Adam Rainer: Interesting Story of a Man Being Both Dwarf And a Giant

Adam Rainer

Rainer was born on1899 in Graz which is a part of Austria Hungary. He was born to average height parents. Unless other children Adam Rainer was born as a dwarf with large hands and feet compared to his body which gave a traumatic shock to his parents and doctors. But, due to his lack of height, they all just thought that he was having a disorder called achondroplasia, which causes dwarfism

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His teenage (the age when he has been rejected for the army twice)

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At 18 years due to his dwarfism (his height used to be 4 feet 0.25 inch ), he was rejected from joining the army as he was not strong enough to be a soldier then he again tried at the age of 19 but again he was rejected as his height at that time was 3 feet 7.9 inches which was a very drastic change due to his dwarfism. After being rejected he wished that he could be tall and strong enough to be a soldier. As, there’s a saying that one needs to be satisfied with what one has otherwise they will face the consequences. Adam Rainer too became an example for this as something miraculous happened in his life which has not taken place in any other human.

The sudden change

adam rainer height

From the age of 21, Adam felt growth in his height. In the beginning, everyone thought it’s just a normal growth but after that to be astonished he had grown to a height of 7 feet 8 inches within 15 years recording the tallest person that is a giant in the whole world.

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And with the growth, his face too grown bigger and his hands and legs were so larger when compared to that of his body. His lips and jaws too became very larger and thicker. After careful examination by the doctors, they confirmed that Adam is suffering from a disorder named acromegaly that results in the high pituitary growth hormones release causing rapid growth in a person.


The other problems and side effects that affected Adam are the spinal curvatures that resulted in the high bending of the spinal cord due to his huge body. He used to suffer a lot of unbearable pain. At the age of 50, his height was measured to be 7 feet 10 inches.

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Adam Rainer Death


Finally, Adam Rainer died on 4th March 1950 at the age of 51. He was the only man who was recorded as a man who was born as a dwarf and died as a giant possessing both the characters in the whole world.



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