America is Bizarre: 16 American Towns That Prove It

It’s a wild wild world, with some super wild people in it and extra super wild places. Out of all the places in the world, I find America to be one of the strangest. Yes, I am talking about the country where people are obsessed with tipping or obsessed with their country flag or weird sports names. Countries put their flags in government buildings or highly official places but Americans put their flag at every possible place right from t-shirts, shoes, houses, cars or even bikinis. They just put it everywhere. Never really understood why Americans call their sport football, although there is no foot involved in their ballgame.  Well, the strange part is, Americans never realise that they are bizarre.

Did you ever realise that there are some bizarre places in America with some odd happenings associated with them and are known around the world, for the same. Check out these places and some weird “American ways” which will blow your mind and make you think about the world’s richest country as a total freak.

1. Mules on the job

Some places in Arizona use mailing services by mules. The US post office has employed mules for the job as it is difficult to travel through rocky terrains in those places by a motor vehicle. Poor mules, are not even paid for the job!

2. Peanut butter, just everywhere

America is just obsessed with peanut butter. Peanut butter sandwich, peanut butter ice-cream, peanut butter candy pops, peanut butter as it is and on and on. Its like peanut butter is their national food.

3. Post on coconut

You can actually mail your message, decorate it on a coconut in Hawaii. There is a service called ‘post-a-nut’ which gives away free coconuts for this purpose. Aloha! Coconut just got promoted.

4. Golfing among the prisoners

Ever been into prison? Well, I won’t send you to one. But, this place is worth a see. You can play golf here and goggle the prisoners in Louisiana State Penitentiary, which has a public Golf course too. 

5. Monkeys rule this island

A species called Rhesus monkeys own the Morgan Island. Initially, they were got here by researchers for study and slowly they made their own Planet of Apes. Creepy!

6. This one got hit by a space junk

It is nice to be a first in something but this woman was the first and only one to have hit by a space crap of a rocket, the U S Delta II, in Oklahoma. Isn’t that just bizarre!

7. Weather mood swings in minutes

This one’s hair-raising, literally. The temperature in Spearfish, a town in South Dakota shifted from -4 degrees to a sudden 45 degrees in just two minutes, creating a world record. It dropped back to -4 degrees after sometime making the windows to crack.

8. Mystery soda machine

There is mystery soda machine in Seattle which pops out soda when pressed for. Nobody knows who stocks them up but it certainly has received a million likes on its Facebook fan page. America is weird.

9. A Diamond for you

Spend a day at the Crater of Diamond state park in Arkansas and take back the fruits of your travel, the priceless diamonds. Trust me, nobody’s gonna stop you.

10. Weirdest Olympics ever

People can go crazy to the extreme. Olympics held in 1904, in St Louis, Missouri which is considered to be the weirdest Olympics ever. Some funny facts are:

  • Only 12 countries participated
  • Lasted for about 5 months
  • One runner at marathon was chased by the dogs
  • The winner of the marathon hitched a ride for most of the run and what not!

11. Roads lick dirt here, New Mexico

Roads are sandy and rocky in almost 70% of New Mexico. Think before you drive!

12. Oklahoma invented shopping carts

Thank Oklahoma for creating those shopping carts. Invented by a supermarket owner, shopping carts became the big time saviour

13. Obsessed with Jell-O

Americans love Jell-O and people of Utah can hog onto Jell-O, just ALL THE TIME.

14. All for environment

Vermont is a beautiful place in America. And one reason of beauty is the billboards. You won’t find a single big billboards on the roads of this place. They just keep the smaller ones so that views are not hidden.

15. Food for life, Bratwurst

Wisconsin organises special festivals for Bratwurst. They are proud of their brats. City of Sheboygan is known as the Bratwurst capital of the world.

16. Island on sale

Planning to own an island. This island, just off the coast of Maine is out for sale for just $40000. Any takers!