Aaron Hernandez :- The Story of a Football Prodigy Turned Killer

Aaron Hernandez - biography

Early Life 


Aaron Hernandez is a former football star who was the tight end for the New England Patriots in the National Football League. But, it all came crashing down in an unfortunate turn of events when he was convicted for the murder of his friend, Odin Lloyd. 


Birth & A Traumatic Childhood


Aaron Josef Hernandez was born on November 6th,  1989 to his mother Terri Valentine Hernandez who is from Italy and his father Dennis Hernandez in Bristol, Connecticut.  He also has a brother who goes by the name Dennis Jonathan Jr who was the head football coach at Ledyard High School which is located in Connecticut. Unfortunately, Hernandez had a troubled childhood because of several reasons ranging from the arguments his parents always got in which escalated to a point where his mother threw his father out of the house to the repeated beatings that his father inflicted upon Aaron and his brother because they weren’t reaching up to his expectations when it came to both sports and academics. Dennis had set an extremely high bar for both his children and when they failed to meet it, they were brutally punished.

 His father was a well-known football player during his high school days and it looks like he wanted his children to continue his legacy and that is why he was so keen on them doing good because he believed they could fulfill his expectations. 

 Dennis was also a raging alcoholic and that is what stemmed his abusive behavior. 

According to Mail Online, His father beat him up so bad one day which left him with a black eye because he was intoxicated right before his school dance.

 His parents even got divorced in 1991 but eventually got back together and then remarried in 1996. These are some instances that could’ve been one of the reasons for his paranoia and also for the actions he committed in his youth and subsequently when he turned into an adult.  

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Education & a booming career


He did his schooling in Bristol Central High school which is located in Bristol, Connecticut and was also a part of the football team. When it came to academics, he did fairly well and was mostly graded B’s. 

 When it came to sports and specifically football, it seems like he was a gifted player and at the same time, he made sure that he would work extremely hard to hone his pre-existing skills.

He struck gold when New England Patriots had selected him in 2010 to become the 6th tight end for their team.

Things got rough and his career was on stake when rumors on his alleged use of marijuana started to float but he later suppressed them by sending a letter to the owner of New England Patriots, Robert Kraft in which he stated that he is willing to take a bi-weekly drug test to prove that the rumors were inaccurate. On June 8, 2010, he even got to sign a four-year contract with Patriots worth 2.37 million. 

Aaron Hernandez even teamed up with Rob Gronkowski and they had an extremely impressive preseason. Weeks forward he even made impressive touchdowns against other teams. In 2012, because of his consistent performance, his contract was extended


Romantic Interests & his relationship with his family and teammates 


His teammates believed that he was taking drugs and they hated his guts because of it. 

Some of them even believed that he was mentally unbalanced because it was extremely hard to handle him and also because he was always thirsty for attention. 

As already stated, Hernandez was immensely terrified of his father as he was abusive but at the same time, the death of his father wrecked him. He believed that his mother doesn’t know or understand him at all. When he called his mother from jail, he told her that she is going to die without knowing her son. He was also disappointed with his mother because she did not get him medication after he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which caused him problems. 

 He dated with his high school sweetheart Shayanna Jenkins and they even got engaged and later she gave birth to their daughter in 2012. They separated for a brief while when she caught him cheating on her which caused a strain in their relationship. He cheated on her with the Nanny of their daughter and witnessing it immensely affected Shayanna. 


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There have been speculations that Hernandez was Gay and that he was in a secret relationship with a man when he was in high school. This might’ve been one of the reasons for Aaron to have extremely low self-esteem as he was born in a homophobic household and also because the majority of individuals he has been around being anti-gay. There have been times when he has blurted out homophobic rants and that may have been a defense mechanism that he opted to reduce his pain.  He even came out to his family but their reaction to it is unknown. 


Legal issues – His Downfall


When he was 17, He consumed alcohol from a Bar and refused to pay the bill. He even punched and ruptured the eardrum of the manager of Gainesville bar which caused a lot of problems. There were speculations that he shot two men he met in a bar while they were in the car.

 According to the police, Hernandez was in the same club where two immigrants were shot and murdered but they couldn’t prove it was Hernandez who committed the act.

 Hernandez even suffered a shoulder injury which made and his finance travel to California for medical treatment. During this period, His finance called the police multiple times complaining that Aaron was being violent. 

On July 16, 2012, Safiro Teixeira Furtado who was a tour guide in Cape Verde and Daniel Jorge Correia de Abreu, a police officer were shot when they were in their sedan.  Aquilino Freire was also present in the vehicle but he survived. Aaron Hernandez and his friend Alexander Bradley were accused of committing the heinous act because surveillance cameras captured them entering the Boston Nightclub at midnight where the victims were also present. 

Authorities state that the murder could’ve taken place because Daniel accidentally ran into Hernandez when they were on the dance floor and did not produce an apology. 


The last straw- Murder of Odin Llyod


Odin Llyod and Hernandez were good friends. Llyod was dating Shaneah Jenkins, who is the sister of the finance of Hernandez. Llyod was murdered on June 17, 2013. He was shot multiple times and was 27 when he died. He was shot in an industrial park that was located very close to Hernandez’s house. Before his death, Hernandez messaged two of his friends and stated, “ You cannot trust anyone, anymore”.

Sources state that they were in contact almost 10 hours before his death.

 Hernandez was at his house when authorities arrested and charged him for first-degree murder and also other charges related to possessing and carrying large-capacity firearms for which he did not have a license or an identification card. 

Hernandez’s DNA was also found at the scene where the murder took place which acted as proof against Hernandez. Hernandez was sent to prison. 

Because of the criminal charges pressed against him, he was even released from his team. 


Speculated reasons for his murder 


The actual reason for the murder is still not known but there are many speculations. According to Sports Boston, Hernandez’s bi-sexuality must’ve been a reason for the murder. Maybe, He didn’t want others to know about it and wanted to keep it hidden and Lloyd was obliterating his plans 

. Lloyd and Hernandez were in a Boston club when Lloyd allegedly spoke to patrons about the double murder for which Hernandez was under investigation. According to witnesses, Hernandez stormed out of the club and was fuming with anger which is also one of the speculated reasons for the murder.  

It could also be that Hernandez revealed his past crime secrets to Llyod and he was worried that Llyod will let others know about his past which would have a negative long term effect on his career. 


The untimely death of Hernandez – Was it really a suicide? 

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 On April 19, 2017, authorities found Hernandez hanging in his cell 5 minutes after 3 Am. He was pronounced dead at 4:07 Am. 

After the Autopsy, it was revealed that Hernandez has suffered extreme brain damage.

It was considered to be the most severe case of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy as he was very young. It could’ve been because of the repeated beatings he had suffered or also because of the repeated blows because of football. 

Prison officials had not observed any signs that Hernandez was at risk for suicide because he seemed to be extremely optimistic and no one could tell that thoughts of taking his own life were running in the back of his head. 

He was 27 when he died and his death was ruled as suicide by hanging. 


It is extremely heartbreaking to witness the journey of a football prodigy turn into a convicted killer. 


On 15th January, Netflix will be releasing a documentary titled, ‘Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez’ which is a limited series that will show his journey to the top and his subsequent downfall.


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