20 Most Beautiful Lakes Around The Globe | The Best list For Nature Lovers

beautiful lake - lake buyan

Looking for a place that may provide you with tranquillity and peace?Lakes maybe a good option. Beautiful lakes give us delightful sights, which gratify our senses and at the same time provide a sense of calmness to our souls. Nature has gifted us with serene and alluring lakes, which we can find all around the world.

Below mentioned are 20 beautiful lakes of the world that may surprise you with their unique attributes.

Theodore Roosevelt Lake - Arizona, USA

The lake derived its name from the then President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt who held office from 1901-1909. The most amazing part of the lake is the Arizona National Science Trail, which encompasses the lake and thereby holding up the lake in a fascinating manner. This beautiful lake is also famous for its great variety of fishes, making it one of the best sites for fishing activities.

Buyan Lake - Bali, Indonesia

The exquisiteness of Buyan Lake in Bali can only be grasped through the location, as it is surrounded by the hills and rainforests and is placed over a plateau region. The clouds cover the lake due to the high altitude, which also creates a pleasant and cool weather. One can also relish the true beauty of nature as the lake is still free of any human intrusions.

Rotomairewhenua/Blue lake - New Zealand

The Blue Lake also called as the Rotomairewhenua Lake in New Zealand, differentiates itself from other lakes of the world by upholding the label of the’ clearest lake’ of the world which inherently adds to its magnificence. It is considered as sacred to the local tribe who worship the lake, thus, there is no amount of human interference making the waters pure and clear.

Gregory Lake - Sri Lanka

The Gregory Lake was named after Sir William Gregory who built the lake during the British colonial period. The beauty of the lake lies in the fact that it is in the middle of the hill city, Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka and is surrounded by greenery, moreover, one can also have a pleasant view of the tallest mountain, Pidurutalagala from the lake site.

Moosehead Lake - Maine, US

It is one of the greatest and beautiful lakes in the US, Moosehead Lake is particularly, the largest in the US state of Maine. The splendor of the lake is perceived through the various small green islands it possesses and plentiful rocks alongside, add an alluring view to the lake.

Schwarzsee Lake - Switzerland

Schwarzsee Lake in Switzerland is also called the ‘Black lake’. And, as the name suggests, the color of the lake is precisely just as dark and the best part is that the color of the water fluctuates naturally into different shades adding a glittery view to it. This beautiful lake also is surrounded by high mountains making the sight essentially a lot more beautiful.

Dead Sea - Jordan

Dead Sea is actually a Salt Lake in the Jordan Rift Valley and shares borders with Israel at the West. The exciting part of the Dead Sea is that one can float over the lake due to its hyper-salinity. The glory of the lake can be defined by the fresh aquamarine color it possesses crystals of salt, the lake is landlocked by the bright and blonde mountains, which compose a spectacular view of the lake.

Garda Lake - Italy

The Garda Lake is one of the largest lakes in Italy. It is famous for its glazing water, with a marvelous scenery of hilly terrains and a pleasant township lined at the sides of the shore, it adds to the beauty area. The flourishing flora and a breezy weather enhance the calm and relaxing view of the beautiful lake.

Five Flower Lake (Wuhua Hai Lake) - China

The Five Flower Lake in Jiuzhaigou National Park of China seems like a fairyland as the lake has the clearest forms of water, which exhibit many hues and the unique part is that one can clearly see the numerous branches of venerable trees at the bottom of the lake, which adds an exclusive sight to it.

Tso Moriri Lake - Ladakh, India

Tso Moriri Lake is one of the most spectacular lakes of India, it’s found in Ladakh, on the Changthang Plateau. The glazing water displaying numerous shades of blue which also creates a mirror effect, which is a unique feature of this lake. It is also called Mountain Lake as it is surrounded by the majestic hills which exhibit an enthralling view.

Lake Como - Italy

Lake Como is one of the eminent lakes of Italy, displaying a Y- shape, it has lustrous blue water. The surrounding hills and greenery add to the scenic view of the lake. Moreover, the beautiful villas and township at the shore add to the graceful sight of the lake.

Rara Lake - Nepal

Rara Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Nepal, located at the Rara National Park. The glittery water displaying the different shades of blue in the sunlight, make the sight of the lake magnificent. As the lake is situated at a high altitude, the Snow Mountains encircling as well as dense flora with rhododendron flowers adds tranquility to the scenic views of the lake.

Mellissani Lake - Greece

The Mellissani Lake on the Kefalonia Island is one of the major attractions of Greece. The exclusive attribute about the lake is that it is roofed by a magnificent cave. The water is as clear as a crystal with dense forests and lofty hills surrounding the lake at its west. One can see a phenomenally beautiful view of nature from the overall experience of the lake.

Moraine Lake- Canada

The Moraine Lake, a high altitude lake located in Banff National Park is one of the most prominent lakes in Canada. The lake defines the true natural beauty of Canada with its unique landscapes; the glacially augmented lake, with its scenic surrounding of snowy mountains, displays a natural wonder. Moreover, the clearest crystal blue water of the lake makes the lake exclusively exquisite.

Lake Tahoe - USA

The Lake Tahoe is one of the deepest freshwater lakes located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains bordering with California. The beauty of the lake lies in the small dotted island which appears as an emerald in the middle of the lake, and the fresh blue water with dense flora and hills around the lake also adds to its beauty.

Lake Baikal - Russia

The Baikal Lake is one of the deepest lakes of the world; it is located in the Siberian region of Russia. It is visibly a somewhat bow-shaped lake which is decorated by a rocky shore also with colorful flowers and lustrous water which defines the magnificence of the Baikal Lake.

Titicaca Lake - South America

The Titicaca Lake in the Andes Mountains is one of the greatest and beautiful lakes in South America. The lake is famous for its intensity and a bright azure colored freshwater, sidelined with an authentic rocky shore of one of the most ancient civilizations of Andean cultures including the Purakas, the Tiwanakus, and the Incas.

Issyk-Kul Lake - Krygyzstan

The Issyk-Kul-Lake located in the Tian Shan Mountains of Krygyzstan is a sac-shaped lake. It is one of the high altitude lakes of the world, it is surrounded by lofty mountains and the unique feature of the lake is that the water never freezes even in the coldest temperatures, thus the epistemology behind the literal meaning of the name Issyk-Kul, is ‘warm lake’.

Lake Victoria - Africa

Lake Victoria is one of the largest lakes in Africa, located in eastern- central African region. The beauty of the lake is defined by the various majestic islands it possesses a great variety of aquamarine species and wildlife. The flora encompassed over the lake provides with a pleasant view.

Lake Retba - Senegal

The Lake Retba located in Senegal, the north of Cap Vert peninsula is one of the most unique lakes because of its natural candy-pink color. The Lake is also known as Lac Rose, due to its exquisite and signature color. This gifted lake provides with a delightful sight of vibrant pink colored water surrounded by greenery which can be only imagined in our dreams.