wanna know why I wake up before you? It's because I wanna tell you how much I love and care for you every single day, so you start your day with the loveliest smile!


  • Love makes our heart race, but your love keeps me calm and safe.


  • We’re like salt and pepper, always vowing to stay as a pair.


  • Your gravity towards me is stronger than the earth’s gravity.


  • I have loved you when I saw you in pigtails, drooling over the last piece of cake, when you farted and ran away- all embarrassed. I loved you when you stood up for your rights and also, I loved you when you doubted the way you looked. And, I’ll love you with wrinkles and stretch marks and loose, pale skin or even if you fight over the last spoon of porridge. Because it’s you, love. It has always been you.


  • You were never a choice or an option- you were always the centred, fixed reason.


  • Good morning, you. All I hope is that the light that you’ve always showered on me helps you lighten up even more.


  • So many beautiful sunsets and sunrises, but yours is the face I want to wake up to and sleep next to.


  • You let me do your eyeshadow makeup and you walked out with it, regardless of others' opinions. If that isn’t a sign of love, then I don't know what is.


  • You knew how difficult it was for me to stay away from my parents, but you still managed to make it feel like home, for my first birthday away. If that ain't love, I don't know what is.


  • Your credibility lies in how incredibly you have supported me, throughout my life❤


  • With you by my side, I would sleep just to dream about you. Good night, love.


  • I wake up, just to look at your raw, natural, unbelievably childlike glow. Good morning, love.


  • You're the kind I'd take with me even when I have to poop, because I cannot stay away from you.


  • People can write books about their love, but I could write sagas and epics about ours!


  • Ever since I came into this world, you have been able to turn my sorrows into happiness so easily. If this isn’t a sign of love, then I don't know what is.


  • Yoga teaches how to put your feet over your head, but I am head over heels in love with you every moment of every day.


  • They said we were young and frivolous with sheer determination, faith, and love for each other. We've successfully proved how we're still young and frivolous but together, forever.


  • Might sound silly but, the fact that I am on your speed dial, proves your love and faith in me- even in the darkest of times.


  • Even when you wake up trying to hide the terrible breath before brushing or with your lips a little chapped, I'd still kiss a thousand times and more.


  • It's difficult for an introvert like me to allow someone inside the high walls of my emotional ambiguity, and you're the first one here. Welcome, my love.


  • Only I know how blessed I feel every single day to be able to wake up and every single night, to be able to sleep next to you. I love you forever.


  • Our relationship is strong because the foundation has been strong since day one.


  • I can't express how incredibly grateful I am to have a pillar-like you, who has helped me even in the worst of times.


  • God sent an angel like you to rescue me, and now I pledge to fly anywhere with you.


Beautiful Love Messages For Him


  • I love you for listening to my endless rants, without judging and eating ice-cream with me even though you're lactose intolerant. I love you, and no you don't stink!


  • Your aura and charm is one of a kind, that I have learned how to sense. I know you're always with me, always close to me.


  • People come and go, but our love will grow and glow.


  • How long will I love you? Forever. Will I ever forget you? Never.


  • I hope we meet soon. I miss cuddling you.


  • S/He's my man/woman. You could try, but you'll never succeed in keeping him/her away from me.


  • Out of all the love stories, ours is my favourite.


  • Out of all the love songs ever made, our symphony is my ultimate.


  • After a tough day, you help me find my way!


  • Being yours is THE MOST AWAITED event of my life.


  • You annoy me to the extreme, but your baby eyes get rid of it in a moment.


  • I am dedicated heartily to you, and you only.


  • I'm so grateful for how you've been so understanding, throughout. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined meeting a girl like you.


  • I don't have the words to express how spectacular I feel, waking up next to you every single day.


  • I wish I could be parcelled to you via Amazon every single time you felt disappointed honey!


  • You guys are sweeter than honey, even more, precious than money, you make my gloomy days happy and sunny and I love how you always make me feel funny (in a good way though)!


  • Any love song could seem so related if I see you in front of my face.


  • Love, I don't know how you work's going on. But I have your favourite food ready at home, in time for the game that you love to watch. The bath's already at your disposal. Just don't stress much, we'll have a great time when I meet you!


  • I honestly tried to imagine living my life without you, multiple times. But each time, you come on up as a guest appearance wanting me never to leave you, ever.


  • It's funny how into sports you've become, and me, interested in reading books. Previously, you were a huge not-interested-in-sports kinda guy, and I could never finish reading any book.


  • Our mental synchronisation is so wildly apt, it makes me believe the unbelievable.


  • I could get Alzheimer's but I would never forget you!


  • Dancing with you, that night, made me realise how close I always want to be with you even during the unknown.


  • Our complexities are immense, but you know what's simple? That I love you.


  • I began writing a love message for you, but then I felt weird. So I put on some music, and then got hungry, so I got two pizzas, and there's one for you! Have a sweet dinner baby, I love you.


  • Can I just take a moment to say how breath-taking and handsome you look today?


  • Every time I am in need of an energy drink, just talking to you and listening to your pep talks really help me mentally throughout the day. Thank you so much, babe!


  • We're like fire and ice, but when we come together, we completely balance each other.


Read a lot and had a lot of emotional juices flowing right? It’s now time for putting the plan of action into reality. Things get tougher by the second in this day and age. Let your loved ones know how much you care for them, understand them, and empathize with them. Who knows, even a small text or phrase can drastically turn their day around. Even if you still haven’t found the appropriate message, I would urge you to say/write it from your heart, and nothing can then go wrong! And always remember to say the most beautiful love message to yourself first, because YOU MATTER.

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