8 Best And Famous Dog Movies Of All Time

Cuddling your furry-half on a tiresome day is the best thing ever. Dogs are buddies for life. History knows that and so does our generation and the generations after. Dogs are so faithful that they have even conquered the silver screens along with humans. The rabbits couldn’t do that and nor could the cats. Every dog movies is a treat to watch. These fun and playful canine beasts are just exemplary on screens.

Check out these few off beat dog movies, a must watch to re-energize an exhaustive day with no one but your bow-wow buddy. BTW, every dog has its day.

1. Marley and me

best dog movies marley and me


Cuteness unmatched! An emotional and sensitive drama about Marley, the yellow Labrador retriever, and his owners. Teaching the family on life through his years from a puppy till eventually, his death. A must watch with teary eyes and laughter.

2. Turner and Hooch

From the 1980s, a spine-chilling story about a detective and his adopted dog, this film is a classic. The relationship between the owner and the dog which eventually gets closer and closer is extraordinarily portrayed here. Hooch, the pet dog distressed over his previous owner’s death helps Tom Hanks (detective and new owner) to catch the murderer. A smart tale!

3. Cats and Dogs



I just love this one! Another detective tale, but this time it’s the dog squad. All the furry pets get together on a mission to save humans from a” kitty plot”. Adorable dogs plus the extraordinary gadgets equal to “Save the planet”. Showcasing the hot and spicy relationship between cats and dogs is too good. Don’t miss out the ninja cats, hilariously awesome!

4. 101 Dalmatians

Dogs, dogs everywhere. Tale about 101 Dalmatian dogs who counter strike their villain, Cruella, who wants to make a coat out of those black and white puppies. Excellent animation and much more excelling tale. Another masterpiece of Walt Disney productions.

5. Eight Below

Heart touching tale of sled dogs who are left behind by the expediters due to a heavy snowstorm, only to return back to find the dogs still awaiting them. This tale will touch every nerve of you and get you emotional for days.

6. Beverly Hills Chihuahua

This one is like a dog chick-flick with an exciting tale of a Chihuahua lost in Mexico City. The owner takes her richly pampered pet dog, a Chihuahua, to Mexico City where it gets dog-napped. The fun and excitement of how the dog returns back to the owner and emotional clings of her newly made friend, a German shepherd are just overwhelming.

7. Lassie

best dog movies - Lassie movie


A dog adventure tale, it’s a story of a boy, who moves to a countryside from a rich town, befriending a stray collie, Lassie. The unbreakable bond shown is as beautiful as is the movie plot. Centering on father-son relationship and friendliness of the owner-pet duo is just beautiful. You might want to cuddle up tight to your dog after watching this.

8. Best in Show

best dog movies - best in show


A perfect picture for showing off the dogs. 5 owners gear up as they prepare for showcasing their dogs in best of the fashion for a Dog show. Comedy, fun and eccentric film of true competitiveness.

This was my sensational list of Best dog movies that is just Not-to-miss, what’s yours!?

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