Anger Management: 5 Reasons Why You May Resist it

Anger Management has gained immense popularity in this age of developing and refining soft skills. One of the reasons why it blew up is probably the fact that it resonates with most of us. Most of us would agree that it's never an easy task to embrace our negatives but as the saying goes, acceptance is the first step to recovery.

Many people suppress certain warning signs which may point towards the fact that they should seek to help to curb their anger. Its the job of one's friends and family to help them out in this case.

Can brutal honesty really help? Well, human behaviour is unpredictable but I'm sure most of you wouldn't disagree if I said that a real friend would put aside everything to help.

This help is necessary because unlike physical ailments, ailments of the psyche are often brushed off due to the certain stigma attached to it. There are many other issues which could lead to one avoiding treatment for the same, here are some of the common ones.



This is commonly found during the nascent stage or when a person is usually immature or incapable of understanding the gravity of the situation. The latter is usually the case as anger could lead to one feeling a certain sort of release. However, basic humanity couldn't possibly allow one to experience this release at the cost of others.

This Indifference can only be combated through rigorous dialogue, generally from the affected party.



A man has a large ego and this has almost been recognised as gospel truth for many years now. A flaw of any sort doesn't sit well with any one of us. It may seem like someone who has anger management issues has a tough personality but the case is usually the opposite as they are merely balancing their mental stability in whatever manner which feels most accessible to them.




This is really a step along the same path of Indifference as it's just the continuation of stubborn behaviour on your part. Chances are someone has addressed this issue with you and you may be afraid or not stable enough to actually deal with It in a mature way. The best thing to do here is gear up and face your fear. After all, all that penting up is really what got you here in the first place.




Self esteem

The Millennial generation has access to a lot more information than the generations that came before. This isn't all good as it has imposed unrealistic standards on everyone. Bullying is also a symptom of this as it's just a bunch of people reiterating what you already feel. You need to ask someone for help or analyse this on a deeper level.



Addressing someone with any issues can be a tough one to negotiate. All this talk about standing out might sound great but deep down, we all wanna be accepted and sadly, any deterrent from the normative manner scares us. This is how you can make someone feel isolated. So, go out there and show some love, after all, don't they say that all those harbouring feelings of anger are really just in dire need of some love.

It might be easier said than done, acknowledging why someone is the way they are but it's necessary as it lets you know how easy it can be for you to find yourself in this position one day.

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